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Hello, Welcome back to Walkie Talkie. With the help of our writer and editor team, we’d like to offer this 4th edition to all of you as a gift this X-mas. Along with this monthly magazine project, a new project would be presented to you at the middle of January. We do expect you enjoy what we have been working on so far. And again, may the joy of X-mas touch you and may the hope be blessed on you, my friends. Merry X-mas & Happy New Year. Regards,

WT Team

Many thanks to our contributors —---------------------Writers Mr. Charisma Ms. Elevener Mr. Fanronaldo Mr. Hannibal Ms. Ibtissam Ms. Red Ms. Sandy —---------------------Editors Ms. Bambie Ms. Minh Chau Ms. Thanh Thao Ms. Thanh Truc Ms. T. Ngoc —---------------------Cover by Collection

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Christmas is the period of time that is fairly so-called “warm-hearted” season in the year, especially for western countries and so is it in Vietnam. People usually have plans a few months prior Christmas. They may either plan for big family trips or short journeys or even casual activities such as touring around the city with friends. And you, what is your plan this Christmas? Of course, different people have different answers. Me, I know some of you have already had arranged functions/parties/trips or still floating around with many choices for a perfect plan for a warm Christmas in Vietnam. However, I am here longing to tell you a story about X-mas of the volunteers. Each of us may have heard of or seen the volunteers and their contribution .They could be anyone regardless of neither gender nor age. Nonetheless, on the whole, they all have the same willingness: do best to help others. Their work has a closed relationship with the society. They can be seen almost around the country where volunteering help is needed: the orphanages, remote/rural areas or even on the streets helping the homeless children. My first but also the most impressive memory was about volunteers during X-mas back a while ago .It was such a touching photo: a picture of a disabled child and a student. She was giving a present to the poor child but he could not take it because he , unfortunately, only had one arm. But both of them was smiling- probably the most beautiful smile I had ever seen .Honestly, I have got to admit that the photographer had been more than not only clever but also sensible on having

taken this photo. It was in the hospital and the girl was still in her university uniform. I have thought so much about that picture since then as I used to have some naïve negations about people and society gathered from numerous articles, newspapers and also magazines. I mostly found myself in a corrupted world with dirty money-making ways and other bad things from the government through the Vietnamese citizens such as: misappropriate, select and arrange, snatch and run…Certainly, it did scare me off at the first place and I tried to wrap myself closed. “Couldn’t it be any easier than this?” was my initial thought. Then, I learned that was after “the mirror life”, or rather, a “fair and square life: a life where I am treated by the surroundings just exactly the way I treat them.. Day by day, I started thinking more about myself and gradually dragged to a selfish me.…So you can understand how much influence the picture left on me. Believe it or not, it psychologically changed me. I can now see the beauties of the world and that life is just

absolutely a lovely gift if you open your heart and arms to welcome others as Babatunde Olantunji said “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it The Present” .It really is a big lesson for me and right now I want to exercise my theory: the theory of living free and being helpful. I now know I want to become a volunteer this Christmas and …maybe I will meet you too, I hope. Finally, I wish that all the best thing will come to you and your families in X-mas 2008. Let’s enjoy yourselves to the fullest , my friends…^___^

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Even being a Chinese as I am, it is hard for me to list all of the Chinese traditions and cultures; for China has already had 5000 years’ history, so you can imagine that there is a considerable amount of traditions and cultures having been emerged during that time. If you ask a Chinese “how many cultures and traditions are there in China?” I believe just few can tell you the exact answer. In this article I’d like to introduce some of them which are more traditional and more important and engraved on every Chinese heart.

Many foreigners usually call this day Chinese New Year but everyone in China likes to call it Spring Festival. Chinese people consider that the first day of the Chinese New Year is the beginning of the spring. Chinese New Year starts at the beginning of the first day of the New Year and ends 15 days later. The New Year which I refer to is not the New Year of Solar Calendar but is the first day of Lunar Calendar. (The Chinese Calendar is based on a combination of Lunar and Solar movement. The Lunar cycle is about 29.5 days. And in order to “catch up” with the Solar Calendar, the Chinese insert an extra month every few years. This is the same as adding an extra day on the leap year), and this is why, according to Solar Calendar, the Chinese new year falls on different days each year. There are 3 more important days in the 15 days: New Year's Eve (the Eve of the New Year), New Year's Day (the first day of the new year), The Lantern Festival (the 15th day of the New Year). In New Year’s Eve, all members of the family have to go back home and share the whole night together (except for people doing some particular jobs at that night such as policemen or doctors). This is a high time for

people who drift and wander far away from their home and family to reunite again and show their thanksgiving, and for all of the families who wait for their distant relatives' returning. At about 6 PM, housewives will make a great dinner for the family; then during the dinner, relatives would send their best wishes for the next year to each other. After this dinner they would stay in front of the TV set and expect the time would









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CHINESE FOOD In China, the special local food and the snack can be various from one place to another. For example in the southern provinces people usually have rice for dinner while in the north,

pass quickly so that they can enjoy the annual TV program, spring festival party, which will be broadcast at 8 PM all over the country .The program is prepared especially for New Year Eve that has lasted for about 20 years mainly because it has been the essential part of the Chinese New Year. In New Year’s Day all members of the family have to stay in the house. If it is an extended family, like the grandparents have several sons and daughters who also have several sons and daughters, then the oldest generation's house is supposed to be the place for reunion at New Year’s Day. It's so lucky for the younger generations, because they can get “lucky money” from their uncles, aunts, parents and grandparents. But before getting the red packets they must say "Happy New Year " to the person who gives them red packets. Despite the ritual, certainly all of the kids like to do this.

people will choose steamed bread, and some of them only can be enjoyed somewhere. Thus you may not have the chances to eat some food with some special local characteristics at home. To sum up, it is impossible to list all the Chinese food with their unique and distinguishing marks whereas there are some kinds of food which Chinese will share altogether during some special days and festivals or even the ordinate days.

From the 3rd to the 14th day, Chinese people will visit their colleagues, friends, classmates and acquaintances with some gifts. This is also an important activity and is very meaningful in Chinese’s culture. After one year being hard-working, they will thank and show their respect to people who company with them to go though the one-year's path, and to keep on going ahead with them in the next year. The last day of the New Year is Lantern Festival. Once the Chinese New Year passes, the Chinese hope they can reunite again the next year to hold the party again. Meanwhile on that day, every family will eat Tang Yuan, a kind of Chinese food, which I will introduce to you in the next part. Above all, Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China. The importance of Chinese New Year to Chinese is like the importance of Christmas to Western people.

D U M P L I N G S & TA N G Y U A N Do you know the traditional Chinese food-dumpling that is essential for Chinese during the holidays, even every day? The history of Chinese dumpling should date back to the Song dynasty. Years by years the later generations inherit the tradition of the older. Surprisingly, the New Year’s ritual of the Chinese ancestors was the same as the modern one. As the coming of the New Year means the beginning of the new spring, they decided to eat dumpling to express their best wishes for the next year. Moreover, they find eating dumpling costs less time compared with having a formal dinner. How to make dumpling? Firstly we mix flour with a little water and knead it with hands. When felling, the flour is soft enough to be cut into small pieces. Then we use rolling pin to sharp the paste into thin and round shape. After that we put the ingredients in it (The ingredients can be made of something like chopped meat or chopped vegetables). Finally firmly press the side of the paste to hold the ingredient inside it, then simply put this stuff into the boiling water until it is cooked. After finishing all the above mentioned steps, all you have to do now is to wait to enjoy the great food. Making dumpling sometimes requires teamwork, especially in the Chinese New Year. Just imagine that we have to prepare enough dumplings for about 30 persons or even more in this festival together, that would be really a tough work. Then smaller teams are requested to be in charge of . Doesn’t it

seem to be much faster? Beside dumpling, Tang Yuan is a sort of food for Lantern festival. Tang Yuan, which is made of glutinous rice flour, and whose name is also taken from the festival, is a very important part of the Lantern Festival. The stuffing inside Tang Yuan is so sweet, which is made of sugar, walnuts, sesame and so forth. Each or all of which can be used as the filling. The way to make Tang Yuan is simpler than Chinese dumplings. So here we go: shape the dough of rice flour into ball, make a hole in order to insert the filling in it. then use your hands to roll it to cover the hole. Later, boil these small balls with water and sugar, the latter of which is optional. You can easily notice that these balls will dip into the bottom of the pan at first, but after a few minutes they will emerge. A short time after that they will expand into the right size by the heat. So those are the main traditional Chinese food and both have the close-knit relationship with Chinese New Year. Moreover you can find how important the Chinese New Year is in Chinese heart.

CONFUCIOUS THOUGHT In the past 5000 years the Chinese thinkers had emerged in an endless stream. Many of them are very well known in China till now and are adored by lots of people. The reason is it is believed that some of their

POWER-UP YOUR Above are 5 basic things you should keep in mind before proceeding actual search. Typical scenario would be: Narrow your search by trying possible combinations and start with the most popular keywords. Remember, the more specific, the narrower results you would get.

(Translate this page/ Saved in Cache/ Similar pages) Omit irrelevant web pages by skiming at the e and the of that link as shown in figure above. Before going any further, let’s take a look at typical types of websites: The 1st type is commercial. Those webs belong to this category aim for buying/selling and advertising stuffs, such as wigwam, , You can notice by looking at their relatively short addresses. Go for them if you need information about a specific product (description, functionality, price), otherwise ignore.

MENCIOUS famous remarks can be tested or be learnt after the flow of the times. During that time a very famous thought rising called Confucius thought. But more importantly, it became one of the key Chinese beliefs teaching them how to treat others, and how to be a real man. When talking about Confucius’ thoughts, I just want to mention two sages: the one creating the thought and the other developing it. In fact, the creator is

Confucius who was a Chinese thinker and a social philosopher, and whose teachings and philosopher theories have influenced the Chinese’s life. His theories highlight the importance of the morality of persons and country ,the correctness of social relationship ,justice and sincerity. these values gain priority to other doctrines .and we can find his learning in the Analects of Confucius which contains his brief aphoristic fragments and compiled by his students after many years when he died. the modern historians don’t believe that the Analects of Confucius was written by himself and give us the proof that his students were the editors The developer is Mencius who is also one of the famous confucian representatives as an ancient thinker ,educator and statesman. Mencius inherited and developed the thought of Confucius, put forward a comprehensive ideology whose standing position to be fierce criticism of Confucianism. he traveled once many countries to lobby his "benevolent" and "Dao" ideology. However, due to the nobility and being busy with the war, his ideology was ignored and considered to be far away from realism. so there is not any monarch adopt his idea .


POWER-UP YOUR The 2nd type is online-news. The information in those often provided by a limited group of people or even by taking from other news websites. Therefore they are not utterly reliable. Some examples are,,, (which you can rely on), The 3rd type is community-oriented. They often present in form of forums and require membership to view the content (you will most likely see some keywords in the address “forum”, “showthread”). Famous examples are, The 4th type is personal. They usually be blogs like or

Finally the 5th type is scam. Sometimes they are harmless, other times they will inject viruses; spywares thus destroy your computer or steal your money. These kinds of websites usually provides many links to many different websites, pops up so many windows and sometimes require you to download and install something to proceed further. Just remember don’t. Examples are www.

.ws/index.php www.

For each type, you should know some examples and save them for later backup information. It also depends on personal preference. Google also gives you an online notebook for free at this address: Once you know what sort of information from specific websites, try going to the websites and do the search from them. In case of community sites, which often need registration before viewing contents, you can go to Google and hit Advanced Search link, which has an option of looking for information in particular websites without beforehand registration to your keywords (ex: dell

If you want to download document files (word, powerpoint, pdf) , hit Advanced Search link and add another condition or just add your keywords (ex: dell laptop filetype:pdf).

If you want to download files (ebook, music, short video) which are less than 100mb, add one of following keys to your search “”, ““,””,”. Example: I’d like to download a song “Over the rainbow” performed by Jason Castro in American Idol season 7 with decent quality. · First try: Over the rainbow, of course. Quickly glance at the brief descriptions and addresses, I can identify that the results fall into 3 categories: lyric of the song, online-listening and video (only 1 relevant lucky result) and information about other artists also perform that song. Almost all results are irrelevant. · So I narrow my search by using Over the rainbow Jason castro. This time categories are online-videos, information of the artist, and some commercial websites trying to sell mp3 version of that song. Quite close but still not what I’m looking for. · 3rd try, Over the rainbow Jason castro mp3 download. This time most of the results are from sites trying to sell the song. It’s getting closer, but still not what I’m after · 4th try, Over the rainbow Jason castro In the first page I found 4 rapidshare links to download the song, and the first result given by works. DONE! Assume that I never used, so now I know that it is a community website which provides good sources of music as well as an interesting place for music fan to discuss about artists and songs. Then I keep this website in mind (or another easier option is to bookmark it on the web page) for later searches. Next time, I would register for an account on that forum and search. Or I’m just too lazy to do that so I exploit Google again by putting, for example: Apologize timbaland to find song ”apologize” performed by “Timbaland” The bottom line to use Google effectively and efficiently is to increasingly expand your notebook of websites and its contents. Once you have broader database, you could get fewer but more relevant result and it’s just a matter of seconds and some clicks till you find exactly what you want. Have fun and good luck with Google!


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Christmas Day

Boxing Day

A good meal ought to begin with hunger _ French proverb. Different cuisines are dominated by dissimilarity from countries to countries and certainly from cultures to cultures. Cooking styles are mostly created from the culture attitude as well as the life style of one particular country. So far, cuisine is regarded as a feature which distinguishes one country from another. In effect, we can categorize cooking style into two types: Morocco and British cuisine.

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Moroccan cuisine preserves its original reputation and widens its and boarders to western cuisine. are perhaps the biggest culinary indications of a steadfast tradition. Tajin, the daily dish always assembles the family members to hot and delicious meals. Tajin dish includes seasoned vegetables; red, white, or even fish meat; and some common spices which have a strong taste on the dish. Yet, Couscous of the Colden grains and assorted vegetables is the Friday. for meal special However, Moroccan cuisine adjusts to other cuisines. Hence, many ingredients and recipes have been added to the original version which serves





Moroccan cuisine to reach its excellency among the international cuisines. British cuisine suffers from a relatively poor international reputation. The British dishes generally consist of simply cooked meat and vegetables; they are also called “meat and two veg". Furthermore, the British busy life style relays more on pre-packaged ready meals for the fact that it requires little preparation time as well as effort. Despite the fast food reputation, traditional British dishes such as The , Yorkshire have survived largely in the countryside and among the upper class.


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It is said that “Tomato is still tomato, whatever trying you have to reverse the word order, it is still tomato.” If it is red inside, outside it will be surely that red, unlike watermelon of which the green outside can not reflect the true red inside… I myself always love to live like a tomato, always red inside as well as outside. But can we live that way in this life? I guess it is so difficult to do so in such a bustling, harsh and gloomy society when everyone just cares about their own business and treats each other with their wisdom in the behavior as well as suspicion somewhere in their mind. So in almost cases, people choose the proverb “Pay a man back in the same coin” as their way to live. It is also called the perfect combination between tomato and watermelon. Do you think so? However, there is a man saying that “ If you meet someone for the first time and immediately recognize good and bad things inside him/her, there will be no more interesting. The bad one is not absolutely useless, but they may add some values in our life and make it more meaningful somehow”. It is good to have a “tomato” as your friend, but to be with a “watermelon” is much more interesting. S/He brings something new to you to discover the true value behind that glacial face. Moreover, life is mutual, we should set up

n o l e m r e t a W . s v o t a m o T

relatio nships with various kinds of people in many different status.

And yes, you can not deny that day by day, year by year, you go to work, you go to school, you travel to somewhere, you see many happy faces, you talk to many good people but in case you are too innocent, you’ve got something in your mind about what they tell you, why they help you without any purpose. And without any recognition on purpose, you are living in a watermelon society. As a human being and also getting stuck in this kind of mutual relationship, however, I’d love to live my life as a tomato. I’d love to paint my life black and white instead of gray or brown. I’d love to have more tomato friends than watermelon ones because you cannot deny the fact that there’re some moments in your life when your soul, your mind and your heart


n o l e m r e at

as well are full of painful and hopeless feelings, then you’ll need someone by your side to share your true feelings, to be your friend, a friend indeed. Have you ever asked yourself why you often doubt others? Is that what you ever give them? Have you ever felt painful when somebody hurts you by their outside wisdom? Once you know how much you are hurt, do you still want to do the same for others? It is true that nobody is perfect, but you are who you really choose to be. “I know who I am, which makes me perfect.” That is the way I am. And you? Which do you choose to live, like a tomato or a watermelon? Whichever you choose, just be strong, stand high and believe in yourself. Good luck, my all dear friends!

n o l e m r e t a W . s v o t a m To Red

Uniquely Singapore A small country with big dreams Welcome to another edition of Here and There where you can “travel” to beautiful places in our country and abroad. Leaving ‘Truly Asia’ Malaysia, this time I am going to take you to another neighbouring country which has attracted more and more Vietnamese tourists recently. In this nation, size merely bears a physical meaning while fanciness is all that counts. I am talking about Singapore, a small country with big dreams.

Singapore is an island located south of the Johor state of Malaysia. It takes about one hour to travel from Singapore city to the SingaporeMalaysia border. Travelling between Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore only takes about two hours. Many airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Tiger Airways offer flights to Singapore from Ho Chi Minh City. I strongly recommend you to fly with Tiger Airways if price is your only concern. Visa is not required if you are holding a Vietnam (as well as other South East Asian (SEA) nations) passport unless your purpose is other than visiting. Normally, a 30-daystamp-visa will be granted at the customs.

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The country used to be a British base to get access to the SEA region until 1963 and part of Malaysia from 1963 to 1965. In 1965, Singapore declared independence and has got immense achievements since then. English is the official administrative and educational language in Singapore although most Singaporeans can speak a second language like Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Currency in use is Singapore Dollar which has an exchange rate of 11,000 – 12,000 to Vietnam Dong.

... Th e than whole isla 700 k n m2 a d is just nearl m n y smal 5 million d occupied ore l, how peop by le t h is c e ountr ver, has n . Being y from ot s being topped ...

Singapore is really a small country. The whole island is just more than 700 km2 and occupied by nearly 5 million people. Being small, however, has not stopped this country from being impressive in most other aspects. Singapore is the sixth wealthiest nation in terms of GDP in the world, one of the Four Asian Tigers along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, the birthplace of one of the most inspirational leader in the world history, Lee Kuan Yew. Its educational system is also recognized worldwide and the four main universities (NUS, NTU, SMU and Uni SIM) are dream schools of many South East Asian students including Vietnamese.

Uniquely Singapore

Singapore tourism is doing as successfully as its economy and education and living up with the slogan “Uniquely Singapore”. There are so many things that you can see, play and taste in this tiny country. Moreover, you can plan a schedule to see as much as possible without getting exhausted from travelling hundreds of miles.

One of Sin gapore’s universiti es: NUS

n igns i s & e stor ngi Book ore’s Cha p Singa rt Airpo

Changi Airport Changi Airport is the first tourist spot you must see upon arriving in Singapore. In short, this place is large, shiny, spectacular and full of surprises. Changi will totally change your ideas about an airport and its functions. Serving well its air transportation purpose, Changi is also a hub of entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, tourism, exploration and relaxation. In particular, there is a natural trail within the airport that will take you on an eco-trip without going anywhere else. The trail starts at Butterfly garden, the first one of its kind in an airport, then to Bamboo Garden, Cactus Garden, Fern Garden and Kopi Pond, orchid Garden and Kopi Pond, and concludes at Sunflower Garden. For those whose interests are engineering and water, a free shuttle-bus service will take you to NEWater, a plant that recycles water for human consumption. NEWater is one of the four sour ces that not only provides water for Singapore but also exports it to the neighbouring country, Malaysia. NEWwater staff will guide you through the water history of Singapore, history of the company and recycling process in a fantastic way. You can also have a taste of “our future” by drinking 100% bottled recycled water. You should not let your mental aversion interfere with the tasting; otherwise, your assessment will be biased. It’s Esplana safe, I tried it.


Esplanade It is said that you have not been to Singapore if you have not been to Sentosa and the Esplanade. I totally agree with the second place. If the Aussie take pride in Sydney Opera House, the Singaporeans have Esplanade. It is located on the waterfront along the Marina Bay and looks straight at the Singapore River. The theatre is a centre for performing arts and also a venue for exhibitions. The design of the Esplanade resembles two halves of a durian so much that many locals call it The Durian. At night, the theatre is splendidly photogenic as it is lit up with silver lights.

Sentosa Island Sentosa Island is another place most Singaporeans would recommend you to go if you are new to this country. It is an island resort and amusement park located south of Singapore. In my opinion, I would say I was a bit disappointed when I came there the first time. Sentosa looks relatively artificial and unnaturally colourful although there are some attractive spots. The Merlion and Merlion Walk is a good reason to go to Sentosa. This walk will introduce you to the history of Singapore. You will know how Singapore or Singapura (in Malay) got this name and why Merlion becomes the symbol of the country. It is also interesting to learn or igin of the word ‘Merlion’ which is a fusion of mermaid and lion (Oops, I think I have revealed too much). Nevertheless, the country history is as nice as a bed-time story and the look-out from the Merlion statue is rewarding. Along with the Merlion Walk, Song of the Sea is a performance taking place right at Sentosa. It tells the story of a young man with a singing talent, the princess of the sea, a curse etc (you know what is going to happen, don’t you?). This is a nice show but it does not hurt if you miss it.

lan s I sa o t n Se


Talking about the Merlion, the statue at Sentosa is not the only one in Singapore. I have found and created my own trail to discover the other two merlions in the mainland Singapore. One of them is by the Singapore River and opposite the Esplanade. The last and also the smallest one is at the same location. Once you’ve reached the big Merlion, it is not too hard to spot the mini version.

Suntec City The last spot I would SunTec City where you can of Wealth’s laser show. complex of convention and shopping malls and office centre of Singapore and district of the country. Five construction are situated five fingers of a human The palm of this hand is of Wealth where jets of flow everyday and the place at night. A curtain created by the jet this show. There are only scheduled at 8.00pm, so make sure that you are ready

like to suggest is catch the Fountain SunTec City is a exhibition centres, buildings. It is in the the central business buildings of this in a way to mimic left hand facing up. the gigantic Fountain water continuously laser show takes of water mists becomes a screen for three performances 8.30pm and 9.00pm, to watch at least one.

Cuisine Eating in Singapore is so unique that you have to experience by yourself. It is unique in terms of price, availability and taste. You can have a decent meal for less than $S 7. Hawker centres and food courts are everywhere offering a fusion of cuisines including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western foods. When people talk about Singapore food, they talk about Chicken Rice, Laksa (rice noodle in spicy gravy with fish cake, fried tofu, egg and sometimes cockles), Satay (grilled meat on sticks), Char Kway Teow (fried noodles in black sauce), Roti Prata (Singaporean evolution of Indian pancake), etc. Some other must-try foods are bak chor mee, mee pok (fish ball or pork mince noodles). Braised frog’s leg congee and chilli crab are also not to be missed. Geylang is quite well-known for these two dishes. Just remember: order the braised frog’s leg and congee separately and one crab is enough for two to three people.

Transportation & Ending Last but not least, public transportation in Singapore is very convenient with an integrated bus-train service. Because you may travel mostly on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) bus, you should purchase the EZ-link card. You can use this card on both bus and train. Credits can be topped up at any MRT station. You can also return the cards and get the deposits refunded at Changi Airport MRT station upon leaving. Although Singapore is a small country, what I have presented so far is just a scratch on the surface. There are many other places that I have heard, seen and desperately wanted to share with you. I hope that you are not exhausted from the verbal trip we have been through and that you are inspired to see more of Singapore. If you feel so and want to make your own explorations, please do it safely by travelling in groups, planning ahead, securing your valuable belongings and passport and always letting somebody know where you are up to.

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