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By Adam Glinski


Tips to Keep You


you are like most people who exercise regularly then you occasionally wake up feeling a little sore from the previous day’s activities. Minor soreness or stiff feelings are actually a good sign that you put in some quality work somewhere over the previous days. I know I always feel better when I know I made myself sore other than letting father time have his way. However, anything that is painful or doesn’t feel right should be checked by a physician. For the minor soreness that accompanies a good workout we are going to cover some tips to help you recover and hit the gym feeling better than before.

Warm up

Warm ups are a great way to get your blood flowing and loosen your muscles in preparation for the next bout of exercise. Warm ups don’t have to be saved for the gym though. If you wake up feeling sore, a brief 5 minute warm up in the morning will take care of any minor soreness, can improve your mood, and may boost your metabolism. Do exercises that are low impact, cover a wide range of motion, and allow you to ease into the movement. Jumping jacks are some of my favorites to get things going.


when you are done. I see it all the time, someone comes in, works out and leaves. No cool down. No stretching. This is bad for recovery and can lead to stiff and sore muscles and a lack of desire to return to the gym derailing any progress made. Make a commitment to yourself to cool down and stretch after every workout. Five to ten minutes every day can make a world of difference in your mobility and recovery. Proper stretching also helps with injury prevention. Choose several stretches each day and hold each for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. „



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Heartland Living Aug-Sep 2016  

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