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Six Great British Homes London Design Festival Guide Furniture designer Zoe Murphy Sir Terence Conran on video

Autumn 2011

Carole King Editor-in-chief

Daniel Nelson Art editor

Arianna Trapani Editor-in-chief

Heart Home began with a shared vision to create a

magazine that celebrates British design. We want-

artists, craftsmen and talented people who

ed to showcase real family homes, celebrate our

deserve to be recognised and we are now on a

home-grown designers and show off to the world,

mission to discover and reveal them all…

in a way only a digital magazine can do. We hope

that flicking through Heart Home brings you some

Design Festival in the upcoming weeks. Do make

inspiration. It certainly inspired us putting it to-

sure to say hi and don’t be shy!

gether. We are very proud of what we’ve achieved

Carole, Arianna and Daniel

so far and it’s been worth the sleepless nights.

Shot at the V&A Reading Rooms Photographer Andrew Boyd

There are so many un-sung designers,

We hope to see you around the London


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To all of the wonderful contributors that have helped to make Heart Home possible, we thank you...

Jon Day

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105 Popartrockgirlyeah! Festival of Britain finds 122 Young Designers – Introducing Nikki McWilliams

119 Cut out and keep craft project

124 Styling tips from a top stylist

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Affordable contemporary art & design from some of the best British based artists & designer-makers

Paintings | Ceramics | Sculpture | Textiles | Lighting | Furniture Next exhibition 19th & 20th November 2011 Read more >>> Online store coming soon

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Stop press! A Sky Full of Kindness Rob Ryan releases his new book ‘A Sky Full of Kindness’ on 13th October. A truly stunning and magical story where his intricate papercuts capture the intense and contradictory feelings

Kelly Hoppen TV show There is no stopping the queen of taupe, Kelly Hoppen as she launches her first TV series ‘Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen’ on Channel 5. Here Kelly puts her expertise to

of an unconditional love.

Confessions of a Design Geek INTERVIEWS ::

Volume 1

the test by trying to transform disastrous in-

author of award-

teriors for 5 different families. Expect lots of laughter, drama & tears in this 5 part series. First episode airs end of September.

Design writer and winning blog con-

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fessions of a design geek, Katie Treggiden, is releasing a book called Interviews, featuring

eighteen interviews with designers, on September 17th to coincide with the London Design Festival.

Jonathan Adler London Jonathan Adler is to open his first international store in London early October. Spanning nearly 3000 sq feet over 2 floors, this stylish boutique is set to be a focal point in the trendy Brompton District on Sloane Avenue.

Decorex International

Make sure to visit Decorex as Heart Home Editor-in-Chief Arianna will be discussing finding inspiration online with help from Will Taylor (Bright.Bazaar), Jo from and Chloe from The seminar is on Tuesday 27th at 5pm.


Home Town

Words Stacey Sheppard

Photographs John Deed


Leaving Margate helped Zoe Murphy rediscover her passion for her home town and the seaside resort now provides the inspiration for her sought-after range of bespoke interior products.

Photograph Matthew Murphy

Since graduating from Loughborough University in 2008 with a first class degree in printed textile design, Zoe Murphy has seen the demand for her bespoke printed furniture and textiles soar beyond her expectations. Private clients from all over the world are clambering over themselves to get their hands on her work, which is stocked in galleries and stores throughout the UK, including the prestigious Liberty of London.


Heart Features

“When I first started I was really optimistic,”

to slow everything down and trying to organise and

says Zoe. “I wrote to everyone possible on the basis

manage the demand, rather than trying to generate

that if I wrote to 100 people, 10 would reply and

it,” she says.

maybe one would place an order. But I actually

heard back from loads of stores.”

Zoe had to move to a bigger studio. The place had

As interest in her work continued to grow, Zoe

been vacant for a few years and was falling into dis-

quickly realised that meeting the demand was go-

repair when she took it on. “I managed to negoti-

ing to be tougher than she had ever imagined. “If

ate a really cheap rent and I pretty much gutted

I were to just make furniture full time, I would just

it, rewired it, damp-proofed the back, built some

about be able to fulfil the orders, but then there’s

stairs, and plastered upstairs,” says Zoe proudly.

promoting myself, organising other people, orga-

“It’s been a massive project but it’s been really

nising the suppliers and trying to keep up with the

good fun. We’ve really breathed life into the place.”

paperwork and it’s just too much,” says Zoe.

A bigger studio also means that Zoe now has the

The past three years have taught her a lot about

room to take on an extra pair of hands to help with

business and she has had to make some tough

the growing workload. Her new assistant Abi Sam-

choices, including the decision to turn business

monds is a local Margate girl who helps out with

down. “I don’t want to let people down but I’ve al-

the furniture side of things.

ready committed to Liberty and Osborne & Little

and I can’t physically make any more than I do at

one as conscientious as Zoe. “As much as hiring

the moment,” she says acknowledging that this is

someone to help is great, they will never be an

actually a really happy problem to have during a

identical copy of you. I find it very difficult to del-

recession. “I’ve found the problem is more trying

egate or let anyone else take control so it’s only in


Having quickly outgrown her former premises,

But letting go of the reins is not easy for some-

“As much as hiring someone to help is great, they will never be an identical copy of you”

Zoe’s newly-painted studio floor

Zoe’s bedroom is full of her retro finds

Heart Features

“This town and everything it embodies is actually a really great inspiration for me in terms of trying to reuse things and to make them as beautiful as they can be through love and attention�


Zoe’s rainbow coloured flat shows her love of Margate the last couple of months that Abi has started to take on more of the furniture work. But I still sign everything off and I often still help her with the finer stuff.”

This is no surprise considering the painstaking and labour-

intensive process that Zoe uses to restore the furniture. “I like to take pieces that are really decrepit,” she says “the worse off the better. It feels better to be reusing something that other people totally don’t want because it has a massive scratch on it or because it needs to be re-veneered or has some staining or needs to be remodelled.”

Having restored the pieces, she then screen prints onto them

giving them a completely new look through the use of bright colours and striking patterns. Zoe explains: “I’m obsessed with the idea of using print or colour to repair damage or revive or disguise things. It’s the same with the fabric I use, which is taken from old wedding dresses or silk shirts. Although we are chopping it up and re-using it, it is still fun to be able to see the social history of the piece.”


Heart Features

“It’s like you are always on everyone’s holiday.”

Zoe at the Margate visitor centre where she designed this map and frieze.


The story behind the products that Zoe is restoring is an

important part of what she does, but her main inspiration comes from her home town, Margate. It wasn’t until Zoe actually left Margate to go to university that she realised what a big part of her life it had been and how much she actually missed it. It now has a huge influence on her work.

“Being someone who really loves recycling and reusing

and having an ethos of ‘love what belongs to you’, this town and everything it embodies is actually a really great inspiration for me in terms of trying to reuse things and to make them as beautiful as they can be through love and attention,” explains Zoe.

“I’m very much in love with Margate and I hope to be a

real ambassador for it,” she says, explaining how her passion for her home town has led her to become actively involved in the regeneration efforts that are taking place there.

Zoe’s efforts to breathe new life into Margate have so

far been a great success. While she doesn’t necessarily sell that much locally, her work is becoming somewhat of an attraction in itself. “I’ve done some work for the local visitor centre where I’ve designed a massive wall mural of a map showing the Isle of Thanet, which is comprised of the towns of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate. It shows the visitors where they can go and what there is to see,” says Zoe, explaining that she is also in the process of designing a range of souvenir gifts for the visitor centre including tea towels, post cards and notelets.

“I’m really, really home proud,” says Zoe. “People are

coming here for a day out and to live somewhere that people are visiting feels really special. It’s like you are always on everyone’s holiday.”


Heart Features

Wish you were here After years of neglect, the pretty seaside town of Margate is cashing in on its nostalgic, retro appeal and quickly reclaiming its place as one of Britain’s must-visit towns. Whether you are an art enthusiast or a secret shopaholic, there is

plenty to keep you entertained; the town boasts a number of quirky, to downright eccentric, attractions and is the perfect spot to indulge in some good, old-fashioned seaside fun. By Ellie Walker-Arnott

A stay at The Reading Rooms is almost reason enough to visit Margate; located in the old town, the Reading Rooms boutique B&B is the ultimate place to lay your head. Each room of the 5-star hotel is the perfect luxurious getaway, boasting hand carved super-king beds and fluffy white towels.

Kent’s own antiques Aladdin’s cave, RG Scott’s Furniture Emporium, is the ideal place to while away a rainy afternoon in Margate. RG Scott’s sell antique carpets, novelty teapots and almost anything in between; each of the three levels are filled from floor to ceiling with dusty furniture, books and china. Photograph John Deed

Photograph John Deed

The coastal resort has attracted artists and

Photograph Richard Bryant and Arcaidimages

writers for centuries and, more recently, been home to controversial artist Tracey Emin. Following the opening of the Turner Contemporary gallery in April 2011, Margate is set on embracing its artistic roots. Perched on the edge of the town’s sea front, the new gallery stands where JMW Turner painted his dramatic seascapes. Boasting the largest exhibition space in the South East outside of London, the gallery is free to the public so there is

Photograph John Deed

no excuse not to visit!

If you’re after a spot of British eccentricity, a trip to the Mad Hatter Tearooms is an absolute must. Adorned with Christmas decorations all year round, the Victorian style tearoom is bursting with quirky ornaments, bizarre decor and retro memorabilia. The café serves tea and cake… but only on Saturdays.

scheme, the Old Town Quarter now boasts a thriving arts scene and is home to eclectic vintage shops, art galleries and busy cafes.


Thanks to the regeneration

Heart Homes

All aboard


Words Victoria Harrison Photography Jon Day Styling Pippa Jameson

Juliana and Don’s Victorian home is a treasure trove of exotic finds from around the world and makes the perfect base for Juliana’s gallery Cavaliero Finn which she runs with her business partner Debra.

The interior decoration of Juliana and Don’s home is distinctly eclectic with a wonderful curated feel so it is no surprise to learn that prior to setting up Cavaliero Finn, Juliana spent several years working in private galleries including five years with celebrated artist Anthony d’Offay.

“I was dragged around galleries since the age of four so an appreciation for art and decoration is in my blood.”






around galleries since the age of four’ so an appreciation for art and decoration is clearly in her blood. But this is more than just a home, as twice a year Juliana and Debra open up Juliana’s house to showcase their artists work.


Heart Homes


The two girls have been friends since universi-

ty and they formed Cavaliero Finn eight years ago after they both had children and wanted do something that would fit in with family life. The idea behind the concept is beautifully simple; when buying art and design for your home or place of work, it makes sense to view it in a similar environment.

The first thing that attracted

Juliana and Don to this five bedroom Victorian home was the quality of light and space, the couple were previously living in a small railway cottage in Battersea, so the idea of a larger home with a garden really appealed to them; they already knew the area having lived here whilst at university so the move made perfect sense. That was nine years ago and in the intervening years the couple have had three children, now aged 4, 7 and 9 and have taken on several redesign projects, including extending the kitchen to create a large kitchen, dining and living space and extending into the loft creating a master bedroom.

Juliana’s decorating inspiration is drawn large-

ly from her travels and she is particularly inspired by Indian and Eastern cultures. Such influences can be seen throughout her home, and particularly in her bedroom which Juliana cites as her favourite room in the house; a little haven where she likes to escape to read.

The rest of the house is dressed with exotic

finds picked up from various places as Juliana loves to shop in markets. She firmly believes that as a society we are moving away from the ‘throwaway’ mentality so she personally prefers to own pieces with a history, that have been hand crafted and as such she often buys the items that come


Heart Homes


Juliana (left) and Debra (right)

“...we are moving away from the ‘throwaway’ mentality” 27

Heart Homes

“...not an intimidating gallery but a space that looks and feels like a real home, where visitors can enjoy being�


Download the images

into her home for the ‘open days’ which must be an

have a space to permanently showcase the artists

occupational hazard!

they represent. They envisage this not as a formal

So what’s in the future for Cavaliero Finn? As

or intimidating gallery but as a space that looks and

well as the gallery Juliana and Debra also do con-

feels like a real home, where visitors can enjoy be-

sultancy work and are building up a loyal customer

ing and have the opportunity to perhaps find some-

base; they have one client who will only buy art

thing they will treasure for a very long time. It’s a

from them! Their immediate plans for the business

great idea and we wish them the best of luck.

are to develop the website more and offer online shopping although eventually they would like to


Heart Homes

“The garden, which was part of the initial appeal of the house, was designed by Robin Montgomery, my brother in law.� 30

Heart Shopping

Style steal Get the look from Juliana’s house

White Porcelain Bird Decorations, £5, Velvet Brown

Vino Xl Wine Glass Chandelier, £294.99, Drinkstuff Vintage Standard Lamp, £750, Melanie Porter

Black And White Station Clock, Howsham Mirror,

£20, Matalan

£245, The Chandelier & Mirror Company

White Heart Tealight Holder, Small £5.95, Nordic House

Bus Roll Cushion, £65, Barbara Coupe


Heart Styling

Late Summer It’s all about hanging on to those late summer evenings as autumn is on the horizon. Here Nina Holst from Stylizimo guides you, to creating the perfect table setting for this time of year.



10 steps to create the perfect look By Nina Holst

1 2 3 4

Find a nice place for your table. Maybe under a tree

or just outside on your terrace.

Start with a table cloth that covers the whole table,

like a thin, sheer curtain so it can blow in the wind.

To warm up the colours a bit, you can add two table

runners in natural linen.

Add dinnerware in a colour that matches the rest of

the table.


Heart Styling


Bring colour to the table by using coloured glass, tea

light holders etc. A warm purple colour gives you that late summer feeling.


Tie a ribbon around the napkins and make a wel-

come card using Dymo and cardboard. Attach the card and a flower with mini wooden pegs as a funny detail.


Put some matching flowers in glasses together with

some floating candles.

8 9

Gather all the cutlery in a jar to make it less formal.

Add some pillows and deer skin on your chairs to

make it comfy and to keep your guests warm in the evening.


Hang some lanterns on the tree or on your wall to

create an extra cosy atmosphere.

September doesn’t have to mean the end of outdoor dining! 34

Heart Interviews

Love London Love London is a compact hardback book with 180 photographs, in colour and black and white, of all aspects of London life, by national treasure Barbara Chandler. Here she talks to Heart Home magazine. By Arianna Trapani

I didn’t do a coffee table book, as I have always wanted my work to be affordable and accessible. The earliest picture was taken in 1986, of a ragand-bone-man where I lived in Acton, and the latest at the end of last year in Greenwich Park, just before the snow set it. The pictures are matched with over 100 quotes about London, from a 15th century poem to modern newspaper snippets and a blog. Around the pictures, I am developing a range of merchandise. Images are printed onto fabrics and onto paper for wall coverings and murals. Working with The New English, images are being put onto bone china for plates.

“She’s a great and multi-talented friend and her brilliantly dry sense of humour is always a tonic” Naomi Cleaver - Designer, writer & presenter

Love London Cushions by

Love London Chair by Urban Upholstery using fabric by DigetexHome


Love London wallpaper by

London is vast in size, history, architecture,

art, literature and public spaces such as the parks and the river - as we have all discovered. At least two writers have called London illimitable. But you have to not let that worry you, to just relax and let it flow over you, to be receptive, passive even. Then the joys of London come crowding in. You stop feeling worried by what you haven’t seen or done, and glory in a present which is glittering with the past.

“Barbara’s work as both journalist and photographer is marked by her discrimination and her thirst to know” Kevin Mccloud - Presenter, writer, designer and founder of Hab Housing

Love London trinket boxes by The New English

I have been taking photographs for around 30

years – I initially taught myself so that I could illustrate my own section on Ideal Home magazine. It was the London shopping digest, a completely new idea at that time. We didn’t have any money for photography so I decided to take my own pictures. Once I had a decent camera and basic skills, I started to take “my” pictures – in the street, tube, subways, hotel lobbies, on the beach and so forth.

“Barbara is one of life’s enthusiasts, full of energy, ideas, and good humour” Adrienne Chinn - Interior Designer

Visually, everything inspires me. But you have

to be open to it. You cannot be inspired if you are constantly talking, on a mobile phone or exchanging messages. Of course, interaction is stimulating and productive. But you have to have time on your own to read, to think. Then let the world wash over you, and thus come the ideas. You cannot legislate for them or make them happen. But believe me, they will come, and you just have to make space for them.

Read the full interview on the Heart Home blog » Love London is published by Batsford at £9.95 (on Amazon now for £6.59)

Wall murals by

Love London fine bone china wall plates by The New English


Aspiring Kennedy By Lauren Bryan Knight

Diary of a Texan living in the UK Britain doesn’t have a problem when it comes to showing favoritism toward their condiments. By it’s omnipresence, it’s obvious that mayonnaise reigns supreme.

Interesting concoctions like ‘prawn mayo,’ ‘chicken mayo,’ and ‘tuna, sweet corn, and mayo’ are as common in England as black cabs. Even when it’s not listed as an ingredient, it’s there. Mayo is almost as standard on a sandwich as the two pieces of bread holding it together. Apparently it’s not quite the controversial dressing it is back in the US. It is often easier to find vegetarian and

vegan options than it is to find a “dry” sandwich.

do I do what? Tea then milk? Or is it milk then tea?

Would I like my tea with milk? Fine, but when

Feeling a bit unsure, I went straight to the source. Twinings on the Strand. There they told me when tea was first brought to England and making its debut in society circles, the upper class was distraught to find the hot tea was cracking their fine china. A simple solution was soon discovered: by adding a little milk into the teacup first, the milk would cool the tea and prevent damaging the thin teacups. Even though this isn’t a problem today, pouring your milk in first, before the tea, is still the posh method. I like to think of it as a secret handshake among the upper class, and, of course, have adopted this method as my own. (Note to self: learn how the Duchess of Cambridge prepares her tea.)


While you can’t ever depend on the weather

in England, you can always count of people talking about it. “Looks like it’s going to be quite wet out there. Apparently, it’s supposed to be like this all weekend.” Well, of course it is. Is everyone here confused that we are actually in England, and not the Maldives? Surely we aren’t actually taken by surprise by the constant drizzle and gloom?

A weatherman has to be the life and soul of any party. I imagine all the other guests would crowd around him, like a politician or well-known author, trying to gleam some of his expertise.

“I’m on to you, England. The Royal Wedding was more than just a day off of work for you.”

On the subject of royalty. I’m on to you, Eng-

land. Play it cool, if you want, but I’m in on your secret. No more passing the buck (or the quid?) off on Americans for being crazy about Kate Middleton: you are, too. Fess up already. The Royal Wedding was more than just a day off of work for you. Regardless of what you said you did, the country stopped that morning to indulge their inner child and watch a normal girl (just like us!) get sucked

Have you been in Mayfair after dark? The posh

neighborhood transforms from the daily rompinggrounds of the wealthy to a playground for their privileged children. Endless lines of pretty, wellcoifed girls wait endlessly to get into the thumping club world of places like Mahiki and Aura. After I recently shelled out £11 for a drink at a hen party, I’m convinced the clubs’ longevity can solely be attributed to one thing: these young girls’ unspoken hope of meeting {and, inevitably, marrying} Prince Harry. Who can blame them?

up from her regular life and turned into a princess.

Boys Own Laurent and Christopher, live quite literally above the shop in a converted factory in Shoreditch with Hector their dog. Heart Home caught up with them at their kitchen table and quizzed them on their design inspirations, eclectic collections and how they unwind after a long day in their store Lifestylebazaar.

Words Victoria Harrison

Photography Andrew Boyd Styling Emily Blunden

Heart Homes


“we both found the space independently to each other and both said ‘that’s the kind of space we want to live in”


So first things first, how did Laurent and Christopher discover their home? Via a large dash of serendipity it seems. ‘ We were looking for a space to live’ explains Christopher ‘and we both found the space independently to each other then came home and both said ‘that’s the kind of space we want to live in’’. The space was for sale so the couple asked the owner to contact them in a year or so if he decided to rent the property out. A few days later the owner called, offered to rent the space to them and Laurent and Christopher moved in.

“It is an Ikea kitchen... very simple and white but with a dash of zingy paint”


Heart Homes

“The flat has enabled us to bring everything that we own into one space”

The space below is home to Lifestyleba-

zaar, their popular design & concept store, so when it comes to the decor of their home, who decides how the space is going to be furnished? ‘We have very similar tastes’ explains Christopher, although they initially thought the warehouse with its exposed brick and wood ‘was far too rustic.’ ‘But we like it!’ exclaims Laurent ‘and it has enabled us essentially to bring everything that we own into one space’. There are interesting items, colours and collections around every corner, for example one wall in the kitchen is painted to bright green ‘to jazz it up.’ ‘It is an Ikea kitchen,’ Laurent points out, ‘very simple and white’ but with a dash of zingy paint they have stamped their own design identity on the space and brought it to life. Their collections of beautiful and quirky objects are displayed throughout and it is clear they only collect what they instinctively love.



Heart Homes

“There is a big advantage of having a flat above a shop”

Running such a busy, creative business

so close to home must make it difficult to unwind, so how do they relax after a hectic day? ‘We don’t’ Laurent laughs, ‘there is a big advantage of having a flat above a shop...but it is a balance, sometimes you pass in front of the shop on your day off and I just can’t pass in front of my shop without saying hello!’ As the conversation flows from Batman to Tracey Emin it is clear that Laurent and Christopher have an interest in a wide and diverse range of topics, and this is reflected in their home as well as in their store. So what’s in the future for Lifestylebazaar? Christopher explains that they are thinking of ‘going back to Laurent’s roots as an interior designer... to offer a complete design service.’ Judging by the vibrant, eclectic and unique home they have created for themselves if they do decide to offer this they will have no shortage of customers.


Heart Shopping

Style steal

Flowerpot Pendant By

Get the look from Laurent & Christopher’s home

Verner Panton, £177

from Cloudberry Living

Porcelain Swallows In Flight, £6 from Berry Red

Kapow cushion,

£29.99 from Digetex

London cushion, £60 from Jane Hornsby

Charles Eames Style Rar Rocking Chair,

£189 from Interior Addict

Maria Dahlgren London Tray, £28 from Cloudberry Living

Red Miro cushion,


£34 from Fairwind

proudly supports is on the hunt to find the UK’s best design bloggers The top 10 bloggers with the most votes will join BlogTourNYC during New York Design Festival in March of 2012.

BOOK NOW for the London Design Festival event Panel discussion: Across the pond – UK/US design approach and trends hosted by mydeco, participation from The Conran Shop, Heart Home magazine, journalist Barbara Chandler and Mix Magazine. Saturday September 24th 3pm to 4:30pm designjunction Victoria House Basement London WC1B 4DA

Decorex International Love Design

Celebrating the role of design in creating cherished places. Decorex International 2011, the interior design show for professionals. Click here to register today or visit for more information Organised by

Alternative guide to the

London Design Festival Britain’s wonderful capital boasts a wealth of design gems so celebrate its thriving arts scene with a trip to its annual design festival this September. Flick through Heart Home’s alternative guide to the best design events London has to offer, and follow our fictional Londoners as they share their insider’s tips to five areas of the capital.

Words Katie Treggiden Illustration Gemma Milly

London Design Festival

Covent Garden Copy our yummy mummy and keep the kids busy with a family friendly trip to London’s Covent Garden. The highlight of the London Design Festival in Covent Garden will be the Lego installation in the Piazza. The kids will love seeing something on that scale made from the little bricks they have at home.

The London Transport Mu-

seum is a must. There are loads of things for them to climb on, in and through; giving you a few minutes to read about the role of design in London’s transport.

Their free activity book ‘Time Travelling mous-

taches and other great ways to explore London Transport Museum’ is fabulous; it kept Henry and Poppy entertained for hours.

And you can eat your own packed lunch in the

indoor picnic area which is great for keeping costs sensible on a family day out.

Event Do Eat Drink Shop Stay


Lego installation, Covent Garden Piazza London Transport Museum London Transport Museum Costa Coffee, Shelton Street Do Shop and Hope & Greenwood OneAldwych

“Everyone should have the freedom to create their ideal lifestyles by shaping their living spaces”

For coffee, Shelton Street’s Costa, designed by SEA Design Group, features Tom Dixon pendant lamps, an oversized anglepoise and plenty of space for prams and buggies!

Somewhere to sleep? As well as being beautifully designed, OneAldwych offers family rooms, Do Shop believes that “everyone

‘mocktails’ and a wii console on request.

should have the freedom to create their ideal lifestyles by shaping their living spaces” and it shows - perfect for unusual gifts. Although you might have to bribe the children to behave with a trip to old fashioned sweet shop, Hope and Greenwood afterwards!


London Design Festival

Clerkenwell Our busy young professional shows you how to make the most of the festival if you’ve only got limited time to explore.


Event Do Eat Drink Shop Stay

Craft Central One Day Designers Sale Barbican architectural tour Look Mum No Hands Look Mum No Hands and The Zetter Townhouse Magma The Rookery

Accountant by day, design-nerd by night, my

strategy for the London Design Festival (and

bookish goodness – you’ll either come out

feeding my design addiction year-round) is

weighed down by more beautiful books than

about what I can do in my lunch hour and af-

you can carry, or be so overwhelmed with

ter work, so these are bite-sized recommen-

choice you’ll buy nothing, but browsing here


is such a soul-enriching experience, it will be

a worthwhile trip either way.

My nearest and dearest London Design

Magma is a cornucopia of designy,

Festival event will be the Craft Central One

Day Designers Sale – a fantastic opportunity

relax into the old fashioned glamour of the

to meet designer-makers and snap up dis-

Rookery - it’s a whisky-by-an-open-fire,

tinctive products with up to 75% off.

champagne-in-a-claw-footed-bath kind of

place, with lots of character and friendly

If you can do a Barbican architectural

tour, jump at the chance. £8 and an hour or

If bite-sized doesn’t quite do it for you,

service to boot.

two well spent; they are incredibly informative and absolutely fascinating.

Whether you go everywhere by Bromp-

ton (guilty!), like good cake and coffee or just appreciate a well-designed space, Look Mum No Hands is a must-visit. Opened just last year with immediate success, it’s one of my favourite spots in London.

“If bite-sized doesn’t quite do it for you, relax into the old fashioned glamour of the Rookery”


London Design Festival

Brompton Quarter Our super stylish design worshipper takes you on a tour of the places to see and be seen in exclusive Brompton.

Event Do Eat Drink Shop Stay


LDF in residence at V&A Postmodernism Style and Subversion 1970-1990 at V&A Brindisa V&A Reading Rooms Skandium The Egerton House Hotel

London Design Festival is ‘in residence’ at the V&A for the whole festival, with 13 installations and a broad programme of workshops, talks and events.

The installation I’m most looking forward to is

the Bouroullec Brothers’ Textile Field, which will transform the formal, almost church-like Raphael Gallery into a vast 240m2 lounging area made from coloured foam and textiles, creating the perfect space to kick back, relax and really immerse yourself in the paintings.

While you’re at the V&A, you’d be mad to miss

Postmodernism Style and Subversion 1970-1990, launching 24th September, and a temporary PostModern Cafe popping up at the Exhibition Road entrance.

“I eat at nearby Brindisa, sitting up at the bar for genuine Spanish tapas and fabulous coffee”

I eat at nearby Brindisa, sitting up at the bar

for genuine Spanish tapas and fabulous coffee (and great waiter eaves-dropping if you’re fluent!).

Just opposite; the V&A Reading Rooms, a

bookshop that encourages you to pull up a seat and enjoy a glass of vino while you browse, is just heaven.

And if you’re a fan of Scandinavian style (or the

Moomins), don’t miss Skandium, a British company founded by three Scandinavians with the aim of being the world’s best retailer of Scandinavian design and furniture.

For the full Brompton experience, check into

the Egerton House Hotel, an 1843 luxury townhouse imbued with the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era.


London Design Festival

Fitzrovia Follow in our dedicated design followers footsteps around upmarket Fitzrovia.

designjunction promise the best in global design in a somewhat contrary venue of Victoria House Basement, which if it’s done well should provide a dramatic counter point for the high-end design. designjunction debuted at Salone del Mobile in Milan to great acclaim this year, so its London visit should be well worth checking out.

While you’re in the area, CAA (Contemporary

Applied Arts) is a gem; a well-curated selection of products that are equally effective as a shop or an exhibition space.

Event Do Eat Drink Shop Stay


designjunction Contemporary Applied Arts Shochu Lounge Crazy Bear Contemporary Applied Arts Charlotte Street Hotel

“designjunction debuted in Milan to great acclaim, so its London visit should be well worth checking out”

And you’re in for a treat when it comes to sustenance, whether you’re with clients or on your own time. Start with a martini at the Crazy Bear, but watch out for the toilets; with no discernable door and an entirely mirrored interior, you might want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way out!

Then head to the Shochu Lounge underneath

ROKA. Save time for admiring the interior by asking your waiter to make a selection from their extensive menu for you (but be sure they include the soft shelled crab).

And then you’re within stumbling distance of

the Charlotte Street Hotel, with its extensive cocktail menu, individually designed modern English rooms, and indulgent breakfasts – especially lovely if it’s warm enough to sit outside for a spot of people watching.


London Design Festival

Shoreditch Fancy yourself as a Shoreditch sweetheart? Let our trendy, and effortlessly cool, tour guide show you round.

TENT London is not to be missed; Director Jimmy MacDonald told me “We have a really exciting line up of home-grown designers this year. Look out for Abigail Edward’s whimsical wallpaper designs, Bark Furniture’s hand-crafted range of mid-century influenced pieces and a stunning collaboration of hand-blown lighting and passementerie, between Curiousa & Curiousa and Jessica Light.”

Event Do Eat Drink Shop Stay


TENT London TENT London Bistrotheque and Brick Lane Beigel Bake Bar Kick Lee Broom’s design salon Hoxton Hotel

“For the price of a kebab you’ll get a filled bagel and a bag of plain ones for tomorrow. The best bagels this side of New York!”

Brunch at Bistrotheque comes served with pop

hits tinkled out on a baby grand. Look out for the impressive wooden bar, reclaimed from a panelled ballroom in Otterburn Hall, and original 1930s window panes.

Bar Kick is a great spot for a few beers and a

game of table-football. Afterwards, head to the Brick Lane Beigel Bake – I’ve been going there all my life. It’s open 24/7, and for the price of a kebab you’ll get a filled bagel for now and a bag of plain ones for tomorrow. The best bagels this side of New York!

Lee Broom’s studio will become a surreal, inti-

mate ‘design salon’ showcasing his debut furniture collection: “a contemporary take on 1930s uphol-


those in the know get their shut-eye. Its roaring

The award-winning Hoxton Hotel is where

fires, polished concrete and exposed brickwork set the scene - you can even buy the cushions if you want to take a little bit of Hoxton home with you.


London Design Festival

While you’re there...what to wear Covent Garden Womens Denim Jacket, £59 from Joules Solid Gold Miniature Charm Necklace, £270 from Austique

Love Quotes, £75 from Austique

Peach MoonLondon Nights Enamel

stone Studs,

Bangle, £110 from

£675 from

Astley Clark

Pippa Small NW3 Ashford Dress,

La Tropezienne leather tote

£139 from Hobbs

bag, £229.99 by Clare Vivier at Bodie and Fou

India Blue Elec


leather shoes, £82 from French Sole

By Helena del Rio

Clerkenwell Burberry navy packable trench coat, £450 from Zippy pocket cardigan, £45 from Nigel Hall

D&G Navy Cross print shirt, £200 from A.P.C. straight leg jeans, £120 from

Marc by Marc Jacobs brown Oliver Peoples round optical

leather briefcase, £425

glasses, £190 from Mr Porter

from Falke blue navy block stripe socks, £9.50 from

Paul Smith leather boots, £165 from


London Design Festival

Brompton Quarter Christian Dior sunglasses, £170 from Harvey Nichols

Smythe Cutaway-back wool-crepe blazer, £510 from Net-a-Porter

Summer Stripe necklace, $68 from Elva Fields

J Brand Kiki high-rise flared jeans, £210 from Net-a-Porter

Nancy tote, £870 from Smythson

Rainbow stripe tee, £30 from French Connection

Selina shoe in


taupe, £185 from LK Bennett

Fitzrovia Gucci corduroy suit jacket, £730 from Mr Porter

Crinkled check button down collar shirt, £120 from Eton Shirts

Gucci classic leather belt, £220 from Mr Porter Burberry Prorsum slim fit jeans, £225 from Mr Porter Paul Smith pitney black darby lace shoes, £200 from

D&G black leather briefcase, £325 from


London Design Festival

Shoreditch Knitted hot pick tweedy cable jumper, £40 from TopShop

Monica Vinader Marie 18-karat gold-plated disc necklace, £210 from Net-a-Porter

Lord Paisley Liberty Print Beadnell Jacket, Barbour, £219 from Liberty

Wood Bead Necklace by Saskia Diez, $85 from La Garçonne

Beige chiffon pleated maxi skirt, £40 from River Island

Lana shoe, £65


from American

Mulberry Oversized Alexa


leather bag, £925 from Net-a-Porter

Heart Columns

Floral Finds for your Home By Rona Wheeldon

Rona Wheeldon is the writer behind the floral-inspired blog,

Hannah McVicar Floral print, £85

Ravishing Beauty is the name of this beautiful floral print from the very talented illustrator Hannah McVicar. I love Hannah’s designs and this one in partic-

V&A cake stand, £25,

ular really captures the look of a quintes-

John Lewis

sential English country garden.

Aren’t these name place vases

from mail order company, Cox & Cox such a lovely way to display flowers at

Cox & Cox name place

dinner parties? Simply pop in a selection

vases, £32 for a set of 8.

of blooms from your garden.

I love this pretty vintage-style abigail*ryan

cake stand featuring a floral chintz de-


sign from John Lewis. Part of their V&A

homewares and their beautiful floral-

Brompton Rose range, it would make the

inspired tea towels. In particular, this

perfect addition to your Sunday after-

dahlia design in raspberry would certain-

noon tea, full of sandwiches or even cupcakes.

Cath Kidston mug, £4



ly brighten up the task of drying-up.

Famous for its floral prints, Liberty

have come up trumps again with this gorgeous rose-adorned fabric designed by Allan Thomas. Perfect for cushions, curtains or even quilting.

Walking into a Cath Kidston shop is

floral pattern heaven. I remember visiting Cath’s very first store in Holland Park abigail*ryan tea towel, £11 Allan Thomas floral print, £21, Liberty

back in the early 1990s and I was immediately taken by her vintage-style products. This Provence Rose Tea Mug is ideal for your morning cuppa.


Heart Styling

Rustle up a Masterpiece

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of feasting! Here in Britain, where every day of sunshine is treasured like a rare gem, it is only befitting to celebrate the end of summer with a delicious spread of seasonal fruits.

By Eunice Yeo


Heart Styling

Ripe, juicy and bursting with flavour, soft fruit

The jewel-toned hues of strawberries, raspber-

like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are

ries and blueberries will definitely add a lovely pop

synonymous with summer. While strawberries

of colour to any party. These summer berry tart-

are widely available in supermarkets from May till

lets are incredibly easy to make and the various

December nowadays, blueberries and raspberries

components can be prepared beforehand, stored

are at their best during the months from July to

and then assembled when you want to serve them.


A perfect accompaniment to the tart is a fromage

But nothing can beat the freshness of picking

blanc ice cream, which is slightly tart, not over-

your own berries straight from the farms. Spend an

whelmingly sweet yet creamy. Variations can be

afternoon picking your own raspberries or straw-

made with leftover berries too!

berries with loved ones. By the end of the day, you

are guaranteed to have garnet-stained fingers from

advantage of the abundance of strawberries, rasp-

eating as you go, plus punnets and punnets of fruit

berries and blueberries and treat your family and

to bring home! And what better way to use up all

friends to some home made goodness.

So before this summer comes to an end, take

that fruit than to make them into luscious desserts and treats?


“Nothing can beat the freshness of picking your own berries straight from the farms�



Fresh Summer Berry Tartlets

Sweet Tart Dough (makes 10-12 4-inch tartlets)

Vanilla Pastry Cream


250ml whole milk

plain flour

¼ tsp salt


egg yolks


cold butter, cut into cubes


caster sugar


caster sugar

1 tsp

vanilla extract


small egg, beaten



150ml whipping cream

1 Using the paddle attachment, beat the butter with the flour, salt and sugar in a mixer until resembling course

2 tsp

Grand Marnier (or other fruit liquer)

crumbs. You may also do this in a food processor or manu-

1 Whisk the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch together until

ally with a pastry cutter, but work fast to prevent the butter

well blended.

from melting.

2 Bring the milk and vanilla extract to boil in saucepan,

2 Add the beaten egg into the mixture and bring the dough together, working quickly with your fingers or a dough scraper, turning the bowl as you go. (Note: Don’t overwork the dough as the gluten content will develop and the pastry will become tough. It is normal for the dough to be quite wet)


Form the dough into a round disk, sprinkle some flour

and wrap it in cling film. Refrigerate for at least 1-2 hours. (At this point, you can keep the dough in the fridge for 3 days or up to 1 month frozen for rolling later).

and immediately remove it from the heat.

3 Slowly pour the hot milk in a trickle into the egg yolk mixture to temper it, while whisking continuously.

4 Once all incorporated, pour mixture back into saucepan. Bring to a boil while stirring constantly with a whisk for about 2 minutes. The mixture will thicken into a custard consistency.

5 Pour mixture into a plate or tray lined with cling film.

4 Roll out the cold dough on a floured surface until a thick-

Press the film over the surface of the pastry cream and wrap

ness of about 3mm.

point, it can be refrigerated for 3 days for use later)

5 Cut out circles the size of your tart moulds and press them gently into the base and sides. Let the edges hang over the mould. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Preheat your oven to 160°C (fan setting) Take your tart shells out of the fridge. Using your rolling pin

it to prevent a crust from forming. Leave to cool. (At this

6 Whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Add in pastry cream and liquer and continue to whisk to blend in. Assembly 300g





strawberries, halved or quartered

with a fork.


apricot jam or glaze

7 Line each tart shell with a square of baking paper, and fill


vanilla pastry cream (recipe as above)


tartlet shells (recipe as above)

or the dull edge of your knife, trim the edges off the tart shell.


Dock your tart shell by making some holes in the base

it with rice, dried beans or pastry weights.

8 Blind bake the tart shells for 15 minutes in the oven. After 15 minutes, turn down the heat to 140°C. Remove the baking paper and the weights and continue to bake shells for

1 Fill piping bag with pastry cream and fill each tart shell about halfway to two-thirds with cream.

9 Cool the shells on a wire rack. They are now ready to be

2 Arrange the fruit over the cream, covering it completely. 3 Warm up apricot glaze and spread with pastry brush over

filled or can be stored airtight at room temperature for up to


3 days.

4 Tartlets can be kept for up to 3 days in fridge.

another 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Blueberry Fromage Blanc Ice Cream 500ml fromage blanc (or greek yoghurt) 150ml whole milk

3 Cook blueberries, sugar and lemon juice in a saucepan on medium heat until soft.


caster sugar


blueberries (or any other berries, can be frozen)

4 Strain to remove pulp, and cool. 5 Stir into fromage blanc mixture, or keep in fridge sepa-


jam sugar (or caster sugar)

rately if you want a ripple effect in churning.


tbsp lemon juice

1 Heat milk and sugar over medium heat until sugar is melt-

6 Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. 7 Churn in your ice-cream machine according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

8 If making a ripple effect, slowly pour in the blueberry

ed. Bring to boil and immediately remove from heat. Cool to

coulis just before the fromage blanc ice cream finishes

room temperature.


2 Whisk in fromage blanc or yoghurt until well blended.

9 Pour into container and leave in freezer to set for 2 hours.


Words Joanna Thornhill Photography Sarah Hogan

Stylist’s Own Stuck in a bland rental? Put your stylist’s head on and try some non-permanent decorating tricks – all without losing your deposit…

Heart Homes


After years of living in shared houses, interior stylist Joanna couldn’t wait to move into a flat she could really put her stamp on. There was only one problem: rather than a blank canvas, the property she moved to with her partner is a fully-furnished rental.

So how do you personalise a space that’s full

of someone else’s furniture, which you can’t redecorate, and with a limited budget to boot? The answer was to approach the space much like creating a look for an interiors photoshoot. And as someone who does just that for a living, Joanna was perfectly placed to create the ultimate depos-

it-friendly transformation.

One of the things that appealed to me about the flat was that it has good foundations: white walls, dark neutral flooring and a decent kitchen, plus the landlord used to live here and was a bit of a vintage fiend, meaning some of the furnishings consisted of lovely old pieces instead of the usual wall-to-wall Ikea found in most rentals.

I treated the flat somewhat like dressing a set:

covering what I could, disguising what I didn’t like and ensuring everything I did is easy to reverse afterwards. The end result is what I endearingly refer to as Miss Havisham on Acid: lots of vintage bits and heirlooms collected over the years, mixed with bright modern and retro pieces and contrasting patterns, and a space where you can’t tell where the rental style ends and our style begins.

I really needed additional storage in the kitchen so I added my own freestanding bookshelf, as fixing wall mounted shelving wasn’t an option. 81

Heart Homes

The old planetarium sign was being thrown out.. I sprinted down the stairs when I saw it dumped on the street!

The kitchen table came with the flat

and is a bit of an orangey pine so I covered the top with a bargain spotty oilcloth fabric found on eBay. It’s stapled underneath the table top to hide the fixings, meaning that when I need to remove it there won’t be any damage to the table.

I really needed additional storage in

the kitchen so I added my own freestanding bookshelf, as fixing wall mounted shelving wasn’t an option. I customised it by adding a wallpapered panel to the back and painting the carcass. I also collect old vintage tins for storage.

As the flat has high ceilings, I’ve

piled both wardrobes high with vintage suitcases. Some of the cases are family heirlooms and one was picked up from a charity shop for a bargainous £2.50. I customised my old wardrobe by repainting it and adding offcuts of wood-effect wallpaper on the sides. The mesh doors provide a great spot to hang my jewellery.

The lamp is an old Ikea purchase,

personalised with a new bead pull, pom pom trim and pink fabric around the stand and the embroidered cushions were both originally wall hangings that I


turned into cushion covers.

I used a vintage eiderdown and foam to create a padded head board around my landlord’s wooden bed head

Heart Homes

The decoupage chair was also originally a

nasty orange pine when I inherited it. I covered it in fabric scraps from my collection and fixed it in place with several coats of PVA glue, then painted the seat base a complimentary colour.

The sofa is actually ‘naked’ - it came with a

nasty burgundy loose fitted cover which I went to take off to wash and discovered the sofa was a much more inoffensive cream. I’ve added a couple of throws to it to protect it and stuck a macramé decoration to one corner using double sided tape.

The cushions are mainly made from old fabric

scraps, bits of embroidery and vintage silk scarves found in charity shops.

The old filing cabinet was being thrown out

by a local office – I covered it with a vintage map print to give it a less corporate feel (unfortunately there’s nowhere else to keep it!) I also used some scraps of Louise Body wallpaper and a stamp kit to make pretty drawer labels.


Download the images

I stuck a macrame decoration to one corner of the sofa using double-sided tape

Heart Homes

By compiling images en masse, stuck with a mix of blu tac and washi tape, the look is composed rather than cluttered.


Style steal

Heart Shopping

Get the look from Joanna’s home Egg dot porcelain vases,

£27.50 small / £30 medium / £40 large, Berry Red Kura lampshade, £30, Habitat

Isak small landsby tray,

£18, Clooudberry Living

Vintage silk scarf cushion,

£95, Shop & Curious

George chair,

£560, Mel Made This


Heart Interviews

“People do not always know what they want until you offer it to them”


Words Daniel Nelson Portrait photograph Julian Broad

In good


On the eve of his 80th birthday, Sir Terence Conran can reflect on a long and fruitful career in high-street retail, restauranteering and the promotion of design in industry. Heart Home took some time out to celebrate the Conran empire.


Heart Interviews

“The clever thing was that it looked upmarket, but was very reasonably priced.”

It seems strange to think that we have Sir Terence

oil from the chemist’. Now with several successful

to thank for bringing the duvet to the British nation

business ventures behind him, including several

back in the Sixties, or for bringing the second Gag-

restaurants, The Conran Shop furniture emporium

gia coffee machine to London during the Fifites.

and, of course, the massively successful Habitat

How this one man has discreetly shaped our lives is

brand which he opened in 1964, Sir Terence is still

testament to his forward-thinking; he knows what

working hard to democratise creativity and bring

we want before we know it ourselves.

good design to the high street.

Born 4 October 1931, Terence Orby Conran be-

His latest venture is a collaboration with mass-

gan a life of discovery and business. Venturing to

market powerhouse Marks & Spencer to bring good

France in his early life to work, he travelled back to

contemporary furniture in to the homes of the dis-

the UK in the Fifties with a vision to bring Britain

cerning Brits once more.

to where our European counterparts have been for

so many years. He says ‘you could only buy olive


Happy Birthday Sir Terence Conran!

Watch the video interview in partnership with

Heart Homes

A neutral palette When interior designer Sophie Paterson redesigned her own house she blended her signature style with that of her husband to create a uniquely luxurious home. Words Victoria Harrison Photography Patrick Butler Madden


Heart Homes

What would be your first criteria when looking for

a London home? Location was precisely what at-

proportions and a good layout; fortunately it hadn’t

tracted interior designer Sophie to her mews house.

been extensively developed so there was plenty of

Well, that and the front door. ‘We wanted to make

scope for Sophie to make her mark. Describing her

the most of our pre-kids years by living in central

signature style as ‘classic contemporary with a pre-

London and South Kensington is a lovely place to

dominantly neutral palette’ her own home is a per-

live’ Sophie explains. ‘Furthermore I always wanted

fect example of this look, albeit with a slightly mas-

to have my own front door; being house proud the

culine twist. Sophie attributes this to the fact that

idea of sharing a front door with other messy neigh-

prior to moving here in 2006, she briefly lived with

bours gives me a nervous twitch!’ So, with her front

her husband Kevin in his bachelor pad in Glasgow

door issues sorted, Sophie set about making this

and when the couple moved to London they bought

London base her own.

much of their furniture with them.


Dating from the 1800s the house had great room


Heart Homes


Over time though Sophie has ‘softened and

lightened up the scheme’ and it is now a space which she feels ‘represents both of us, with the softer more feminine bedrooms very true to my personal style and the more masculine rooms designed with Kevin in mind and making the best use of his furniture.’

Because Sophie and Kevin lived in the house

for a year and a half before commencing any work they had plenty of time to work out what they wanted from the space and Sophie was able to pinpoint how they liked to live in the space before making any changes. Like all projects though, it quickly started to take on a life of its own and Sophie freely admits that ‘what was meant to be a few cosmetic changes soon turned into a total overhaul.’

On the ground floor they opened up the door-

ways leading off the compact entrance hall, heightening and widening them to give a greater sense of space and pocket doors were also installed upstairs to help the space flow in the smaller rooms such as the ensuite.

The couple also installed a new kitchen and

bathroom, as well as new flooring and redecorated throughout adding new soft furnishings to complement the scheme in each room. As well as these visible updates Sophie also added some invisible improvements to make everyday life that little bit more luxurious such as underfloor heating in the bathrooms and kitchen, a heated mirror for applying makeup, surround sound in the lounge and lutron lighting throughout.


“The living room is where we gather with friends and family so it’s got so many happy memories”

Heart Homes

“Running my own design studio was a huge help in terms of sourcing items and having a team of trusted tradesmen�


Heart Homes Download the images

So, what does the future hold for Sophie Paterson

Interiors? ‘I love being hands on so I don’t want to grow to the extent that I become a manager and don’t have the time to actually get down to the nitty gritty of interior design’ Sophie states, ‘first and foremost I want to focus on producing beautiful interiors.’ And are there any more home redecoration plans of her own on the horizon? ‘Every corner of the house has been refurbished!’ laughs Sophie ‘I’m going to have to move so I can try out some of my new ideas.’



Heart Shopping

Style steal

Get the look from Sophie’s home By Kate Baxter

Rihana Table Lamp, £95 from

The Chandelier & Mirror Company Wooden Bowl And Rattan

Balls, £unknown by Creature Comforts from ASDA

Leon 3 Seater Sofa

in Undyed Fabric £960 from

Sel de Mer Cushion Cover, £12.99

Monochrome Zig Zag Cushion, £7.99 both from H&M Home

Jennifer 3+2 Drawer Chest,


£499 from John Lewis

Heart Columns

Michaela Mildenhall otherwise known as Pargy, is the author of the blog which hunts down the best in bold and daring design from the past and present.

The Mini Moderns

Royal Festival Hall plate


by People Will Always



range of wallpapers,

Need Plates

ceramics and rugs entitled


which contains many of its most popular

If it’s fabby 50’s British style that you’re after, then you


need look no further than the 1951 Festival of Britain.

People will always

The ambition of the festival was to create a new nation


of hope and optimism within the arts, science and cul-

added a special Royal

ture, and of course, to celebrate British-made!

Festival Hall plate



If you are thinking of hitting the vintage trail to to their range, and I’ve seen a striking print by Paul

decorate your home festival-style, then keep an eye Catherall of the Skylon, which really does capture the out for Ernest Race’s incredible Antelope Chairs, and optimistic spirit of the era! of course the wonderful pieces from British design duo, Robin and Lucienne Day. Festival Espresso set by Mini Moderns

“There’s a bunch of vibrant new designers who’ve been influenced by this golden era in British Design”“ If your walls are looking a bit drab, then head over to the Fired Earth website - they have collaborated with Kevin McCLoud and produced some great festival colours as part of their Mid-Century range.

All that’s left to do

now is deck the halls with festival bunting, invite your friends and family along and, of course, At the more affordable end of the market, for pock-

drink lashings of ginger

et money prices, you can get great Festival of Britain


memorabilia on eBay. Lizzie Allen Wallpaper


Heart Shopping


Every season interior companies launch new de-

signs, this autumn is no exception. One of Heart

are pretty stripes and smaller floral motifs. Bold

Home’s favourite stores is Designers Guild, known

and bright is back and as we believe you can never

for their stunning use of colour and print.

have too many great accessories here’s our style

file to help you update your living room whatever

This season proves no different, big blooms are

plentiful and are available on walls and upholstery.


Or, if you prefer something more subtle, there

your budget! By Sophie Warren-Smith




Blue stripe cushion, £14.95, Eternal Halo

Pied a Terre cushion, £30, House of Fraser

Marion cushion by Missoni Home, £104, Amara

Orange flower bottle, £48, Dartington Crystal

Kosta Boda Cabana vase, £79, John Lewis

Orange giant bobble vase, £90, Ziggi Ziggi

Tripod side table, £79,

Oak Hourglass table, £245, Content by Conran

Otto side table, £340, SCP

Miya 30516, £48 p/roll, Harlequin

Paradiso by Nina Campbell, £58 p/roll, Osborne & Little

Pulbrook Rose digital wallpaper, £150 p/roll, Cath Kidston

Heart Homes

There’s no place like home Words Stacey Sheppard Photography Simon Eldon

Jeska Hearne, author of the popular blog Lobster and Swan, sees her home as a sanctuary to be filled with all the treasures she holds dear and one day she hopes to have her own boutique B&B.


Heart Homes

“My home is my sanctuary, high above the busy, noisy streets of our town centre, a light filled oasis filled with all the things I treasure and find beautiful�


Upon entering the flat in the big, old converted Victorian property in Hastings, East Sussex, where Jeska Hearne lives with her husband Dean and their seven month old female kittens Wallace and Marlow, it is difficult not to be taken aback by the light airy feel that is created by the large windows and high ceilings, typical of properties from this era.

Jeska’s love of vintage and her preference for

all things pretty and romantic is immediately apparent from the way that she has chosen to decorate her home. In fact, she even jokes that she was born in the wrong era.

Jeska’s affinity with times gone by has obvi-

ously has a great impact on her personal taste. Her style, she says, has been very much influenced by her grandmother, who also happens to be her best friend. “As a child my sister and I had a fabulous play house and dressing up box filled with vintage clothes and my great grandma’s old make up”.

In fact, when you take a closer look at her home

you get the feeling that it is just an extension of that wendy house. The flat itself consists of a large airy sitting room, a kitchen/diner, a bathroom and two bedrooms, one of which she uses as her workroom.

While Jeska’s personal style and taste is very

much present in their home, it is difficult to see how, if at all, Dean has had any influence on the decoration. Jeska herself admits that at the moment Dean, a BMX bike distributor who used to ‘street ride’ professionally, doesn’t really mind taking a back seat in that respect.

Their home is testament to Jeska’s creativity.

Her work room is brimming with ribbons, sequins and flowers, which she uses to decorate cushions. She makes garlands and has one hanging above the bed. She is also a keen photographer and makes her own postcards, which she sells in her Etsy shop.


Heart Homes

“I adore original old store fronts, old movies, a simpler way of life, less food packaging, outfits saved for Sunday best, men in suits and hats, less TV and more cinema trips, old fashioned music, dance halls, afternoon tea and 1940s dining rooms� 112


Heart Homes


“I once spent a whole summer wearing a decaying gold and green tulle tutu over my regular clothes�


Heart Homes


“I like to update the shop with things

I am making from time to time and little kits for other people to make things with,” she says. “I never get too serious with it, but like to share when I am feeling inspired. I am not very good at making a full time career out of it though.”

She works a couple of days a week

for her friend Rose in her shop while she decides the path she wants to take next. Butler’s Emporium, in Hastings old town, used to be a hardware shop, but is now a lovely boutique filled with scented candles and French soaps, old haberdashery ribbons and a wealth of other decorative items.

Even though Jeska loves working at

the Emporium, you get the impression that she is always happiest when she’s at home. Her dream is to one day have a home that she can transform into a boutique B&B where she could offer homemade muesli for breakfast. “I love being at home so much. Combine that with designing a beautiful place for people to stay and I think that would be a perfect combination for me,” she says wistfully.

Download the images


Heart Shopping

Style steal Get the look from Jeska’s home Blue Room The Rhinoceros House Dresser Plate, £15 from Spode

Glory Be! cushions, £20 from Angel at my Table

Teacup And Saucer Regency, £6.95 from Dotcomgiftshop

Iced Fancies 3D Storage

Jar, £19 from Creative Tops

Black Suitcase Storage, starting Make your own Pinhole Camera, £19.95 from


from £19.99 at HomeSense

Heart Styling

Cut out and keep How to make a bird-house key rack

By Torie Jayne

Materials 6 x wooden craft birdhouses 6 x picture hooks 1 x wooden board (68.5 cm x 14 cm) 2 x screws Rolls of Japanese Washi tape White undercoat paint PVA wood glue Drill Hammer Paint brush Craft knife


Heart Styling

1 to 4 Drill small hole in top of wooden perch and lightly tap picture hook into hole. Paint house and hook with white paint, and leave to dry.

5 to 8 Starting on the outside edge of the roof carefully stick lines of masking tape to roof. Tuck tape under roof and trim off any excess. Starting at the bottom of the houses stick lines of masking tape on front of house.


9 to 12 Cover entire front of house in masking tape and trim off any excess. Cut lines into the masking tape where it covers the hole and press masking tape through so the hole is exposed. Cover sides of house in masking tape and trim off any excess.

13 to 16 Cover base in masking tape and trim off any excess. Coat house with PVA glue in sections and leave to dry. This ensures that they do not not stick to the surface you are drying them on.

17 to 19 Paint wooden board in white paint and drill two mounting holes, one at each side. Carefully glue houses to wooden board using PVA wood glue and leave to dry. Screw board to wall and hang keys!


Heart Columns

A Bonnie Brew Tea-time treats are just the ticket for this Scottish lass Words Hannah Ricci

Portrait photograph Michael Corr

With the graduate job market so tough right now, more and more young creatives are taking the future into their own hands to break into the design world alone. In the first in a regular series, Heart Home meets new UK designer-makers who are championing handmade with unique ideas set to rock the interiors world.

Nikki McWilliams loves nothing more than a cup

of tea and a biscuit and it’s her passion for these sweet snacks that inspires her covetable collection of cushions.

“I’ve long been obsessed with biscuits and draw-

ing the distinctive designs,” explains Nikki, 25, from Dundee. “After graduating with a degree in Fine Art, I found myself leaning more towards design and started to experiment with screen-printing on textiles.”

Nikki picked up sewing skills from her mum, who

runs a commercial upholstery business, to turn her


biscuit drawings into cushions.

“I love iconic Scottish brand Tunnocks, so the foil wrapped tea cake was my first design and I couldn’t believe how popular it was” Favourite biscuits the Bourbon, Custard Cream and best selling Caramel Wafer came next, followed by recent additions the Digestive and Chocolate Malted Milk. “I think they strike a cord with people because there’s something quite nostalgic about British biscuits, and everyone seems to have their favourite.”

The cushions and badges that Nik-

ki also makes are stocked in boutiques throughout Scotland, and sold in her Etsy and Folksy shops.

Nikki works from a corner of the liv-

ing room in the flat she shares with her artist boyfriend Michael Corr, and juggles her job as a retail manager at Primark to meet the bills. “My immediate plans are to approach stockists in England and develop some different designs including repeat patterns, and screenprinting on quilts and other soft furnishings,” explains Nikki. “I absolutely love what I do and can’t wait for the time when I can quit my day job.”


Pretty vintage

Pretty vintage


Struggling to find inspiration? British style guru Selina Lake is here to lend a helping hand. Selina is a freelance interiors and lifestyle stylist who is well known for her pretty retro and contemporary creations. Turn the page to read her tips for transforming your home into an eclectic and vintage inspired gem.

Photograph Debi Treloar

Photograph Debi Treloar

By Selina Lake


Heart Styling

Photograph Sussie Bell

Photograph Max Attenbrough

“Colours! – I like using white or muted backgrounds with bright pops of colour.”

Work with things you love which inspire you,

Don’t underestimate homespun, I find the

trust your instincts when choosing interior décor,

most inspiring homes are the ones with styled

if your home is full of items you choose and love,

with originality. The made by hand trend is huge

you can’t go wrong!

right now, simply by adding a home sewn cushion or knitted throw can transform a modern sofa.

Stand back! – When setting up your displays

remember to stand back so you can assess wheth-

Make a moodboard before starting any inte-

er the overall look works, it will help you produce

rior project, I use Pinterest as it helps me create a

something very pleasing to the eye.

look by gathering images I find online. I also find sticking tearsheets and printed images above my desk, really helps to inspire me.


Photograph Debi Treloar

Heart Styling

“Use lots of fresh blooming flowers, they will add colour, romance and cheer to any space.”

See what works, its good to play around

out, sometimes it works sometimes you just know it doesn’t, I find usually less is more, but sometimes more is more!

Mixing vintage with new – I love doing

this in all rooms but especially the bedroom, some vintage eiderdowns are so beautiful, I like mixing second-hand pillowcases with new cushions & duvet covers, the key to getting the mix and match look right is to combine colours which sit together well or have similar hues.

If you’ve loved Selina’s stylish insights, take a trip to her website,, or her blog, www.selinalake. You can also pick up a copy of one of her best-selling interiors books, Bazaar Style and Romantic Style. Selina is currently working on a much anticipated third book titled Homespun Style, which is due to be released in Spring 2012.


Photographs Max Attenbrough

when styling a still life, I like to try things

Photograph Debi Treloar

Heart Homes

La famille‌ c’est important! By Tara Bradford

In December 2009, Karine Candice, co-founder of online concept store Bodie & Fou, moved from a rented two-bedroom flat to a four-bedroom terraced house along with her New Zealandborn husband Steve and their daughter Mila Sienna. They share their relaxed space with Lucas, a lively Australian Shepherd. 130

Karine’s West London home showcases her eclectic style, blending contemporary and vintage items, along with elements of nature. Their three-story townhouse is enhanced with personal mementos, treasured family photographs and unusual items collected from their travels.

Amongst Karine’s favourite décor

highlights are a simple, mostly blackand-white collage made up of snapshots of family and friends and a Jean-Baptiste Mondino photo of French actress Vanessa Paradis. Another photographic favourite is a framed print of Karine’s father playing rugby in Southwest France, which won the 1973 ‘Sports Photo of the Year Award’.

“I find inspiration by visiting flea markets and shops”

Karine and her sister Elodie’s pas-

sion for French and British design sparked the creation of Bodie & Fou in 2005. That, and frustration at the lack of original and affordable design available whilst they were flat sharing together.

Today the French sisters – with Kar-

ine’s home in London and Elodie’s base in Paris – continually update their online boutique with chic, yet comfortable clothes and accessories, a mix of vintage and contemporary furniture, lighting and whimsical gifts for the home. Many items are found in or inspired by their native France. Whilst the annual Maison d’Objet in Paris and Top Drawer are


Heart Homes

Karine’s West London home showcases her eclectic style, blending contemporary and vintage items, along with elements of nature.


among their repeat sources for compelling and innovative design, many Bodie & Fou products are found simply by happenstance while perusing online blogs

But Karine also believes in do-it-yourself projects.

She constructed her coffee table herself using wooden industrial pallets which she then painted white. The sturdy table is usually topped with stacks of au courant design and interiors books.

The home’s light and airy feel continues into the

living room where daylight pulses through a central star-shaped Brume frosted sticker, providing privacy from street-facing windows.

Upstairs, Mila’s pink and grey room is filled with

books, stuffed animals and toys, both vintage and modern. Mila’s own original creations hang across her room, suspended from a modified clothesline which acts as an impromptu art gallery.


Heart Homes

In the master bedroom, a plaster cast of Mi-

la’s foot as in infant joins framed photographs, a group of alabaster crosses discovered at a shop in Hertfordshire and a vintage mirror to compose a charming tableau atop a marble mantel piece. A wooden mercantile cabinet with numbered shelves and a vintage oak stool add character to the highceilinged space whilst the room’s large bay windows provide plenty of light, further reflected in a large French gilt mirror which leans against a wall.

Taped inside her closet door are drawings and

pages torn from magazines which she uses as a daily mood or inspiration board. Karine says she finds the inspiration for her work throughout daily life by visiting flea markets and shops, reading books and magazines and, of course, through her frequent trips abroad.

Later this year, Bodie and Fou plan to launch a

mail-order Christmas catalogue.



Heart Shopping

Style steal

Get the look from Karine’s home Eat Shop Front Letters, £175 from Berry Red

Rabbit Night Light, £4.99 from hunkydory home

Hand Carved Wooden

Barn Star, £14.99 from

The Contemporary Home

Vintage Industrial Bottle

Crate, £52 from Bubbledrum

Faux Antlers, £13.50 from Velvet Brown

X1 Espresso Machine In Red, £399 from FrancisFrancis!


Heart Interviews

How to Decor8 Holly Becker’s first book Decorate hit the shelves last spring and has been a runaway success world wide. Here she tells us how it all came about. By Arianna Trapani

Holly Becker from


During the Fall of 2009 British author, Joanna Copestick contacted Holly Becker about a book project called Decorate. Having just relocated from the US to Germany she was unsure about starting a book at that time. However a few months went by, and as she settled in to her new country, the timing started to feel right.

Holly goes onto to describe Decorate as ‘a thor-

ough, inspiring, accessible, fresh, worth-every-cent decorating must-have. You will walk away feeling motivated to decorate and much more confidant. However Decorate’s success did take Holly by surprise, ‘I thought I’d have a book launch party at my house and sign copies for close friends and that’s it! You can only imagine how I felt when it completely sold out during pre-orders in the US and became a Wall Street Journal Bestseller at #2! I constantly remind myself that my friends, decor8 readers and others, are making this happen and how grateful I am for their support and encouragement’

Another great moment was launching the book at

Liberty in London. ‘The event sold-out and had to be extended beyond one evening. The reception was so incredible because people online who read blogs like decor8 are supportive, encouraging and extremely close knit’.

When asked about her favourite aspect of putting

Decorate together Holly answered ‘I enjoyed it all but if I had to pick one it would be meeting homeowners and styling their homes. I loved that part most because I could be creative and work one-on-one with Debi Treloar’.

So what does the future hold for Holly? ‘I want

to do more in-store demonstrations and meet ups for bloggers and other creative types and produce and write more books - definitely!’

Read the full interview on the Heart Home blog »

Heart Travel

Eat, Shop, Relax

in charming luxury in Marrakech

We must admit it hasn’t all been hard work in the lead up to this launch issue. Heart Home did manage to grab some rest and relaxation at a magical retreat just a few kilometres from Marrakech and indulge in a little souk shopping. By Carole King

From left to right: Tawney, Erika, Bonnie, Natalie, Fanny, Leni, Arianna, Carole

Photograph Carole King


Peacock Pavilions is a lush oasis nestled in an ol-

and authentic berber rugs, lanterns, tea glasses

ive grove and is the home of Maryam Montague, of

and caftans. Whether in the souks, the new town

MyMarrakesh fame. She shares it with her archi-

or the industrial area, Maryam knows the best

tect husband Chris, their two beautiful children,

places and the best prices!

one boisterous dog , three super friendly cats and

several peacocks.

lavishly styled tented pavilion, or watching a film

Our days would start with breakfasts on the

in the outdoor cinema – a firepit and blanket at

terrace; early morning Pilates in the open air and

the ready to ward of the chill in the unlikely event

inspiring talks from Maryam on Moroccan design

that it is anything less than balmy.

followed by shopping trips to unearth treasures


Our days would end with exotic dinners in the

Not to mention, giggly henna parties, cock-

Photograph Erika Crail

Our gracious hostess

Photograph Maryam Montague

Photograph BB Gardner

“Not to mention, giggly henna parties, cocktails, wine tasting and camel rides on the beach� Photographs Carole King

Photographs Maryam Montague

Photograph Carole King

Shop, shop, shop til you drop...

Photographs Carole King Peacock Pavilions

“Whether in the souks or the new town, Maryam knows the best places and the best prices!�

One of the bedrooms with its

All photographs on this page Carole King

painted ceiling

tails, wine tasting, camel rides on the beach at Es-

things she has collected on her travels or commis-

saouria and an afternoon enjoying the hammam

sioned from local artisans.

at Les Bains des Marrakesh and when it all got too

much the pool was an open invitation to cool down

much more than shopping. Yes, we came away

and relax.

with suitcases full of Moroccan booty but we also

learned much about the culture and design of this

The two guest pavilions are a lesson in de-

sign and styling themselves. Each has been built

Our week at Peacock Pavilions was about so

fascinating country.

by Chris and lovingly decorated and furnished by Maryam. Everything is made by hand and eve-

rything has a story, which is evident as this gra-

Retreat was organised by

cious hostess shows you around and points out the

Photograph Maryam Montague

Photograph Carole King

Hospitality, Peacock Pavilion style


Heart Shopping

Moroccan magic

Babouche leather slip-

pers, £20 from Bohemiadesign

Pink pom pom throw, £140,

Matthew Williamson for Debenhams

Omar pendant lantern, £160 Purple stoneware tagine,

from BHS

Topps Tiles

£19.99 from Lakeland

Evoke the bustle of a Marrakech bazaar by mixing vibrant jewel tones with a contemporary take on traditional patterns and the spicy sweet fragrance of a steaming tagine. Moorish tile

cushion, £30

from John Lewis

Leather pouffe, £85

from Bohemiadesign

Niki Jones Uzbeck

round cushion, £75 from


Bronze lanterns £30/£45, Matthew Williamson for

Pink glass brass lantern,

£69 / Multi-colour, £49 both from Christy Jali Single Duvet from £55

Cole and Son trellis

wallpaper, £67 from John Lewis

Style notes Group mis-matched lanterns to create an authentic middleeastern ambience. Choose black graphic patterns for a modern and sophisticated take on the trend. Adapt Moroccan style to your taste with bold brights or warm earthy tones.

Antique silver tea glass, £2.95 from

Miss Mary’s suggestions for Autumn dates By Mary Higgs

Mary Higgs is the author of popular website The Great Date Guide.

GYPSY CARAVAN I can’t deny I’ve developed a serious passion for glamping! I’ve always been a fan of traditional camping, but the glamorous variety is definitely more suitable for a date. There are so many options ,from staying in yurts, to bell tents and from tree houses to converted horseboxes. My latest adventure was in a gypsy caravan in Devon. It was a bit of a squash but it was cosy and romantic and simple: the perfect antidote to a hectic working week. Our caravan was near the south Devon coast where we


whiled away the hours with energising walks on the

Be a tourist for the day and take the boat to

beach, cream teas and strolls through picture post-

Greenwich. You’ll see London from a whole new

card English villages – it couldn’t have been more

perspective by boat and it's a great way to fall in


love with the city all over again - not to mention

The gypsy caravan we stayed in is located near

your date! Sit outside to really make the most of

Ottery St. Mary in East Devon. Weekend breaks

this journey. There’s usually a bar on board which

start from £215 - £275.

means you can grab a coffee, or something a lit-

tle stronger, to keep you warm. As you approach Greenwich the magnificent Old Royal Naval College  will come in to view. It is staggeringly impressive and will make you wonder why you don't come here more often. There’s not enough space to list of the delights of Greenwich here, but trust me, it’s full of treats. As you can imagine the journey back is beautiful, with London’s reflection glittering in all its night time finery.

We took the Thames Clipper from the Em-

bankment pier to Greenwich, which costs £5.50 for a single adult.



cobbled town and the surrounding countryside. Oh,

There are few places more romantic than a de-

and before you leave there is a great old fashioned

serted beach. That's why The Cabin in Cornwall

sweet shop called Britcher & Rivers  that is worth

is a real favourite of mine, especially in the blus-

popping into to stock up on some old favourites for

tery autumn months. Imagine taking a windswept

the journey home.

walk along the beach before heading home to your

very own cosy cliff top retreat full of books, sheep-

Prices range from £135 for a Queen to £245 for a

skin rugs and an inviting kingsize bed…

Junior Suite.

Prices for The Cabin vary depending on the

We stayed at the George in Rye in February.

time of the year but a weekend in October (Friday night until Sunday morning) would cost around £325.

AUBIN CINEMA Start off your date



drink at Terence Conran’s stylish Shoreditch venue, The Boundary (on the rooftop if you’re lucky enough to enjoy some Autumn sunshine). Then potter down the road to the Aubin, a quirky subterranean cinema where you can snuggle under a tartan blanket on a velvet two-seater sofa. Buy a bottle of wine from


the tiny retro bar and settle in for the evening. Post movie we suggest grabbing a cheeky bagel

Rye is just about my favourite great date week-

from the 24-hour bakery on Brick Lane – the per-

end away – a heavenly retreat to a quintessen-

fect late night snack!

tially English town. I’d recommend staying at the

George in Rye, a fantastic boutique hotel right in

costs £22 on a Monday night and £30 for the rest

the heart of the cobbled streets. For those with

of the week.

an eye for a bargain there is some great antiquing

to be done in Rye, but if you want to burn a few more calories I’d suggest a bracing walk along the endless sandy beach at Camber Sands. If you’re up for some more action then head back to Rye and climb the church tower to be rewarded with stunning views across the Channel, the historic

We enjoyed a deluxe two-seater sofa, which

Weird & Wonderful

The the

By Ellie Walker-Arnott

Bored of identikit interiors and characterless hotels? Heart Home takes a look at London’s most eccentric and ludicrously luxurious places to spend the night.

The Zetter Townhouse Just a hop, a skip and a jump across St John Square from the Zetter Hotel, the brand new Zetter Town-


house is following it it’s older sister’s ultra cool footsteps. Sat on top of an exclusive cocktail lounge, which serves pioneering drinks and delicious British cuisine, the townhouse consists of 13 lavishly designed and eccentrically decorated bedrooms (from £246). Paying homage to London’s rich heritage, displaying exotic oddities, and providing the ultimate in luxurious bathrooms, the Zetter Townhouse is a million miles away from any hotel you will have stayed in before.


40 W inks 40 Winks can be found in a vibrant part of East London. The elegant townhouse, which is frequently used as a location for fashion and celebrity photo shoots, is now offering guest rooms for the discerning, and fashionable, traveller. Built in 1717, the house blends a fascinating mix of traditional and modern design. 40 Winks boasts two luxury rooms for those who want to escape from bland chain hotels, offering one stylish single (£95 per night) and one deluxe double (£140 per night), each kitted out with an iPod dock, a desk and a clothes rail. Neither room has a TV; 40 Winks assumes you’ll have something much more exciting to do with your evening...


Rough Luxe As the name suggests, the Rough Luxe prides itself

and rather basic, but the hotel makes up for it with

on its eclectic mix of the old and the new, the cheap

its impressive collection of contemporary art and

and the expensive and, of course, the rough and

the exclusive spa treatment room on the second

the luxury. The shocking mix of peeling wallpaper

floor. Miles away from the pristine and polished

and plaster-free walls alongside avant garde art-

hotels most of us are familiar with, you can stay at

work and contemporary design is enough to make

RoughLuxe from ÂŁ177 a night.

this a must-visit hotel. The rooms are mainly small


In England, Liberty of London’s support for Arts & Crafts design is second to none. The Tudor-style emporium on Great Marlborough Street has a stellar reputation for embracing both tradition and cuttingedge design. Every year Liberty honours England’s Arts & Crafts heritage with a month-long exhibition.

This year the Liberty Annual Arts & Crafts Sell-

ing Exhibition began on May 19th, featuring original pieces from the Aesthetic movement. The exhibit

When it comes to design, the ability to transcend fashion is key to survival. Arts & Crafts style has an enthusiastic following, thanks to its high quality and elegant design, clean lines and ability to harmonize with almost any interior.

coincided with the Victoria & Albert Museum’s exhi-

By Tara Bradford

Dresser, Walter Crane and William Morris.

bition The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860 – 1900.

In addition to a diverse array of original pieces

from the Arts & Crafts movement, Liberty’s current exhibit includes creations of the Aesthetic movement’s leading lights: E W Godwin, Christopher

In recent years, Liberty’s Arts & Crafts exhibits

have been curated by Patch Rogers. By trade a furniture restorer, Rogers has his own design company focusing on influential design periods from 1850 to the present. His passion lies in furniture and decorative pieces selected for their rarity, condition, style and functionality.

At age 15, Rogers got a Saturday job with a shop

in Chiswick. After studying at the London College of Furniture, Rogers was just 19 when he started his own business. Shuka Harjit (left) and Patch Rogers at Liberty's Arts & Crafts Selling



As he began restoring pieces for Arts & Crafts

dealers, Rogers was struck by the “quality, freshness of design and youthfulness” of the furniture. “If you look at the history of the movement, what Arts &

Liberty & Co. Moresque tables in oak, circa 1910

An Aesthetic Movement settee with walnut frame, upholstered in woven William Morris fabric, Morris & Co., attributed to George Jack, 1890.


Crafts movement most embodies is honesty and true integrity,” Rogers noted. “This period has it all; it’s not just a show of wealth. It was a time for experiment; design was set free.”

Rogers said the narrative of handmade Arts &

Crafts design was about social conscience as much as aesthetics. “John Ruskin and William Morris fought for it and we’re fighting for it again now,” he said.

Rogers refers to Arts & Crafts furniture as “a

moveable feast.“ Arts & Crafts pieces are not only beautiful, they have meaning,” Rogers said. “Fashions change; what’s available 30 or 40 years ago is not the same as now,” he noted. “But Arts & Crafts is timeless. There will always be a couple of bits around as statement pieces. We are only guardians.”

Rogers said a personal connection is very impor-

tant in design. “A piece of your personality comes across, when you choose quality items for your home or when you give a present that has meaning,” he added.

Mixing old and new in today’s décor isn’t diffi-

cult, Rogers said. “Use your eye.” Pieces designed and Arts & Crafts oak mantle clock by

made with integrity will blend with any period and

Liberty & Co., circa 1900. The clock

stand the test of time, Rogers said. Today we have

is inlaid with a pewter decoration

“the freedom to mix a bit of vintage or industrial fur-

depicting the rising sun.

niture” with modern pieces, he added.

Rogers said most Liberty customers are design-

literate: “someone who has studied design or comes through the route of having bought an Arts & Crafts house.” He said while some customers are blasé about antique furniture, he predicts “in 20 years’ time


that won’t be the case.”

Rogers scours Britain looking for prime examples

of Arts & Crafts design. He goes to antiques fairs; visits antiques dealers and local antiques shops and frequents auctions and house clearances. Some pieces are found through collectors, while on occasion someone will contact Liberty wishing to sell an inherited piece and “it comes back to the source,” Rogers said.

Shukla Harjit - Liberty’s longest-serving member

of staff - has worked at the store over 38 years. “It’s the only job I’ve ever had,” she said. She has been involved in Liberty’s annual Arts & Crafts exhibitions since they began in 1975.

The Arts & Crafts exhibition will remain on Lib-

erty’s 4th floor through September, when it will move to a smaller space. From Thursday, 25th November through Christmas, Liberty will host another 4th-floor exhibit of Arts & Crafts pieces focusing on smaller items, including clocks, decorative boxes, glass, ceramics, books and other gift-related items.

A WMF table lamp in patinated and etched metal, circa 1920, atop an oak revolving bookcase with curved paneled sides, circa 1900.

Framed needlepoint panel.

Next issue: 8 December 2011

Shot at the V&A Reading Rooms Photograph Andrew Boyd

(if Daniel lives that long)

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