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By Bridgette Waldau

Children's THEATRE In Okeechobee on April 7 -9, the Osceola Middle School gymnasium transformed into a magical theatre. A talented cast, made up of middle school students, performed Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The musical was well received by all who attended and it was a great experience for the young actors.


I think that arts in school are extremely important and beneficial for young people. The opportunity that was given to the students at Osceola Middle School are not always available in schools. However, there are many reasons why children should have access to theatre.

Heartland LIVING June July 2016


It’s a creative outlet and a challenging one. The youth need a way to be able to express themselves and their thoughts. What better way than through theatre? It challenges them to open their minds, explore different worlds through scripts and characters. They get first hand experience on telling a story. Students are also learning a huge host of skills. Very few kids who participate in youth theatre (community, school or otherwise) go on to become professional actors, as it is a very hard industry to break into. But there are so many important skills that can be learned and used in their everyday lives. Reading and reciting from scripts increases verbal and literacy skills, while working with a director or choreographer increases their listening skills. Many theatre companies offer volunteer opportunities, such as being a stage manager, technical operator, prop designer or usher, which gives actual job skills training that can be used towards careers behind the scenes or in the business side of theatre. When practicing for an audition, students are learning research and preparation skills plus „

Heartland Living June-July issue 2016  
Heartland Living June-July issue 2016  

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