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BIRTH YOUR WAY Natural birth? Epidural Birth? Cesarean Birth? Induced Birth? Hospital Birth? Home Birth? Cool. We support YOUR choices.

NEW BABY QUESTIONS Breastfeeding, formula feeding, best baby gear, when to call a pediatrician--postpartum doulas help you in real time with these questions and more!

SLEEP, SWEET SLEEP Every new parent has one big concern on their minds: will I ever sleep again? Find out how you can keep on sleepin' on with our support.

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WELCOME! Discover The Heartland Doulas Difference Nothing fills the heart like the birth of a new baby! We know that when it comes to you and your baby, you want the best, and Heartland Doulas delivers it. Whether you're looking for childbirth classes, labor doula support, postpartum doula support, or just want to know how to get the most sleep possible, you'll find that our unique approach offers the most professional, unbiased support imaginable. Our clients have a variety of parenting and childbirth philosophies, but we only have one: Support! Our goal is to help you reach yours. Our seasoned professionals do that by uncovering your desires, bringing our knowledge and experience, and working closely with our community's outstanding doctors, nurses, and midwives to deliver the best collaborative care experience possible. Your questions are important and you deserve nothing but the best. We at Heartland Doulas are ready to meet your every need and support you on every step of this new journey. Trust that with Heartland Doulas you are in great hands.


Labor Doula Support THE POWER OF TWO The birth of your baby (or babies!) is a monumental and life-changing experience. You want someone who you feel will understand you. Someone who makes you feel capable and strong. Someone who will help your partner have the experience they desire, whether it is “hands on” or more “hands off.” You want someone current on all things birth, postpartum and baby. Someone with great communication skills and the ability to be a team player in your birth environment. You want a nonjudgmental, unbiased, professional doula. You want Heartland Doulas. Each doula brings experience, expertise, and compassion to the labor room. Our clients have come to trust us to always provide agenda-free knowledge sandwiched between our physical and emotional undivided attention. Our clients also appreciate the peace-of-mind that comes with our team approach. Each and every labor client meets with their own team of two professional doulas. Having two doulas who share a call schedule helps ensure that when the time comes to meet your baby, your doula will be able to join you wellrested and prepared to support you through your entire labor, never needing to leave your side. Key Elements of Labor Support: Two doulas on-call 24 hours a day from the moment you sign your contract One prenatal planning session with both doulas Constant phone, e-mail, and text support Phone or text support during labor until you are ready for your doula to join you

Continuous labor support from the time you call until 1-2 hours after your baby's birth Guarantee of a refreshed, well-rested doula in the event you desire longer support in labor Infant feeding support, whether breast or bottle One postpartum follow-up visit


Postpartum Doula Support NEWBORN CARE SPECIALISTS Your baby is the most precious thing your heart will ever create and having just given birth, you will need to rest and recover while you are bonding. When your Heartland Doula walks in, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you have access to the most compassionate, unbiased support imaginable. For the next several hours, you breathe a little easier knowing that you can ask your doula any question your heart desires knowing that you will have our full support for your parenting choices.  Having a Heartland Doula means having a Newborn Care Specialist-- a trained, experienced, compassionate expert--at your fingertips. It means having an extra set of hands. It means taking a shower without guilt that your baby is crying. It means answering emails and paying bills while someone takes the very best care of your newborn. It means feeding your baby and having your doula feed you, or maybe it means your doula feeding your baby while you get some much-needed rest.  A postpartum doula means peace of mind.  Key Elements of Heartland Doulas' Postpartum Support: All our doulas are trained Newborn Care Specialists as well as Postpartum Doulas Support for your parenting choices Bottlefeeding or breastfeeding help and support Flexible scheduling; help when you need it most

Caring for older children while you bond with baby Caring for baby while you connect with older children Light meal prep and snacks Light housework during downtime (dishes, laundry, etc) Accompanying you on errands or doctors' visits


Overnight Support SLEEP, SWEET SLEEP One of the most amazing ways that our doulas contribute to a happier, smoother postpartum is by helping families get the sleep they need! Our postpartum doulas are available for overnight as well as daytime support. Imagine your Heartland Doula walking through the door at the end of a long day, right when you are feeling like you need a break. You take a few minutes to ask the burning questions on your mind, knowing that you have the best listening ear, expert knowledge, and emotional support right in your own living room. And go to bed! No catch, just eight uninterrupted hours of sleep. Your doula feeds your baby (or brings your baby to you for feedings, depending on your plans!), gets your baby to sleep, handles the night wakings. And to top it all off, you wake up to clean bottles or pump parts, refreshed and ready to start your day!

Key Elements of Overnight Support: Sleep! Night wakings can be handled by the doula Baby (or babies) can be brought to you for one or more feedings if desired

Doula helps create healthy sleep habits Doula sleeps near the baby for peace of mind Bottles and / or pump parts washed overnight


Travel & Vacation Support RELAX AND UNWIND Taking a vacation with your children is a time to create lasting memories. Bringing your trusted doula along is a way to ensure that you make the most out of your time away from home. Our doulas are seasoned travelers who are expert caregivers. They'll help you navigate the airport or train station with your baby and all the extra gear that comes along with. Once you are at your destination, you can relax fully, take in the local sights, or even have a dinner alone, knowing that your doula has everything handled. You'll be able to create memories with your older children and bond with your baby all while experiencing your vacation to its fullest.  Business travel with a newborn? No problem. Your doula will accompany you and your baby on your business trip providing you with the best of both worlds. Your baby will be cared for while you are in meetings and seminars or at dinners. You'll be able to feed, bond, and care for your baby when you desire. Work-life balance? We've got you covered!

Key Elements of Travel Support: Live-in care, but on-the-go! Doula can help with older kids and/or care for baby Doulas are seasoned travelers able to navigate airports, train stations, and cities

You provide doula's travel, private lodging, and meals Doula is available 20 hours a day to meet all of your needs Enjoy your travel with full day and night support!


Private Childbirth Education CUSTOMIZED AND COMFORTABLE Knowledge is power. We believe that people are most empowered when they know their options. We approach childbirth education with the view that each client is unique and has plans and desires unlike any other clients we have served. With that in mind, we designed our childbirth curriculum to be fluid, able to be tailored to each client's specific needs and wants. What we have found is that information about childbirth is best conveyed in a private setting where our experts get to know you on a deeper level, enabling them to deliver a powerful combination of information and support in a matter of hours.  Being comfortable enough to ask the intimate questions that pertain specifically to you regarding birth allows you to benefit most. Our experts will bring their wisdom, experience and all of the necessary teaching tools right to your home on the day or evening of your appointment.  Your Heartland Doulas’ Childbirth Educator can offer a full five-week curriculum or customize a curriculum specific to the topics that are most important to you. Key Elements of Private Childbirth Ed: Curriculum Customizer puts you in the driver's seat Choose topics that are relevant to you Tailored to any type of birth plan: epidural, natural, induction, cesarean, hospital, home, birth center, etc. Classes can be held in our office or your home

Interactive and engaging instruction Feel comfortable to ask any question Expert childbirth educator gets to know YOU and personalizes your experience Access to ask follow-up questions after your class


Professional Sleep Training Support SLEEP IS VITAL FOR YOUR BABY AND YOUR FAMILY Sleep is vital to a baby’s growth and development, not to mention a parent’s ability to function! So many parents find themselves in what we have deemed “survival mode,” where they are grabbing little bits of sleep here and there, trading off who rocks the baby to sleep, spending hours on bedtime, only to have their babies wake a few hours later and repeat the process. What if we told you it is possible to have a peaceful, short bedtime? What if we told you it is possible for your baby to get the AAP recommended 12-16 hours of sleep per day, including naps? What if we told you it is possible anyone could put your baby down for sleep, freeing you to go out on occasion, watch a movie, read a book, and you will all have a full night’s rest, every night? With our guidance, helping your baby learn to sleep will be the fastest, easiest, and most supportive experience imaginable. In 72 hours or less, your entire family will be experiencing healthy sleep in a way you never dreamed possible. Aside from getting good sleep, clients report they feel more in tune with their parenting instincts, more confident in caring for their babies, and more connected with their whole families. Our results are life-changing. Key Elements of Sleep Training: 2-3 days of continuous support in your home Troubleshooting in real time Baby is fully sleep-trained when we leave Methods based on what's easiest for baby

You get a good night's sleep from day 1 Support continues through the next month with scheduled follow-up phone calls and text support Compassionate, experienced, knowledgeable sleep trainer who reads your baby, not a book!


Services & Pricing Childbirth Classes - $50/hour Use our Curriculum Customizer to design class Choose topics that are relevant to you Private session with an expert educator You choose the length of your class(es) Tailored to your birth plan Follow-up email support

Labor Support - $1500 Choose a doula plus a backup doula 1 Prenatal Birth Planning Session Unlimited email support from your doula throughout your pregnancy Guarantee of continuous support during your labor 1 Postpartum Follow-up Visit

Sleep Training Support - Varies


Ask about our sleep training info packet! 2 overnights for babies who already have appropriate amounts of daytime sleep for age 48-72 hours continuous support for babies who need nap help as well as nighttime help Available for babies 12+ weeks (16 weeks is ideal!)

Postpartum Packages Comprehensive Family Support Best for the family that wants full support throughout all the transitions that come with having a baby Combination of overnight and daytime shifts Adjust your schedule weekly as needed 500+ hour contract, $30/hour

Postpartum Care Your Way For those desiring a doula to help establish strong habits, put systems in place, and support the family in the adjustment period Choose your schedule and adjust as needed 200+ hour contract, $33/hour

Flexible Hours Good for families who wish to have access to doula support as the need arises Customized to your needs; any number of hours you desire No contract minimum, $35/hour

Live-In / Travel Care Continuous care for those who desire full support during times of transition or who wish to utilize a seasoned traveler for support away from home. 24+ consecutive hours; $28/hour


To Schedule a consultation or book services: Schedule a Consult: Not ready to chat? Email:


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