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CLAY crochet macaroons


Summer dining will never quite be the same again, now that you have a plethora of DIY projects to help you craft your way to a perfect summer soiree! The process of creating this summer themed 2015 issue has been wonderful I ve been lucky enough to work with some fabulously talented ladies. The summer soiree was a great theme to work with and summer is always a theme that envokes the most beautifully sunny craft ideas! Flick through the pages of this years Handmade Happy magazine and discover how to customize or sew your own placemats, paint and glue your own pretty polka dot napkins or even grab the rubber stamps and craft some strawberry napkins for outdoor dining! I hope you enjoy this issue and thank you for reading! A special thanks to Ayda Algin for the cover project. & '



Claire xo. visit the hearthandmadeuk blog





1. Ayda Algin - cafenohut. 2. Jasmin Konrad - Mein Gehakeltes Herz 4. Sibel - Turuncuoda

5. Fanny Schütze - Fanny's liebste

7. Regina Melo - Molly Mel 10. Anna Díez - Facil y Sencillo

3. Mercedes Pascual - Crafts&Designs

6 Kathleen Graumüller - Scattered Confetti

8. Nesta Sangermano - Ella&Nesta's Little Room 11. Sherry Guitard

13. Ombretta Mottadelli - A Sunday Morning With

9. Loli Hernandez

12. Ria Jewels - Craft Vintage Boutique


the pattern

Pretty Crochet Macaroons Is there anything sweeter than lovely macarons? Well, I don’t think so, that’s why I made a crocheted version of this fantastic pastry. This is what you need: Yarn in two pastel colours Crochet hook Some wadding You first need to make the two halfs of the macaron. Choose one of the colours and work both sides with the same colour. The pattern is worked in spirals, so there is no slip-stitch on the end of each round. You may use a mark to see, where the current round started.

Start with a Magic Ring made of 5 stitches Rnd 1. * inc * (10sts) Rnd 2. *sc, inc * (15 sts) Rnd 3. * sc 2 ,inc * (20 sts) Rnd 4. * sc 4,inc * (24 sts) Rnd 5. *sc around * (24 sts) Rnd 6. * sc, dc * (16 sts) Rnd 7. * sc, dc * (11 sts) Fasten off and fill both halfs with wadding. Do not stuff too much wadding in, you want to keep your macarons soft. Then sew them together with the second coloured yarn.

HOW TO: CLEAN A DEMIJOHN As you know, decoration using this little glass containers are a trend these days. You can find new ones in some dÊcor shops, but since they are vintage items (demijohns have long been used as containers for fluids such as water or wine) you can also find them in flea markets. If you find a real used demijohn it will most likely come full of dirt and probably also with wine or water marks inside. Sometimes cleaning those marks can be a very difficult job, so ‌ here is a useful trick to properly clean a demijohn.

Materials: - Dirty Demijohn - Water - Vinegar - Eggshells How-To: 1. Empty half bottle of vinegar inside the demijohn if you have a regular size unit, or a whole bottle in case you have one of the big ones. Add hot water until you fill up the demijohn. Then leave it there for two days so that the cleaning mix works its magic. 2. Two days later empty the mix and repeat the whole process again. Fill it up with vinegar and hot water, and leave it for two more days. 3. Partially empty the demijohn and leave a small portion of the mix in the bottom. Add eggshells, close the nozzle, and start shaking gently. The friction of the eggshells with the interior of the demijohn will clean any remaining mark in the inside, as a kind of scrubber. They will scratch and pull away the dirt marks. 4. Once the demijohn is clear inside, further clean it with neutral soap and water until the vinegar odor goes away. 5. Leave the demijohn outdoors and let it dry for 2 days. After that, your demijohn should be ready!! 6. If you want to add an extra “bohemian� touch to your unit, dry out some flowers and use the demijohn as a big flowerpot.



These gift bags are a cute and easy way to make your gifts extra pretty in only a few minutes . As a basis I used some colourful paper bags I still had in my stash . I then layered some tags , a doily and those sparkly glitter bags and attached them all with a small wooden clothes peg to the gift bag . And that ’ s basically it ! KATHLEEN - SCATTERED CONFETTI

The glitter bags For the glitter bags I recycled the cellophane packaging from some of my scrapbooking supplies (but you can find them with many other products as well). First, I filled the bags with some glitter, sequins and wood veneer pieces. When I was done, I used my sewing machine to stitch up the bags, a bit below the actual sticky closure/seal (I have no clue what the right word is for that ;) ) and then cut off the sticky part. If you use fine glitter, bags that are already completely closed on one side are best. Then you only need to sew up one end which can then be the one at the top – so you won’t scatter glitter all over yourself or the recipient of the gift ;) Of course you can fill the bags with anything that you like and that fits the occasion. You could even put in a small photo of the recipient to personalise the bag some more! This could be used for a birthday, an anniversary or also a small gift just because!

Pom Pom tea towels with claire from hearthandmadeuk



Hama Bead


With Fanny Sch端tze

You will need: Midi Sized Hama Beads Bead Boards Greaseproof Paper/Baking Parchment An Iron Important: Hama Beads are a potential choking hazard – not suitable for under 36 months.Ironing of designs should only be done by an adult. How to: 1. Place beads of your choice on to the pegboard dictated by your design plan. 2. When happy with the arrangement place the board on to an ironing board or covered flat surface. 3.. Cover the bead arrangement with the greaseproof paper, ensuring that all beads are covered (you don't want them to melt to your iron). 4. With your iron set to “hot�, iron your creation

carefully but firmly. Move the iron gently from side to side in a smooth slow movement until the beads begin to fuse. You should begin to see the beads through the ironing paper. 5. When you think the beads have all fused (holes should still be visible in the centres), carefully lift the corner of the Hama Ironing Paper. If any beads begin to lift then replace the paper and iron for a few more seconds. 6. Leave to cool on the board for a few seconds and then remove paper. 7. Remove the Hama Bead Craft from the board. It is recommended that you now turn it over, replace the ironing paper and repeat the ironing process once more on the reverse side to give your creation more durability. Placing it under a heavy book or similar for a few minutes after this will help it to cool absolutely flat. Click for resource



HEART PLACEMATS with Ella & Nesta and Ombretta

How about making summer Heart Table Mats that you can fold into an envelope shape and put a serviette and cutlery inside? Take your folding Heart Table Mats to a picnic or use them to eat out on the terrace: they are easy to carry and useful for keeping cutlery tidy and clean day! Why not add a special touch by hanging one of the printable tags (Click to download view free downloads by Ombretta @ A Sunday morning with…) on the button that closes the mat envelope. You can write the name of your guest on the tag to make a "place card" to take home as a souvenir of a special day!

Here is what you will need to make the Folding Heart Table Mat: • (click to download and..)Print the Heart shaped template (by Ombretta @ A Sunday morning with…) enlarging by 20% • Two fabrics for the front of the Mug Rug:at least 16”x 15” (about 41cm x 38cm) and 8.5”x 5”(about 21.6cm x 12.7cm for the "flap"of the envelope) • Fabric for the back of the Table Mat: at least 16” x 15” (about 41cm x 38cm) • Cotton Batting • Two buttons • Elastic ribbon

How to: To start, print the Heart shaped template, enlarging by 20%. Trace the heart shape on the fabric for the front of the table mat. Trace the “flap� shape leaving the fabric wider than needed. Sew the two fabrics for the front together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance (about 6.4mm). Iron the seam open. Now, using the template, cut off the excess "flap" fabric. Cut the fabric for the back of the Heart Mug Rug using the template. Place the pieced fabric for the front of the table mat onto the fabric for the back, right sides together. Now place on top of the batting. Sew around the edge leaving an opening for turning. Cut off the excess batting and then cut little notches along the seam allowance, in particular on the curves and at the top centre of the heart. Trim the point of the heart. Turn right side out through the opening and iron. Top stitch around the whole heart. Following the guide lines on the template for folding the heart into an envelope, sew three lines. You can use an erasable pen for fabric to draw the lines to use as guides for sewing in exactly the right position. Check the position of the buttons and then sew one button at the centre top of the heart, placing the elastic ribbon underneath before sewing into place. Then sew the second button near the point of the heart. Your table mat is ready! Fold it into an envelope and slip a serviette and cutlery inside. Cut out one of the printable tags and tie it to a button using a strip of matching fabric to make a place card. Also included in this tutorial is a fun decorated Folding Heart Envelope to print and use for special messages.



You will need: * Patterned fabric - Approx 8cmx8cm (click for favourite fabrics on etsy!) * fiber * scissors * needle

Place fabric and fold it as triangular. Sew first side and then sew other side. Leave a small gap on one short side for turning inside out. Fill it with fiber then sew up the opening. Finally we combine the two side according to your finger size and sew up.


PINK GLUE BOW BROOCH This is a very simple DIY project! You will need: Pink Glue Sticks (click for glue sticks) Bow Brooch Mould Brooch Clips Hot Glue Gun

Make sure your glue gun is very hot. You may want to dust the moulds with a little cornstarch. I'm not sure how much this helps with the glue but I know it's necessary for clay projects. I did it out of habit more than anything!

Fill your moulds with hot glue and ensure to really wiggle the nozzle of your glue gun into the crevices to ensure it doesn't bubble too much and fill your mould. As it's drying, place your brooch clip on the back.

Pretty Kitty

mug rugs

with Sherry Guitard

You will need: Fabric - 2 coordinating fabrics for body and ears - brown for eyes and heart patch - pink for nose and inner ears Batting - This is your personal preference really, but I used a 100% polyester for this Pattern - click to access templates & downloads Thread - thread to match body and ear fabric - embroidery floss in brown, white, pink and light brown

How to make the Face: 1. Using one strand of embroidery thread, sew patch to front of face. I used light brown on my orange, but you could also use a thread that matches your fabric. 2. Using ONE strand of embroidery thread, sew eyes and nose piece on to face. 3. Using TWO strands of embroidery thread sew on whiskers and mouth. 4. Using ONE strand of white embroidery thread, sew white lines onto eyes. How to make the back: 5. Sew your patch onto back with ONE strand embroidery thread. (This is optional - you could just use the heart patch or none at all) 6. Sew heart patch slightly over patch with ONE strand embroidery thread.

How to make the ears: 7. Using ONE strand of embroidery thread, sew inner ear pieces to fronts of ears. 8. Place front and backs of ears, right sides together. Sew around, 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving bottoms open for turning. 9. Trim seams fairly close to stitching, turn right-side out and press. Attaching ears to face: 10. Place your face right-side up, on top of your piece of batting and place ears front side down on the face using guides on pattern. 11. Place your back piece right side down (facing the face). 12. Pin together, and sew using 1/4 inch seam allowance, remembering to leave an opening on the bottom for turning it right side out.

13. Trim corners. 14. Hand sew opening closed. 15. Turn right side out and press.Hand sew opening closed. 16. Using 2 strands of embroidery thread, stitch 1/4 inch around the sides of face and following around the inner pink part of ears. 17. Enjoy!

pe ci Re

Coconut Milk Chia & Raspberry Pudding Dairy free, gluten free, not vegan friendly with regina from Molly Mel

1 For the gelatin: 150grs fresh raspberry - or any other berry of your choice 100 ml water 7 grs unflavored gelatin powder


Dissolve gelatin in boiling water according to package instruction. Puree the raspberries using a hand mixer, or blender. Add the dissolved gelatin on the fruit puree and stir until all is blended. Pour mixture into shallow glass dishes, and chill in the refrigerator until firm, about 2 hours.


For the pudding: 400ml / 2 cups coconut milk 3 tbsp sugar - or other substitute like agave nectar or honey 6 tbsp chia seeds


Place all ingredients into a glass jar, then tightly cap the jar and shake it very well until all ingredients are mixed. Gently, spoon the pudding mix over the gelatin until the glass is nearly full (leave some room to garnish) Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Top the pudding with coconut flakes and some raspberries.

y r r e b w Stra


You will need: Plain Napkins Strawberry Stamps (click to view my favourites) Red and Green Ink An Iron

How to: Make sure your plain napkin has been ironed and is completely flat. Get your favourite strawberry stamp and carefully dab the red ink onto the strawberry body of the stamp. Press firmly on your stamp (without the leaves) and create a random pattern across the napkin. Then you will dab the green ink carefully onto the leaf part of the strawberry stamp and carefully line up your leaves to the body of the strawberry. If it doesn't come out perfect then don't worry. I think it adds to the charm! Continue to carefully add your leaves to all stawberries and when your ink dries, press it with an iron on a hot setting with the steam function OFF.

strawberry strawberry

BOUQUET with with Loli Hernandez Hernandez Loli

To make the strawberries. Step 1 - Make a little ball of pink wool. Make straight stitches right through the surface to do the strawberries seeds. Step 2 - For the strawberry leaves you must turn the ribbon on itself, like doing a little curl. Do three curls in opposite ways and stitch the center of it, so that the leaves get firm. Then, with a green threat stitch it to the top of the fruit.

How to make the bouquet wrap: Step 1 – Cut a square of about 7 inches each side. The suggested fabric is linen. Step 2 - With the pink wool make little lazy daisy stitches and put one green straight stitch on the top of the fruit. Repeat all over the fabric. Step 3 – With a different color of wool make straight stitches all over de edges. Step 4- Wrap the fabric like a cone, tie it with wools and Voilá! There you have your strawberries bouquet!!!

This butterfly mobile is such a simple project and it's such a cute addition to your home decor! I actually used the butterflies from the Summer 2014 Butterfly Wall project. You can access the butterfly downloads by clicking this text. I used the inside ring of a 5 inch embroidery hoop for this project. You can use any size you like depending on how many butterflies you want. You may want a kaleidoscope of butterflies in your room and honestly I don't blame you! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS BUTTERFLY CLIP ART

You will also need to make sure you have access to a printer for this! You Will Need: Embroidery Hoop Vellum Paper Glue Washi Tape String/Thread Butterfly Clip Art Sharp Scissors

How to: There are very few steps to this project so it will be finished pretty quickly! Select your favourite butterfly clip art, print it onto vellum paper and use your sharp scissors to cut them out carefully. Add a dollop of glue to the embroidery hoop and attach a length of string. Create a small line of glue down the body of your butterflies and run the string down the body and allow to dry. For large butterflies, they may tilt forward. Simply glue a small bit of string to and from the tip of each wing. Repeat the process as much or as little as you want, I went round 4 times.

In the last step of this process, you have to grab your washi tape and carefully wrap it around your embroidery hoop. The hoop should be the perfect width for the tape. Be careful not to get your butterflies tangled up! Enjoy & share your projects!

Pretty Simple Sewing - a floral &

LACE TOP with Ria McKelvey S W I M Â W E A R

Pretty and perfect for spring in floral print cotton with lace yoke And pearl bead detail. When choosing your fabrics go for colours That suit your skin tone. I chose a small floral print on a mauve background by Katy Kandles from my local haberdashery The lace I used was from a previous project, though most haberdashery will be happy to sell You a Âź metre. I made my bias bind,

sometimes it is more economical to buy pre-made in a colour to compliment your fabric. Either way makes a great finish to your garment.

You Will Need: contrast fabric. 3 meters of bias bind. 10/12 pearl beads. I used vintage pearls from a broken necklace. Matching thread.

Step 1: Stitch front yoke to front panel. To create a super neat finish use a French seam. Place yoke and front panel Description of wrong sides together finished garment: pin then stitch 0.5cms Loose fit, with short from edge. Trim seam sleeves, yoke panel & allowance, press seam dipped back hem. then with right sides Size : small / medium , together press, pin UK 8-12 and

stitch shoulder seams stitch leaving 1cm. and side seams. seam allowance. Press seam so it faces Finish the raw edges of the seams and downwards and doesn’t show through Press them open. Lace. Always be cautious when pressing lace or delicate fabrics.

Pearl detail Find the centre point of your neckline and mark with a pin. Using needle and matching thread make a double stitch on the centre point marked by pin. Then Tip. thread 1 bead, make a I use a square of stitch through centre Bias Bind: cotton or muslin over point to secure, With right sides top of my fabric followed by another together apply bias when pressing bead. Repeat bind to hemline, delicate fabrics to sleeves, and neckline. Until you have a protect from heat Pin and stitch in place. cluster of pearl beads. damage. Fold the bias bind over Finish by Securing the seam allowance to thread. And there you Step 2: have it your pretty the wrong side pin & Attaching front to floral & lace top is tack in place . back. complete. Wear with Topstitch from the With right sides right side then remove your favourite jeans together pin and then tacking. for a casual fresh look

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. My passion is creating new things using vintage and new finds. I love to work with Cotton prints, lace Vintage buttons, pearls and anything that sparkles. I run an Etsy shop. I also organise Craft and vintage events in Merseyside .



leen th kath


from S

d Co cattere



You Will Need : * Round wood piece ( you can use your old furniture ) * Acrylic paints * Brush ( I recommend that soft ) * Masking tape Take some masking tape and to give the triangle shapes . The most important thing , you should be patient . You should wait for it dry every section after painting . Paint a thin coat and then wait for it dry and repeat this until having color tone you want . If you paint it with a thick coat , it will look so rough . You can be sure , this placemat gives an amazing look on your summer tables .

e d a m d n a H


How To: STEP 1 Measure the outline of the head, add 10cm and then cut the aluminium craft wire. We will use those extra centimetres to close the crown. STEP 2 Cut little pieces of floral tape. We will use those pieces to line the aluminium craft wire. STEP 3 Take both ends of the wire and wrap them around each other, the left side one on the right side one and the other way around. STEP 4 Make four bunches of flowers, they have to follow the same pattern. Place them in the most important places of the crown: up and down, right and left. STEP 5 5.- I have made this little bunch with four different types of flowers: 5.1.-First of all, I have tied a very thin green floral wire to the first and to the last flowers leaving some space in between; these flowers are the same, type 1, they are the ones that determine the width of the pattern. 5.2.-Then, I have tied flower type 2 towards one side 5.3.and type 3 and 4 in the middle. Notice that type 3 and 4 are the same, but in different colours. 5.4.- Repeat this step three more times, at the end you should have four little bunches of flowers. STEP 6 Tie the four little bunches of flowers in the most important parts of the crown, up and down, left and right; do it with a very thin wire.

You Will Need: Various matching coloured flowers Aluminium craft wire Very thin green floral wire Wire cutters Green floral tape Scissors

STEP 7 Add the type 1 flowers to the rest of the crown; make sure to cover the rest of the aluminium craft wire to avoid empty spaces.

Tip 1: It is important to use flowers with a bit of stem to be able to tie them. Tip 2 : Sometimes flowers fall from the stems, to avoid this use some transparent nail polish in the joints.

STEP 8 Fix the details: add some leaves and flowers, glue some leaves together with silicone and remember that if you want to add flowers you have to do it in a symmetrical way on the four sides. Done, enjoy your one of a kind summer time flower crown! Happy summer!



You Will Need: Cement (hobby cement) Strawberry Mould Gesso/Primer Red, Yellow, Green Paint Brushes Stick for mixing concrete Ikea Curtain Hooks (clips) Container (for mixing)

Two pairs of pliars How to: First you can mix your concrete with a little water. I made the measurements up as i went along and ended up with too much miture!

Before you pour the hobby cement you will need to adjust the curtain hooks with two pairs of pliars to set at the top of the mould before pouring.

For this step, you need one set of pliars to hold the hook in one position, with the other set of pliars you will bend the large hook until it is straight-ish. Once it is straight-ish you will be using the pliars to create a smaller hook. You do this by grabbing the tip and turning the pliars in a clockwise direction.This creates a tiny hook that is suitable to go inside the concrete. IThe hook needs to be smaller instead of straight wire, because with staright wire you run the risk of it just sliipping out of the concrete and then you have a pretty smashed concrete strawberry on your floor! Arrange your hook in your strawberry mould as such. (My mould was for creating strawberry ice cubes and had a dip within the mould that was perfect to lay the hook down without making it awkward.

Now it's time to pour your cement! I used an old cocoa powder tub so I could squeeze a little spout to make easy pouring. Pour slowly and evenly. This is easier to do when the cement mix is a little thicker. Allow to dry for about 24 hours. Carefully peel your mould back when it''s fully set.. Now it's time to apply your primer. When the primer is dry you can paint! Because the mould created a 3d strawberry the pieces are easy to paint.

And now, it's perfect to use at your summer picnic table on your favourite table cloth.



with Fanny Sch端tze

to go along with Fanny's other tutorials available within the pages of this magazine!

You Will Need: Hama Beads Hama Bead Board Greaseproof paper Hot Iron

Prepare your bead board and arrange your beads to make the front of the house, the side of the house (with windows and flowers) and two roof panels. When you're happy with the arrangement, place the board on to an ironing board or protected flat surface.Cover the arrangement with the greaseproof Paper, ensuring that all beads are covered.....

With your iron set to “hot� and without steam, iron your beads firmly but carefully. Move the iron gently with smooth slow movement until the beads start to fuse. When the beads are beginning to melt you should be able to see them through the greaseproof paper. When you think the beads have all fused together (the holes of the beads should still be visible in the centres), carefully lift the corner of the greaseproof paper to test and if any beads begin to lift then replace the paper and iron for a few more seconds. Leave to your beads to cool on the board for a few seconds and then remove greaseproof paper. Remove the Hama Bead Craft from the board. It is recommended by Hama that you turn your creation over, replace the ironing paper and repeat the ironing process once more on the reverse side to give your creation more durability. Placing it under a heavy book or similar for a few minutes after this will help it to cool absolutely flat.

CUTLERY WRAP with Ayda Algin

You Will Need: 2 Pieces of patterned fabrics (appx. 12” x 9”) Fusible webbing (12” x 9”) Sharp scissors A pencil An iron Neon Thread Needle Template (click to access free downloads)

Approximately 12" x 9" size 2 cute patterned fabrics or you can use whatever you want as an utensil and napkin wrap. Place your patterned fabric scraps on the adhesive portion of the fusible webbing. Make sure your iron is on the “cotton / linen� setting and set it so that there is plenty of steam and iron them slowly. One side of the webbing is a very thin web of heat sensitive glue, the other side is a paper that can be drawn on easily – it is transparent enough to see through. Peel off the paper backing. After you remove the paper, there will be a very thin layer of heat sensitive glue remaining on the fabric. Place your other piece of fabric on this face and iron them again. Trace your wrap template with a pencil, carefully cut the shapes out around the lines. As you see on the image, fold 3 sides and iron. Sew a wooden button and tie a neon thread.

SCRAPBOOK INSPIRATION with Kathleen from Scattered Confetti

STRAWBERRY TRINKET DISH with claire from hearthandmadeuk

You Will Need: Modena Soft Clay (available via etsy, I like to use Modena soft clay because it dries very smooth and is the perfect surface for painting) Large Strawberry Cookie Cutter (available via etsy) rolling pin protective surface for working on Click for shopping list

Roll your clay flat and press firmly on the clay with your cookie cutter

Your edges will be jagged and scraggly like this but you can just use your finger and genrly smooth them back into the edges of the clay.

Peel the excess clay away from the cutter so you can remove your cutter with care.

and here we have a smooth strawberry! Now, we must turn it into a trinket dish.

Now it is time to get a little creative, I used a small cup to bend the edges, the top and the bottom of the strawberry I left the clay to dry in this position.

Time to draw some leaves, paint and add little white dots.

PINEAPPLE MINT JUICE WITH REGINA FROM MOLLY MEL 1/2 a pineapple - it can be fresh, frozen, or canned pineapple in natural juice 3 springs of mint Handful of Ice Cut the skin off the pineapple & cut it into chucks. In a blender, juice the pineapple and mint leaves together. Add some ice, and enjoy this fantastic and refreshing juice.


PAINTED COASTERS with Claire from hearthandmadeuk

You Will Need: Wooden Discs Gesso Craft Paint Paint Brushes How to: This is a very simple project! Apply one layer of gesso and allow to dry. Then paint!


Materials: 1. Scrapbook Papers 2. Scissors 3. Glue 4. Template

Paper treat cones are perfect holders for children birthday parties, easter decoration or Christmas. It's really so easy and super quick! You can create lots of cute combos to give away... put them in a basket and deliver them to your friends and neighboUrs, decorate your easter table or Christmas tree... Lots of possibilities!

Click here and print template, trace it onto the scrapbook paper using pencil then you just fold all the scored lines and make it into

a cone. Use a glue to close the side edges. Fill it with a tasty treat. Enjoy ...


FLOWERS with facil y sencillo

There are different techniques for creating paper flowers. In this tutorial I’m showing you an easy way to create some colourful and cute paper flowers. You can use them to decorate your home or give them as a gift. There is something special about paper flowers: they brighten up any spot where you put them and … they never die! You Will Need: •Heart Punch (if you don’t have one, don’t worry, here I also give you a template to manually cut them out instead (click to access) •Buttons •Scrap Papers •Glue For extra decoration: •Floral Wire •Thread Spools

How-To: •Cut the paper hearts. Fold them in half. •Glue the bottom side of the hearts along the edge of a button so that you can still make use of its central holes. •Bend a floral wire strip in half, pass its two ends through the holes of the button, and use the resulting two wire sections to create the stem of the flower. •In this tutorial we use thread spools as a kind of small pots for the flowers. Depending on the size

of the spools, you can try to put several flowers in the same pot in order to create a small bouquet. •Now it is time to find a place for the flowers!! If you want you can also add text to your creation by writing down beautiful messages in some of the petals.


As with all of the other Hama bead projects in this magazine, you need to arrange the beads on your bead board in the shape of flowers, when you have ironed and fused your beads together you can use straws to make muffin toppers or just string/thread to make yourself a pretty floral garland!

TRAVEL ART JOURNAL KIT This was my little travel art journal kit for 2012 and it was perfect for what I needed! I had a small little art journal full of scrap papers, stickers, journal cards, a watercolour paint set, some pens, washi tape and an instax camera.

The polka dot pouch I used was something I got free with a magazine but it's super simple to find large toiletry bags to use for your very own travel art journal! I hope that you enjoy your travels and keep creating!



You Will Need: Air Dry Clay Rolling Pen Rosewater/Essential Oil of your choosing Plunger Cookie Cutter

How To: Roll out your clay, knead it a little, and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Knead the clay a litle bit longer and roll it out.

Use your plunger cookie cutter and cut out your clay, very slowly! This is such a simple DIY project for When your cookie cutter is pressed into the clay, give it a little jiggle to you to make! The little lace heart you end up with, will be perfect to ensure all the clay has been cut out. stick in your underwear drawer to Remove excess clay, carefully! Allow to dry. keep your smalls smelling fresh!






LOLLY MAGNET with Claire from hearthandmadeuk

You Will Need: Clay Rolling Pin Lolly Shaped Cookie Cutter Magnets Glue PVA Glue Cake Sprinkles Paint

How To: Knead and roll out your clay, use your cookie cutter to cut out your clay shape, carefully! Allow To Dry Paint the lolly pop colours onto your clay, allow each layer to dry first before adding another. Use PVA glue to attach your sprinkles. Use strong glue to add your magnets at the back.

This DIY project was very simple and didn't include very many steps! I decided to include lots of images though to walk you through each step. I hope you enjoyed your Fab! Loll magnet tutorial.

SUMMER MINI ALBUM with Mabel Miranda

You Will Need: * 6x6 inch sheets (2 chipboard sheets for the cover and kraft sheets for the pages, this album has 4 inside pages cutting each 1.5 inch less than the previous page starting at 3 inch) * 2 rings (1,5 inch in white) How To: Cut the pages and the covers and make the hole punches at 1,5 inches from the top and bottom, then make the rest hole punches using the first page in order to place at the same space. Page 1 (Subcover and first page) “Fishbowl Page” We need a cd holder to make the “fishbowl”. Using some glitter, sequins and fishes (you can draw and cut the fishes or use photos or die cuts) make the “under the sea scene” and glueing the cd holder to your cover

To the “Sea page” we need made ruffles to simulate the “sea”. I use crepe paper, cut some straps and glue to the page making ruffles. Then add some pearls, dots, diamonds and the word “sea” Page 2 “Around the world page” Use a ribbon (in my case an airmail ribbon but you can draw blue and red stripes in a regular ribbon) add or draw a globe, texts, mark a point in the globe. “Hello Tag” Add a tag and cut or draw the HELLO word and decorate as many as you want (I use ink mists and a sticker) Page 3 “Summer party page” Use a twine to add some banners with washi tape, cut and fold some washitape to make the summer party banners. To stay in place the twine use some mini glue dots. Add stickers or text.

Page 4 “Summer bag page” Place a glassine bag in your album, add stamps, washi tape and text, this is your “summer bag” for photos, tickets or little memories. Page 5 “Love Page”. Cover (or not) your page with paper, add some hearts, stickers, puffy stickers and stamps to decorate the most loved page at your album Page 6 and 7 “Travel Page” Add (or make) some transportations and text with your travel memories for the summer days. A badge or stickers to decorate, some clean and simple.

“Fair Page” Add a glassine bag and inside some flags (to make the flags I use some sticks and washitape) add fair tickets or other elements to decorate it. Back cover Add a orange round sticker or paint the SUN and some “summer” words around it.

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For Polka Dots You will need: Paint (I used Deco Art Dafodill Yellow) Fabric Medium Glue Stick or Cotton Bud Brush (for mixing)


How to: The first step is mixing a little of your textile medium with paint, dip the glue gun stick into the paint and try to dab off the excess before you add the paint to the napkin. Get dabbing Allow to dry!

For Trim You Will Need: Pom Pom Trim (this length of which will depend on the size of your napkins so measure an edge and times by 4) Tacky Fabric Glue (or sew it, but I’m lazy) Pegs Scissors How To: I cut my pom pom trim into 4 pieces and glued carefully. I then added pegs all along the edges to ensure the trim stuck to the napkin. Leave the glue to dry and remove the pegs. Ta Daaaah!

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A free craft magazine full of fabulous tutorials to keep you crafting all summer long.

Handmade Happy 2015  

A free craft magazine full of fabulous tutorials to keep you crafting all summer long.