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Healthy Heartland By Nathan Kalin

Spring Forward with a Healthy Mind


information age is surging with new technologies and devices that allow us to accomplish more tasks, research information quicker, and stay connected longer than ever before. Too much of anything, however, can have dangerous consequences. The most common drawback experienced by millions of Americans today is the inability to unplug from our devices. By staying connected via our telephones, laptops, music devices, and tablets, our minds are literally trying to process terabytes of information with one major downside: our brains are not computers. Our brains are the tools that are supposed to be operating the machines we have in our lives, but as of late many Americans have found that our devices are actually running the show. This phenomenon has become so pervasive that Time Magazine recently published an article on how to “un-plug.” The three most practical tips they offered to help reduce mental-stress are: Wear a Watch, No Phones in Bed and Get into Nature. Why a Watch? The concept is pretty simple. Most people’s phones double as their phonebook, their music Heartland log , t h ei r favorLIVING ite apps, and their watch. If you wear a April watch on your wrist, May 2014 you will be less likely to constantly look at your watch for the time and plug back in to the never ending data stream.

Not in the Bed: This tip essentially asks you to stop using your phone as your alarm clock. The first thing you do in the morning should be to open your eyes, think about the strange dreams you had, and get out of bed. It should not be to hit the off button on your cell phone and immediately t h r u s t y o u r mind into the tasks and problems of the outside world. Take a Hike: There is a serenity and equilibrium in nature that is impossible to duplicate in the digital world. Take a few moments to go outside, watch the sunset or the approaching storm; resist the urge to Instagram it. ¢

Heartland Living Apr-May Issue 2014  
Heartland Living Apr-May Issue 2014  

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