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In The Heartland By: Audra Clemons

Intercontinental Cattle Crossing A love for ranching and travel inspired Renee Strickland to start her livestock exportation business from her family ranch in Myakka City, FL. The blossoming company, Strickland Ranch and Exports, ships beaucoup cattle as well as other animals, across the globe. This requires excellent animal handling, as well as patience and the ability to maneuver through a labyrinth of international health regulations and strict quarantine protocol. One of Strickland’s most famous clients, the Sultan of Oman, requested a shipment of 195 dairy cows - 28 for himself and the remainder for his dairy, The Royal Farm. These now-royal cows will be used for breeding and quality milk and cheese products.

(Above): Feeding cattle that were exported to Oman.

Strickland says that right now, the majority of inquiries received are for dairy cattle because the U.S. is respectively known as the leading country for milk production. American beef prices are still too high to effectively compete with the exportation of beef from other countries. However, once prices fall, American beef producers can expect to be faced with this opportunity as well. No client is too big or too small for Strickland Ranch and Exports, and all clients and their livestock are treated with the utmost care and concern while in the hands of Mrs. Strickland. The Sultan’s request was big business, but nonetheless, business as usual for Strickland Ranch and Exports. Strickland proceeded with his order in her normal fashion:

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1 - Strickland selects premium livestock for the buyer and executes a financial contract. 2 -The livestock is placed in a 30-day quarantine facility. 3 - The animals are tested according to the health statutes of the country and the export date is set. 4 - The USDA inspects the animals and upon final approval, Strickland charters a climate-controlled airplane. 5 - Livestock is transported to the airplane, put into large crates, and flown to the buyer. Strickland has learned that livestock generally lose a small amount of body weight while aboard transcontinental

(Right): Renne Strickland outside a temple in Oman. (Below): Strickland shown with cattle on a 747 ready for export on an overseas flight.

Heartland Living Aug-Sept Issue 2014  
Heartland Living Aug-Sept Issue 2014  

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