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GOES HUNGRY By Cindy Adams

are disadvantaged children all around us that go hungry every day, but we don’t often hear about them. Are we completely unaware of the crisis? While subsidized school breakfast and lunch programs are in place during school hours, what happens at mealtime for these very same children in the evenings, on weekends and over the summer months? kidsPACK strives to bridge that gap by simply taking action.

Heartland LIVING June July 2018


Randy Browning started a local feeding mission called “The Polk Project” in 2010 as a simple mission, which he ran out of his local Lakeland warehouse, feeding hungry children in the neighborhood schools. For Browning, the motivation to begin feeding local hungry children was inspired by faith and a calling to serve. “For me,” as he often confesses, “it’s a God thing”. Browning was called to action when he learned about a Gallup Poll titled “Food Hardship in America 2010,” listing Lakeland/ Winter Haven as the third worst in the nation for child hunger. After learning about the growing number of homeless and hungry children suffering and threatened by hopelessness in our neighborhoods, the heartfelt mission was clear: to build a trustworthy solution in order to help the children, with the community coming to their rescue. „

Heartland LIVING June-July 2018 Issue