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Getting more people engaged in mission around the world. So what does a family that has spent their whole missionary career in Africa expect to do in England? Our ‘missionary career’ - if you can call it that - has morphed from our early days in rural Mozambique to our years developing communication strategy and teams for YWAM in Africa. As we reflect on our years of ministry (and these Big Moves are great times of reflection!) we see a common theme: we are all about

getting more people

engaged in mission, wherever they’re from and whatever that looks like for them. Whether a pastor in Sudan who wants to learn about the biblical basis for mission so he can get his church involved, or a school leaver in Germany who is wondering what

The Big Move: another season in mission


to do with the rest of their lives, we just love painting a picture of

what mission can

look like. Through face-to-face teaching, publishing articles, producing video clips, dialogue via social networks, we are all about putting a face to mission, helping people connect with the

why and how of

getting the message of Jesus out there. They might respond by

praying with more

insight than they had before; they might partner with a project overseas by financially; they might


Through this year, we will keep a strong focus on Africa, where Tim will continue to be part of the Field Service Team, working with others on the team to give mission in Africa a higher profile around the world. We will support the communication teams there to help them effectively serve YWAM throughout the continent. In addition, our focus will expand to include other parts of the world! Is that

big enough for you?!

Teaching on Mission

go on a short-term

missions trip (or allow their kid to); or they might make a longer term commitment. The important thing is that what we do helps them understand more about God’s purposes for the nations of the world, both the big picture and the view on-the-ground where people are working.

Herrnhut, Germany Harpenden, England Colorado Spings, USA Herrnhut, Germany

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If you’ve been following Safari News via this newsletter, the blog, or Facebook, you will know that at the end of June we made the Big Move from South Africa to the UK. When we moved, it was exactly 13 years since we left England to join YWAM in Africa. We are taking time to adjust! We’re excited to be part of YWAM’s training and ministry centre in Harpenden, a well-established part of the YWAM community where we’ll be for an initial period of a year. There’s plenty of scope for us to work towards our goal of giving more people an opportunity to engage in mission around the world, through teaching and communication projects.

Re-Entry: Anticipation for our time in the UK doesn’t always offset the speed bumps of a major move: you can pray! 1. Girls settling into school Keziah and Emmanuelle both started term the first week of September. Pray for a smooth transition to this new environment and for them to make good friends. 2. Keeping the main thing the main thing As we ease into a full timetable, there are many requests and opportunities for our time. Pray for us to be really clear about what to commit to, so that our time in the UK achieves the purposes for which it’s intended. 3. Family relationships As we all handle the Big Move in our individual ways, pray that we will grow closer together. Pray for patience with one another’s journeys, for good family times and for us to be able to look back on this as a time when we built stronger relationships. 4. Church connections Tim would like this to be a time when he develops connections with a wider network of churches, in the hope of having opportunities to support them through bringing teaching on and exposure to missions. Pray for this ... and if your church would be interested let us know:

Challenging young people with the Call to Mission Last month, Tim visited Germany to teach on a Discipleship Training School. One of the students was a young Ethiopian woman, who was brought up in a YWAM-run orphanage in Addis Ababa. Rescued from a tough life on the streets, today she is being trained as a missionary, and is passionate to help other street kids. It is wonderful to equip women like this, so often overlooked by churches and more formal mission agencies. Several more teaching weeks are lined up for the coming months. During these weeks Tim spends around 15 hours teaching groups of between 10 and 100 trainee-missionaries, of all ages, plus many more hours engaging informally. He loves teaching the biblical basis for world mission, and using our stories and experiences from Africa to inspire young missionaries. Teaching in Europe is certainly different to Africa, but people everywhere are passionate about being part of bringing real change in the world. In October, Tim will be in the USA, working with a group taking a 12 week training course for Mission Communicators. This will be an exciting week of working with a group of students from several continents. Communication is a wonderful tool to mobilize people, prayer and resources into missions engagement. The need for talented communicators to serve worldwide Mission is obvious. Please pray for these teaching weeks to be great times of inspiration and practical equipping. This month, Tim will also spend a week in southern Spain attending a training course for church planters in north and west Africa. It will be a great opportunity to interact, hear stories, and learn more about church planting movements in this context (and to fulfill his need for some Africa-connection!).

YWAM’s Africa Leaders meet in South Africa Be in touch! 16 Harding Close Redbourn Herts AL3 7NT UK

Just before leaving the country, Tim was privileged to meet with the Africa leaders of YWAM and with the Field Service Team. For several years we have served the Africa Leadership Team as communicators. It is always a wonderful opportunity to hear firsthand stories from around the continent and to be able to facilitate this key team practically, helping resource them to be more effective (and hopefully less stressed!) leaders. We’ve also been part of the Field Service Team since 2002. This network includes several other teams that serve YWAM missionaries in Africa. It has grown recently to include a Trauma Response and Member Care group - this is all in recent months. We had excellent feedback about the video and magazine we recently made for YWAM Angola. Do check out the links to view these. These two projects were the highlight for Tim of the last few years, as they tell the story of fantastic missionary work being done by Angolans and Brazilians in one of the toughest nations on earth. Tim is in discussions about making more videos like this, featuring other particularly strategic projects. Over the next year he will have at least two Africa trips, so we will continue to stay very involved in the continent.

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Family & Ministry news  

The one about our move to the UK for a year, and about what we'll be doing here.