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The layers of paint were apparent in the texture of Younger’s older works. Multitudes of thick, black lines streaked across Younger’s canvases in sharp movements. The paths of these lines converged to create groups of discordant, unbalanced and wildly colored shapes. Due to color and light contrast, texture, and Younger’s erratic angles, some of the shapes in his paintings seemed to be trying to fill a third dimension. According to Younger, the closest technical term to his style is Abstract Expressionism.

Younger cited Max Beckmann, Philip Guston and German Expressionism in general as strong influences on his work. He specifically referred to the idea of pure painting.

“The one thing I’ve Art is masturbation, it always tried to be adamant about is that I’m trying to depict anything. hurts me to say it, but There’snotabsolutely no point. If I have to be painting that’s the truth of it something it might as well

be nothing,” Younger said smiling. “Romantically, I am trying to find the pure painting and this is why I drink.”

How does one approach painting nothing? Younger himself consistently uses one word when describing his style: violent. “Art does nothing anymore,” he said again, “the angrier I get, the bleaker I try to make my palette, the more violent my approach is to painting.” However, not all of his paintings are so violent. One of Younger’s newer paintings, hanging in the corner, had much calmer angles, harmonious colors and fewer, thinner lines. Like all Younger’s newer work, the painting focused less on color and texture and more on shape. It was painted right over one of Younger’s older works. Younger attributed this change in style to the fact that he has calmed down in recent days. He said he is trying to keep the emotional value without all the bleakness. “I just didn’t want violence to the be the only message. Everyone’s life affects their art. My regular life is a bit less angry. I try to, in a way, keep the two separate. If I have life in my art, it’s like I’m still trying to say something.”

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“The one thing I’ve always tried to be adamant about is that I’m trying not to depict anything. There’s absolutely no point. If I have to be...

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