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By Adam Glinski

Into Fitness Fall is a great time of the year here in the Heartland of Florida as we start to shift to some cooler weather. As the weather changes many seasonal flavors, including some of my personal favorite treats, come back to tempt our taste buds. Outdoor activities and some extra tricks can help you enjoy those treats while keeping your fitness on track. Here are some tips to help you fall into fitness. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES As the weather cools we see an increase in the availability of outdoor community activities, whether it’s mazes, mud runs, bike rides, or festivals, getting outside and enjoying the cooler weather is a great way to stay fit. Get a group together and go pick out pumpkins, spend some time at a farmers market, or plan a day at a local park with the family. Spending the day walking around at a festival is a fun way to burn extra calories too. SEASONAL FLAVOR PITFALLS Every year the fall flavors come out and people line up out the door for every apple, cranberry, or pumpkin spice whatever they can get their hands on. The sense of urgency often created by the limited time flavors causes some people to go into overload and overdo it. Find one or two “must have” treats and create a reward system. For example, “If I run an extra mile today I can have one, fill in the blank.” Rewards systems are great motivators. Have friends and family help hold you accountable. TEAS Substitute flavored teas for your favorite flavored coffee drink. As the weather cools many people find themselves drinking extra cups of their favorite soul warming beverage throughout the day. Although coffee can be good for you it acts as a diuretic which means it dehydrates you. The extra sugars from your favorite flavor can also really put a damper on any progress you have made. Teas provide that warming effect without the dehydrating effects and are available in a delicious variety of seasonal flavors as well. TIME CHANGE Take advantage of the “fall back” portion of daylight savings and get some morning workouts in. As the time shifts and our bodies think it’s later in the day for the first couple of weeks take advantage, get up early, and put some work in. Your body won’t know the difference.

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Keeping yourself healthy and fit can be easy in the fall, even with all the delicious temptations available. Get outside and enjoy the Heartland’s activities with the ones you love. Engage your friends, co-workers, and family to keep you accountable. Substitute hydrating teas for when you want an extra cup of coffee. Staying on track with your health can be easy if you use some simple tricks when it comes to enjoying your favorite treats this fall. The information in this article is general advice and not an individualized recommendation. Always consult with your physician before beginning or altering an exercise program.


Heartland Living Oct-Nov 2016 Issue  
Heartland Living Oct-Nov 2016 Issue  

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