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By Jessica Van Eerde

Staying Healthy and Happy

During the Holiday Season

It’s the holidays! Excitement fills the air and we are all feeling overjoyed at all the time we get to spend with family and friends; or are we? It seems like as the holidays get closer we all become more and more stressed out and overwhelmed with all the things we have to check off of our to-do lists and all the presents we have to buy. We begin to feel run down and worn out. Somehow, the joys of the holidays get lost in the shuffle and we start waiting anxiously for January 1 to arrive. I want to challenge each of you to not let this be your fate this year! There are a few simple tips that can help you stay healthy, positive and upbeat during this time. First, remember to get enough sleep and eat right. The healthier you are the better you are going to feel during this time of year. I know it’s easy to binge on all your favorite foods, especially when we don’t get to have them all the time, but you’ll feel better if you just try a little sample of your favorites and look forward to tasting them again next year. Additionally, as we have discussed before, sleep is a critical part of good health. When you’re feeling stressed during the holidays, the worst thing you can do is not get enough sleep. Second, don’t over commit yourself. It is so important to learn the art of saying “no.” Sometimes we just need down

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time, especially around this time of year when we are trying to manage our regular routines and add in holiday parties, vacations and visitors. Learning to say “no” can be the difference between you wishing January 1 would just hurry up and get here already and actually enjoying the holidays. Finally, try to remember what the holidays are meant to be about. This time of year is about togetherness and making memories with family and friends. It’s not about the number of presents you buy or the number of gifts you get. We have become such a materialistic culture and often, especially around this time of year, we focus more on what we want, rather than on the gifts we already have such as our good health, our loving family and good friends. Sometimes it really helps to donate your time and/or money to a local cause. We have so many wonderful organizations and charities that need our help, especially around this time of year. Make it a point to lend a hand in order to remember what the holidays are all about! May each of you have a beautiful holiday season, filled with love and joy, and may you savor each day between now and the New Year! ¢

Heartland Living Holiday Issue 2014  
Heartland Living Holiday Issue 2014  

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