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August 2012


The one about ... ... the busy season of Olympic Media Outreach, the stories we got to share and why it matters. And what’s up next ...

THE GOD STORIES BEHIND THE 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES Over the Olympic period, YWAM has hosted hundreds of volunteers from around the world. Staying in tents on the YWAM campus, they went into London every day to serve local communities alongside London churches. Every time a team of volunteers went out,

Some of the teams performed as part of

amazing things happened as people on the

bands, dance troupes or theatre groups.

streets responded to the message of Jesus.

Others served in community cafés, helped

One man’s hand was visibly healed as the

churches host local festivals, or ran sports

team prayed for him. Another man had been

clubs for kids. Still others joined the band of

homeless for years, and 2 weeks before had

Games Pastors looking out for people in

vowed to take his own life unless something

London’s transport hubs, prayed for people

changed within a month. He met a YWAM

who asked them to, or simply chatted with

team, understood and responded to Jesus’

people on the streets.

redeeming love and moved in with the team for

Everywhere people encountered God, His

2 weeks so they could teach him more. The

love and generosity, His gentleness and His

day he had to leave the team was the day he

care. Nowhere did people have an opinion

would have taken his own life had God not

rammed down their throats, but everywhere


people met other people putting flesh on the

We had people from all over the world take part. A Nigerian pastor came from the persecuted region of northern Nigeria because he wanted to share his passion for Jesus with the people of England. A teenager from France, who made her own commitment of faith only a month ago, wrote out her story and shared it in halting English because she believes God is the answer for troubled youth.

Working in Team One of the great highlights of We got to tell these tales: in words, this time has been the photos and video we tried to capture the opportunity to work with YWAM communicators who are normally weightiness, the eternal significance of ordinary people meeting an extraordinary God. part of other teams. This taste of exuberant teamwork has We did it so that the stories would travel motivated us to recruit more further, stick around longer and bear more fruit team members to work together than if they remained untold. for international YWAM Some things last forever - stories are one. projects! bones of the Jesus story.


COMMUNICATION IN YWAM How can communication serve a diverse, international and decentralised mission? Youth With A Mission continues to grow and expand, making it possible for people from all over the world, with all sorts of skills and varying amounts of experience, to get involved in missions. YWAMers, as they become known, might volunteer for 2 weeks or for a lifetime. They might leave their nation to work cross-culturally, or they might engage by giving money, by praying, or by serving as mission builders. Wherever they end up, every story begins with good communication.

It takes a village If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes at least that many people to help that child know how to live their life in a way that counts for Eternity. We are looking to raise a village-load of mission communicators. Some of them might work with us

Colin Forbes, James Bryant & Lynn Green

locally, others might work with us from other places around the

How will they go unless they hear? What is needed for people to get caught up in the great passion of God’s heart, to make Himself known to all people? First of all, they need to be reminded of the need, they need to become aware of the possibilities and they need to know that people just like them have done it before and lived to tell the tale. Communicators are the people behind all this. They research needs and opportunities,

world. Some are people with whom we have been working for a long time - like the three

of creative ways, so that the stories will impact those who see or hear them. They create places where those stories can be found, by building websites or publishing videos and podcasts. They try to make sure that all the work they are doing is serving all those people who want their lives to make a difference, by matching them up with all those other people who are crying out for a difference to be made.

international web developer, R&D head and International Chairman, respectively - and others might be a whole lot more youthful and new to the game. What counts is that we all get behind this vision to see more people have the opportunity to serve in missions, and to help them be effective once they get there.

August • YWAM Communication event • Miranda starts 3 year part-time MA with study break in Switzerland • Tim and the girls get some time off

It starts with a conversation There’s a time in the unfolding of all new beginnings when everyone needs to sit down in a room together and have a conversation. What will this look like? How will we decide what needs to be done? Who will do what? What needs to be done first, and second, and after that? Who do we need who’s not yet here and how will we find them? How will we know if we are doing a good job? What will happen if

Not forgetting ... Manu starts Reception in September and is very excited about her new school uniform. She has worn it a few times over the holidays, just to be sure it fits!


• YWAM global leaders meet in Harpenden • Tim heads to Rwanda to record a ministry video • Tim starts 1 year MA at All Nations

It needs your prayer This is where you come in! If you can spare a few minutes, we would really appreciate your prayers! • Pray for our energy levels - this has been a busy season and the day after we finish the Olympic Media Outreach, this important event starts.

we’re not doing a good job?

What’s up next ...

next week in Harpenden.

stooges in the photo opposite, who are our

then find ways to let people know about them. They track stories and record them in all sorts

This conversation is also known as a meeting ... and this meeting will take place

Keziah is about to go on music camp. We are looking forward to seeing what a

• Pray for wisdom as Miranda plays a lead role in facilitating this event, along with Bryan Bishop. • Pray for Bernee Clarke - a friend and supporter, and known to many of you - who will be facilitating two of our key sessions. • Pray for the girls to make it through another busy week before they have time off with Tim. They have been real troupers and we are grateful for the help of Miranda’s sister in making all this possible by staying with us for 2 of our busiest weeks.

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difference 5 full days of strings practice

phone: 07557 868431 (M) and

does for her playing!

07427 743211 (Tim)


News - August 2012  
News - August 2012  

The one about the busy season of Olympic Media Outreach, the stories we got to share and why it matters. And what's up next.