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A Tribute to my Dad

Father’s Day won’t be the same this year because it will be the first I won’t get to spend with my Daddy. But I thank the Lord for all the amazing memories I have of my Dad. I have my sad days when I cry but then I try to be appreciative of all the times I had with my Dad. I know there are people in my life that didn’t get 60 years of love with so many family times shared alongside my seven brothers and sisters, fifteen grandkids and two great grandkids that Dad cherished every moment with all of us. I will admit I wish my granddaughter Finley Grace had more than two years with her PapPap but she put a smile on his face everyday spent with him. When we would leave him, it was all kisses, hugs and high-fives. When I was asked if I was going to write a tribute for my Dad I googled what “tribute” meant and the definition was perfect for everything my Dad was to me. It said “an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration”. My Dad was a statement and I thank God for giving me the greatest gift I call Dad who I respected and couldn’t have admired more than life itself. I have been told more than once that I was “Daddy’s Girl” and in my eyes he was perfect. Dad lived 86 years and he told me good or bad he wouldn’t change a thing the way he lived his life. He supported all of us kids as a car sales men and then owning his own used car business, Sebring Motor Sales, until he retired. I look back and don’t think us kids wanted for anything growing up. I remember my first car was a baby blue 1966 mustang handed down from my sister Danni. I couldn’t have been more proud than if it was brand new. So many thoughts while writing this today, on Memorial Day and fond memories come up. Dad graduated from Sebring High School in 1948 and then went to serve in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. He didn’t talk much about the war that I can remember but one thing I do remember that he shared with me when I was young. I was ironing a pair of white pants and Dad said, “let me show you how to iron those the right way”, I said how do you know how to iron pants? He said I ironed my uniforms in the Navy and they had to be perfect.

Heartland LIVING June July 2017


Another memory that will stick with me forever is when I took Dad to the doctor one day and the nurse told him he was famous being William “ Billy” Sebring. Dad used to always tell us “that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee”, not anymore. He never felt he was better than anyone else because his grandfather found Sebring. He was just Billy and my Daddy. Dad looked back at the nurse and said I’m not famous but she is and pointed to me. I looked at him thinking, “Oh Lord what have I done”. The nurse said why is she famous? Dad said because she publishes that magazine, you know that really nice one and did it all by herself. I’m not famous by any means either but I’m happy I was given that moment to hear that I made my Dad proud. It all comes from what he taught me, “Work Hard, Play Hard”. I will be spending Father’s Day with my Dad this year, not in person but in my heart. Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones. I dedicate this issue to my Hero, my Dad!

Heartland Living Magazine June-July 2017  
Heartland Living Magazine June-July 2017  

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