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Autumn 2012

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sorting, taking stock and preparation for

selection of readers homes to inspire you to

winter and we think we have got it all

create your own great British home and for

covered in this, our anniversary issue.

the first time we have included one of our

own (see Carole’s home on page 76).

We have features to inspire you to

Of course we continue to bring you a

hang on to summer as long as possible (see

our beach feature on page 66), to collect

our first birthday with much to reflect upon.

those memories (see Nostalgic Moments on

We are continually heartened and surprised

page 126), and to prepare for cooler times

by the support we receive from everyone we

with the new seasons fashions and ideas

meet. We could not have survived the year

for the home. We have recipes for warming

without this support from our contributors,

comfort food (page 60) and a feature to make

our friends and our readers.

your work space as bright and cheerful as

possible now that we have to knuckle down

and join us in a toast.

and get back to work (page 114).

We are also taking stock as we reach

We love you all. So raise your glasses

Carole, Daniel and Arianna

Cover image: Photographer Joanna Henderson, Stylist Pippa Jameson

Autumn is traditionally a time of collecting,

Photographer Andrew Boyd

Carole King Editor-in-chief

Daniel Nelson Art editor

Arianna Trapani Editor-in-chief

Contributors To all of the wonderful contributors that have helped to make Heart Home possible, we thank you...



Ellie Trerise

Malcolm Menzies

Andrew Boyd

Rona Wheeldon

Lauren Bryan Knight



Jeska Hearne

Mary Graham

Helena del Rio

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Kelly Lavender

Katie Treggiden

Joanna Henderson

James Balston

Liggy Griffiths Ellie Walker-Arnott

Paul Craig

Victoria Dockrell

Claire Marie Slight

Simon Eldon

Ben Anders

Jon Day

Pippa Jameson

Elkie Brown

Vanessa Leigh-Anders


Giedre Augustinaviciute

Lucy Bloomfield

"I don't believe in minimalism. A house should give you a happy and warm feeling. With this in mind I create my art and my products." Mariska Meijers

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Flagship Store: Singel 434 1017 AV Amsterdam +31 (0)6 27088430

Contents Homes 20 Black Beauty – A strikingly stylish

Features 66 An Indian Summer – Just because

house in Battersea with a sense of

summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t


still spend time at the beach.

50 Quirky by Nature – A converted

11 Not Just Black and White – A classic

warehouse in East London with a

and timeless combination with a dash

new lease of life.

of colour.

76 At Home with Heart Home – Our very own editor Carole King lets us

32 Design Queen – Tricia Guild OBE, allows us a glimpse into her busy life.

look around her home. 72 Maggie’s Nottingham – The latest 102 Patchworks and a Period Property –

Maggie’s Centre up high in the trees.

A restored Victorian property that combines modern with period and lovely feminine touches. 138 California Dreaming – The conversion of a studio in LA into a

43 The London Design Festival – Our guide to the best of the best. 130 Young Designer – Richard BrownlieMarshall.

child friendly living room. 60 Darkly Delicious – Indulge yourself with taste, colour and our wickedly sinful recipes. 126 Nostalgic Moments – a craft project to inspire you in the winter months ahead. 120 Creative Corners – Holly Becker helps us create a space of our own.


Regular features 10 Stop Press – A last minute roundup of the latest design news. 148 The Great Date Guide – Miss Mary’s suggestions for an anniversary date in this our anniversary issue.

Interviews 88 Drink, Shop & Do – share the secrets of their success.

Home and Away 134 Los Angeles – An insider’s guide.

92 Flowerona – Looks at the latest floral finds for your home.

144 Simply the Best – For a luxurious city break without missing out on

132 Aspiring Kennedy – A light hearted

home comforts.

look at life by an American living in London.

Original statement furniture tel 01245 364 212

Shopping 114 Back to Work- Desirable desk products to help us dispel the post holiday blues 112 Dress for Dinner – 5 table ideas for turning a late summer dinner into a late summer event. 93 Autumn Revival – Fashion looks to keep us looking cool this coming season. 150 Hidden Gems – Roobarb, a quirky gift and homeware village shop.

Stop press Interior Design Classes at The Saatchi Gallery

London Property Makeover have been successfully running interior design classes throughout London and are pleased to offer a master class on Saturday 6th October at the Saatchi Gallery, Kings Rd, London.

Habitat launches new Art Portfolio

The Cake & Bake Show

Habitat is launching

and Bake Show launches at Earls Court on

an exclusive portfolio

22-23 September. Baking fans of all ages

of art prints selected

will come together for a

by curator, Jenny

weekend of guaranteed

Blyth entitled ‘Art

eating, encouragement,

Portfolio #1: The

education and

Alchemy of Line and

entertainment. The Cake

Colour’. Including

and Bake Show stars

works by three iconic

the biggest names in the

British masters and

baking world including

four contemporary artists at the forefront

Great British Bake Off

of British contemporary art. The collection

judges Paul Hollywood

goes on sale in Habitat stores and online in

and Mary Berry.

The UK’s first baking exhibition, The Cake

September 2012.

Your Inspection Welcome Modern Vintage Interiors

Sofa Workshop and William Morris

Brighton-based journalist, Jo-Ann Fortune

Sofa Workshop have

and photographer, Mat Keller have joined

teamed up with Tate

forces to create a coffee table book offering

Britain and the Pre-

readers private tours

Raphaelites: Victorian

around 10 vintage-

Avant-Garde exhibition

inspired interiors

and have created their

in the South East.

popular armchair, Little Lady in a fabric

Available to buy now,

by William Morris. Available on sale

priced at £28.95.

during this time, not to be missed!

te i h w d n a k c a l b t s u j not

Black and white is a timeless and classic combination. Mix bold prints with soft, natural textures and then add a dash of colour for a modern feel. Photographer Jon Day Stylist Elkie Brown

Heart Shopping

Matt grey walls form the perfect backdrop for a serene work space warmed up with splashes of yellow




Heart Shopping

Graphic patterns and bold shapes create interest, and contrast with period details



Add subtle colour to monochrome schemes with contrasting buttons on black and white checks.


Heart Shopping

Stick to white china and add colour with napkins. 16

Create extra interest with the addition of shiny metal and glass.

Stockists 17

Heart Shopping

Layer smooth cotton and black and white textiles with chunky knits and then add hot mustard for extra zing




Heart Homes


black beauty Photographer Malcolm Menzies Writer Lucy Bloomfield

Strikingly stylish black backdrops, lifted with white accents, set off Sarah’s playful style of showcasing treasured collections and handpicked gems.


would say our style is ‘mixed period’ and autobiographical’ says Sydney born Sarah Jagger who is a fashion makeup

artist, beauty writer and resident makeup expert for ITV’s This Morning. Sarah and husband Dominic Ingham, who runs his own property development business, tend to buy something from everywhere they travel; adding layers of personality and style over the years. ‘We like to think of it as a museum of our life journey’, muses Sarah.

This idiosyncratic decoration imbues

the house with a sense of playfulness. ‘I like quirky art and giant props like oversized books and glassware, they give the place an Alice in Wonderland feel.’ She says about the 20th Century Edwardian terraced house in Battersea.


Heart Homes


‘We spe most o time i kitche

end of our in the en”

It was Dominic that found the

house with his talent for sniffing out a great property. ‘We both loved the place immediately and although it obviously needed a lot of work there was a lovely feel to it’, says Sarah. Both remember having ‘an instant connection to the place’, and with the property’s original details restored to their full glory, it is easy to see how Sarah and Dominic fell for it. The house is perfect for the couple’s summer evening parties too,




kitchen. ‘We have a big mirror ball, which we put in the hallway and if we fold the doors back in the kitchen we can extend the party into the garden’, says Sarah.






property required a good deal of work, including the removal of a bomb shelter, camouflaged under the turfed back garden, which had been taken over by a family of foxes. With the house untouched since the 1940s, the couple were faced with peeling lino, threadbare carpets and boarded up fireplaces covered with ghastly electric heaters. But the house also offered some hidden treasures:




heaters and boarded up fireplaces stood art deco grates, and beneath the old orange carpet lay original Victorian






Heart Homes

“I would say our style is ‘mixed period’ and autobiographical”





Dominic to start was to knock through the three tiny rooms on the ground floor, at the rear of the house. This could now create a more practical and



especially since the arrival of baby Freddie. Coming from a family of restaurateurs Sarah immediately loved Dominic’s idea to open up the kitchen. Allowing the house to be its own inspiration is a motto for Dominic, explaining ‘we wanted to keep the structural integrity of the building, yet make it a functional space for family living as well as great parties’.



Heart Homes

“We both loved the place immediately�



Heart Homes

‘We spend most of our time in the kitchen, with so many pockets of space the three of us can all do our own thing, and do it together’, says Sarah. A simple day with home cooking is Sarah’s favourite with Dom reading the paper on the sofa, Freddie playing on the floor and limitless amounts of The Stones, Blondie and Bowie playing in the background.

The most recent decorating project has

been the strikingly stylish hallway and bedroom, now painted black. To avoid the space feeling too dark, Sarah has painted the woodwork bright white, which lifts it perfectly. And to keep costs down Sarah and Dominic rolled up their sleeves and painted it themselves... with a little help from a professional for the finish.



Heart Homes

Find out more about Sarah’s work at The property can be hired as a location space through


‘I like quirky art and giant props’

Style steal

Get the look from Sarah’s house

Heart Shopping

Rory Dobner, White Number 2 Flamingo Tile, £37.50, Liberty

Love Print, $18, Etsy

White Deer Head, £99, Dwell Antoinette Bedside Table, £289, Ivory Pearl Interiors

Reproduction Victorian Floor Tile, £21.15, Topps Tiles

Pineapple Wall Sconce, £99, Caravan

Blaue Blume Cake Stand, £130, Found Home Store

Coffee Table, £1595, Orchid Furniture

Classical White Mirrored Armoire, £1355, Sweetpea & Willow

Brown And White Cowhide Rug , £285, Darlings of Chelsea


Heart Features

Design Queen To say we were excited to meet Tricia Guild OBE, founder and creative director of Designers Guild, would be an understatement. Designers Guild is a force to be reckoned with in the world of British design, and has been since its launch over forty years ago, so when we met the woman behind the brand we were keen to learn the secrets to her success...

Photographer Paul Craig Writer Ellie Walker-Arnott


Heart Features


have learnt to be an expert in time

renowned and respected design brand.

management,” she says. “There is so

So where does Britian’s most successful

much that I want to do and in order to

designer get her ideas from? “Inspiration can

fit it all in, I have to be supremely organised

come from a variety of sources: nature, the

and so do the people that I work with. I think

arts, travel, music, architecture, fashion,”

most women will juggle tasks every day, it

says Tricia. “People say you are what you

is what we have to do, but organisation is

eat but I think you are what you see- being


open to the world around you means you

“I love the mornings when the whole

are open to inspiration.”

day is ahead of me,” says Tricia. “I have

always been an early riser and particularly

The V&A – a place she credits for much of

love the quiet of the early morning when I

her inspiration. “The V&A is a veritable

can think about my day and what needs to

treasure trove of beauty and I do make sure

be done!”

I see every new exhibition,” she says. In fact,

Though Tricia’s talent and hard work

her new collection, which is launching this

have certainly paid off, her career wasn’t

month, was inspired by a V&A exhibition

always filled with award ceremonies and

called ‘The Cult of Beauty’. “It was a

OBEs from the Queen! “I am fortunate to

celebration of the Pre Raphaelite movement

have learnt so much over the years but

in all its forms – art, literature, poetry - and I

more often than not, I learnt the hard way,”

found it exceptionally moving,” says Tricia.

says Tricia. “It wasn’t easy being a woman in

“They were a strident group who pushed

business in the early 70’s and I had to have

the boundaries of the arts as they knew

real determination to keep going!”

them and made us look at things and think

Nowadays, with two thriving London

in a different way. Their rebellious stance

stores and hundreds of stockists wordwide,

definitely struck a chord with me and I hope


‘’Pavonia” –the new season’s collection - is a





With that in mind, Tricia takes us to

true reflection of their spirit.”


“People say you are what you eat, but I think you are what you see”

The Ceramics Gallery at the V&A

After wandering through The V&A’s

exhibition halls, we visit the Exeter Street Bakery for a little refreshment. “The Exeter Street Bakery is owned by my husband,” says Tricia. “But that is not the only reason that I love it! There is a sense of joy in something that has an authenticity of spirit and a passion that is then executed with an attention to detail.”

After a cup of the bakery’s delicious

coffee, we head to the Designers Guild store on Marylebone High Street. “Since this store opened in April 2010 it has gone from strength

Prototype Exeter Street models Bakery for upcoming new safe collection

“The Pre Raphaelites’ rebellious stance definitely struck a chord with me”

Coffee with Amanda, PR Senior Manager

37 Chatting with Mark, Retail manager at Designers Guild Marylebone Store

Scarlet & Violet

to strength,” says Tricia. “The neighbourhood is great – a wonderfully cool ‘village’ in the middle of the city – and I come here every week to meet with Mark, our Retail Manager and his team.”

Next she takes us to Scarlet and Violet,

Tricia’s favourite London florists. “I’m a keen gardener, and so much of my inspiration comes from nature,” says Tricia. “So there is nothing nicer than to receive a delivery from Scarlet and Violet.”

Although her work takes her all over

the city, Tricia loves being in the studio most of all – and this is where we go next. “The studio is the real creative hub of Designers Guild. It’s where new ideas are formed and explored and it is definitely where I am at my happiest,” she says.

Johnny at Metro Retro

Johnny at his studio

“The studio is where I am at my happiest.�

Tricia at the Designers Guild Studio & Office

Heart Features

It’s easy to see why Tricia likes spending

time here. Her studio is a big, airy and lightfilled space on the top floor of Designers Guild’s West London HQ. After a tour of the space we sit down to a tasty lunch in the cafe on site. “We all spend so much time working and a

Win £500 to spend at the Designers Guild store or online plus a free consultation with a Designers Guild interior design experts.

huge amount of time in an office is spent at one’s desk,” says Tricia. “I firmly believe that even a ten minute break will make your day a little better, however stressed or busy you may be.

Wherever we have had offices, we have

always had a café that prepares a selection of



fresh, seasonal and healthy food. I am not a great believer in rules but we do have a few at our HQ – and not eating at your desk is one of

Enter competition

them!” Tricia at the the Designers Guild Cafe

40 Johnny at Metro Retro

New Designers Guild A/W12 Collection

Designers Guild Kings Road store




Help us to find the best new designermaker based in the UK. The winner will sell their products through to thousands of customers all over the UK. If that wasn’t enough, the winner will feature in the Winter issue of Heart Home magazine. Vote now  In association with #HeartHomeAward

London Design Festival

A Heart Home guide By Daniel Nelson

What a Summer it has been. London has been under a spotlight of Jubilee celebrations and sporting events but now we turn our attention to a festival that celebrates design creativity. Here are our ‘must see’ events for the London Design Fetival. 43

London Design Festival

Clerkenwell Gone to Earth

Pop Up / Pop Down

Jessica Light is launching two new trim collections within an interior instillation which will be created by Precious Mcbane, with specific areas to reflect the the nature of each collection. 15 - 23 September.

Industrial Facility hosts a one-day exhibition called Pop Down at their studio, and a Pop Up Shop at designjunction to mark Industrial Facility’s 10th anniversary. 22 September.

Upstairs at the Sekforde

Features work from Ernest Race, Robin and Lucienne Day, John Home and others... a veritable treat. 20 - 23 September. upstairs-sekforde


Covent Garden designjunction Now in its second year, designjunction is showcasing a selection of international design brands set against the industrial surrounds of a 1960’s Sorting Office. 19 - 23 September.

Mind the Map: Inspiring art, design and cartography

Seven Designers for Seven Dials Seven Designers for Seven Dials is a Mind the Map: inspiring art, design

collaborative initiative, in association with

and cartography draws on the London

Dezeen, that will showcase seven leading

Transport Museum’s outstanding map

designers’ work throughout the Seven Dials

collection to explore the themes of

area of Covent Garden.

journeys, identity and publicity.

12 - 30 September.

18 May - 28 October.


London Design Festival

Brompton Quarter Margaret Howell + Ercol British furniture maker Ercol resissues the 1958 Butterfly stacking chair in elm with black painted beech legs and uprights. 14 - 23 September.

100% Design Adopting the theme of ‘100% Future Living’ across the show, you will find four distinct sections; Interiors, Office, Kitchen & Bathrooms and Eco Design & Build. A must see this year! 19 - 22 September.

Bone China New works by Max Lamb In 1882 the Johnson Brothers began producing ceramics. 130 years later 1882 Ltd. continues the Johnson legacy with the launch of two collections of fine bone china - Crockery by Max Lamb and Plates by Emily Johnson. 14 - 22 September.


Fitzrovia Heal’s and Melin Tregwynt celebrate 100 years of Welsh design and manufacture Heal’s and Melin Tregwynt collaborate with an exclusive collection of double cloth welsh wool furniture and accessories. 14 - 23 September.

Hot Tools Hot Tools is an exhibition of exquisite and intrepid glass works by the Product Design Master students of ECAL, University of Arts and Design Lausanne. It is the culmination of a student workshop led by designer Ronan Bouroullec and glassblower Mateo Gonet and will feature works by eight graduate designers. 9 - 29 September.


London Design Festival


The Crystal Bulb Shop This September Lee Broom will once again completely transform his East London studio for a unique event, a general store complete with sawdust floor, mahogany counter and a shopkeeper. 14 - 23 September.

O-food To prove that the world is ready for a new fish and vegetarian food concept , O-food is popping-up in Shoreditch. 1 August - 23 September.

Decode — First Five Years Since 2007, Decode has worked in collaboration with London based designers to develop products that challenge conventions. 18 September.


Autumn shopping Arianna’s wish list Four Leaf Clover Bracelet, Cruciani, £10, Flannels

Heart Shopping

Fur Lined Parka, £95, Topshop

Volta Cork Suspension Light, £360, Graham & Green

Suede Fringe Bag, £84.99, Mango

A Thing of Beauty John Keats, £32, Chase and Wonder

Made Nagathe Mabati Earrings, £25, Asos

Elgar Cowl Neck Jumper, £80, Allsaints Sunray Oak Chair, Case Furniture, £185, Liberty

Totally Dotty Placemats, £28, RawXclusive

Combo Pair Pillow Covers in Coral, $34, Etsy

Heart Homes

Quirky by nature

A converted warehouse dating back to the 1800s is given a new lease of life whilst drawing inspiration from its East London heritage. Photographer James Balston Writer Kelly Lavender



. or an interior designer, getting





discerning client just right is all part and parcel of the

job, but when that client happens to be your best friend, the job suddenly takes on a whole new perspective.





qualified interior designer Cassidy Hughes found herself in when her good friend Angelo Perna bought an old warehouse conversion in East London and commissioned Cassidy to make the building into a home. Although it was a project that she had a vested interest in, Cassidy was conscious that to fulfil the brief she would need to refrain from letting her own tastes influence the interior design too much. “I tried to keep it quite masculine and to treat the project just like I would for any client, rather than taking over and just doing things the way I liked,” says Cassidy.




drawn lace

to and

“I tried to keep it quite masculine and to treat the project just like I would for any client”

vintage photos, so I had to curb my feminine side a little for this project. Even so, the end result does reflect my own style as well as his to some extent.”


Heart Homes

Cassidy describes her style as eclectic and

to make a modern open plan space. “I was on

this is certainly evident in this project, which

site every day for the duration of the project,”

has stayed true to its industrial roots with the

comments Cassidy. “With a client who noticed

fixtures and fittings, while being brought bang

every detail it was important that I was here

up-to-date with the choice of soft furnishings

to oversee things as much as possible, as I had

and accessories.

him on my back too.”

Dating back to the 1800s, the previous

The result is bare brick walls and exposed

owners of the apartment had two bathrooms

pipework in the living area, which is quite a

and used the second bedroom as a walk-

contrast from the master bedroom with its

in closet. Under Cassidy’s watchful eye, the

calming white walls.

builders totally gutted the space, restoring

the original features and taking down the wall

Cassidy didn’t have to travel far for inspiration,

that separated the kitchen from the living area

as she was able to browse the many quirky


When it came to furnishing the property


Heart Homes

“I tried to keep the interior in line with the industrial look in terms of the lighting and such�



Heart Homes

stores that are scattered throughout East

eBay, the table and bench in the kitchen

London, not to mention the delights of

came from Spitalfields, while the sofa in the

Spitalfields Market.

living area is from Ligne Roset so there is a







real mixture of styles.”

including the floors, walls and windows, so

I tried to keep the interior in line with the

sit back and enjoy the space they have

industrial look in terms of the lighting and

worked so hard to create together and

such, whilst adding modern touches with

Cassidy in particular can breathe a big sigh

the soft furnishings,” explains Cassidy.

of relief. “He’s definitely the most difficult

client I’ve ever worked for,” she laughs.

“The trick was to be resourceful and

really shop around to get the right eclectic mix. Lots of the lighting was sourced from


With the work now complete Angelo can

“I’m drawn to things like lace and vintage photos, so I had to curb my feminine side a little for this project”

Heart Homes For more information on Cassidy’s interior design business visit

“The trick was to be resourceful and really shop around to get the right eclectic mix”


Style steal

Get the look from Cassidy’s house

Heart Shopping

Graham & Brown Hemingway Brick Wallpaper Red Brick Effect, £25 per roll, I Love Wallpaper

Copper Shade, £340, Tom Dixon

Salvaged Czech Factory Lights, £240, Skinflint Design

Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer By Philippe Starck, £47, Red Candy

Limeade Sofa, £1150, John Lewis

Le Creuset Round Casseroles, from £88, John Lewis

Clip Top Jar, £2.49, Drinkstuff

Black Skull Money Bank, £20, Urban Outfitters

Blue Pattern Lidded Dish With Bird, £39.99, Homesense

Provence Cotton Voile Bedspread, From £175, The White Company


Heart Features

Darkly Delicious By Giedre Augustinaviciute


Now the nights are drawing in it’s time to start indulging the taste buds with warming comfort food.

Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella Tart For the crust 1 ½

cups plain four

5 tbsp butter, room temperature, cubed 5 tbsp sugar 2

egg yolks

1 tsp

vanilla extract

1 tsp

ground cinnamon

For the filling 1 cup Nutella chocolate cream 2 tbsp corn starch 2 cups double cream 1 tsp

vanilla extract

½ tsp salt ¼ tsp ground cinnamon ¼ tsp instant coffee 1 cup hazelnuts for the topping, toasted and chopped

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.

4. Whisk the corn starch in a small bowl

In a large bowl cream together the sugar

with ¼ cup of the double cream. In a

with the egg yolks, add butter. Add ground

saucepan over the low heat pour the rest

cinnamon, vanilla extract and mix it to

of the cream, add Nutella, vanilla, coffee,

blend all the ingredients together.

cinnamon and salt.

2. Put flour into the mixture, start mixing

5. Whisk in the potato starch and cream

using the fork, then use your hands and

mixture. Bring it all to a boil. Whisk the

form a round ball. Knead the dough gently

mixture to make it thicker. Cool for about

with your fingertips. Wrap the ball of

10 minutes.

dough with cling film and keep it in the

6. Pour the mixture into the pie crust, put

fridge for 30 minutes.

back into the oven and bake at 150C/130C

3. Roll the pastry on floured work surface.

fan/gas 2 for about 25 min. Leave it to

Butter your tart pan and start to mould

rest for about 20 minutes. Sprinkle with

the pastry into the pan, making it even

toasted hazelnuts.

and creating the edges. Using a fork make holes in the bottom of the crust, line with parchment paper filled with baking beans or rice and bake for 20 minutes.


Heart Features


Turn the lights down low, and indulge yourself with taste, colour and something wickedly sinful.


Heart Features


Stuffed mushrooms with roasted tomatoes and goats cheese Stuffed mushrooms 4

large mushrooms

3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tsp red onion, chopped 1

garlic clove, chopped

1 tbsp fresh dill, chopped 4 oz

goat cheese

Salt and pepper, to taste Roasted tomatoes Roasted tomatoes 12–16 oz tomatoes, chopped 1 tbsp olive oil 2–3

garlic cloves, finely minced or

squished through a garlic press Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Preheat oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5

4. Preheat the grill, place mushrooms and

Toss chopped tomatoes with oil, garlic, salt

grill for 3 – 5 min. The mushrooms will start

and pepper. Spread the tomatoes on the

to release moisture and get juicy. Remove

baking tray, cover with foil and roast for 20

from the grill.

– 25 min.

5. Fill the mushroom caps with the roasted

2. While the tomatoes are roasting, clean

tomatoes, dot with the goat cheese and

the mushrooms by gently wiping the

sprinkle with fresh dill.

outside of the caps and cut out the stems.

6. Bake for 12 minutes at 190C/170C fan/gas

With the teaspoon, scrape the gills out until

7. Brush with a little extra olive oil

the underside is mostly clean. Place the mushrooms on a baking sheet.

g.august photography

3. Whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, chopped onions and garlic. Brush mushroom caps inside and out with the olive oil mixture, sprinkle each cap with salt and pepper.


Heart Shopping




Photographer Joanna Henderson


Stylist Pippa Jameson

Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an afternoon or evening at the beach; reading your favourite book or enjoying a picnic with family and friends.

Lewis side table, £439, House of Fraser Crate by Vintage Crates, from £39.95, Notonthehighstreet Rattan Mats, £2, Wilkinson Fleur De Lys tumbler, £6, Anthropologie Reata Counter Stool, £168, Anthropologie Vase, Next Cable knit cushion, £15, Next Shabby Chic Crochet Throw, from £85, House of Fraser Fabric and books, stylists own Jacket & radio, stylists own


Heart Shopping

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a large picnic hamper, old crates work just as well, and old jam jars are great for the cutlery. Fleur De Lys tumbler, £6, Anthropologie Reata Stool, £168, Anthropologie Books, stylist’s own


Crate by Vintage Crates, from £39.95, Notonthehighstreet Flower vest, American Apparel

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life pretty chinaware always does the trick.

Rattan Mats, £2, Wilkinson William Morris fabric, stylist’s own Side plate, £2, Wilkinson Smoke Rings cup & saucer, £10, Anthropologie


Heart Shopping Crate by Vintage Crates, from £39.95, Notonthehighstreet Shabby Chic Crochet Throw, from £85, House of Fraser Side plate, £2, Wilkinson Smoke Rings cup & saucer, £10, Anthropologie


Immerse yourself with plenty of cosy knits, flowers, books and appreciate these magical late summer evenings.

Water Hyacinth round baskets (set of 3) £45, House of Fraser Colossal Cables Throw, £198, Anthropologie Books & jacket, stylist’s own


Heart Features

Maggie’s Nottingham a ‘tree house’ for people with cancer

Maggie’s Centres are beautifully designed buildings in the grounds of cancer hospitals that offer emotional and practical support to people with cancer and their friends and families.


By Katie Treggiden

Known for using ‘starchitects’ like Richard Rogers and Zaha Hadid, Maggie’s Nottingham is the first time a separate designer has been used for the interior, and that designer was none other than Sir Paul Smith.

As a part-time writer for Maggie’s, I was

lucky enough to get some insight into what inspired Paul Smith and also Piers Gough the architect - and most importantly, I found out what someone who uses the centre thinks of their efforts.

Piers Gough said: it was a huge surprise

and amazing to be asked to do a Maggie’s.” Paul Smith added: “I am delighted to be involved in creating this centre. It will be a great resource for everyone and a fantastic new addition to the city.”

This enthusiasm shows in their designs.

Maggie’s Centres aim to lift people’s spirits. Piers Gough’s sense of playfulness helps achieve this: “The windows are punched into the façade and they’re all offset, which gives a certain liveliness.” He is also sensitive to why people are there: “you really are in the canopies of the trees. If you aren’t feeling great, you want a certain degree of privacy. And that’s what lifting it off the ground does. The skill of the architect is to make it feel open, but on the other hand have this privacy” he says.

One of the ways Maggie’s support people

with cancer is through the communities that form in the centres. Paul Smith designed the interior to promote this: “I think one thing that will absolutely work is that there will be something to talk about, because there are pictures on the walls, furniture covered


Heart Features

in interesting fabric… even the loos have

bright tiles. The idea is that you walk in and

Centre are calming, light and positive. The

say: “oh isn’t that a lovely fabric?” or: “isn’t

blues create a relaxed atmosphere for quiet

that hideous?” – whatever it provokes, at

contemplation. The greens evoke an energy

least it’s a kick-off of a conversation.” He

that is positive and enriching.

goes on to say: “what I’ve tried to do is get

this real personality into it. I kept thinking;

ground creates the impression of a tree

the point is you want to make people really

house. When you look out of the window,

want to go there, so it’s somewhere that is

you are surrounded by branches. Once the

out of the hospital environment, where you

leaves are out, the greenness of the leaves

can just relax.”

will provide a ‘security blanket’ around the


It was really interesting hearing from

Anna said: “the colours in the Maggie’s

The fact the centre is raised off the

Anna Read, who uses the centre, which

opened in November 2011 and has already

warm and inviting. It means a great deal to

won a RIBA regional award, about whether

me to be able to spend time at Maggie’s. It’s

all this design thinking actually translates

a really valuable space.”

into reality.


My favourite part is the kitchen – it’s so

That sounds like a ‘yes’ to me!

Autumn shopping Carole’s wish list Julien Macdonald Wall Stars, £30, Debenhams Tampa canvas tote, £159, Plumo

Heart Shopping

Vintage 1950s inspired powder blue swing style dress, £40, It’s Vintage Darling

Shamley Antique Finish Chandelier, £500, Laura Ashley

Bottle Garden plate, £20, Catherine Hammerton

Escada Island Kiss, from £19.99, The Perfume Shop

Small Velvet Armchair, £685, Oliver Bonas

Rope Mirror, £40, Next Cowhide Stool, £249, Marks and Spencer


Heart Homes

At Home with Heart Home Photographer Andrew Boyd Writer Kelly Lavender

As we celebrate our first anniversary, Heart Home magazine takes a look round the abode of our editor Carole King and reveals where she finds her inspiration. 76


Heart Homes


escribing herself on her blog as an ‘interior designer, writer and design

junkie’ the home of Carole King certainly reflects this, as her eclectic taste and love of all things that make a house into a place of sanctuary are evident throughout.

Built in 1938, little change has been made

structurally to the semi-detached house that Carole has called home for many years, but the interior space is today unrecognisable from how it was when she first moved in. “The only structural change we’ve made is to add a conservatory on to the back of the house, but it has changed massively interiors wise,” Carole remembers. “When we moved in it had no original features, the picture rails had been ripped out and the doors were just plain. It was horrendous, with polystyrene tiles and woodchip wallpaper everywhere.”






working life revolves around designing other people’s interior spaces and writing about them, Carole describes her own style as ‘constantly changing’ and she draws much of her inspiration from her time spent travelling, magazines and blogs. She says: “I’ve been through the floral Laura Ashley stage and the monastic stage of everything being plain, with not an accessory in sight. It takes me so long to do up a room that by the time I move on to the next one my taste has changed completely; I get bored very easily!”


“When we moved in it had no original features, the picture rails had been ripped out and the doors were just plain.”


Heart Homes

“The conservatory always lifts my spirits as it’s the lightest room in the house and it’s always quiet and relaxing.”


“Quite often when I get tired of pieces of furniture I paint them and give them a new lease of life.”

The one constant running through the

Carole’s home is also a wonderful mixture

house is a neutral shade of cream that Carole

of old and new, something she says is

has made sure is included in every room to

unavoidable when you’ve lived in a property

help give the space a continuity of colour. “I

for a considerable length of time. “You can’t

like neutral walls but white looks too cold so

just start from scratch every time you want to

I’ve opted for a creamy shade instead. I’ve

redecorate,” she says. “You have to incorporate

used it on the ceiling and cupboards in the

what you’ve already got. Quite often when I get

kitchen and for the tiles in the bathroom, as

tired of pieces of furniture I paint them and give

well as the walls in the other rooms to keep

them a new lease of life.”

things constant.”


Heart Homes

“It takes me so long to do up a room that by the time I move on to the next one my taste has changed completely; I get bored very easily!�



Heart Homes


“Home to me is a place of sanctuary, somewhere to come to unwind and feel safe.�


Heart Homes

As you move from room to room it is

particularly cosy at night. I think I may have

evident that Carole has spent many years

overdone the girliness in the bedroom just a

practicing what she preaches to make her

little bit!

home into a warm, welcoming environment.

“I don’t really have a favourite room as

of sanctuary, somewhere to come to unwind

such, because they are all so different. The

and feel safe.”

“Above all though, home to me is a place

conservatory always lifts my spirits as it’s the lightest room in the house and it’s always

For more details on Carole’s design inspiration

quiet and relaxing, while the sitting room is

check out her blog at


Style steal

Get the look from Carole’s house

Gift Box Set Jo Malone £30

Heart Shopping

Jewellery Display Hand by I Love Retro Not On The High Street £19.95

Eiffel Tower Lamp Graham & Green £95

Velvet Union Jack Cushion, £76.50, Jan Constantine

Costello Side Table, £97, The Chandelier & Mirror Company Ltd

Tolix Classic ‘A’ Chair, £205, Graham & Green

Wisteria Wallpaper, £59, Wallpaper direct

White Window Mirror, £160, Cox & Cox

Glass Dome Bell Jar by I Love Retro, £15, Not On The High Street

Marilyn Monroe Print, £9.99, Pop Art UK


Heart Interviews



& Do

By Daniel Nelson


“I wanted to have a place where everything was pretty and all those pretty things were for sale�

Photograph Tom Watkins

Coralie Sleap and Kristie Bishop show us around their quirky little haven, Drink, Shop & Do. Think aromatic teas, delicious cakes, 50s styling and furniture, with a hint of Alice in Wonderland. Photograph Daniel Gianini


Heart Interviews

Watch the video interview in partnership with

Play video

Kristie and Coralie met on their first day

Coralie wanted a shop full of beautiful

of secondary school and have been friends

things from local designers, but not a stuffy

ever since. One spring afternoon they spent

one where you couldn’t touch anything.

discussing what would really make them

One where people could have a drink and a

happy... Kristie wanted to have a place

laugh and maybe do a bit of colouring in or

where everything was pretty and all those

something vaguely crafty.

pretty things were for sale. Where you

could have tea, cake, crumpets or cocktails

this is why I love London... mad things like

whilst playing scrabble and, above all, an old

this exist.” Dreams combined; they opened

fashioned sweet shop!

Drink, Shop & Do in August 2010 and have

Coralie wanted people to think “wow,

been busy ever since.


Photograph Ellie Smith

“where people could have a drink and a laugh and maybe do a bit of colouring in or something vaguely crafty� 91

Heart Columns

Floral Finds for your Home

By Rona Wheeldon

Rona Wheeldon is the writer behind the floral-inspired blog, Flowerona 1 Designer Ruth Green screen-printed 2

this limited-edition print called ‘Orchard’ after watching the birds in her garden tucking into her first crop


of pears last year. £45.00 2 Available from October, this Mocha bud vase from LSA is the ideal size for just a few blooms. In such a warm and


neutral colour, it would look perfect in any room, of any home. £14.00 3 As the nights start to draw in, this Coeur de Fleur candle from Miller Harris, with a classic and romantic fragrance, will bring back memories of summer flowers and fruits. £36.00 4 ‘She’s Happy’ is the name of this colourful cushion by Rye-based designer Laura Oakes, who uses digital decoupage, which features layers of


vintage and hand-drawn imagery, with her own photography. £75.00 5 Inspired by daisies, which designer Dee Hardwicke collected on warm


summer days and pressed into the back of one of her large sketchbooks, is this pretty mug. £7.00 6 How pretty is this ‘Peony Place’ wallpaper from Nina Campbell’s collection at Osborne & Little. One of my favourite flowers, the peony, is interspersed with subtly gilded butterflies. £49.00 per roll



FASHION Autumn Revival Helana del Rio shows us how to look cool for this coming season

FASHION Leilana leather and jersey dress, Theory, £320, Net A Porter

Betsy Cardi, £79, Hobbs

Violet Blonde, Eau De Parfum, Tom Ford, £68, House of Fraser


Leather Vixen Bubble 18-karat gold-plated resin necklace, J. Crew, £120, Net-A-Porter

Invitation Belinda Bag, £89, Hobbs

Essie nail varnish, £8.95, ASOS

India Suede Booties, £194, Shopbop


FASHION Roller Bowler Hat, £25, Topshop.

Premium Panel Tee, £38, Topshop

Sonja midrise wool-twill skinny pants, Preen, £710, Net-A-Porter


Merlot Mini Stud Slippers, £28, Topshop

Black & Blue Chic Cord Chain Necklace with Coloured Rhinestones & Diamante, £19.99, Zara

Lip Glaze, Stila, £15, Space.NK

Smudge Pot, Stila, £30, Space.NK

Burg Boxer Large colorblock tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs, £530, Net-A-Porter


FASHION Studded black Sunglasses, £19.99, Zara

Brusson longline chunky stripe cardigan, Maxmara Weekend, £210, House of Fraser Orange Envelope Clutch, $180, Gigi New York

Ikat Engineer Booties, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, $345, Shopbop


Casual WEEKENDER Skinny mini bow studs, $48 , Kate Spade

Blouse £14.99 from H&M

Madeline Peplum Sweater, £240, Tory Burch

MIH Jeans, £160, Net-A-Porter


FASHION Overlay satinjersey jumpsuit, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, £450, Net-A-Porter

Reine de la Nuit Necklace, Juliet & Company, $80, Shopbop

Pigalle 100 patentleather pumps, Christian Louboutin, £375, Net-A-Porter


Jumpsuit Glam Lipstick, £15.50, NATorigin

La Fumée Eau de Parfum, £110, Miller Harris

Belted Straw Clutch, £22, Warehouse Contemporary Ring, £unkown, Amrapali


Heart Homes

Patchworks and a

Patchworks and a Period Property Property Period Photographer Simon Eldon Writer Victoria Dockrell


With a background in interior design and a number of previous developments under her belt, we sat down with Emma Harris to discuss Brighton’s art scene, blogging and the inspiration behind her most recent renovation project.


Heart Homes










lives recent



her husband, five year old daughter, cat and cockapoo. Having completed her third renovation, she’d been on the lookout for somewhere new




find a house that wasn’t overlooked.



managed to find the perfect project just three doors down!







house, “it was in a right state”,




laughs, wholesale







the house, installing new flooring,



kitchen. A seasoned pro, this was Emma’s fourth house project, and no doubt her



her to get the job done without too much drama. They did have to totally redesign



layout when they suddenly found themselves no longer


Heart Homes

a ‘permitted development’ thanks to a

backgrounds allow the art work we love to

change in planning regulations! However,

stand out” she explains.

on reflection, she says the new design has

actually worked out really well.

evidenced by her blog, Made in Brighton,


Emma says that her husband has been

Emma has a keen passion for art, as showcases




one of her main inspirations in doing up this

handiwork from the Brighton area. Lewes

house. Despite trying her hardest not too

based Jessica Zoob is a particular favourite,

make it too girly, she admits that “quite a lot

and her work hangs throughout the house.

of feminine elements are creeping in”. She

says their style has evolved over the years,

and floristry books, “I constantly look back

with this project taking on a more mellow

through them as a source of inspiration, I

vibe than previous houses, “this house just

never seem to tire of the imagery” she says.

lent itself to softer colours and the neutral

One of her current favourites is ‘Modern


She also loves books, especially design

“In a Victorian house you can really get away with modern features, it is perfectly suited to mixing old and new”


Heart Homes

“Quite a lot of feminine elements are creeping in�



Heart Homes

Vintage Style’ by interiors stylist Emily Chalmers which shows how to use vintage items in modern settings, “I love this mix of styles and feel that it represents how our homes have evolved over the years” Emma says.

Indeed her style can be seen

as perfect balance of both old and new. She admits she loves vintage pieces and can be regularly found hunting out bits and bobs in Lewes, at












original Victorian features with sleek minimalist cabinets. “I think in a Victorian house you can really get away with modern features, it is perfectly suited to mixing old and new” she explains.

Despite having a new baby on

the way, Emma admits that she is ready for the next project, laughing that she is “always on the lookout”. A keen quilt maker, she has recently started to sell her handiwork locally and hopes to set up an Etsy shop soon. She has also just been asked to help a friend with a property development. One thing is for sure, the future looks anything but boring for this Brighton belle!


“Neutral backgrounds allow the art work we love to stand out”

Style steal

Get the look from Emma’s house

Valbonne Toile Bedroom Chair, £269, Ivory Pearl Interiors

Bird Pendant, £395, Graham and Green

Heart Shopping

Classic Gold Gilt Picture Frame, £30, Ayers and Graces

Peach Paper Butterflies, £6, Who’s It For 1940s French Leather Club Chair, £995, The Old Cinema Six Drawer White Chest, £899, Living It Up Blue Daisy Japanese Blossom Bowl , £4.95, Dot com gift shop

Dressing Chest, £925, The Old Cinema

Oil on Canvas, Jessica Zoob

Gold Gilt Monaco Frame (24x36), £230, mydeco


Dressed for Dinner

By Carole King

Sometimes it’s nice to make a special effort for our guests, whatever the occasion.

Coastal Chic to prolong that summer holiday feeling just a bit longer…

English Country Garden to bring the outside in…

Effortlessly Elegant to definitely impress…

French Provencal for a relaxed gaelic vibe…

Bold & Bright for when you just want to have fun.

Heart Shopping

Here are five ideas for turning a late summer soiree into a late summer event.

Heart Shopping

Back to



1. Photographer Ben Anders Stylist Vanessa Leigh-Anders


8. 7. 5.



14. 15.







With summer behind us it’s time to organise and focus on work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with beautiful things.

9. 1. Tab Display Shelf, £33.50, Present and Correct 2. Scanwood Beech Letter Trays, £32 (set of 2), Heals 3. Desk Calculator, £19.95, Muji 4. Aluminium Pegs, £8.50, Labour and Wait 5. David Weatherfield Primary Clock, £75, Theo 6. Umbra Talk Cork Memo Boards, £22, Heals 7. Letterpress Number Clips, £10, Present and Correct 8. Civo Letter Wrack, £4, Habitat 9. Twiggy Coat Hoot, £30, Habitat 10. Formosa Calendar, £125, Places and Spaces 11. Paper Glue, £3.50, Labour and Wait 12. Ed Carpenter Door Wedge, £7, The Lollipop Shop 13. Blue Scissors, £30, Places and Spaces 14. Single Colour Masking Tape, £3 each, Papermash 15. Striped Washi Tape, £2.75, Washi Tapes 16. Coloured Bakers Twine, £20, Not on the High Street 17. Japanese Mustard Coffee Pot, £48, Labour and Wait


Heart Shopping


Nothing beats a design classic. Those practical things that have stood the test of time and give so much pleasure to use. Just add a few quirky touches to add a smile to your day.


Coloured Wire Letter Tray, £12.50, Present and Correct


Donna Wilson Exercise Books, £9.95 (set of 3), Donna Wilson


Mor Sea Candle, £19, SCP


Wooden Tape Holder, £27.50, Present and Correct


Anglepoise Desk Lamp Type 75, £149, Anglepoise


Jonathan Adler Whale Giant Eraser, £12, Heals


Blackboard (with sponge and chalk), £55, Labour and Wait


Letter Postcard, £3.50 each, Labour and Wait


C6 Letter Rack, £19, Theo




10. Hay Computer Brush, £30, The Design Museum Shop


11. Allex Letter opener, £13, SCP 12. Allex Scissors, £22, SCP 13. Zenith Hole Punch, £28, Labour and Wait 14. School Chalk, £3, Objects of Use 15. Lexon Alarm Clock, £26, Paperchase 16. Bang & Olufsen Radio, £599, John Lewis 17. Marimekko Olga bag, €130.90, Finnish Design Shop





4. 3.






14. 15.


Heart Shopping 1.

Maybe colour is what helps you through those mundane tasks? Bright pops of neon will enliven any office space and keep those post holiday blues at bay!

5. 1.

Colouring Pencils, £3.45, ECOutlet


Hex Double Ended Pens, £1 each, Muji


Caran d’Arche Ball Pens, (pink and white), £20 each Paperchase


Umbra Talk Cork Memo Boards, £22, Heals


Mini Highlighters, £2.95, Muji


Clear Scissors, £2.25, Muji


Blue Stapler, £30, Places and Spaces


Acrylic Folding Ruler, £2.50, Muji


Geometric Stickies, £4.75, Present and Correct

10. Droog Strap, £16.95, Theo 11. Grafika Notebook, £5, Nineteenseventythree 12. Cos Notebook, £12, Cos (in-store only) 13. Blue Notebook, £6, John Lewis 14. Jonathan Adler Notebook, £12, Heals 15. Moleskine Volant Notebook, £5.50 (set of 2), Moleskine Store 16. Ritter Notebook with Pencil, £5, Habitat




2. 3.












Autumn shopping Daniel’s wish list Chestnut paper origami lampshade, £72, Etsy

Skinny Jeans, £25, Asos

Original BTC Circle Line Drop Pendant, £160, john Lewis

Harris Tweed Murdo Satchel, £125, Notonthehighstreet

London tube stops tea towel, £8, mydeco The Commuter umbrella, £65, London Undercover

KeepCup Coffee Cup, £8, Slow Down Joe

Race Furniture Rocker Chair, £786, Nest


Calendário Timor by Enzo Mari, €115, Paris Sete

Bert shoes, £180, Grenson


reative orners

‘Do you have a creative corner in your home? If not, what is holding you back? Do you want one? If you have one, does it inspire you? How can you make it better so that you feel encouraged to use it regularly?’

To add some pattern to my creative corner, I tacked up a sheet of my favourite wallpaper between my two windows – it’s called Harlequin, in mint green and white, and comes from Ferm Living. I placed my table near the windows so I can tap into the Writer Holly Becker

Photographer Debi Treloar

natural daylight that floods this space thoughout the day.

A cosy nook can also lead to a greater sense of wellbeing, because it simply feels good to take time out for




Whether you live in a large home or a tiny apartment, consider allocating yourself that special corner or a room if you don’t already have one.




elements that you will need to set up a creative space that works. First, identify the location and the type of work surface and storage that




vital to assess your needs and take inventory. might




work surfaces for different tasks (painting, computer, printing)




consideration your work style.

Another important

element is your chair – it needs to be comfortable – and don’t forget to give yourself a bit of wall space to gather inspirations in a place where you can see them daily.

The final

element is to ensure you have the best lighting so

If you’re not a fan of pinboards, opt for floating

you can see what you’re

picture ledges. They are perfect for rotating


objects that catch your eye and allow you to freely place your inspirations as they hit you.


This is the very pink and lovely creative

workspace, which doubles as a dining

space of my friend, Dutch blogger

room. In her vintage cabinet, which

Yvonne Eijkenduijn. Her bookshelves

she painted white, Yvonne shares a few

are from Ikea: she cleverly designed

of her favourite things, from yarn to

shelving to fit the entire length of her

stationery, which double as display.



1 If you don’t have a door a curtain may help to visually separate the space and allow you to close it off when not in use.


If you don’t have a whole room you can

commandeer, look for unused space in your home – the hallway, beneath the staircase, in a corner of the living room, etc.

3 If you want it to feel relaxing pick colours that calm you down like blues, neutrals and violet. Decorate with objects that aren’t super stimulating. Keep it simple.



If you want it to feel cosy add





treatments, throw rugs, a cushion for your chair.


If you want to stimulate thought

work with colours and patterns that give you energy like red, yellow, pure white, green or a graphic combination like black and white.


If you want it to feel personal

bring in things that you really love, objects that make you happy. If you plan to use them for your projects and





display ideas, too – often ribbons stashed away in drawers would look so much prettier if displayed in a ribbon holder or from tacks on your moodboard.


If the space is a bit odd – tiny,

extremely narrow, an odd-shaped alcove or perhaps a hidden niche – then consider customizing it with built-ins. Floor to ceiling bookshelves, storage cabinets, a window seat, a custom workspace – the investment is often worth it because you can utilize every square inch of space. Decorate Workshop: A Journal for Creating Your Own Home Style by Holly Becker is published by Jacqui Small (£25 hardback) in October and is available for pre-order on



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Nostalgic Moments... By Jeska Hearne

Heart Features


After such an exhilarating few months it’s time to welcome Autumn with it’s crisp leaves and chilly winds, wrapping up in chunky knits and making our nest as comfortable and calm as possible. It’s a time to spend choosing new colours to paint the walls and collecting images to inspire for the months ahead. Gathering them together in a montage is the perfect way to keep a visual diary.

Placing beautiful images and dearest

keepsakes together with pins, ribbons and masking tape alongside tactile objects make a lovely focal point in any room. After a few weeks you can tear them all down and start again, always keeping the most treasured papers in a series of scrapbooks afterwards. It’s all about holding on to those nostalgic magical moments...

Placing beautiful images and dearest keepsakes together

Heart Features


Heart Columns

Made in Scotland


ith a recent collaboration with ceramicist Emma-Louise Payne, an



plate design rolling out in over 120 Zizzi restaurants and a new fashion project underway, Richard’s career shows no signs of slowing down – in fact, quite the opposite.






Richard explains that mixing old and new is crucial to his approach. “My work takes inspiration from the past and fuses it with a contemporary perspective,” he explains. I like to think of products in a theatrical sense – like they’re props in your life. How can a plate add to a dinner party setting or make breakfast more exciting?”

Richard’s enthusiasm for Art and Design

stems back to his childhood – after designing a magazine at school, Richard discovered a love for Art and Graphic Design which later translated into a Design for Industry degree from Northumbria University.





turning eventually into the job role of Design Coordinator, Richard certainly knows the

Richard Brownlie-Marshall may be young, but he’s packed an impressive amount into his career - from designing the Tossed store at Westfield Stratford to launching his own self-titled design brand in April 2011.

value of working hard in the design industry to achieve your goals. In April 2011, Richard decided to work on his first own self-titled design brand alongside his full-time role at mydeco. “I was in a great position to set up my own range,” he explains. “I’d learnt a lot about the business of design as well as being aware of future trends and what the market looked like. When I developed my ‘Out Damned Spot’ napkins I instinctively knew these would be a great launch item – they’re true to my brand, and I knew they’d create a stir with their notso-standard use of embroidery.”

Writer Claire Marie Slight

Portrait photograph Chris Davis - Specular

set out to achieve several more firsts this

With the launch of his first range, Richard

year – including his first collaboration piece, a handmade plate range with ceramicist EmmaLouise Payne. Asked about the collaboration, Richard





the experience. “I really like the idea of collaboration, as it’s taking two knowledge bases and drawing them together,” he says.

It certainly paid off for Richard; his plate

range attracted attention for the young designer, who has recently been commissioned to design a plate to go on sale in over 120 Zizzi restaurants across the UK, his biggest location spread for any of his products so far.

With another ‘first’ achieved, Richard






projects alongside a full-time job. Working now as the Head of Creative at Tossed, Richard recently designed their newly opened store in Westfield Stratford ahead of the Olympics – his first full store design. “I was really involved at every step – from initial 3D visuals to negotiating design with the shopping mall, to creating bespoke items and spray painting gnomes,” he says, reflecting on the unexpected control he has working with the brand

With two Tossed new store openings to

manage alongside his individual projects, Richard’s once again looking at a hectic few months ahead - but he’s certainly up to the challenge. “I like to think that my range consists of a selection of products which delivers show after show, with different nuances depending on setting and audience,” he muses. “Hopefully, I’ll always get great results in the end.”


Aspiring Kennedy Diary of a Texan living in the UK By Lauren Bryan Knight


s an ex-patriot, I’m constantly getting asked the same question: “What do you miss the most living

away from home?” Honestly, I feel so settled these days there really isn’t much to answer besides my family. There are so many things that I have discovered here in England that silence the American desires I once had. Well, most of the time. I imagine most foreigners would agree in saying that the holidays seem to bring out the longforgotten cravings of a life raised elsewhere. So while London begins the slow climb into Christmas celebrations, I’ll be having

phantom hunger pangs for roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, pecan pie and any form of pumpkin dessert imaginable.

When I was younger, I loved the

movie Notting Hill. Before you pretend to roll your eyes at me, remind yourself that at one time, you did too. Any girl of any age had no chance but to find Hugh Grant and his floppy hair completely charming during the 90s. Once he was paired up with Julia Roberts, we had no choice but to have a new favourite movie. As luck would have it, I’ve now found myself living in Notting Hill just


a few steps away from the Portobello Road

Market. In some cosmic twist, I’ve satisfied

Bath - Visit the historic Roman Baths and the

my sixteen year-old life plans and found the

Jane Austen Museum. Make sure to wander

cutest flat in London. From this point on, I’ll

up to the famous Crescent. If you’re around

just be patiently waiting to be gifted with an

with some extra spending money, you can

original Chagall to complete my fantasy.

indulge in a sunset spa soak overlooking the Roman baths at the Thermae Bath Spa. Oxford - Take a short train north of London to spend a day in the world’s finest community of scholars. Between visiting the University’s colleges, meandering through Christ Church Meadow, and tucking into grub at Tolkien & Lewis’ favorite pub, The Eagle & Child, this day trip gets top marks. Dover - Hop on a train and head to the famous white cliffs of Dover. Explore the ruins of a medieval castle, wander through hidden wartime tunnels of World War II, and if the weather permits, take a glimpse across the English channel where you’ll see France.

I’m lucky enough to get to travel the

UK for my job. Literally, I’m tasked with the fantastic responsibility of leading students to different sites throughout Scotland and England





amazing to find yourself standing before the massive rock formations at Stonehenge or listening to evensong at Canterbury Cathedral, I have to say: it’s so much more fun in Autumn. Let’s be honest: English weather isn’t ever “glorious,” so getting cosy in fall sweaters and boots makes the inclement weather feel a bit more intentional. If you’re looking for a quick trip out of the city this fall, try some of my favorite day-trips:


Heart Travel

The DISC Guide to Los Angeles By David John & Krista Schrock, Disc Interiors

Over the last decade, Los Angeles’ art and design community has flourished, and once neglected neighbourhoods like downtown are now home to some of the most innovative restaurants. DISC suggests you take a few days off when visiting Los Angeles, pick a neighbourhood to explore for the afternoon, and take some time to watch the amazing sunsets.

Christopher Farr Gallery

La Cinega Design District Within the stretch of La Cienega between Waring and Melrose Place rests an enclave of DISC’s must-see design ateliers. This area is commonly referred to as the ‘La Cienega Design District’. Christopher Farr Gallery, Pat McGann Gallery and Peter Dunham’s Hollywood at Home, share this almost-hidden courtyard which is close to the offices of L.A.’s iconic designer, Kelly Wearstler. Located next door is a new shop by designer, Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat, aptly titled Harbinger. Harbinger is our go to source to find unique textiles from Zak + Fox, Katie Ridder and Idarica Gazzoni.


M+B Gallery

The Huntington Library and Gardens

Nearby, M+ B Gallery hosts

contemporary art shows focusing on photography and cutting edge design. Some of our other favorite design shops to check out in the area: Fuller + Roberts, Urban Hardwoods, Lee Stanton Antiques, The Collection, Jean De Merry and Downtown.

Pasadena The Huntington Library and Gardens are nestled in a very discreet residential area

The Gamble House

of Pasadena called San Marino. Trust us, it’s worth a visit. The Huntington, as it is commonly referred, is a garden-lover’s dream. With various gardens such as Rose, Cactus, the oh so famous Japanese and Herb gardens, we can spend an entire day getting lost on this amazing property. DISC suggests: Plan ahead; book an afternoon tea in their tea room overlooking the rose garden.

The Gamble House designed by Charles

and Henry Greene in 1908 for David & Mary Gamble of the Procter & Gamble Company is one of Pasadena’s outstanding examples of the Arts & Crafts style that has become so prevalent in this area. Both the home and furnishings were designed by the Greene architects. This is one of our favorite places to go for inspiration - an experience you shouldn’t miss!

Other places of note to visit in

Pasadena: Norton Simon Museum, The Rose Bowl Flea Market (second Sunday of

Neutra VDL Research House

the month) which is one of the most famous outdoor markets in the U.S.


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Bradbury Building

Silver Lake East of Hollywood , and west of downtown is Silver Lake, a neighborhood that is home to modernist architecture, trendy boutiques, designer coffee shops, and some of the city’s most creative restaurants. Visit Richard Neutra’s VDL Research overlooking the reservoir with views of the hills. Note: Schindler, another modernist architect built numerous apartment buildings in Silver Lake that are worth seeing, as well as John Lautner.

Lawson and Fenning is a boutique and

design showroom that captures the L.A. spirit. The store carries vintage works, textiles, the lighting of L.A. designer Jason Koharik, as well as Robert Lewis. In the back, is Ivanhoe Books, a small and wellstocked collection of vintage design,


Lawson Fenning

fashion, interiors, and contemporary art portfolios. A few doors down, LAMill

LA rooftops

Coffee is known not only for its postmodern meets neo-classical interiors, but for their coffee, which many claim as the best in L.A.

Downtown A few miles south of Silver Lake is downtown Los Angeles, a neighborhood that is rapidly changing. In the last few years, downtown has witnessed an urban revival.

The Bradbury Building on

Broadway should not be missed. Built in 1893, it is known for its stunning interior architecture complete with wrought iron work, glazed brick walls, and Belgian marble. But, the real draw are the skylights that bounce light from the 5th floor into the depths of the Bradbury, instantly transporting you into the early 1900’s.

L.A. Views It doesn’t take long to realize that some of

The Getty Los Angeles

the best locations in L.A. are on rooftops and in the hills where you can see for miles, and the sky as it changes colors in the late afternoon. The Getty, was built by Richard Meier, and the views are worth visiting it alone, not to mention the collection of decorative art. Head to the central garden designed by artist Robert Irwin, and collapse on the beautiful lawns to admire the open sky of the west coast.


Heart Homes


California Dreaming

Disc Interiors is the product of two inspirational American designers; David John Dick and Krista Schrock. Based in Los Angeles, the design duo are refreshingly dedicated to creating unique and functional spaces, specifically tailored to a client’s needs and individuality. 139

Heart Homes



Heart Homes


“On one visit the client showed us a lantern she had made out of popsicle sticks�

One of Disc’s latest projects was the

conversion of a studio into a child friendly

the space still carries a genuine and

living room. Natural shades were used with

characterful feel. Unsurprisingly this was no

rich bursts of earthy tones to create a room

accident, as to inject some client personality,

full of warmth, texture and familiarity.

the devoted pair cleverly revamped some

The attention to detail and understanding

old vintage pieces that already belonged to

of the client’s requirements is undeniable;

the family.

every feature was deliberately designed

with them in mind.

perfect light for the space. On one visit the

“We took our cues from them; we

client showed us a lantern she had made

decided to make a custom ottoman, which

out of popsicle sticks. It was packed away in

are perfect for kids, rather than a hard-

a box in storage, but the second we saw it,

edged coffee table”.

we knew we had found our light!”

To reflect the family’s casual lifestyle

Despite this cleverly engineered design,

“We searched and searched for the

If there’s one downside to the discovery

and love of outdoors, David and Krista

of this fantastically creative team, it’s

opened up the space with new French doors

that they are based in LA. But if their

and an exquisite picture window. They also

unprecedented dedication to the client is

installed an innovative epoxy resin floor

anything to go by, surely they wouldn’t mind

which strategically bounces light off the

some visitors? Perhaps it’s worth asking.

handsomely built cabinets, and makes the room feel larger.


Heart Travel

Simply the Best By Ellie Walker-Arnott

For a luxurious city break without missing out on home comforts look no further than our top three picks.


For a quintessentially British weekend away Queensberry Hotel, Bath from £125

Queensberry Hotel is very much in touch with the lush countryside that surrounds leafy Bath, and the rich history that can be found within its centre. Each of the hotel’s 29 individually designed rooms compliment the stone Georgian building but come with contemporary twists. Their ‘semisecret’ concierge service will help you hunt down the perfect pint, finest antiques or best boutiques this dreamy city has to offer.







unmissable, serving locally sourced, sustainable and fresh dishes from a constantly changing seasonable menu. The Queensberry bar and walled garden is the perfect place to relax with a drink after pounding Bath’s cobbled streets and sweeping terraces too. A stay at the Queensbury does come with a strict set of rules though… these include: “manners, kindness and decorum must be shown at all times” and “no indoorhorse riding, audible obscenities or shouting into mobile phones.” Though this quirky hotel does thrive on traditional values, it doesn’t lack any mod cons either. The Queensberry offers complimentary wi-fi and flat screen TVs too, but it’s unlikely that you’ll need to take advantage of them...


Heart Travel

For a hedonistic weekend away

Le Monde Hotel, Edinburgh from £145

Stay at Le Monde in Edinburgh and you could be in any city in the world. The trendy hotel has 18 individually designed rooms, all inspired by different cities across the globe. By day, embrace the historic Scottish capital, and by night you can retire to opulent Paris, bohemian Barcelona or an underwater Atlantis paradise.

Every one of Le Monde’s spacious

rooms has a plasma TV, under-floor heating and super king size beds made up with luxury linen. Whatever city you decide to lay your head in, your room will come with a lavish ensuite featuring rainfall showers, sunken baths, thick fluffy towels and lush toiletries.

But Le Monde doesn’t





exceptionally designed and luxurious rooms. VIP entry to the hotel’s basement club




included in the price of your room. Plus, the hotel also boasts a restaurant serving



recipes and produce, as well as three on-site bars which serve award-winning cocktails and canapés to the soundtrack of live music.


For a luxurious weekend away The Hotel du Vin, York from £145

The Hotel du Vin can be found in a sleepy part of York city centre – and it’s the place to go for guaranteed luxury.

All of their 44 bedrooms are designed and presented to an impeccable standard and no expense is spared when it comes to ensuring all guests have an indulgent stay. The York hotel epitomises the luxury chain’s trademark mix of understated elegance, period features and modern styling with freestanding baths, double waterfall showers and luxuriously large beds. All the rooms come with plasma TVs, DVDs and air conditioning too.

The hotel boasts a bar and a bistro where the

hotel’s seasonal and delicious dishes are served, as well as a terrace and courtyard for drinking and dining al fresco.

The hotel is just a 10-minute stroll from the cobbled

streets and desirable shops of the city centre, and is the perfect spot from which to explore historic York.


Miss Mary’s suggestions for... an anniversary date Anniversary Dinner - The Botanist

Anniversary Hotel - Shoreditch Rooms If your anniversary demands more than a special dinner then I’d suggest splashing out on a night in a stylish boutique hotel. Take a look at for some nationwide inspiration, but for London my current fave has got to be Shoreditch Rooms. From the Soho House group this hotel of 26 light and airy bedrooms is full of creative touches from wool blankets and hot-water bottles, old-fashioned telephones, and a ‘Borrow Me’ collection including vintage books, audio novels, games and dressing up accessories amongst other quirky items for you to enjoy. They also provide London guidebooks and Shoreditch Rooms’ very own umbrellas. Oh, and did we mention the

The Botanist on Sloane Square in Chelsea, has

heavenly Cowshed goodies in the bathrooms?

the kind of elegant interior that is perfect for

any design lover. In the dining room, artist

treatment at the Cowshed Spa, or take a few

Adam Ellis created the striking feature wall of

more steps down the road to the fabulously

curiosities, using illustrations from Sir Hans

trendy Aubin Cinema, Columbia Road Flower

Sloane’s own journals, now kept in the Natural

Market, Brick Lane… the list goes on! Shoreditch

History Museum.

Rooms prices start at only £85 per night.

Continuing on this botanical theme, the colour

palate used throughout is inspired by the natural world, creating a chic and contemporary interior, which makes The Botanist a perfect anniversary venue for any stylish couple.

Open all day, every day from breakfast,

lunch, afternoon tea to dinner; main courses at The Botanist range from £15 to £32.


Next door you could indulge in a

Anniversary Weekend Break – Chateau de Saint Paterne

Anniversary Activity Classic Mini Tour If you live in the countryside what about a surprise hot air balloon ride? Stunning views, sparkling champagne and the amazing sensation of floating through the air are three very good reasons why this makes a fantastic anniversary date. Flights are available over London but your choices are limited due to air traffic restrictions. So for Londoners we’ve got an alternative suggestion… a romantic tour around town in one of the UK’s very own

If a dinner date or a night in a chic hotel aren’t

design classics – the humble mini!

quite cutting it, then what about the two

together, in France? Just 3.5 hours drive from

of your choice and whisked around London

Calais lies the magical family owned Chateau

by your young, charming and knowledgeable

de Saint Paterne. This fairytale castle, which

driver before being deposited at your chosen

offers a warm welcome from the family who

destination. We opted for

has lived there since the 14th Century, is the

the Wallace Collection

perfect combination quirky and classic, with

but you can chose

interiors that are full of character, romance

anywhere you

and a wonderfully eccentric sense of nostalgia.

fancy. We quite

In terms of the rooms, I’m torn between the

like the idea of

dramatic Empire style of Chambre de Madame

pulling up in front

(think classic bold stripes in black and yellow)

of the Ritz for

and the beautiful femininity of Chambre de la

afternoon tea, or

Roserie, with its four poster bed a la Polonaise

maybe St. Pancras

which is more Madame de Pompadour, less

Station ready to


board the Eurostar?

One last thing, if you bring

The food is quintessentially French and

You’ll be picked up from the location

unsurprisingly delicious, served on all sorts

the bubbly, they’ll supply the glasses!!!

of fabulous pieces of antique family silver.

There’s also an honesty bar in the Salon which

smallcarBIGCITY lasts for 1.5 hours and costs

is indicative of the kind of place Chateau de

£139 per mini, with chocolates and blankets

Saint Paterne is; relaxed and friendly, more like


a private house stay than a hotel.

P.S. King Henri IV slept in one of these

The Romantic Tour with

rooms… with a mistress of course. Prices start at £140 per night for a double room.

Mary Graham is the author of popular

website The Great Date Guide.

Heart Features

Roobarb Photography Maryanne Scott Writer Victoria Dockrell

Roobarb is a quirky gift & homeware shop situated in the quaint village of Marsden, which sells a hand-picked mix of home made textiles, home accessories and unique pieces of furniture.

Sarah Foster grew up working in


her parents’ coffee shop and having


completed a National Diploma

in Creative Textiles at Dewsbury

stocked by Roobarb herself, often at

School of Art & Design, she was

her workshop in the shop. “The local

inspired to open her own business

customers enjoy seeing what I am

in October 2008 at the tender age

working on and then later seeing the

of 18.

final product available to buy on the


Located in the Pennine Mill

Sarah makes most of the textiles

shelf”, she says.

Town of Marsden, surrounded by

Roobarb stocks an eclectic

beautiful moorland and numerous

range of products, handpicked home

other cafes, delicatesens and

accessories and unique furniture

shops, Roobarb fits into the local

pieces sit next to Sarah’s own

“people want to spend what money they do have spare on something original, special, personalised, something with a bit of a story behind it� 151

Heart Features

“my mum is great at seeing potential in an old battered piece of furniture and transforming it to be a beautiful statement piece”


handiwork. She also works

furniture in stock anymore”

with a lot of local designers,

she says. She pulls in her

offering Roobarb as a platform

Mum to help her hunt down

to sell their work. “It is also

lovely second hand pieces and

great for me to have so many

give them a bit of TLC. This

handmade one-off items for

is an area of the business

sale in the shop”, she says.

she’d like to expand in the

future. “My mum is great

Undeterred by the

economic crisis, business has

at seeing potential in an old

been good for Sarah, indeed

battered piece of furniture

if anything she thinks the

and transforming it to be a

recession has boosted the

beautiful statement piece,”

handmade sales industry.

she chuckles. She would also

“People want to spend what

like to ‘upskill’ in pattern

money they do have spare on

designing and cutting and

something original, special,

would like to one day design

personalised, something with

children’s clothing, which

a bit of a story behind it”, she

she thinks would work well

muses. This has influenced the

with her bright and playful

type of furniture she sources


too, “I rarely get new pieces of

Sarah says she is

inspired by visual stimuli and

regularly updated with new

enjoys browsing illustrations,

photos of the shop and new

paintings, textiles and

products she has made. She

photography from various

also runs a sister blog which,

blogs and also regularly flicks

in addition to showcasing her

through home, fashion and

new favourite items and

textile magazines for new

designers, contains recipes,


tips, competitions and details

A child of the internet

of special events being held at

generation and a determined

the shop. Her passion and

business woman, Sarah is very

drive has already seen

social media savvy. She sells

Roobarb featured on various

selected pieces on Roobarb’s

blogs and in both the local and

website which she keeps

national press so expect to see

regularly updated with new

much more of this ambitious

and exciting items, as well as a

young lady in the future!

Folksy shop. She has set up Twitter and Facebook pages for Roobarb which she keeps

“It is also great for me to have so many handmade one-off items for sale in the shop”


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Photographer Andrew Boyd

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