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Woman Woman By Amanda Armentrout

Sarah Childs men’s Association. In her role there, she attends all quarterly meetings and has been a member since the inception of the Florida Ranch Rodeo and Heritage Festival. Childs has also had involvement with the Florida Beef Council, Childs Cattlemen’s Beef Board (Above) Cookout for Board meeting of Cattleman’s Foundation. Sarah Nationally, Florida Beef Council, Ag Advisory Board, Hereford Association, youth homas Edison once said, “The three great essenlivestock and many more organizations. tials to achieve anything worthwhile are first, hard work; second, stick-to-ittiveness; third, common sense.” “I have been involved in the ag industry, mainly raising Many will agree that Sarah Childs has definitely achieved cattle, which has provided my family a living and wondersomething worthwhile throughout her career. And any ful lifestyle.” Childs remarks. “It is very rewarding helping who know her will know that she possesses all of the qualischool children and many adults learn the positive benefits ties Edison listed. of beef by giving speeches, working with 4H or FFA. It is important for everyone to understand our industry and Childs moved to Florida in 1968 with the Childs family so lifestyle.” that her father-in-law could manage MacArthur’s Buck Island Ranch. She was quickly exposed to the citrus indusAll of her hard work was recognized in 2012 when she was try as well as continuing to learn more about cattle. Childs selected to receive the “Woman of the Year in Agriculture soon figured it was the cattle herd that got her excited. Award”. The award recognizes women who have made outstanding contributions to Florida Agriculture. “I got inChild recalls, “I walked out into a cattle pen and had to volved, and I have stayed involved since 1976. And unless push my way in. Some of the boys didn’t like a woman out something happens, I hope I’m involved until the day I’m there. I stood behind my father-in-law, Dan Childs, and not here anymore. I just absolutely love the industry. You learned all I could.” don’t’ stay in the ag industry because you want to get rich. You stay in it because you absolutely love what you’re doHer persistence paid off and she earned the title of ranch ing.” ¢ manager at Buck Island in 1988. She said, “When I first started in the industry, it was very difficult to work my way (Below-Center) Sarah Childs at Quail Creek Plantation. into anything other than standing and being quiet and observing. And I did. I think over time, they just figured that they weren’t going to get rid of me, so they just gave in and said, ‘Okay, she’s here to stay.’” In 1994 Sarah left Buck Island Ranch to become the environmental coordinator at Lykes Bros., a position she still holds today.


Heartland LIVING February March 2014


What she has managed to accomplish is nothing short of remarkable. She has served more than 20 years on the Advisory Committee for the South Florida Beef-Forage Program. She continues her hard work in the Florida Cattle-

Heartland Living Feb-Mar Issue 2014  
Heartland Living Feb-Mar Issue 2014  

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