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When Is A BTE the Correct Choice One of the most popular types of hearing aids is a BTE, or behind the ear, hearing aid. This has a plastic casing that tucks behind your ear and a thin, nearly invisible tube that connects to the amplifier positioned in your ear. BTE aids have several advantages that make them the best choice for many types of people. 1. Long Battery Life: If battery life is a concern for you, a BTE unit is a great choice. Because the plastic casing fits behind your ear, it can hold larger batteries than aids that sit only in your ear. 2. Powerful Amplification: Its large size also makes the BTE hearing instrument one of the most powerful. People with severe hearing loss are often very pleased with the results they get from a BTE compared to other styles. 3. Larger Controls: The buttons on a BTE, which control volume and other settings, are easy for people with manual dexterity difficulties to use. Changing the battery in the hearing aid is also easier with a BTE than with many other styles. 4. Personalized Fit: The portion of the hearing aid in your ear can be personalized to the shape of your ear for a very comfortable fit. It is also ideal for children who can just switch that part of the hearing aid as they grow, rather than having to get an entirely new aid. Choosing a hearing aid is one of the most important decisions you will need to make with your provider. There are many styles to choose from, not to mention brands, and getting the right style will increase the chances that you’ll be happy with the comfort level and results of your hearing aid.

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When Are BTE Hearing Aids the Correct Choice  
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