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Using communication to mobilize people, prayer & resources for the work of Youth With A Mission in Africa and around the world.

April 2010

Communicators and front-line YWAM missionaries, partnering together to see transformation come to communities around the world.

MULTIPLYING COMMUNICATORS FOR MISSIONS Every year, mission communicators meet to discuss how best to use their skills to further the work of YWAM ministries around the world. In March of this year 40 people met in Chiang Mai, Thailand ... When you work as part of a global

YWAMers from many Asian nations also

network, it’s always special to get the people

came to the Thailand meetings. Many of them

involved together in one place. There’s a

will link into existing regional Com Teams in

synergy that helps move everyone forward in

Asia. It was a great opportunity to discuss how

accomplishing their goals.

they can function in such a diverse region. A

In March, 40 mission communicators

huge number of Asian missionaries now serve

gathered in Thailand from around the world.

in YWAM, and these Com Teams play a vital

Meeting in this Buddhist nation helped focus

role in facilitating their work.

discussion on how best to serve such frontier

Over the last year we’ve been working to

missions situations. Mark was one of the

establish AfriCom teams in West and East

delegates - for more than 20 years he has

Africa. It was good to have three people from

worked in frontier missions (FM) and for a

these teams in Thailand. We spent time

decade he ran an office in Spain coordinating

planning a 4-week training seminar, which we’ll

YWAM work in North Africa. Now he’s relocated

run in Tanzania later this year to help develop

to the USA and is building an FM Com Team to

the AfriCom East team.

serve the 2,000 YWAMers working worldwide

Communication is all about networking

among the unreached. He came to Thailand to

and a great example is our YWAM Africa 50th

network with other regional Com Teams.

Jubilee magazine. Close to 100 people

In AfriCom we’ve always used

worldwide have contributed - offering stories,

communication tools to resource FM teams.

photos and finances. In Thailand, we finally sat

This year we will produce videos about YWAM’s

down with Aaron to tweak the design he began

work among unreached tribes in Angola and

in the USA. In March over £5,000 was donated

Sudan. We’re excited that for both these

to fund the magazine, and this week a printer in

projects we can partner intentionally with

India will print 2,000 full-colour 40 page

Mark’s new FM Com Team, thereby

magazines, with versions in French, English and

representing African missionaries.

Portuguese - a truly global YWAM communication project!


Keeping the main thing as the main thing ... Tim has always been passionate about frontier missions taking the message to those parts of the world that are least-reached. The event in Thailand was special for him because it brought him into contact with people with the same desire, and the communication skills to make it happen.

Seasons of Life This feels like a milestone year - not only has Tim just turned 40, but his precious Gran has recently moved from his parents’ house into a residential home for the elderly. Obviously this is an emotional time for everyone, although it is clearly the best choice for her at this point.


Prayer Partner and Faithful Supporter Miranda writes: I’ve never had the privilege of being close to my

Throughout the last 12 years, Gran has played a significant part in

grandparents, so it’s been amazing for me to observe the special place

our missions life. The time has come for her donations to stop, although

Norah has had in Tim’s life. As a believer she’s consistently prayed for

we trust that the investment she has made - in prayer as much as

him and his three siblings, and from the time we joined Youth With A

finances - will continue to reap dividends! We’d like to think that the

Mission it was natural for her to become one of our most faithful prayer

fruit of our ministry will be part of her eternal reward, part of her life’s

partners. She’s always taken an active interest in the work that we do

work that will live on when she passes.

and even flew with Tim’s mum to visit us when she was nearly 90 years old!

At a practical level, this means that finances for our day-to-day living expenses are reduced by 25%. This is a season, then, to trust

Gran has been one of our major financial supporters since we first

God to add new supporters to those already giving. What you can do:

joined the mission. Somehow - in spite of having had a banker husband

• Pray for God’s timely provision, through His people. • Speak about us to others and ask them to get involved.

- it wasn’t a problem for her that YWAM operates by having all our voluntary staff raise finances for the work that we do. She wanted to help make it possible for us to work in missions and saw financial

• Make a tax-free donation by contacting Ruth (see below). • Increase your current giving, or host a fundraising event.

partnership and prayer as the role she could play from the UK.

• Donate air-miles or other loyalty points towards ministry costs.


POST 6 Lock Road Kalk Bay 7975





As for all YWAM staff, our voluntary work is made possible through financial partnerships with people like you!

To donate: Ruth Adams 47 Langaton Lane, Pinhoe, Exeter, UK

South Africa

www.heathcote safari.blogspot .com

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News April 2010  

Tim returns from Thailand trip, whilst in the UK his Gran moves into an old age home.

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