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Heartland Multimedia Project Highlights 2019 - 2020

Heartland Multimedia Publication



Our community centred online magazine is a monthly publication featuring articles submitted by the public as text, photographs, audio or video.

Health & Wellbeing Our UK National Award winning project

Breadalbane Acad. Careers Event Live outside broadcasting and school pupils creating video interviews

Foundation Apprenticeships & Placements Apprenticeships for college students and real time work experience for degree level students

Pitlochry High School P4 Journalism School pupils create a local news bulletin Pitlochry & Moulin COVID Support Heartlands involvement in a community support group

Highland Games Live outside broadcasts and promotion of local events

Primary Schools Christmas Songs A celebration from all the primary schools in Highland Perthshire

March into Pitlochry Our help, promotion, live broadcasting and reviewing of a community owned music festival

Fireworks Display The return of a grassroots event promoted and attended by Heartland

Friends of Pitlochry Hospital Providing a platform for people to connect across the world.

Pitlochry Rotary Strong links and partnership working

Schools Art Competition An example of cross working and project management between schools, HMM & Pitlochry Rotary.

Heartland Multimedia Publication

Endorsements UK Community Radio Awards 2020 Nominated for Arts and Creative Radio of the Year 2019 Silver award for community programme of the year “ A professional sounding station with a comfortable and competent presentation style. It has fully grasped the idea of producing the local content that no one else can, rather than following the agenda and style of more regional or national stations.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IRIS provides the Community Safety partners with an excellent way to let people in Highland Perthshire know what’s going on, so we can inform and hopefully, on occasions, entertain. Its also a good way for us to find out what other people are doing and encourage new collaborations. Above all, it’s a good read! Roddy Ross. Team Leader Safer Communities Team Perth and Kinross Council xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That is brilliant! Many thanks Bruce. Is there any chance that Molly will be able to have a copy of the magazine for her course portfolio? Olle Borgar Perth UHI IT & Creative Design Course Leader. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You have done a brilliant job of finding so much content for the e-magazine. Ian Sim Chair, Enchanted Forest

Heartland Multimedia Publication

Projects Highlights 2020 UK Community Radio Awards Heartland FM has been nominated for the second year running for a prestigious community radio award. This year Heartland is in the final 5 for the Art & Creative Radio of the Year Award. The competition is fierce with 90 stations from across the UK, 490 entries and a panel of 70 judges. The entry is a Luncarty Lockdown, a diary written by local writer Bob Davidson in his shed during the early days of lockdown.

2019 UK Community Radio Awards We produced a 52 episode, twice weekly, 1 hour programmes featuring at least 3 interviews on Health, Wellbeing and related topics. We had in excess of 150 interviews, a wide range of topics and guests covering a variety of subjects that were relevant to rural living where access to this kind of information is often difficult. All the interviews were made available in our On Demand service and will remain there until they become too dated or are superseded by new information. The project won Silver in the UK Community Radio Awards and was funded by Tayside NHS CiF. You can hear the interviews here in our On Demand service

IRIS This is an online magazine that is written for our community, about our community by our community. That statement may sound grand but all the articles are submitted by people either living and staying in or providing services to Highland Perthshire. Without the people of our area wanting to submit their stories there is no point in us publishing IRIS. We have features which allow the readers to use their skills to be creative showing our area in a positive light. In a time when much of the media is becoming centralised, ignoring local issues we offer a platform for these topics to be aired. It

Heartland Multimedia Publication

complements the radio output employing text, audio and video formats. IRIS is an ideal platform for students, school pupils and others to learn new skills, develop existing talents while experiencing real time work timescales and situations. We have two Foundation Apprentices working on IRIS as part of their 2nd year studies, final year music degree students submit their music for review & a wider audience. Primary and secondary pupils can have their work published which can bring the school and the community closer and opens a window into daily school life. You can see the current edition of IRIS here

Breadalbane Academy Careers Event This is a full day event at Breadalbane Academy where a large number of local & national employers and all the Scottish Universities present themselves to the pupils. We agreed to publicise the event before and during the entire day. The preevent publicity was a straight forward process but the event itself was a much more complicated affair. We created a small team that consisted of; 3 x S4 pupils who spent some time with us in training and preparation in the run up weeks. These pupils would video interview as many attendees as possible, the tasks were, interviewing, scripting, production timing and preparation and video & audio editing. 2 x final Year Perth UHI Sound Engineer students who ensure video & audio content was of the required standard, length & in the designated format. 1 x Graduate monitoring social media and online promotions and acting as mentors for the pupils showing them how study & classroom time is used in a work situation. During the entire day we broadcasted live from the school the video interviews were recorded, the audio was extracted and used on air, the videos were posted on social media to coincide with the radio interviews. The event was a great success, you can view the IRIS magazine produced to celebrate the achievement here. Breadalbane Academy Careers Event.

Heartland Multimedia Publication

Foundation Apprentices & Student Placement We are now in our second year hosting Apprentices. The students studying the IT & Creative Design course at Perth UHI & are in their 2nd year. They are involved in a variety of promotional forms, designing posters, adverts, gifs, social media content. This gives the students a good basic understanding of the work place, the timescales and demands in an industry where client demands can move and change very quickly. Heartland benefits from a younger perspective on working practices and social media attitudes. The Student placements provide a real time practical experience allowing the students to employ the skills learned through their years of study, grow networks while creating and building networks. You can view their achievement portfolios here. Calder Chen

Iona Grieve

Mia Eames

This was funded by the Basil De`Ath Fund.

Pitlochry High School P4 Journalism This was a journalism project that where the pupils were encouraged to write a short 30 second piece about an aspect of school life that would be of interest to the wider community. Once written the pupils worked with presenters to make their pieces easier to read out then recorded their own work to a microphone in the studio. The pieces were edited together to make a 3 minute bulletin which was broadcast during the daytime schedule. The elements in this project included the basics numeracy, literacy, language, communication building towards improved self-confidence. You can hear their school news bulletin here.

Pitlochry & Moulin COVID Support Group We played a big part in setting up this group which was created to help those in our communities cope with the restrictions and guidelines set during the virus outbreak. Heartland set up & maintains a dedicated online telephone number which works as a call centre system would. This allows residents to call the group to request assistance. Heartland also regularly broadcasts information for all the support groups in Highland Perthshire, interviews group members and is a key piece in the communication trail for all.

Heartland Multimedia Publication

Highland Games We have attended a number of Games Days to broadcast live from the event and provide pre-event promotion. These are big events in the rural calendar attracting crowds of over 7,500 people. We are able to display these occasions to a global audience and give the area a platform to show off how attractive a place it is and how the local people come together to create such extraordinary scenes. The events contain a wide variety of skills needed to produce good quality broadcasting both audio and video which gives new and younger people the opportunity to see how their studies can be adapted to a real working situation. In situation for young people to gain and learn from the experience. You can see the Aberfeldy Show & Games here.

Schools Christmas Songs We invited all the primary schools in Highland Perthshire to provide us with a Christmas song of their choosing and we would record heir performances and play them out live during the holiday period. We invited two college students to attend, record & edit the pupils singing. We hope to do this on an annual basis and that the schools themselves can develop the skills needed to record the pupils. You can listen to the songs here, School Christmas Songs

March Into Pitlochry (MiP) MiP is an ambitious community owned not for profit project set up by a small group of local music lovers in an attempt to put Pitlochry at the heart of live music performances across Scotland. The first year was a great success featuring over 25 bands & musicians, more than 40 performances across 3 venues. MiP quickly became a must see event showcasing the best in Scottish new, emerging talent alongside some of the countrys` best known names. Heartland became involved in the promotion of MiP and then set up a small stage in the studios to allow acoustic performance and interviews and produced a review magazine to help support future years. The 2020 event has been postponed due to COVID 19 but will be back as soon the situation allows and Heartland will continue with the support. You can read the review magazine & hear the acoustic sets here. MiP 2019 Review

Heartland Multimedia Publication

Fireworks Display After many years of absence the community decided to reinstate a bonfire & fireworks night. Local group Pavilion User Groups (PUGs) took the challenge and set up the first night. Heartland became involved firstly in supporting and promoting the event and live streamed the display via Facebook. After the first successful year Heartland was asked to promote & host the evening with a live stage performance, music & the important judging of the Guy competition. The evening quickly became a spectacle with people travelling long distances to bringing crowds in excess of 3,000 turning up to a real grassroots community event. The 2020 event has been postponed under the current guidelines. The event was funded by Edradour Distillery

In Her Own Words As part of a writer in residence with Rivendell House care home, Lesley Wilson spent a long time talking to residents gathering their stories, memories and thoughts which were transformed into a stage play. To reach a new and wider audience the material was adapted for radio. This is an invaluable piece of entertainment and social history at the same time. You can listen to the entire series here - In Her Own Words.

Breadalbane Academy P7 Poetry Primary 7 pupils produced a series of poems as part of a school project. The school submitted them to IRIS our e-magazine, such was the quality and quantity that we created a special “pull out supplement� containing all the pupils work in one place. You can read it all here Breadalbane P7 Poetry

Football Festival & Gala Day This event was a real community day out. A Gala Day allowing the towns people to celebrate a day out together and a youth football tournament. Heartland worked in partnership with all the groups involved from concept to delivery and provided a live outside broadcast on the day entertaining, interviewing, filming and promoting the 2,000 attendees..

Heartland Multimedia Publication

Friends of Pitlochry Hospital Heartland Multimedia (HM) has been working closely with the Friends of Pitlochry Community Hospital (FPCH) for some time. FPCH have been concerned for a while that as the demands for the Hospital contract due to the reduced service it provides and as more people were being treated from their home, they needed to expand their image for both fundraising and grant giving. Thus, HM devised the idea of a music request programme which enabled isolated and infirm people to be interviewed and send messages via a song request to a chosen party or parties. This is now in operation although at the moment in truncated form as the Pandemic will not allow our outside broadcast facility to visit either Care Homes or an individual’s home. Despite these restrictions the programme is certainly gaining recognition for FPCH who are sponsoring the programme.

Pitlochry Rotary HM has been working with Pitlochry Rotary for a number of years with each party supporting the other on various projects. Three members of the HM Team are members of Rotary and have all performed the role of Rotary President in the past.

Schools Art Competition This is an example of the close cooperation between Rotary and HM. Each year Pitlochry Rotary runs an Art Competition for all the local primary schools (seven in all) resulting in an exhibition open to the public for a week culminating in a presentation ceremony which is recorded and broadcast via our website, radio and Iris.

Heartland Multimedia Publication

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Project Achievements 2019-20  

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