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CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010


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CLOTHINGSTYLES January 20, 2007


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M a g a z i n e Te a m

CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010

Who is Rich Ting? If you’re asking that question, you should really be more in the loop with entertainment news in Vietnam; because for the last two months or so, numerous newspapers and magazines have done cover stories on this AsianAmerican model cum actor.

FACE TO FACE WITH RICH TING Face to Face with Rich Ting By Chau Nguyen

I texted Rich Ting to arrange an exclusive interview as requested by the filmmakers who were working with him; his reply including “cam on em” confused me for a moment about his background. For two years now, my clients have been filmmakers whose scripts I translate from Vietnamese into English, not tabloid editors, hence interviewing celebrities had not really been my thing. “I’m not going to interview him like a reporter anyway”, I thought to myself. He must have been interviewed so many times in Vietnam before he met me. That’s passive voice. I might just have a chat with him and find out what he had to share. Sometimes I do prefer active voice. We sat down in a café in the heart of District 1, Saigon; it was a hot afternoon. I made a mental note to myself to Google the inventor of air

conditioning, I’d like to thank him for that (It’s Willis Haviland Carrier, by the way, founder of the Carrier company). Anyway, Rich and I started talking. Chau: I want to tell you the truth. I’m not a reporter. I translate the screenplay of “Huyền Sử  Thiên  Ðô” (Relocating The Capital – a history) that you’re going to star in. Rich: That’s cool! We can talk more about my work. I’ve met a lot of reporters. They keep asking me about Angelina Jolie. Chau: Well, I can understand that. She’s famous in Vietnam. I suppose you want your audience to know of Rich Ting as a model cum actor from the US who is gaining success in Vietnam rather than Rich Ting, the stuntman in one of Angelina Jolie’s movies?

CLOTHINGSTYLES January 20, Walkie Talkie - September 152007 2010

Rich: Partly, you know. I mean working with Angelina Jolie was an unforgettable experience, but she is a superstar, I was just one person who took part in that movie. I feel like it’s not appropriate for me to talk about her personalities or private life. All I can say is that she’s a wonderful actress.

Chau: Your Vietnamese pronunciation is really good. Your reply message the other day made me wonder if you were a “Viet kieu”. Rich: Really? Yeah, I admit it is hard to guess based on my look. My father is Chinese and my mother Japanese. I grew up in the US. I will play a “Viet

Now I’m going to fast forward the part in which we discussed his acting projects in Vietnam, because you guys will see him on TV anyway; plus I’m not supposed to reveal that part before it is posted on the film’s website. All you need to know is that Rich Ting will appear in two TV series as Vietnamese-speaking characters. So, long story, short: he is learning Vietnamese. An idea came up and I decided to take this opportunity to ask Rich Ting for some tips in learning a foreign language after sharing that I am affiliated with WATA. Statistic: Height: 6’ 1" / 186cm Waist: 32" / 81cm Inseam: 32" / 82cm Shirt: 15 - 33/34 / 38cm 85/86cm Suit:

38/40R / 99/100R cm

Shoe: 10/11 / 27cm Eyes:




Kieu” in one film, and a Siamese who speaks Vietnamese in the other, so basically I’m allowed to speak Vietnamese with a foreign accent. But I do want to be able to speak Vietnamese fluently. Chau: I’m impressed. I hear that you speak a little of your parents’ native languages – Chinese, Japanese, you can also speak Spanish and now you’re learning Vietnamese. Here’s the thing, Rich, I volunteer in this English club called Walkie Talkie Vietnam, we help young people especially students improve their English.

_ Asiance Magazine’s F&E Editor.

CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010

I think our members would love to get some tips from you. Rich: Well I don’t think I’m qualified to teach anyone how to learn a language, you know. I’m just trying my best with Vietnamese here. The rhythm can be tricky, for example you can’t say “Anh nhớ em nhiều lắm” too fast; it wouldn’t convey any feelings.



Chau: See, right there, that’s good enough for me. Plus you did get a bachelor’s degree from Yale University. Rich: Yale was fun. That was where I met a lot of Asians including a few Vietnamese friends…


I’m not sure if Rich Ting’s Ivy League’s spirit was awaken or my promise to introduce him to “hột vịt lộn” was tempting, but here is what this gorgeous man wanted to share about picking up a new language, of course exclusively for WATA’s members first. ü

ü So all I’m saying is make the effort, try your best. Vietnamese is difficult but foreigners are learning it. There is no reason we Vietnamese can’t speak good English. I will also conclude that I’m glad I had a very interesting conversation with Rich Ting, and I do hope he excels in his acting career.

Walkie Talkie - September 15 2010


... it is sometimes said that only those who are or have been close to the death may understand how invaluable life is ...

Life is Precious By Hannibal

You must be the change you wish to see in the world _ Mahatma Gandhi

Life is precious! None is going to oppose that fact. In fact, the saying is self-explanatory and it usually does not require any more additions to be truer. However, life is so precious that we often ignore it or take it for granted just like we do for health and family. Hence, it is sometimes said that only those who are or have been close to the death may understand how invaluable life is. The story I am going to share with you is one of millions of similar story you can find out there. It just exemplifies how we see life

from a different perspective. I learnt it from a fellow member of the English club I am attending. It is about her life. When she was telling her story, I remember the whole room fell silent and we were listening to every word she said as if a missing detail would have ruined the whole thing. And the story begins‌ Everything has changed for Lisa, my club mate, since that date. It was the date that the doctor told her results of a diagnosis. She got cancer and although it was not at the last stage, the tumour had

spread so widely that the chance of survival was as much as death. She could not believe the news with her own ears. Memories of the old days uncontrollably flashed back in her mind. She realised she had so many dreams to do but she seemed not to have much time. Lisa came to Australia twenty years ago from an Asian country, probably China (she has never mentioned it). She was working hard to earn a living and it was not an easy life. She got a son and she loved him more than anything else. Her child was still too

CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010

“If you wait to do everything

until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything. Win Borden


small to take care of himself so ness the disease entailed. she did not have a slightest Things were getting darker idea how he would be without and darker for her day after her. Among many things, it day. One day the phone was her son that she worried rang. She picked it up and on most. the other end, a cheerful and “You may have two years at determined voice spoke. most” – what doctor said “Hi Lisa. I am Elisabeth brought her back to the pres- Green.” ent. Two years were so short in “Sorry, you may mistake me a human life. It was even short- with somebody else. I do not er for a cancer patient who know you” Lisa replied. could die at any moment. She “No, we haven’t met before. felt as if the Angel of Death But I kind of know you. In was standing at the end of her fact, we know each other because we suffer the same disbed, holding his drawn sword, ease” Elisabeth said. patiently waiting for the mo“I don’t understand. What ment of her final breath. The can I do for you?” thinking drew all strength, “You should ask what you happiness and hopes out of her can do for yourself and for mind and body. She could not your son. I know you have think of anything else but cancer. It is not easy to acdeath. She was so afraid of it cept that fact and live with it. yet expecting it to come every But it is and you can’t deny it. second. She barely ate any- As much as I hate it, I have to say what you thing. She “Dream as if you'll live for- are doing now was staying ever, live as if you'll die is stupid and in bed for the today”. _ James Dean can’t solve whole day. anything. You Surviving to have a way which is chemowait for the death was always a therapy but you refuse it. Do stupid idea but she was doing you think that it is not the exactly that. disease but you that is killing She did not listen to yourself?” anyone’s encouragement. She “You don’t understand. You felt lonely. Her friends wanted never do” Lisa angrily said. her to try the chemotherapy “Yes, of course I do. Don’t I tell you I have had cancer but they did not know anything too? You are in the exact about cancer and the treatshoe as I was few years ago. ment. What they said was not I totally empathise with your different from things healthy loneliness and hopelessness. people told patients. They But they are not reasons for would never understand the you to let your life go that pain, the sorrow, the hopeless- easily. You have so many things to live for: your friends,

CLOTHINGSTYLES January 20, Walkie Talkie - September 152007 2010

Note: usce id tellus sit amet justo eleifend fringilla. Mauris volutpat neque ac pede. Sed varius metus. Quisque eu diam in tellus viverra auctor. Integer condimentum quam quis

title: Fusce id tell us to sit amet justo eleifend fringilla. Mauris volutpat neque ac pede. Sed varius metus. Quisque eu diam in tellus

your dreams and most importantly, your son. You don’t want to leave him alone, do you? You need to pick yourself up and go for the treatment your doctor recommends you” Lisa was confused and thought of her son. She seemed to forget him for a while. “Lisa. Can you have a thought about what I said? You are not dead now. Don’t let your spirit die before you actually do. If you need help and companion, I’m always around” The conversation had a huge impact on Lisa. She did a research on Elisabeth and learnt that she was a cancer patient too. She went through the chemotherapy treatment and now she is acting as a mental advisor for cancer sufferers. Her friends might have contacted Elisabeth because they were worried about her. She never knew how Elisabeth found out about her but she was grateful for it. Lisa regained her hope in life. She contacted her doctor to arrange the chemotherapy. The doctor said nothing could be assured until he did another diagnosis after 2 years. The chemotherapy was long, painful and beyond imagination of those who have never gone through it. Lisa had the treatment for nearly two years and had another diagnosis at the end of the treatment period. Waiting for the result was seemingly unbearable for a human mind but Lisa was ready for everything. She had not told her son about her disease. However, she had arranged her friends to take care of her son until he was 18 in case her treatment was unsuccessful. On the night before seeing the doctor, she

felt like her time had come. She wore the most beautiful dress she had. She did not regret anything in the last two years. She was still worried about her son but she knew he would be in good hands when she was away. Before going to bed, she prepared an envelope which had contact details of all important people and arrangements of her son’s bringing up. She told her son “Darling, if tomorrow anything happens open the envelope and follow what I wrote in there” “What’s wrong mum?” “No, nothing is wrong, dear”. The night was long and she fell asleep without knowing anything. “Mum, wake up, wake up. I’m late for my school” she heard her son’s voice and wake up. “Am I dreaming? Am I still alive? Or am I in heaven now?” she asked herself while her son shaking her arms. “Can you hit me? Hit me hard. Mummy wants to know it is not a dream” she told her son. And it was not a dream at all. Later, doctor’s analysis revealed that all tumours had reduced and they were curable now. Lisa ended her story by saying this “Life is so precious but we only realise it when we know we don’t have much time to live. So treasure every moment of your life and live it with your dreams. You never know how much time you have left but at least you will not regret your life time”. It sounds like a cliché, anyone can say that. However, as it is from Lisa, you are sure that the person knows exactly what she is saying. (Names have been changed to keep the privacy)

CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010

J u s t A n o t h e r Pa s s i ve Vo i c e Po e m I was born in November, Nineteen eighty - six, I was praised: “Jeez, her skin is dark!” by a distant cousin on her first visit. Saigon weather was considered the first winter in decades, To keep me warm, a charcoal stove was placed under my bed.

“Cougar” was a nickname given by my great-great-grandma She said my roars could be heard from very, very far. Blah Blah Blah The middle part of my life has been fast forwarded,

In three months’ time I’m going to be married. It’s a funny feeling that can’t be missed When something this stupid is written by someone this big! By Chau Nguyen

CLOTHINGSTYLES January 20, Walkie Talkie - September 152007 2010

At times, we claim to know things that are like “the back of our hand”. In reality, no more than 5% of people are able to recognize their hands in their own pictures. This has revealed that the majority cannot read their body signs at all. However, not knowing how your hand looks like does not really a matter to a normal teenager But what if in an important interview in the future, for example, your unsuitable body language, or improper manners, implicitly eliminates you from the competition? That would indeed matter to you. Good news is if you are not endowed with a good sense of reading body signs, you can still learn them by consciousness. Below are several facts to raise your awareness of body language: vYour appearance when talking is actually more influential than what you say.

vPoliticians are the one who use most body language in their daily life. vPeople show their palms to create a friendly, harmless and honest approach. vWhen seeing somebody with their arms folded, he is probably keeping

a nega-

tive attitude. vThe act of holding your head by hands shows that you are tired and loosing your


means “good” in America, “number




“number 5” in Japan, and means …” Son of a bitch!” in Greece. vPeople tend to scratch their heads or necks to show uncertainty vStanding


interests. vRaising

noticeable vNodding your head is a sign of showing encouragement or approval For years, we have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, however, we do, still, but maybe less than before. Similarly, it is likely that people judge a man by his manners and appearance as well. And since the process of learning the application of body language in real life involves time and efforts, why not taking a chance to improve your image in the public’s eye from now!



akimbo makes you look bigger and more

CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010

The Scar

His thumb softly rubbed the twisted flesh on my cheek. The plastic surgeon, a good fifteen years my senior, was a very attractive man. His masculinity and the intensity of his gaze seemed almost overpowering. "Hmmm," he said quietly. "Are you a model?" Is this a joke? Is he kidding? I asked myself, and I searched his handsome face for signs of mockery. No way would anyone ever confuse me with a fashion model. I was ugly. My mother casually referred to my sister as her pretty child. Anyone could see I was homely. After all, I had the scar to prove it. The accident happened in fourth grade, when a neighbor boy picked up a hunk of concrete and heaved the mass through the side of my face. An emergency room doctor stitched together the shreds of skin, pulling cat-gut through the tattered outside of my face and then suturing the shards of flesh inside my mouth. For the rest of the year, a huge ban-

By Joanna Slan

dage from cheekbone to jaw covered the raised angry welt. A few weeks after the accident, an eye exam revealed I was nearsighted. Above the ungainly bandage sat a big, thick pair of glasses. Around my head, a short fuzzy glob of curls stood out like mold growing on old bread. To save money, Mom had taken me to a beauty school where a student cut my hair. The overzealous girl hacked away cheerfully. Gobs of hair piled up on the floor. By the time her instructor wandered over, the damage was done. A quick conference followed, and we were given a coupon for a free styling on our next visit. "Well," sighed my father that evening, "you'll always be pretty to me," and he hesitated, "even if you aren't to the rest of the world."

CLOTHINGSTYLES January 20, Walkie Talkie - September 152007 2010

Right. Thanks. As if I couldn't hear the taunts of the other kids at school. As if I couldn't see how different I looked from the little girls whom the teachers fawned over. As if I didn't occasionally catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. In a culture that values beauty, an ugly girl is an outcast. My looks caused me no end of pain. I sat in my room and sobbed every time my family watched a beauty pageant or a "talent" search show. Eventually I decided that if I couldn't be pretty, I would at least be well-groomed. Over the course of years, I learned to style my hair, wear contact lenses and apply make-up. Watching what worked for other women, I learned to dress myself to best advantage. And now, I was engaged to be married. The scar, shrunken and faded with age, stood between me and a new life. "Of course, I'm not a model," I replied with a small amount of indignation. The plastic surgeon crossed his arms over his chest and looked at me appraisingly. "Then why are you concerned about this scar? If there is no professional

reason to have it removed, what brought you here today?" Suddenly he represented all the men I'd ever known. The eight boys who turned me down when I invited them to the girls-askboys dance. The sporadic dates I'd had in college. The parade of men who had ignored me since then. The man whose ring I wore on my left hand. My hand rose to my face. The scar confirmed it; I was ugly. The room swam before me as my eyes filled with tears. The doctor pulled a roll-

ing stool up next to me and sat down. His knees almost touched mine. His voice was low and soft. "Let me tell you what I see. I see a beautiful woman. Not a perfect woman, but a beautiful woman. Lauren Hutton has a gap between her front teeth. Elizabeth Taylor has a tiny, tiny scar on her forehead," he almost whispered. Then he paused and handed me a mirror. "I think to myself how every re-

markable woman has an imperfection, and I believe that imperfection makes her beauty more remarkable because it assures us she is human." J Smith He pushed back the stool and stood up. "I won't touch it. Don't let anyone fool with your face. You are delightful just the way you are. Beauty really does come from within a woman. Believe me. It is my business to know." Then he left. I turned to the face in the mirror. He was right. Somehow over the years, that ugly child had become a beautiful woman. Since that day in his office, as a woman who makes her living speaking before hundreds of people, I have been told many times by people of both sexes that I am beautiful. And, I know I am. When I changed how I saw myself, others were forced to change how they saw me. The doctor didn't remove the scar on my face; he removed the scar on my heart.

CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010

Answer these questions. Work by yourself. You will find out what the object of the test is - and what it has to do with honesty when you come to look at the answers.

By Heart

Directions: if on the whole you agree with a statement, check TRUE. If you disagree with a statement, or consider it doubtful, check FALSE 1. Sometimes anger makes you do things you would not do otherwise 2. If someone cheats you, you never let him get away with it 3. When someone smokes illegally in a theatre or train, you usually see to it that he is stopped 4. You have never violated any of the laws of your community 5. Usually you tend to avoid people who do not like you 6. You sometimes read comics, detective stories or other "low-brow" writing with enjoyment 7. You are not inclined to like people simply because they like you 8. When people are less fortunate than yourself, you usually do something to help them 9. Being interested in literature, you manage to read most of the good books published each year



CLOTHINGSTYLES January 20, Walkie Talkie - September 152007 2010


10. You are inclined to dislike a person when that person dislikes you 11. Sometimes you feel a bit "blue" or depressed 12. You have at least some idea of the meaning of the word PRETORATORY 13. On occasion you have seized a choice tit-bit at dinner, although you knew somebody else might have wanted it 14. At times you pretend to know more than you do 15. When going to the movies with friends, you sometimes want them to attend a picture you prefer rather than one which they prefer Scoring: One point for each answer that agrees with those given below Average score: 10 1. True 2. False 3. False 4. False 5. True

6. True 7. False 8. False 9. False 10. True

11. True 12. False (no such word exists) 13. True 14. True 15. True

What this test means: If this test were to be marked by someone other than yourself, a low score could be interpreted to mean that you make a habit of "lying to win approval" - a common social fault. Since you do all the marking and are your own judge, however, a low score would more likely signify that you often lie to yourself. Conversely, a high score would properly mean that you are inclined to face issues squarely instead of "kidding yourself"


CLOTHINGSTYLES Walkie Talkie - September January 20, 152007 2010


Girl, there are no words to say What I feel in my heart You, you're on my mind night and day And it hurts me when we're apart When you're not here by my side There is nothing in this world for me. Chorus: I guess I'm crazy Crazy for you can't you see

When I look in your eyes

"Crazy" is a 1985 single by Kenny Rogers. "Crazy" was Kenny Rogers' eleventh number one country single as a solo artist. The single went to number one for one week and spent a total of thirteen weeks on the country chart. Rogers cowrote the track with Richard Marx.

And though, things never are what they seem

Download - Listen

Although you may think it's crazy Here it's where I want to be I will always need your love.

Well now, I can see every dream

There is one thing that I realize That there's no doubt in my mind We can make this love go on forever. Chorus: ................................... Cos you are the dream That finally came true in me In all my life there'll be no one else If I looked all my life There could be no one else And for the rest of my life All I need is you.

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