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For the righteous LORDÂ loves justice. The virtuous will see his face. Psalm 11:7

It is said that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” I contend that the face is the first and often most truthful expression of the inner working of a person’s heart and mind. While our mouth is quite capable of embellishing, exaggerating or even distorting the truth, our face and eyes find the discord between what is spoken and what is true. What parent has not told their child to “look into my eyes” when recalling an incident with another sibling? The parent knows that somewhere in the face lies the truth of what has really happened. Typically, we utilize numbers, statistics, stories, reflections and projections with lots of words to report what God is doing through the ministry of Heart to Honduras. We have always sought to be truthful in our telling and avoid any embellishment. But how do you truly capture the story of hopelessness transformed into empowerment? Look into the face of one whose possibilities have been expanded, one whose relationships have been reconciled, one whose confidence has been lifted, one whose voice has been heard and respected, one who has been empowered to become what God has created them to be. You will find the fuller story there.

Randy Bargerstock President, Heart to Honduras


the face of


Communities of Holistic Impact

After several years of planning and evaluation, 2018 saw the launch of the Communities of Holistic Impact (COHI) program in three communities: Las Lomitas, Lomas del Aguila, and Caliche.

What is COHI? COHI weaves together leadership formation and collaborative holistic development. This long-term initiative aims to reconcile broken relationships in each community in a profound way. These communities have committed themselves to seeking a balanced development – intellectually, spiritually, socially, and materially. We will walk with them through theory and practice as they become their own development experts – learning their legal rights and responsibilities, financial and environmental stewardship, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and sustainable development principles. Upper Arlington Lutheran Church and Bayside Community Church of God served as partners in this first of three years. Monthly trainings and seminars took place, including: FEBRUARY Program Launch, Community Commission Elections MARCH Community Lunch APRIL Community Mapping MAY Community Unity and Team Building JUNE Our Community’s Organizations JULY Our Leadership Roles SEPTEMBER Community Project Management OCTOBER Community Inventory (Demographics and Resources) NOVEMBER Community History & Shared Stories Developing a Mission and Vision

Photos on left: COHI leaders experience team-building and problem solving

Development Lorenzo

As he reflected on the year, a young leader from Lomas del Aguila, Lorenzo, shared: “Thank you for teaching us to see our future. One often goes day to day without knowing what is going to happen in our lives. Now I will sit down to see who I really am and where I am really going with my life.� Holistic Community Development takes place when the church and the community work together to restore relationships with God, self, creation, and others.

Group photo from the Program Launch in February 2018

the Stages of Community Development 3



the face of

The Community Lunch is a wonderful example of the power of our community. We started with nothing, yet we did big things. Now those of us who lead this community trust each other. We have hope for a new Awakening in Lomas del Aguila. I’ll be talking about this for…I don’t even know how long! It was the most wonderful thing! Of course, it was stressful. I lost sleep over it, and I know others did too. It’s not easy to ask someone for a chicken— especially when it’s someone who has never trusted in leadership before. I imagine some might have been thinking we were crazy or that we would keep the items for ourselves.

But God has given us the power to do impossible things. And doing the impossible is what satisfies us and our communities! We were made for greatness.” 4 | The Face of Empowerment

– Dimas, Lomas del Aguila

Collaboration the face of

Collaboration in Community Development Initiatives ranged from large-scale investments such as health-care clinics and community water pipelines to more traditional (and equally important) homes, pilas, and latrines. We continue to celebrate strong collaboration by the Honduran people and communities. This year, the Municipality of Santa Cruz de Yojoa inaugurated a new mayor, Marlon Pineda. His administration has embraced the work of Heart to Honduras, supporting a number of initiatives and lending a hand whenever possible.

Dr. Keila Yuja was hired by the Municipal Health Office and quickly established a close relationship with HTH. Because of this partnership, we were able to participate in the construction of a waiting room at the clinic of Las Flores, and at the end of the year facilitated collaboration for muchneeded renovations to the Clinic in El Llano.

From the US, 39 individuals, partners, and families collaborated with Community Development initiatives this year.

nearly $144k Collaboration with Community Development Initiatives

Together, We Accomplished: houses


agricultural entrepreneurship

home improvements


church building

8 40 6 14 4 4



marriage conference


entrepreneurship training


Communities we served: El Achiotal • Aguas de la Reina • El Bambú • Caliche • Canchias • La Concepción • La Cuesta • El Olvido • El Sitio • Las Flores • Lomas del Aguila • El Ocote • El Olvido • Quebradas de Agua • San Antonio • Santa Cruz • Santa Rita • El Sito • El Zapote •

5278 Beneficiaries


Campamento Extremo Internacional The Campamento Extremo Internacional, under the leadership of Marvin Paz, continues to expand in scope and numbers. This was a year of records numbers and growth in all areas, including:

Campers 2014 – 1,100 2015 – 2,643 2016 – 3,015 2017 – 4,154 2018 – 4,719 2019 – 6,000 (expected)

North American teams Participation in the camp has become part of each team agenda. Not only does this provide opportunity for thought-provoking and intentional growth in trust and unity amongst team members; being a part of the Campamento allows our partners to develop first-hand understanding of the important and powerful role that the camp plays in the lives of thousands of Honduran youth.

Two new cabins completed The McCurdy and the Reyes cabins were completed in honor of two longtime members of

the ministry. Dr. Bob McCurdy has used his medical training to minister to numerous Hondurans over the past 30 years. José Reyes has served on both the HTH and CPH boards, offering his unique cross-cultural perspectives and deep belief in the capacity of the Honduran people. •T  he McCurdy cabin was funded by friends of the McCurdy family. •T  he Reyes cabin received its funding from Honduran individuals and the hard-work of the CPH staff.

Two cabins in progress •G  round was broken and the foundation was laid for the Paz Cabin, to be completed in 2019 as funding permits. • I n September, Dr. Jerry Grubbs laid the stones for the large family cabin that will be built in his honor. Fundraising efforts are ongoing for its completion in early 2019.

the face of

The Face of Belonging In 2017, Diego and his brothers found themselves in the midst of unthinkable struggle. Both their mother and father had died, and they were virtually homeless. The local church first came alongside them and invited HTH to do likewise. When a US partner church decided to sponsor and help build them a home, the boys were filled with hope. Not only did they have a roof over their head; they realized that they were known, seen, and loved. The relationship didn’t end with the house, however. The boys were invited to join HTH’s Soccer with Values program, and through his participation in 2018, Diego was mentored by coaches and community leaders. Despite the struggles of life, he found support and security on his team and in his community. He has experienced the love of a Heavenly Father who won’t get sick and die, who will never leave, and who has plans to give him a hope and a future.

Soccer with Values In its first full year as a CPH program, Fútbol con Valores, coordinated by Orlin Tinoco, served as an avenue for discipleship with young people in six communities: • L as Lomitas

•S  anta Elena

•E  l Achiotal

•B  uenos Aires

•S  anta Cruz

•E  l Olvido


Soccer Season

97 Youth




Challenges and Prayer Needs for 2019: •C  ontinued dedication from coaching staff •D  eepened relationship with team members; more hearts drawn to Jesus •T  he establishment of women’s teams


Partners in Transformation Current Partners in Transformation: • Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, Columbus, OH • Clarkston Community Church, Clarkston, MI • Madison Park Church of God, Anderson, IN • FarmHouse Fraternity, Kansas City, MO • Liberty Presbyterian Church, Columbus, OH

In my role as Developer of Formational Relationships, I celebrate the growth I’m witnessing in the leaders of our partner organizations. So many are embodying the principles of Asset-Based Community Development. It’s so exciting to see them planning their trips to Honduras around relationshipbuilding and cross-cultural learning. I rejoice when I hear them ask, 'How can we do this in a way that truly helps and doesn’t hurt?'" – Elizabeth Wourms

• Centerville Christian Fellowship, Dayton, OH • Springfield 1st Church of God, Springfield, IL • TBA Church, Lakeland, FL • Bayside Community Church, Safety Harbor, FL • Exeter Church of God, Exeter, CA • Luke 10:27 Church, Baton Rouge, LA • Central Community Church, Wichita, KS • The Grace Place Church, Nashville, TN • Water’s Edge Community Church, Virginia Beach, VA

New Partners in Transformation: • Crossroads Community Church, Lima, OH • Meadow Park Church of God & Iglesia de Dios Shalom, Columbus, OH • Canonsburg United Presbyterian Church, Canonsburg, PA • Towne Boulevard Church of God, Middletown, OH

Traveling Partners • Eaton 1st Church of God, Eaton, OH • Journey Church, Orlando, FL • Grace Baptist Church, Troy, OH • Anderson University, Anderson, IN • Boston Stoker Coffee Company, Dayton, OH • HEART Institute, Lake Wales, FL • The Ohio State University Dept of Humanitarian Engineering, Columbus, OH

8 | The Face of Empowerment





Traveling Teams The faces of our team travelers continue to make up a significant part of our work at Heart to Honduras. Though tensions around the Honduran elections prevented several groups from traveling early in the year, we celebrate growth in intentional relationships, deepened cultural understanding, and solidarity.


teamwork by the

Numbers House

Laying Hens Church Building Vision Healthcare Initiative Development PIT Relationship Prayer/Outreach Dental Clinic Medical Clinic Health Fair Comm. Dev./Education

Finding Grace in Relationship

Leadership Training Community Dinner

Part of the beauty of welcoming new partners to our ministry is watching them find God in the faces of and interactions with the Honduran people. A group from Crossroads Church in Lima, OH traveled for the first time in June, and experienced the joy of mutual relationship. Pastor Brian reflected on partnership with the following:

Ministry with Children Surgical Clinic Floors

“Partnership recognizes the dignity and contribution of each one of us. We slow down to notice. We do not rush past on a task. Rather, we see the value in one another. When we partner to see hope restored, we find ourselves humbled by the grace we meet.”

Hog Pens Healthy Combo Soccer with Values Marriage Conference

CPHTH Board Meetings

– Pastor Brian, Crossroads Church of Lima, OH

Partnership Water Initiative

0 2 4 6 8 10 12

the face of 9

Staff Update A focus of the CPHTH staff this year has been more teamwork, united communication, and growth as a single entity. Towards this end: •C  PH and HTH offices have joined together for devotions and fellowship twice a month. •A  ll HTH team members visited Honduras at least twice. •H  TH team members were hosted in the homes and communities of CPH colleagues. •W  eekly meetings between staff members in Honduras and the US are becoming the norm.

Facing the Classroom In August, Developers of Transformational Inititiaves, Kaleb and Stacey Eldridge, relocated from the mountains of Las Lomitas to the metropolis of Pittsburgh. Kaleb began a two-year Master’s Degree in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh. The Eldridges remain committed to lasting, holistic change in Honduras and continue to be employed by HTH. They spent a week in-country in late December, and will spend several months in Honduras during the summer of 2019. Already, Kaleb’s learning has begun to help us evaluate, hone and shape the way we work in the communities we serve.

I often find that when it comes to learning about the most important things in life, more is caught than is taught. This was especially true of my internship in Honduras. By simply living alongside the CPH staff, the Church, and each of my friends in Honduras, I know that God has transformed the way I understand missions, hospitality, and friendship. I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity, and I strongly believe that God both has used and is using Heart to Honduras for the glory and advancement of His Kingdom on earth.”

– Michaela McCurdy, HTH Summer Intern 2018

the face of 10 | The Face of Empowerment

e f

New Faces Ivis Pineda Ivis isn’t new to CPHTH or to the Campamento Extremo. He has been discipled by Marvin and Jeny through the CEI program, and after years of serving as a volunteer, was thrilled to join the staff as Assistant Camp Coordinator. Ivis is passionate about music and working with youth. His enthusiasm is contagious! He’s incredibly creative, is always willing to lend a hand, and is growing in leadership as he joins us in disciple formation and world transformation.

Otto Cabrera Otto has been engaged in holistic ministry in his native Honduras for a number of years. In 2017, however, while attending a concert at the Campamento Extremo Internacional, he received a word from the Lord and a calling to the work of CPHTH. A few months later, he joined the staff as the coordinator for the Communities of Holistic Impact program. His giftedness in teaching and his relational nature have allowed him to connect with community leaders and members alike. Otto is the oldest of four brothers and is married to Hilda who shares his passion for community service. They have a 7 year old daughter, Elisa. When he needs to connect with God, Otto looks for his guitar.

Marvin Sorto Marvin Sorto joined the CPHTH team in May and serves as the CPH Administrative Assistant. He is no stranger to the world of nonprofit ministry, having spent the past 7 years working for an organization that provides legal, fiscal, and administrative support to local churches and NGOs. Marvin, with his wife, Wendy, and his young daughters, recently moved to the town of Peña Blanca. We’re grateful for the organizational skills, technological prowess, and servant’s heart that he brings to the ministry.



the face of Honoring 30 Years of Leadership


In the late 1980’s, Jerry and his friend, Charlie Smith, launched a dream of holistic ministry to the people of Honduras. Charlie sadly passed away early into the work. Jerry, however, has steadfastly carried the torch forward serving as Board Chair for 30 years of this thriving ministry. This year, Dr. Grubbs made it very clear to the HTH Board that after 30 years he would not continue in this role as Chair. Jerry is willing, however, to continue serving as an active member of the board.

At their September meeting, the current Board of Directors surprised Jerry with a tribute dinner that remembered and honored his work. Part of that celebration was to fund an initiative for the theological training of our Honduran pastors. We also launched a legacy initiative to construct and name a family cabin in honor of Dr. Jerry and Jan Grubbs at the Santa Elena Center. As the camp ministry continues to expand, we are assured that this gift will serve generations of Honduran youth and families.

Board Updates In September, the Board elected a new Executive team, consisting of the following members:

2018 CPHTH Joint Board Meeting

Chair: Scott Kardatzke Vice-Chair: Kyle Doebler Secretary: David Judson Treasurer: Rhonda Bonilla 12 | The Face of Empowerment

2019 HTH Board of Directors

There was also Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a valiant warrior from Kabzeel. He did many heroic deeds, which included killing two of Moab’s mightiest warriors. Another time he chased a lion down into a pit. Then, despite the snow and slippery ground, he caught the lion and killed it. (II Samuel 23:20)

In the mid-1980's I began chasing a lion down into pit. And despite the snow and slippery ground, I believe I caught the lion. I reconnected at Warner Southern College with a friend. Charlie Smith, with whom I had grown up in North Louisiana. He was a cultural anthropologist who had worked hard to develop an on campus training center for cross culture ministry called HEART. Following his resignation from Warner, he became involved with a ministry that took him to Honduras. It was then that he fell in love with the people of Honduras and felt the call of God to minister there… For thirty years, I have served this ministry as Chair of the Board of Directors. It has been a joy to watch the growth from the original four charter members to our current Board. It has been amazing to me how many wonderfully gifted and dedicated men and women have come among us to serve in this important role for our ministry. We caught the lion! Across these years we have been led by three presidents (Charlie Smith, Gordon Garrett and Randy Bargerstock) who have given their very best to this ministry. Each one has been a servant leader and has served with honor, integrity and accountability. Each president has dealt with challenges with skill and dignity. Across the years our presidents have recruited servant leaders to join their staff and serve this ministry effectively. We have caught the lion! It has been amazing to watch our investment of resources in Honduras grow and expand. Today we have the joy of working with very strong leaders from among our Honduran brothers and sisters. We have a very strong and functioning CPH Board of Directors. Investment in leadership development has paid high dividends. Our facilities and other resources are state of the art, and are being used for the glory of God and for ministry with and among our Honduran family. We have caught the lion! Across these years we have seen both success and failure. We have tried to learn from both. We have earnestly sought the best and most effective ways

from the heart


to do ministry in Honduras. I firmly believe we have been students of missional ministry and we have learned both how to do it and how not to do it. Today I believe we stand on the threshold of a new era of great possibilities with a clear vision of what God is calling us to be and do with and among our Honduran brothers and sisters. I am excited about how our President and his staff— both stateside and in Honduras— have set the agenda for our developing future. We have caught the lion! We are thirty years old! But we are never too old and it is never too late to become who we have always dreamed of being… As we chase our future I hope we will cast a large dream. To cast a large dream requires a large faith. The size of our dream just may be the most accurate measure of the size of our God. God is bigger than our biggest challenge, problem, failure or greatest mistake. God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. If our dream doesn't scare us, it is too small. A God-sized dream will always be beyond our ability and our resources. Unless God is in it, it will not get done. In our human efforts sometimes we overestimate what we are able to do in one year, but we also underestimate what God can do in a decade. If we fail to step out in faith and chase our lions, God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him. These thirty years have been a wonderful, lifechanging trip for me. Thank you for letting me serve you in this role. It is time for me to step aside. I look forward to being an active, supportive and lion chasing Board member as long as the Lord gives me health and strength. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Dr. Jerry C. Grubbs, Chair Heart to Honduras Board of Directors 13

Visitors Sept.–Dec.

Sponsored Initiatves

New Subscribers

The Awakening

New website launch: September 1

Those who spent time with the ministry in 2018 likely encountered reference to The Awakening. For Heart to Honduras, The Awakening represents newfound hope and purpose in Honduran lives and communities. It also recognizes the way that our hearts and minds are awakened to deeper love and extended grace through our partnership and collaboration with the beautiful people of this beloved country.

• A clear story

• United CPHTH staff

• Minimal text

• Easy giving

• Videos describing ministry and methods

• Organized Community Development “Store”

Ways to invest in 2018 • Monthly giving through • Paypal • Facebook • Text-to-give

The “one dollar a day” campaign that bore this name was an opportunity for donors to sustain the ongoing ministry. Over the course of the year, the campaign included:

• QR code

• A mailing to 2,000 potential donors in June • A request to Board Members and current ongoing donors to invite family and friends to participate • Ongoing invitations to travelers when finishing their time in Honduras • A Facebook campaign on Giving Tuesday • An end-of-year mailing to 2,000 households At the end of the year, we celebrated 33 new members.

Numbers by the

General Donations


Community Development Initiatives


New Cabin Construction


Communities of Holistic Impact


Pastoral Support


Team Travel


Leadership Development





Total Donors


Total Donations


739 + 2 = partnership 739 Honduran men, women, and children were accompanied by Mark and Leah in 2018. These faithful friends collaborated to build a water pipeline, put the roof on a church, construct pilas, stucco homes, and start a pig farming business. Leah, who traveled with HTH several decades ago, shares: “It is our pleasure to be involved with the work that Heart to Honduras does. We love how your work comes alongside the beautiful Honduran people. We feel God’s love and grace through the people in Honduras and in this ministry with them.� True partnership and companionship beget grace and joy.

G.3enerosity the face of


Ongoing Accountability Our core values of transparency and accountability are upheld in all aspects of our work, but are particularly prominent in the activities of our accounting offices. This is evident in our ongoing accreditation by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and the financial statements reviewed and prepared by James H. Quist, CPH and available on our website ( As part of our commitment to seamless, efficient, impeccable respect and care for our donors, our Stateside administrative team evaluated processes and software this year, adopting a new accounting and donor management system (Aplos). The Honduran office is considering similar updates and improvements in 2019.

Our accounting team The faces that embody these values of honesty, accountability, and respect are best represented by our Accounting Team led by Finance Facilitator, Joel Paredes, and CPH Accountant, Jeny Mejía.



In 2016, Jeny left her work with a local bank to join the ministry as the CPH accountant. With a deep passion for the people of her country, she marvels at the wonderful grace of her Lord Jesus as she uses her gifts and passions to see lives transformed for the Kingdom. Jeny shares, “Since the Lord called me to serve here, my philosophy has been based on Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 8:20-21. I work hard to assure that financial statements are clear and real, holding myself to the highest standards of our local government and the authorities of this ministry. It’s a joy to bless many people in this way and to honor the sacrifice of every single donor.”

The wise King Solomon once said, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” (Proverbs 22:1). Inspired by this truth, and with quiet, constant faithfulness, Joel has served the ministry for almost a decade. In the HTH offices and in his native Honduras, he is known for his kindness and his thoughtful, careful, and meticulous stewardship. Reflecting on this important Kingdom work, Joel says, “My passion and love for this organization and for the country of Honduras are key motivators as I go about my daily tasks. It’s a privilege to be part of an organization with such solid and healthy leadership and staff, and I have great respect for our donors. For me, accountability includes respecting the purposes and designations of every single donation, while reflecting and reporting the truth about the ministry’s financial status on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Above all, I seek to be true to those who have put their trust in me while honoring the One who has brought me to this place at this time."

2 Corinthians 8:20-21: “We want to avoid any criticism of the way we administer this liberal gift. For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.”

Accountability the face of

16 | The Face of Empowerment

the face of

What's to Come

As we look into the face of “what is yet to be” we recognize that as confidence grows, dependency on others diminishes and the empowered assume both greater autonomy and responsibility for their lives. We see this every day in the lives of individuals, families and communities. This development is also happening within the ministry itself as capable, godly Honduran leaders carry out the majority of our operational activity in Honduras.

The CPH staff daily: • manages ministry resources • equips disciple/leaders • makes decisions • works collaboratively • evaluates the effectiveness of their work • encourages each other • dreams, implements, and seeks the guidance of God We celebrate that CPH is becoming a ministry by Hondurans to Hondurans. HTH commits ourselves to continue supporting them with partnership and love. In this transition of leadership and responsibility we pass the torch from the founding catalysts to the empowered bearers of light. This transition has been happening organically over the past several years. The time has come, however, for us to be more strategic in the transitional steps that lie ahead.

In the year to come, we (CPH/HTH) will work on congruence and collaboration in the following areas:

• An operational strategic plan for ministry in Honduras • A comprehensive and healthy reform of our Honduran Constitution, developed and supported by both Boards • Cultivation of new and existing partners of the ministry • Transformation of unused or under-utilized resources into assets for ministry

July 2019 CPH and HTH staffs will spend time together to encourage and challenge one other as we consider the future of the ministry.

New Initiatives on Santa Elena Property: • BirdTourism • Local Coffee Shop CPHTH will continue to walk with our Honduran family as they awaken to their identity, their potential, their giftedness and their love for God, His people and the world.


We’re so grateful to the Lord for the many things that were accomplished in 2018, even while we’re filled with excitement for what’s ahead. We’re ready to continue to form disciples who will transform our world, believing that transformation will occur to the extent that we empower our communities. We are committed to the healthiest relationships possible so that we can be more effective in carrying out initiatives that are born in the hearts of our people. The results speak for themselves, thanks to the support that we receive both locally and internationally. We have found the road to building a better world— one that is full of opportunity for all.

– Henry Alvarenga, Director, CPH

1180 WESLEY AVE. XENIA, OH 45385-0038 US 937.372.3503 OFFICE@HTH.ORG






Profile for Heart to Honduras

Heart to Honduras: The Face of Empowerment  

Stories of Transformation in Honduras through community development and leadership formation.

Heart to Honduras: The Face of Empowerment  

Stories of Transformation in Honduras through community development and leadership formation.