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By Christy Swift Photography courtesy of David Hunt with Operation Outdoor Freedom

hen we meet a veteran, most of us will thank him or her for their service, but it’s not often that we get to do more for these heroes than offer our thanks. The Florida Forest Service and the Florida Department of Agriculture are doing more than saying thank you. Through Operation Outdoor Freedom, the State of Florida offers a chance for disabled veterans to enjoy outdoor activities at no cost. There are hunts, fishing trips, hikes, canoeing, alligator egg collecting, lobster dives and more, and the events take place all over the state on both state-managed and private lands. Transportation, lodging and food are all provided.

Heartland LIVING June July 2017


The first event took place in 2009. It was a turkey hunt held at Camp Prairie in Polk County, and the idea came from Forest Service employees. Florida Forest Service director Jim Karels remembers how it all came about.„

Heartland Living Magazine June-July 2017  
Heartland Living Magazine June-July 2017  

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