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By Adam Glinski I hope you have been outside enjoying the weather and exercising as much as possible; I know I have. But, things are starting to warm up and that may discourage or chase some people back inside, into the air conditioning. With that in mind, here are some fitness tips on how to beat the heat so you can stay active and motivated. If you’re going outside be mindful of when you are going. Choose early morning or early evening while the sun is out but the temperature is cooler.

Weather Exercise Tips

This one is really important year round to your overall health as water is second in terms of survival only to air. It is even more important as the weather warms up. Water plays a big role in your body’s ability to regulate temperature, remove waste, deliver nutrients, and mental functions. Even mild states of dehydration can have adverse effects on your ability to function normally. Whether running, playing sports, exercising or simply enjoying all the activities available in Florida's Heartland, wearing the appropriate clothing can increase the amount of time you are able to enjoy your outdoor routine. Lightweight, loose active wear made with specific materials that wick or pull moisture away from your body can increase the rate at which perspiration evaporates, helping you stay cooler longer. Some lines of sports wear on the market also contain UV protection that helps to reduce your risk from prolonged UV exposure. Avoid non-porous, rain gear type clothing or heavy cottons that can leave you wet and with unattractive sweat stains.

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Variety is a key to many things in life, and exercise is no exception. If you have been following a similar routine for some time, consider switching it up. Don't let yourself become complacent, going through the motions and getting bored. Switching routines can also keep you from hitting a plateau in your training. If you have been spending a lot of time jogging or walking, grab some weights and do some strength training. Cross training is important. Weightbearing activities can improve bone density, as well as maintain muscles, tendons, and ligaments, improving overall joint function. The American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons encourages strength training exercises for people with osteoarthritis. If you have been hitting the weights already then incorporate jogging, swimming, or biking into your routine. Whether you want to participate in a mud run, 5K, golf tournament, or „

Heartland Living Apr-May Issue 2016  
Heartland Living Apr-May Issue 2016  

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