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We lead educational trips throughout northern Spain, inspiring students to explore our region. We design academic and cultural immersion programs in tune with faculty subject matter. Our mission is for students to discover the rich culture and landscapes of northern Spain through study abroad programs. Students are active participants sharing academic and cultural experiences, gaining knowledge, learning new skills, as well as taking an adventurous leap into another realm.

Offering in-depth resources throughout northern Spain, Experiencias Out of the Box builds unique academic study abroad programs for universities & faculty members, allowing faculty to invest their time teaching students and conducting research while we take care of the logistics.

L ocation Northern Spain, which encompasses the regions of Navarra, La Rioja, Euskadi, and Iparralde, is as small as Vermont, USA, yet offers highly diverse lifestyles, traditions, and landscapes from green highlands to deserts, from gothic castles to state-of-the-art architecture, from traditionally grown produce to cutting edge cuisine.


PARIS 3h45min by Plane

Atlantic Coastline


7h45min by train

Donostia-San Sebastián Guggenheim Museum


Europe’s Culture Capital 2016!! 62km

St Jean-de-Pie-de-Port

45min Bortziria and Baztan

St. James Way

48min 83,3km 70min


Basque Lands 74km




Europe’s Green Capital 2015!! 98,8km

Estella La Rioja Alavesa Romanesque Fortress

44,9km 42min


Kings’ Cot

43,5km 34min Olite


18km 20min





Logroño Wine Lands


Delightfully Gothic

52,7km 44min Tudela

MADRID 5h15min by bus 4h10min by car

Arab Headquarters

BARCELONA 6h10min by bus 4h45min by car

O ur headquarters A city of culture, patrimony, and gastronomy, Pamplona is the home base for travel in and around this side of the Pyrenees to explore its unlimited possibilities for study, adventure, and emotions. Living in the heart of a European city is an exciting way to live an academic study abroad experience.

O ur logistic process Logistics planning

Flight bookings

Trip management

On-site management

Airport transfers

Welcoming/ departure meals


Guest speakers & Events

Cultural immersion

Experiences & Emotions

Local cuisine

Trip documentation

C ulture Our programs encompass deep cultural immersion, hands-on adventure, and opportunities to develop diverse educational subject matter - all necessary parts of an amazing experience.

S tudying abroad We understand how to implement innovative, academic-based programs that meet the needs of today’s university students. Universities are discovering the importance of adding multi-locational programs in their study abroad portfolio.

C ollaborating We are dedicated to providing groups with enriching cultural experiences that enhance lifelong learning while strengthening connections between local and foreign universities. Students and faculty have the opportunity to collaborate with local universities, adding value to their academic experience.

C uisine The culinary tradition in northern Spain is magical, the choice is immense, and the produce is of the highest quality. Learn about the people and their culture through their gastronomy. Students will discover some of the best foods and dishes they have ever tried.

I felt I never wanted to leave. Wrote Ernest Hemingway in his novel Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises) published in 1926 after his discovery of Navarra, Euskadi and La Rioja.

S tudy A broad F ormula

A udio Visual Art & Journalism Embark on 4 days of immersive journalism to become the storyteller: be a pilgrim, a shepherd, a winemaker, a chef, a bravo bull ranch handler... Experience the history of Pamplona and visit regional landmarks like Roncesvalles, Olite, UjuĂŠ, Leyre... Explore American figures who loved the region like Hemingway and Orson Wells

Cook with some of the best chefs in the region and receive a showcooking class to make the best pintxos . Take a guided tour of the Navarra desert Las Bardenas Reales. Experience the traditions and folklore of village festivals in Etxauri. Experience the best wine festivals in Navarra and become a wine connoisseur. Participate in the Navarra Film Festival for short-film storytelling.

The Mysteries of Lesaka

Shepherd for a Week

Secret Lineage

The Slow Tradition

Reviving the Bravo

The Secret is in the Grape

Length of Program: 21 Days Accommodations: Heart of Pamplona Apartments Transportation: Plane, Bus and Private Taxis Cultural Activities: Pamplona excursions, Lesaka Village, Echauri Village festivals, Roncesvalles & Burgete, Las Bardenas Reales desert, Olite, UnjuĂŠ, San Martin de Unx Wine Festival Culinary Experiences: Showcooking, Cooking workshops, Winetasting

GO LOCAL FOR A DAY Survival in the city Tour: Learn where to buy fresh produce in the market and around the city, where to buy the essentials to a European lifestyle.

SHOWCOOKING Learn the secrets to winning prize most popular pintxo’s contest? A pintxo is similar to a tapa only it is designed as a morsel; a bite-size mouthful of pleasure. LINK

COOKING ACADEMY Local foodies will show you how to prepare typical dishes for dummies. This is a fun way to feed your soul during your stay in Pamplona.

WINETASTING Learn the basics about the winetasting tradition. No need to be an expert but to know a litlle bit about what to expect from a bottle of wine.

MEDIEVAL ORIGINS The history of Navarra begins in the Middle Ages yet, in truth, the history of this land goes much further back than the Romans.

DEFENSIVE FORTRESS Pamplona is a fortressed city and has been denominated as the best preserved Reinassnce city walls in all of Europe.

BAROQUE WEALTH During Baroque Pamplona became a wealthy city which is reflected in its many Palace Homes as well as the Town Hall and other religious buildings

RIVER NATURE Pamplona is Nature. A walk out of the city takes us into a garden oasis in question of minutes. The magic of Pamplona is its size.

THE HISTORICAL TRUTH The story of the Basques must be told and history rewritten. We visit the landmark monastery of Roncesvalles and include a side trip to Hemingway hotspots.

VILLAGE FESTIVALS Village festivals are a reflection of the spirit of the people and the importance of community, folklore, music and family. We are not observers, we are part of Fiesta.

HIKING THE BARDENAS It is difficult to believe that in such a small radius Navarra has many landscapes. The Bardenas Reales is a unique desert and the best Natural Patrimony Park in Navarra.

THE DAY OF THE “ROSADO” We join in San Martin de Unx wine festival, we visit the fortressed Church of Ujué village and tour the Olite Palace which is the best example of gothic civil architecture in Navarra.



BEATRIZ MANOTAS Economics professor and researcher of the UPNA THE SECRETS OF BASQUE WEALTH


RAUL BERMEJO Geoagraphy and history professor at the UNAV THE GEOGRAPHY OF NAVARRA


a SHEPHERD for a week Farmlife in the Basque Country



“Working towards a healthy lifestyle and society us one of our priorities” In the small village of Arruazu, located in the Sakana valley of Navarre is a picturesque sheep farm owned by three young shepherds – Albi Cheese. Driven by a firm commitment to produce sustainable model of production, something they inherited from their ancestors, their sheep graze on the Arruazu prairies and the Aralar mountains. At the beginning of June the men hike up to the hills and fetch their grazing sheep to bring them back down to the farm. You will be joining them! You will also be tending the flock with their Basque sheepdogs and making cheese.

the SECRET is in the Grape Family wisdom of Maximo Abete


“We are committed to ‘small’ and ‘manuel labour’ which is what makes our wines special” Joana, Juanma and Maria have inherited their heirloom at the gates to the south of Navarra, where the climate is ideal for the vineyard and the roots to the wine traditions are deep. Together as a family they continue dedicating their lives to making fine wine. You will become part of the family, and learn the tradition, roll up your sleeves, and join in on the tasks that need to be completed in early June.

reviving the BRAVO Bravo Bull Ranch

RETA de Casta Navarra

“Quiero que la Casta Navarra se vuelva a lidiar” (“I want the Casta Navarra back in the bullring”) Miguel Reta had a dream to revive the Navarra Bravo Bull called ‘La Casta Navarra’. In the 19th century this breed of bull did not become extinct, but it was no longer used for greater purposes. His mission is on the road to completion. You are going to be cowguys/cowgals on a Bravo Bull Ranch and Miguel is going to show you why the toro bravo is important to the Community.

the Mysteries of LESAKA Stories from the storyteller


“I love sharing my vocation for painting and fondness for my land� One of the greatest landscape artists in Navarre and the Basque Country, illustrates the Basque landscapes, its mountains, rivers and valleys ... and even of its people. Pikabea is a magnificent storyteller. He knows Navarra, and especially Lesaka more than most. He is passionate about the history of the region. He is going to lead you into the world of art and history; the stories of his people; about the persecution of the witches, the Agotes people and much more.

Where spirit meets CHALLENGE Cycling or On Foot this do it your way


“Get ready for culture, adventure and grit� Join a Northern Spain Travel group for dreamy adventure by bike or on foot. No matter how it is done, the Camino de Santiago teaches us that it is the path that counts, not the destination. This millenary route that likely traces its origin back to the Roman causeway which served as a way of migration, cultural diffusion, commerce, invasion, and certainly, pilgrimage. Discover what it is like to be a pilgrim in this day and age as the legendary St. James Way opens your pathway to culture, adventure and grit.

the SLOW TRADITION Back to the past in community livingยบ


Living life as a community means working collectively, sharing decisions, and co-operating. An abandoned village in the 60s and squatted in 1980 by a group of young people inspired to the conscientious objection movement. Take on a SLOW lifestyle and join the Lakabe commune and form part of one sole unit.

Iparralde the French Basque Lands The secret lays in the lineage


“The French Basque country in Navarra is another version of the Basque Lands” Pierre Oteiza has been breeding the Basque Pork in Quinto Real. It is considered “la pata negra vasca” which means the best ham of the Basque Lands. Cecil, his daughter, has a sheep farm, makes cheese but also writtes recipe books on the traditional cuisine of the region.


THE NAVARRA FILM FESTIVAL called Tierra de CINE cordially invites the San Francisco State University to participate in the production of a short film during their Study Abroad Program in Navarra. The Navarra short film competition in the land of cinema seeks to promote tourism in Navarre through the genre of fiction including storytelling within the realms of artistic, cultural and natural heritage of our Community.

Academic & Cultural Immersion Program  

Offering in-depth resources throughout northern Spain, Experiencies Out of the Box builds unique academic study abroad programs for universi...

Academic & Cultural Immersion Program  

Offering in-depth resources throughout northern Spain, Experiencies Out of the Box builds unique academic study abroad programs for universi...