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Hearts of London Eternity Rings Possess Eternal Charm and Brilliance Diamonds exude their brilliance to the maximum provided that they have been cut with utmost precision by the qualified and seasoned craftsmen. To make a diamond jewellery piece truly shine and dazzle, attention must be paid to its design and how every single piece of diamond is studded on it. Only a few diamond jewellery craftsmen are as reliable and expert in their job as those at Hearts of London- one of the leading direct diamond jewellers in the United Kingdom. Hearts of London has its workshops and showroom in Hatton Garden area where seasoned and highly qualified goldsmiths and platinum craftsmen manufacture beautiful and timelessly stylish diamond jewellery pieces. The diamond jewellery pieces including engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, and fine jewellery pieces for various occasions crafted at Hearts of London possess a distinguishable elegance and charm that's hard to find elsewhere. There are many reasons that make Hearts of London engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, et al. truly irresistible for clients looking for a perfect diamond ring for their big day. Few are discussed here. Hearts of London:  Sells Only GIA Graded, Ethically-sourced diamonds  Diamond Jewellery Pieces are Posh and Elegant  Has its workshops in Hatton Garden Where Qualified Gemmologist manufacture stylish rings and fine jewellery pieces with fastidious attention to detail  Gemmologists Have Prepared a Comprehensive Diamond Education Guide to Help Clients Choose Better Quality Diamonds  Follows the Tradition of True British Jewellery Making and it Refects in Each Piece it Sells Growing Popularity of Platinum Of late, there has been a swift rise in platinum's popularity whereas gold seems to have been losing its sheen throughout the UK as well as other parts of the world. The white metal seems to have become the latest fad among diamond jewellery connoisseurs. Couples searching for a perfect ring for their engagement and/ or wedding day throughout the UK would be enthralled to know that Hearts of London has recently expanded its Signature Collection to accommodate more platinum rings than ever. The expansion has been done bearing in mind the rapid rise in the popularity and demand for platinum rings among couples. Visit Hearts of London Showroom to Choose Your Diamond Ring or Order a Bespoke One While clients have the option of buying diamond jewellery pieces online, Hearts of London welcomes them to visit its Hatton Garden showroom where clients can order their bespoke rings depending on their style, like and preference.

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Hearts of London (UK) Ltd. 17 Arundel House, 43 Kirby Street Hatton Garden London EC1N 8TE T: 020 7242 3100 F: 020 7430 1826 E: W:

Hearts of London Eternity Rings Possess Eternal Charm and Brilliance