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How To

•Old Christmas cards •Glitter •Scissors •Glue Stick •Scanner •Printer •Pastel Card Stock •White A4 Card •A Bone folder or the back of a knife

This is such an easy project and a great way to reuse your old Christmas cards. If you have a scanner, scan in your old Christmas cards. You can use free software such as picassa to print them out as four pictures on one sheet of A4 card. Cut your little cards out using scissors (if you have a steady hand or a paper trimmer if you don’t). Then use glue stick or a glue pen to add little glitter (ensure you have a large piece of paper underneath your work that has been folded in half, this means you can save any excess glitter and put it back in your pot). Once you’ve finished covering your card with glitter you can fold a piece of pastel card stock and glue the card to the front of your card stock. When folding card I always use a bone folder or the back of a knife to make sure the creases are


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