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August | September 2015


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Audra Clemons A Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Missouri propelled Audra Clemons to begin her professional writing career in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 27 she wrote, produced and sold a national television show. After three top-rated seasons, Audra relocated to work in Miami, FL, where she enjoyed being closer to her family in Okeechobee. After a short stint in Miami, Audra was offered a position in New York City with the top International Travel PR agency. Currently, Audra travels between Florida and South America. She owns a boutique media service company that offers PR, Marketing, Brand Journalism and Social Media services. Audra also enjoys freelance writing for numerous media outlets.

Katy Fassler has been telling stories since she was able

to scribble her name in crayon on the walls. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, she moved to Sebring in 2006 to attend the Great Commission Bible Institute. Katy, an avid reader and book collector, lives by Dr. Suess’ advice, “Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” Katy is currently the Director of Children’s Ministry at the First United Methodist Church in Sebring. Katy and her husband, Sean, live in Sebring with their two daughters, Adia and Emery.

LIVING August September 2015


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time and loves all things theatrical. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Flagler College and loves learning. You will often find her with her head in a book, as she firmly believes there is nothing better than a brilliant piece of literature and a fancy cup of coffee.


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Jessica Van Eerde is a freelance writer in her spare

family, has lived overseas but did most of her growing up in Arcadia. After meeting and marrying Mike Prescott, she moved to Wauchula in 1979 and now calls it her home. She and Mike raised their three children there and now are reaping the benefits of their labor with four sweet, beautiful grandchildren. As a child, Layne loved watching her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Her cooking style is eclectic and best described as “Southern comfort cuisine”. Of course her husband says that he made her the “Chef” that she is today. Layne has conducted cooking classes in Punta Gorda and currently teaches a class in Wauchula. She loves to invent and re-invent recipes. Her greatest joy comes from three things: her faith, loving on her family and getting in the kitchen and “whipping” up something good.

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Layne Prescott Layne was born into a military

August | September 2015

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Heartland Living August September Issue 2015  

Heartland Living is published bimonthly by Heartland Publications & Marketing. Serving the Heartland of Florida - Sebring, FL - we highlight...

Heartland Living August September Issue 2015  

Heartland Living is published bimonthly by Heartland Publications & Marketing. Serving the Heartland of Florida - Sebring, FL - we highlight...