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By Jessica Pleger Illustrated by Bridgette Waldau e celebrate our independence as Americans each year on July 4 but a little is known and celebrated about Flag Day. The history of our flag is as fascinating as the American republic itself; it has survived battles, inspired songs, and evolved in response to the growth of the country it represents. The United States used to be a colony of the British, many years ago. But after a while, the 13 original colonies decided they wanted to be their own nation. After fighting in a war known as the American Revolution, the US colonies finally won their independence from Great Britain. In order to officially declare their split from the British, the new nation needed to draw up a Declaration of Independence document. So, on July 2nd, 1776 one representative from each colony came together in Philadelphia to vote. The American flag has symbolized our nation’s strength and unity since three members of a secret committee from the Continental Congress came to call upon Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress to sew the first flag in late May of 1776. Those representatives were George Washington, Robert Morris, and George Ross. In July of the same year, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud for the first time at Independence Hall. „

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Heartland Living Magazine June-July 2017  
Heartland Living Magazine June-July 2017  

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