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Using communication to mobilize people, prayer & resources for the work of Youth With A Mission in Africa and around the world.

December 2010

STRENGTHENING THE WORK OF YWAM ... connecting people to projects through promotional video The day after we arrived back in South

them’. In 1989 YWAM Brazil sent their first team

Africa after 5 weeks in the UK, Ismael Ferreira

of missionaries overseas, Ismael was in their

came to stay with us from Angola. Ismael,

third team to leave. Today Brazil is one of the

originally from Brazil, is YWAM’s national

largest missions’ sending nations on earth.

director for Angola and he hosted the AfriCom

Ismael had the same vision in Angola - to

team earlier in the year, when they visited to

train and release Angolan missionaries. Today

shoot footage at each of the ministry centres

there are some 50 Angolan YWAM missionaries,

dotted around the country.

doing incredible work in tough places. The face

Ismael is an amazing guy. We first met him during our Discipleship Training School in 1999, when he and his family were in South Africa to

of missions worldwide is changing - and we’re getting to tell the stories of what’s happening! Ismael travelled from Angola to Cape Town

learn English. He was Tim’s small group leader

- a journey that takes 3 days - expressly to

during the 3 month lecture phase of the school

check on the final editing process for the

and his heart for taking the message of Jesus to

promotional video being produced for the work

the tough places fanned into flame Tim’s shared

in Angola. During the days he was with us he


spent hours going through the footage with the

Ismael and his family have given their lives

team, among other things checking on the

to see transformation in Angola, moving there at

translation of the Portuguese interviews into

the height of the civil war in 1991. Twenty years

English. Working in more than one language is

later they have seen dramatic changes in the

certainly one of our priorities and principle

nation, and in YWAM.

challenges as we serve the work of YWAM in

Thirty years ago a missionary was generally white, middle-class and western. In

Africa. Ismael will be using the video to profile the

1976 a young YWAM couple started working in

work of YWAM teams in Angola to potential

Brazil, determined to see young Brazilians

prayer partners and donors. Will you pray with

trained and working in missions. Traditional

us that through this project many resources will

missionaries laughed at these ideas, saying

be released for the fantastic work that is being

‘Brazil needs missionaries, it doesn’t send

done in that country.


Jonathan Jise - affectionately known as JJ - recently joined the AfriCom team from Nigeria. He heard about our ministry after training with Media Village in videography. Since arriving JJ has been a great help, doing a lot of the grunt work involved in editing a video (for those of you who don’t know, this takes hours!). JJ is living in YWAM housing in Muizenberg - his first cross-cultural experience so pray for him! Rumour has it he is also an incredible choirmaster!

WORKSHOPS, MAGAZINES AND MORE ... It has been a very busy couple of months

Studies department taught on public speaking;

as 2010 has been drawing to a close ... but all

someone from our International Chairman’s

for very good reasons!

Team in the UK taught remotely on

First off was the Effective

understood by any audience; and Miranda was

Worcester, about 2 hours’ drive from Cape

able to use brilliant teaching material from a

Town. We had 17 participants, all YWAM staff

member of our UK home church to teach on

members, and over the course of the week we

interpersonal communication. This partnership

covered a number of key areas of

with other great communicators was inspiring!

writing, public speaking and more. The group was very engaged in the

Feedback from the participants told us that these sort of events are just what YWAM staff need to feel more capable of managing

teaching, which made the week lots of fun! A

their own communication - a key part of being

variety of different YWAM ministries were

an effective missionary, especially over the

represented and it was great to know that the


skills we were teaching would positively impact a number of projects.

The workshop was over, we took a deep breath and plunged straight into the final

During our session on personal fund -

stages of another big project - the production

raising a Zimbabwean staff member spoke

of the next magazine for YWAM staff across

honestly of the challenges of raising support


within Africa. It was greatly encouraging to

of Jesus this Christmas!

communicating a message that can be

Communication Workshop we held in

communication, including interpersonal,

Wishing you all a wonderful celebration

This has been a particularly important

have Gustavo in the group. He was in the first

edition because we have been revamping the

ever team of Brazilian YWAM missionaries, and

magazine and attempting to attract regular

moved to the tiny island of Sao Tome and

advertisers to fund its production. We are

Principe in 1989. For 2 years his team survived

printing a 20 page full colour magazine in 3

on fish alone. Only after 6 years did he begin to

languages; lots of work, but so important for

receive financial support. He explained that as

communicating with our teams around Africa

a pioneer Brazilian missionary he paid a high

who have inadequate internet to access online

price, and helped open the way for others who


followed. Today hundreds of African YWAMers are part of the first generation of African missionaries. The sacrifices they make are

A Christmas Present that keeps on Giving ... With a growing team comes increasing

huge. Yet world missions is changing and the

needs. Our new staff member JJ, from Nigeria,

price they pay as pioneers will bear long-term

is a gifted video editor. However he urgently


needs a computer to do his work. Please Another highlight of the Workshop was

would you consider giving towards this need?

the way we were able to partner with others

Help fund a Nigerian missionary, and through

in offering the training ... we had someone from

this make more projects like our YWAM

Wycliffe International teach on the use of social

ANGOLA VIDEO possible.

media; a staff member from YWAM’s Biblical

Thank you and happy Christmas!


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Family News - December 2010  

Our most recent update about our communication work with Youth With A Mission in Africa.

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