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By Bridgette Waldau

Fine Art Wedding Photography

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What is fine art wedding photography? This concept became revolutionary around 2005 when Rangefinder Magazine included an article by Joe Buissink titled “Zen and the Art of the Wedding Photojournalist.” What was considered to be fine art and what had been known at that time to be wedding photography appeared to be at complete odds with one another. And in truth at that time they were. Typical wedding photography was unspontaneous, stiff and certainly by no means fine art. However as time has advanced, with the realization that art is individual expression of how we see, experience and express life around us, wedding photography had the potential to be ‘fine art’. Artists can walk into a wedding and proceed to see, feel, experience and then express their view of that wedding day through the camera lens. Instead of showing up at the wedding with a list of pre-conceived poses and ideas, the photographer employs their skills in seeing light, using light, perceiving moments and producing a complete artwork of the entire day. Some of the elements found in fine art wedding photos are dramatic and gorgeous or look as though they were shot on film with a grainier, dreamier and more muted appearance. Usually the object (or couple) is in focus and the background appears to blur. Motion also looks very natural in this style of photography. Some photographers may go a step farther with an edgybold approach. This style of photography is marked by outside-the-box, tilted angles and unconventional framing. So instead of a straight-on shot of the couple exchanging vows at the altar, the photo might look tilted, with an object like an altar arrangement or a candle in the foreground. Or the photo of the bride having her makeup done might be shot from above, with an emphasis on the eye shadow brush rather than on her face. Fine art is more life philosophy than merely just photography. There is an appreciation, fascination, respect for life and the subjects. Many wedding photographers now approach, leaving all pre-conceived ideas behind and move into the wedding day, camera in hand, looking for that unique signature that is every wedding.

Heartland LIVING June July 2014


More than sepia toning images, obscure camera angles, excessive grain or shooting film, fine art wedding photography is the approach of not only of the subject on the day but also of the images after the day in post production. The actual wedding day is the sketch on the canvas and what happens in postproduction is the actual painting. So it’s the fusion of all these elements, carefully and thoughtfully chosen and then laced together to produce a true memorable work of art. ¢

Heartland Living June-July 2014  
Heartland Living June-July 2014  

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