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Altered Eats T

by Siera Marth

he first time I saw it I was intrigued;

Richland county natives, and they share a

and flavors she grew so fond of, flavors that

it was colorful and different and well,

passion for good food and their community.

are a major part of their business.

not something I was expecting to

see behind a bar in Mansfield, Ohio.

Massie, a Lexington High School

It is the passion for travel, food,

graduate, worked in food service during her

community and the combination of all of

high school years at Mid-Ohio Sports Car

these ideas that inspired the couple to

recommendation, I decided on the Korean

Course and Snow Trails Winter Resort. She

begin their new venture, starting a mobile

taco, and, if I am being completely honest,

pursued higher education in Sustainability

food truck.

I was quite apprehensive. “Shaved bulgogi

and Ecological Agriculture at Evergreen

beef, I don’t know what that is,” I thought.

State College in Washington state.

Then I tried it. Based on a

“I don’t really like onion and it has two

Schopp was an English Literature and

Food trucks are growing in popularity in cities and other areas, but the idea of a mobile kitchen is nothing new. Chuck

kinds.” But my curiosity was sparked by

Creative Writing major at The Ohio State

wagons followed cowboys around in the

what kind of culinary adventure a Korean

University – Mansfield, after graduating

rough terrain of the west, providing them

taco might take me on. Turns out, a

from Madison High School. He has worked

with meals. Mobile food carts have been on

fabulous one! The flavors were impeccable,

a variety of odd jobs that supplement

street corners in cities for decades. We are

each ingredient complimenting the other,

his interests of writing short stories and

accustomed to the traditional food trailers at

fusing together in one perfect concoction

poems. Currently he works at Leaning

fairs serving fries, corn dogs, elephant ears

of east meets west dining.

Tower of Pizza and Subs in Mansfield.

and all of the other usual carnival foods.

Altered Eats is finding ways to bring

Both owners share an interest for

Although the food truck is not a new

together flavors, ideas and people through

traveling, which took Massie to Taiwan for

concept, the idea of serving nontraditional

their mobile food truck.

a year to teach English. It was in Taiwan

foods seems to be the growing trend —

that she fell in love with the street food,

trucks specializing in lobster rolls, Chinese

and back in Ohio that she missed the food

food bowls and old family recipes. Altered

The owners of Altered Eats, Anne Massie and Aaron Schopp, are both


Pairings Spring 2015  
Pairings Spring 2015  

Wine can take you on a journey.