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By Bridgette Waldau


ShowcasingT he Arts

museums have a special place in today’s society. A fine art museum or gallery offers us an open, eye appealing space where visitors can view and appreciate art. Museums are so important to us on many levels. Art museums can showcase the history of a particular culture in a visual fashion. Exhibits can provide a window to the past. The visual history offers a picture of what life was like at a particular period of time. The art may also help to explain the social and political environment at the time the artwork was made. A display may also showcase the viewpoint of a certain period of time through the eyes of the artist. A fine art museum also is a cultural go-to place within a city. A certain showing will attract art lovers and tourists to both the art museum and the city. Attracting tourists to the museum has been shown to boost the local economy. For example art lovers also eat at local restaurants, attend live shows and stay in hotels. As a direct outcome, this boosts the local economy and in turn, creates more local jobs.

South Florida State College Museum of Florida Art.

Polk Museum of Art

Another purpose of art museums is to promote art and artists. Whether the artists are emerging talent or already established, art museum and galleries both identify talent and support this talent to the public. The public will be introduced to different perspectives and ways of thinking through the viewing of the art. Attendees may also be encouraged to endorse a specific cause, modify their way of thinking or even design their own works of art. Without a doubt, art museums educate children, youth and adults alike. We can read about art and a certain period of time in history in books or online, however it can be more meaningful to see the art and artifacts in person. Several research studies show that people with firsthand experience remember information more than people who simply read about it in a book.

Heartland LIVING April May 2014


Highlands Museum of the Arts

In addition, many art museums and galleries offer tours and even art classes to the general public. Art classes work to educate a new generation of art appreciators and artists alike. Art museums contribute greatly to humanity, whether it is economically or through art appreciation and education. Support the arts in your community by visiting your local galleries and museums. It promised to be a rewarding and educational experience. ¢

Art exhibit of Hector Nieblas shown at Highlands Museum of the Arts (MoTA).

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Heartland Living Apr-May Issue 2014  

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