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Summer Internship Opportunities 2013 Monday, June 17th – Friday, July 26th Smartstart (Elementary School program) 9am-Noon (M, W, Thur, Fri) and/or 1pm-4pm (M, W, Thurs, F) (12 - 24hrs a week) (2 Interns needed per shift) · · · · ·

Must enjoy working with children and have a professional demeanor. Have the ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Skilled in word and excel. Interns will be needed to support and facilitate staff with academic classes or teach a class and supervise students. Must be consistent with hours.

PAT (High School program) Internship Project Assistant 10am-6pm (M-F 2 days/wk minimum – flexible) (16-20 hours/week) (1 intern needed) · · · · · · • • •

Need to have some Microsoft office and Excel knowledge. Good communication skills. Ability to work independently. Will be making phone calls and documenting information. HOLA alumni preferred. Bilingual preferred. Help build curriculum Support program evaluation Arrange trips/speakers/guests

YOLA/Music Program Service Learning Project Assistant 9am-1pm (M-F) (20hrs a week) (1 Intern needed) • • • • • •

Help build curriculum. Assist teacher in instruction. Research Service Learning Project. Arrange trips/speakers/ guests if necessary. Administrative Work. Must have knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Music Librarian 1pm-3pm (M-F) (7-10hrs a week) (1 Intern needed)

• • • • •

Catalog and organize music. Instrument library with the guidance of the YOLA director. Must have strong Microsoft Excel skills. Must have previous experience in a library. Knowledge of Library of Congress Catalog System. Transitions Class Assistant Times TBA (M-F) (7-10hrs a week) (2 Interns needed)

• • • • • •

Helping students transition from Elementary to Middle School. Help teacher build and implement curriculum. Assist teacher in class instruction. Obtain learning materials. Research and arranging speakers/guests/field trips. Must have knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Breakfast Club Assistant 8am-Noon (M-F) (min 7hrs a week) (1 intern needed) • • • • •

Help teacher build and implement curriculum. Assist teacher in class instruction Material set up as well as break down. Researching and obtaining relevant learning materials. Administrative work.

Alumni Program Alumni Director Assistant Anytime between 11am-6pm (M-F) (10 – 15 hours a week) (1 Intern needed) • • • • • • • •

Update Excel database containing students’ grade reports and response logs. Help Alumni Coordinator with organizing binders with scholarships, school information, and resources. Research scholarship, job, and internship opportunities for Alumni. Post weekly updates on HOLA’s College Access and Alumni FACEBOOK Page with scholarships, job descriptions, and internship descriptions. Call UC Schools, Cal State Schools, Community Colleges, and Private Universities for updates on Financial Aid, Scholarships, Programs, and Transfer Processes. Assist the Alumni Coordinator in planning and contacting alumni for summer events and workshops Microsoft office knowledge. Ability to work independently, experience with planning events. College Team Support Coordinator Anytime between 11am-6pm (M-F) (10 – 15 hours a week) (1 Intern needed)

• • • •

This person will help Alumni Director and on-site counselor plan and facilitate college support workshops for all of our Alumni and Seniors heading to college. Workshops will include intergroup dialogues, social events, community events, and professional development sessions. Help the Alumni Program Director with events associated with bringing alumni together, such Alumni Association meetings. Must be current HOLA alumni and have some leadership experience.

Counseling department Bilingual Counselor Hours TBA • • • •

Spanish speaking intern must have experience with parent guidance and psycho-education is helpful. Intern will help organize and teach a parenting class to HOLA’s parents MSW or MFT graduate or intern. Male Counselor 3 hrs/week (M & T afternoons/evenings) Exact times TBA

• • • •

Intern will lead two weekly teen boy support groups to explore coping strategies for handling teenage stress Issues covered may include coping with family stress, academic pressures, relationship issues, sexuality and body image. Intern will receive supervision from Licensed Clinical Social Worker. MSW or MFT graduate or intern. Counselor 2hrs/week Days and times flexible and TBA

• • • •

Intern must have experience working with children and adolescents. Intern will counsel several children and adolescents who have been referred to the counseling department at HOLA. Will need to make a commitment until the end of July. MSW or MFT graduate or intern.

Leadership Department Cooperative Play Facilitator 9am-Noon or 1pm-4pm (M-F) (2-10hrs a week) (1-4 interns needed) • • •

Intern must be energetic, enthusiastic, positive, and playful. Interested in developing leadership and communication skills. Requires two day in house training.

How do you become a volunteer? 路 Fill out volunteer application and waiver 路 Background Check 路 Completer Volunteer Orientation/Training Session

If you are interested in volunteering and making a change for the Los Angeles community, please email Kristeen Singh, Volunteer Director or Jenifer Gutierrez, Volunteer Program AssistantVISTA 2701 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90057 Phone: (213) 389-1148, ext 247 Fax: (213) 385-1085

Summer Internship Opportunities  

Summer Internship Opportunities

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