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By Adam Glinski

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

about all year long, so enjoy them. While it may be tempting to try a little of everything and then circle back around for your favorites, remember that little taste of pie probably equals an extra thirty plus minutes of walking later. Contribute Almost everyone struggles with holiday pounds so do your part by finding cooking and baking alternatives. Your “to die for” cobbler is a huge hit at the company party every year, so what can you do to cut the calories a little while keeping that taste that is so famous (without the “die for” part)?

Walk Start a new tradition with friends and family this Ahh, the holidays in the Heartland of Florida: chilly

weather, inflatable yard decorations, fake snow, joyful carols, crazy shoppers and festive holiday parties. These are the most wonderful times of the year. It’s time to break out your cheesy sweaters and favorite recipes. I, for one, know I am looking forward to my wife’s pumpkin rolls. With that being said, let’s go over some tips to help you enjoy all those holiday events while keeping those pesky pounds you swear to shed every New Year off in the first place.

Do not arrive “Starving”

We have all done it before, you barely eat all day because you know there will be plenty of food at the party or dinner you are attending later that day, only to stuff yourself with a week's worth of food when you get there. Eat sensibly all day before the party. Cutting a few calories each meal is okay if you know you want to indulge, but showing up having hardly eaten anything is a sure fire way you end up with a food hangover. Eating protein before or during the party is a great way to feel full longer so you are less likely to over indulge.

Drink plenty of Ice Cold Water Heartland LIVING December 2015 January 2016


Your body has to warm cold water up before it can absorb it so not only are you using extra energy (that means burning calories) to utilize the water, water helps fill you up, reducing your appetite.

Know Yourself

Great tasting food is a staple of the holiday season. You know what you really like, those “must haves” you dream

year, the post-meal walk. Walking after eating stimulates digestion gets the blood flowing, and you can enjoy the brisk fresh air. If walking isn’t in the cards, get out and do something; tag football, catch, playing with the kids and pets are all great ways to get in some post-meal activity.

Dance Yes, I said it. Dance. You’re going to a party right?

Then act like it. Have fun. Move and enjoy the music. Shake your holiday bon-bons. And if anything, blame it on holiday spirit and/or the eggnog. Every little bit of activity goes a long way to keeping off those holiday pounds. Enjoy your holiday, that’s what they are here for; but by taking a few simple steps you help ensure you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. ¢

Heartland living holiday issue 2015  
Heartland living holiday issue 2015  

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