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Get the Best Saunas Heater *Includes TKEC Digital Controller 4 Kw 240VAC. *Capable of 4000 Watts 240 VAC *15"w x 22"h x 8"d Min Ceiling Clearance *44Â inches Weight 44 LBS Heaters4Saunas is one of the leading manufacturers of Sauna Kits for indoor and outdoor uses. We use the finest components in cedar wood selection, sauna heaters and sauna stoves.

TKEC Digital Controller 6.0 Kw 240VAC *6000 Watts 240 VAC *20"w x 24"h x 12.5"d Min Ceiling Clearance 42 inches *Wight 67 LBS

Sauna kits are available on the internet and at the home improvement stores as well. These sauna kits can be used to construct either indoor or outdoor saunas. You can select the classic wood-burning heater or infrared heater.

sauna heater - Stainless Mechanical Control 3.0 Kw SE sauna heater - Stainless Mechanical Control

Digital Sauna Controller Timer with Aux Controls

*3000 Watts 220 VAC *15"w x 23.5"h x 6"d *It comes with special sauna rocks Incoloy elements

9.0Â Kw Commercial Sauna Heater

Buy the Commercial Sauna Heater was designed for sauna rooms. This heater is used in Hotels and club etc. Having a sauna bathe can be extremely revitalizing and it improves blood circulation. One of the things that make your trip to health clubs or resorts refreshing is the opportunity to take a hot sauna.

18Â Kw Commercial Ultimate Sauna Heater

This saunas heater is used for hotels and club. This heater is most reliable and powerful heater in the world. Our warranty periods is 5 years.

Contact us Northern Lights Cedar Tubs & Saunas 305 Mckay Ave. Unit #20 City>> Winnipeg State>> Manitoba Country>> Canada R2G 0N5

Ph: 1 800 759 8990

Get the best saunas heaters  

You will find a great selection of electric sauna heaters from heaters4saunas at a better price.

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