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s deacons of the local Methodist Church they decided to present their proposal at The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church’s next meeting. By the end of the meeting they were given the Conference’s full support. The people of Current Island set aside ten acres of land, the Conference helped obtain the government’s cooperation, and the project gathered speed. Reverend Eugene Zimmermann, a retired Methodist minister, heard about the sister’s dream and wanted to help. Prior to retiring, he served as a minister at First United Methodist Church Orlando. Although he retired from full-time ministry in 1992, he never stopped ministering. In 2008, he invited Turnquest and Munroe to Orlando to present their proposal for the children’s home to local groups. The Father’s Table Foundation in Sanford, Florida liked the sister’s proposal and gave a $50,000 matching grant. Reverend Zimmermann then visited Methodist churches and reached out to charitable organizations throughout the United States. These organizations were inspired by the sister’s dream and together gave $50,000. By the end of 2009 the sisters raised $100,000. In 2010, Winter Park architect Robert Miller of R. Miller Architecture, Inc. donated plans for the building. „

Heartland LIVING August September 2016


Heartland Living Aug-Sep 2016  
Heartland Living Aug-Sep 2016  

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