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21 MILES: My family, my friend and I were on summer vacation in Falmouth Cape Cod at my family’s beach house. We have always loved driving to Woods Hole to get on a boat and go to Martha's Vineyard. That would change today.

"Come on; come on girls," my dad said sliding open the screen door. My friend Ally and I were sitting on the deck talking and reading books. Ally and I have always loved going to the Cape together and like to do fun things, but biking for this long wouldn’t be fun. She looked over at me and raised her eyebrows. I looked back. "Ok," I said as I got up from my chair and reluctantly walked inside.

"Are you girls excited?" said my mom with a huge grin across her face. I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes.

"Yep," I replied.

No. I wasn't excited, not at all. Today we were going to get on the marginal way bike trail and ride to the marina in Woods Hole and then go to Martha's Vineyard. But, this journey would be ten and a half miles there and ten and a half back, for a total of twenty-one miles.

*** We parked in the parking lot at the start of the trail, but there was no one around, and we were in the middle of the woods. Great.


We started to ride, and once we hit five miles, I knew we were halfway done. However, I was still tired and sweating. It was hot. *** “Oh my gosh, how much longer is there?” I asked, panting and slowly moving my legs. “Um, quite a while… four miles left!” my dad replied happily. Mine was not. “I. Am. So. Tired,” Ally said, she was way behind us and I could barely hear her. I felt bad about not waiting…but I really wanted it to just be over with. I had never biked this much in the past, only a few miles. Definitely not twenty-one. It was really different to ride so much more. However, there were amazing things as we passed by; cranberry bogs, beaches, and the ocean. The bright red berries against the sparkling blue ocean, the ducks slowly making a wave as they swam, and a slight breeze that came over us as we rode. Once we got to the marina, I jumped off my bike and my legs were shaking. It was hard to stand up at first but I quickly got used to it. We tied our bikes up, and got our tickets for the boat. Even though it was hard, it soon became a tradition that I love; every year we ride twenty-one miles.

21 Miles: Eleni  

When I thought that I wouldn't be able to ride 21 miles, and I then realized once we got started that it was a lot of fun.