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Widex – Leading Producer of Digital Hearing Aids

Widex is a well known and highly regarded producer of digital hearing aids. They have over five decades of experience and expertise to allow them to offer effective solutions for hearing loss. Let’s discuss more about this wonderful company and their products. Widex has earned a well deserved reputation as one of the leading producers of user friendly digital hearing aids. One of their more popular models is called the Passion hearing aid series. This particular product is known to be one of the world’s smallest in the ear canal type of hearing aids on the market. It is so small that the unit appears almost invisible and can be barely detected. The Passion series consists of three models which have different features, sound quality and overall design. Normally the speakers which transmit the amplified sound takes up a large amount of room in the hearing aids. But by developing a unit which can be placed in the ear canal, it is not necessary for larger speakers as the sound will be much more effectively transferred. This series of hearing aids uses Integrated Signal Procesing technology. This is an exclusive innovation to Widex hearing aids and results in much better sound quality and performance.

Other notable features in the hearing aids series includes a dual microphone which can help to improve sound. It allows its users to understand speech much more effectively while in noisy environments. This is normally a challenging problem but Widex makes overcoming it much easier. In addition the speech enhancer circuitry also helps to improve the fidelity of speech while in noisy environments. The multi directional active feedback canceling circuitry helps to minimize feedback and whistling in many instances. This can be a real challenge in such small devices but Widex has made significant improvements in this area. These units also feature circuitry which can provide its users with much better balanced sound quality. And check out the proprietary NanoCare which is a wax coated protection system. It helps to protect the receiver and safeguards the sound ways. There are also significant improvements in batteries and you can expect to find excellent battery life on these units. And check out the venting options available which can help to reduce blockage in the ear canal and provide for less chance of feedback and whistling problems. So if you are seeking outstanding features and value in an ultra small package, Widex has the hearing aids products for you. Check them out today.

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