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By Jessica Van Eerde

Making Emotional Health a Priority You eat right, you get enough sleep, and you exercise regularly. You’re living a perfectly healthy life, right? While these are all positive steps, they aren’t quite enough. Another major part of being healthy is caring for your emotional health and well-being. Without this piece of the puzzle many people who would otherwise be healthy suffer from constant physical ailments. What is emotional health? Emotional health is the ability to maintain control of your thoughts and feelings. People that have positive emotional health feel good about themselves and are able to maintain healthy relationships. Additionally, people who are emotionally healthy are able to combat problems by keeping things in perspective and not becoming swept up in the emotion of the problems they face. Having a positive emotional health means focusing on selfcare, learning how to say, “no,” when you need to, and being willing to establish clear boundaries with those around you. A key element of strong emotional health is having a positive self-image. What you believe about yourself is what you tell yourself. It’s time to reclaim your self-esteem and self-worth and inspire your life with positivity. When you are able to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see, when you are able to recognize your self-worth with ease, it is then that you will find you are able to maintain healthy relationships and better manage problems and issues in your life. So how does one achieve emotional health? It is a lifelong process but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start making changes immediately. One of the simplest ways to help boost your emotional health is to change your perception by making a conscious effort to be more positive. Many people put positive affirmations on their bathroom mirrors for precisely this purpose. Imagine waking up every morning

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August September 2014


to a note telling you, “You’re beautiful!” or “Today is going to be amazing!” Simple positive thoughts such as these can have a huge impact on your day. Another step you can take towards becoming emotionally healthy is to take “me” time. I know we are all busy and we have to divide our time between work, family, friends, and many other important things. Unfortunately, we often forget that we are important too! Try to carve out at least one hour a week to do something that is just for you. Learn to enjoy your own company and discover what you love. It is OK to need time for you and it is healthy to make that time a priority. Being emotionally healthy is incredibly important to your overall well-being. I challenge you to make a commitment to try at least one new way to improve your emotional health, whether that’s making time for yourself, practicing positive affirmations, or finding a different approach that works for your life. One small change can make a huge impact on your emotional health and you deserve to be as healthy as you can be! ¢

Heartland Living Aug-Sept Issue 2014  
Heartland Living Aug-Sept Issue 2014  

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