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hen asked about the hardest part of her job Alicia answered, “Training the kids.” She spoke about how all the children come from different homes and experiences, and how some carry significant baggage. Alicia simply tries to love the children and teach them the values she learned from her mother and aunt. When asked about her favorite part of her job Alicia excitedly said, “Meeting people! That’s the best part of the job. The kids also get to meet the different people that come through and love on them.”

Heartland LIVING August September 2016


In April 2015 a small group from First United Methodist Church of Sebring visited Zion Children’s Home. The team fell in love with the children and people at Zion Children’s Home and knew that they wanted to concentrate the church’s mission’s work on helping the home. “The story of Zion itself is so captivating. It captures your heart and imagination” said Reverend David Juliano. In August 2015 a team from Sebring visited the home to help with maintenance and add a hydroponic garden. This past July, First United Methodist Church of Sebring organized a team of 41 individuals to travel to The Bahamas. The team members came from churches in Jonesborough, Tennessee; Bloomfield, Virginia; Albany, Georgia and Sebring, Florida. „

Heartland Living Aug-Sep 2016  
Heartland Living Aug-Sep 2016  

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