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What Is

By Bridgette Waldau

Art Therapy?

The American Art Therapy Association describes art therapy as "a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being.” It is founded on the belief that self-expression has the power to help people communicate, overcome stress and explore various aspects of their own personalities. While therapy in general have many benefits, the concept of art therapy has proven to be successful in various ways that differ from traditional therapy. There are assorted uses for art therapy with respect to healing, but the benefits will surprise you if you’ve never heard of art as a form of therapy.


Art therapy sets itself apart as a means of therapy by utilizing the creative process of art. Anyone can be creative in some form or another. Art therapy can be especially valuable to children because they may feel uncomfortable expressing themselves with words. While art therapy can benefit children, it can also be very helpful to adults. Anyone can benefit from art therapy. Even if someone is using creative arts as a means of expression without the aid of an art therapist, there are still many benefits to be had. By expressing feelings through art, an art therapist can help individuals see things about themselves that otherwise may have not have made sense. Art therapists can help break through the process of emotions and feelings that individuals are struggling with and this can help with the healing. Since art therapists are trained in the arts and also in therapy, they are capable of guiding a person through the process of creative expression. Art therapists are also

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quite effective in providing insight into a person’s creations and can help them in understanding certain aspects of themselves which maybe they didn’t know existed - good or bad. It is this idea of self-exploration that on many occasions lead a person to some profound conclusions about themselves. The effects of art

Heartland Living August September Issue 2015  
Heartland Living August September Issue 2015  

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