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Merry Christmas Sign You Will Need Twine, String or Ribbon Pencil Ruler Eraser Black Felt Tip and Pen An Awl or something sharp to make a hole. Balsa Wood (can be purchased in panels in different sizes, my panel measured 14 inches by 5 inches) To make this, I used a pencil to poke two hole is each end of this little balsa wood panel. The balsa wood is very light weight and delicate so be careful when you are poking your little holes. The holes are obviously for putting the string through and tying knots to secture. My lettering is very dodgy and not perfect at all. I counted my letters and measured the approximate spaces for each letter and their swirly parts so; measure your wood and mark off 14 spaces. This is just a rough guide and it means you won’t be marking your letters and erasing a lot because it’s not really possible to do so with balsa wood. Written in pencil and then go over the pencil with your black marker.


Merry makings issue 1  

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