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I cannot say this enough. Think of beef jerky. It is tough and inflexible because it is dry. Hydrated muscles are more flexible and ready for action. Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after any exercise.

Foam rollers

I have not met a client yet who has not benefited from the continual use of a foam roller. They are inexpensive and you can use them while you relax and watch TV in the evenings. They are also great for recovery immediately after a workout. There are plenty of resources available for different ways you can roll out your soreness.


and diet are important to our health and fitness goals but good recovery is just as important. Improper recovery leads to stiffness and soreness or even injuries and derailed progress. So warm up, cool down, stretch, stay hydrated, and work out some of your own kinks with a foam roller so you don’t feel like beef jerky. he information in this article is general advice and not an individualized recommendation. Always consult with your physician before beginning or altering an exercise program.

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Heartland LIVING August September 2016


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Heartland Living Aug-Sep 2016  

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