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Southern Chef Southern Recipes by Layne Prescott

Southern Fried Chicken Dinner My Fried Chicken 2-3 pieces chicken per person (leg, thigh & breast) Crisco Oil All Purpose Flour Seasoning for flour: Salt, Pepper, garlic powder, seasoned salt, Everglades, Crazy Salt Several hours before cooking; prepare chicken. Remove from package, and rinse well. Lay out on counter on paper towels. While still damp, season chicken on both sides. *Note: For boneless skinless chicken breasts - rinse and cut into serving size pieces. Place in bowl and brine with Kosher salt. Allow to brine for at least one hour. (If desired, pound breasts or make cutlets). Add one cup buttermilk (or milk and lemon juice), and two eggs. Toss meat several times to coat.


Prepare seasoned flour. Put in large bag and add chicken pieces 4-5 at a time and coat well. Large electric skillet: Add Ÿ to ½ inch oil and preheat to 350 degrees. Place chicken skin side down (do not crowd pan); after starting to brown, lower temperature and allow to cook until golden brown (5-7 minutes per side). Increase temperature and turn chicken; repeating above steps. Can turn chicken several times to make sure cooked. Remove chicken from frying pan, place on baking pan (single layer) in warm oven while cooking remaining chicken.

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