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| CONTENTS | FEATURES Living Outside Is In 14 Outdoor Rooms, Outdoor Living –

what began as a trend in the late 90s is now firmly embedded in the lifestyles – or the dreams – of most North Americans.

Retail Penetration 32  Based on a Hearth & Home survey,

here’s a list of Outdoor Room products and the percent of specialty retailers who presently carry each one.


A System for Sales 36 When it comes to sales success,

there’s nothing quite like a great system. Try following the seven steps you’ll find in this article.

Excellence in 5 2 Outdoor Room Design

For 10 years, Hearth & Home has devoted its

August issue to the Outdoor Room. Six years ago, we launched our annual special section on Outdoor Room Design. Our goal then, as it is now, was to inspire ideas and spark creativity by showcasing the work of our talented readers, including specialty retailers, manufacturers, architects, landscape architects, designers, and builders.

The Outdoor Room



 Here’s a wide variety of new products

that you could be selling for the wellappointed Outdoor Room – patio furniture, grills, outdoor kitchens, shade products, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits.

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Outdoor Room design by Drew Sivgals, AMS Landscape Design Studios, Newport Beach, California.



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6 | AUGUST 2019 |

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| Perspective |

A Special Issue


n this, our sixth special Outdoor Room issue, we added the element of competition. We felt that the projects we had reviewed over the first five years showed such creativity and professionalism that an Awards Program was called for. The problem was how to do it. We knew that entries would range from very low to very high dollars spent. So how could a $10,000 project be judged against a $1 million effort? It couldn’t, or at least, not fairly.

| Design Competition |

Excellence in


By Lisa Readie Mayer


or seven years, Hearth & Home has devoted its August issue to the Outdoor Room. Six years ago, we launched our annual special section on Outdoor Room Design. Our goal then, as it is now, is to inspire ideas and spark creativity by showcasing the work of our talented readers, including specialty retailers, manufacturers, architects, landscape architects, designers, and builders. We aim to create a resource gallery that professionals involved in the creation of Outdoor Rooms can clip and save to help educate homeowners about the vast array of products and design possibilities for living and cooking outdoors, in style. Over the years, we have showcased outdoor living spaces in sprawling backyards, on postage-stamp-sized patios, and on ultra-chic city rooftops. Project submissions – mostly from Sunbelt states in the early years – now come in from all geographic regions of the U.S. and Canada. While the lavish projects pictured here represent the crème-dela-crème, they can be reinterpreted and adapted with elements that make this aspirational concept attainable to almost anyone. Because, as our Outdoor Room Trends story points out (see page 14), people everywhere and with every-sized budget want to live the outdoor lifestyle.

52 | AUGUST 2019 |

This year, we added a twist to our coverage, announcing the Excellence in Outdoor Room Design competition. The seasoned design team at Belknap Landscape company in Gilford, New Hampshire, had the difficult task of reviewing the many outstanding projects submitted. The judges selected eight finalists and one winner in each of three categories – under 1,000 sq. ft., 1,001 to 3,000 sq. ft, and over 3,000 sq. ft. – based on the criteria of beauty, creativity, and design solutions to landscape challenges as reported in the entrants’ submission forms. You’ll find these 27 projects featured on the following pages. We think you’ll be very impressed. If you are like us, you may also end up with a serious case of backyard envy. We invite you to submit photos and descriptions of Outdoor Room projects for possible publication in future issues of Hearth & Home. Please visit www., click on the Outdoor Room link, and use the Outdoor Room Design Entry Form. Project is by Jessica Hutchison-Rough of Urban Design Associates, Scottsdale, AZ. See page 83 for more details.


As it was, the lowest-priced entry was $5,730, and the highestpriced entry was $65.8 million. Besides, not all entries arrived with their costs attached. Many architects, designers, and builders, wanted to protect their clients’ privacy. No, separating groups by costs wouldn’t work.

What about segregating by square feet? What if we carved out three groups based on their size? That would certainly solve the privacy issue, and, anyway, there’s a correlation between square feet and costs. So that’s what we chose. The first group is for entries up to 1,000 sq. ft. The second is from 1,001 to 3,000 sq. ft. The third is from 3,001 sq. ft. and up. Next, because this would be our first competitive effort for Outdoor Room design, we wanted to bring some real pros in to judge the contest. Luckily, we have a company right here in our business complex, Belknap Landscape, that creates beautiful outdoor areas, many right on the shores of our gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee. Owner Hayden McLaughlin was on board immediately. On his staff is one Landscape Architect and a number of Landscape Designers. We met, decided on a schedule, and also decided that designers on Hearth & Home’s staff would first eliminate those entries that obviously weren’t competitive. There were 138 entries. When the groupings were handed to the Belknap Landscape designers, each of the three groups had 16 entries, for a total of 48 companies. It was their job to, first, reduce the 16 entries to nine, and those nine became finalists. From those 27 finalists, three winners were selected. Now, pouring over fat three-ring binders with perhaps an average of 10 photos per project, along with an extensive entry form that included the designer’s words describing the project, materials used, products, and brands, takes time, a lot of time, and requires going over those entries over and over again. The Design Team at Belknap Landscape did just that over the two-week period around Memorial Day. We hope you enjoy the result of these efforts.

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| The Outdoor Room Trends® |

Living Outside is In P By Lisa Readie Mayer

Outdoor Rooms, Outdoor Living,

what began as a trend in the late ’90s is now firmly embedded in the lifestyles –

or the dreams – of most North Americans.

14 | AUGUST 2019 |

eople everywhere are in love with the Outdoor Room. Whether they define it as a cozy fire pit conversation area strung with café lights on a tiny starter-home patio, or a chic, city rooftop lounge under a canopy of skyscrapers, or a sprawling backyard resort with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, TV, and luxurious furnishings in a sheltered pavilion with sliding glass walls, consumers in every region and with every size budget desire an outdoor living space at home. It’s easy to understand why. An Outdoor Room expands a home’s livable square



of consumers are planning to improve their outdoor spaces.

footage, adds enjoyment, and increases resale value. A seamless indoor-outdoor floor plan creates a sense of spaciousness and boosts natural light indoors. Premium outdoor appliances, furnishings, and other amenities ensure indoor-style comfort outdoors for both everyday use and entertaining. Plus, an Outdoor Room is just so darn cool. Indeed, the Outdoor Room is evolving from nice-to-have to must-have status. It is no longer a regional trend but, increasingly, an expected home feature from sunbelt to snowbelt. For the many who already have an Outdoor Room, it is the heart of the home and the favorite spot to cook, dine, relax, and entertain. For

those still dreaming about it, the Outdoor Room represents an aspirational lifestyle, and they want in. “Americans are spending on outdoor living like never before,” says Dan DiClerico, smart-home strategist and home expert at HomeAdvisor. “The creation of outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens, is a main driver of home-improvement spending.” DiClerico estimates nearly 50 million homeowners will make improvements to their yards and outdoor areas this year. Online lending company LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank, reveals that 73% of homeowners plan to spend money

on home-improvement projects this year (a 26% increase over last year), and outdoor projects are tops on the list of planned renovations. The LightStream 2019 Home Improvement Trends Study indicates 41% of consumers are planning to improve their outdoor spaces. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style, this Southwest contemporary house has floor to ceiling glass that disappears into low soffits, a water feature that runs from the courtyard, through the house, and connects to the swimming pool at the rear of the house, where the bocce court awaits.

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| The Outdoor Room® Trends | “Indoor-Outdoor Living” is one of the top Home Exterior Trends for 2019, according to home-design platform Houzz, based on the photos most-saved to idea books on the site. It is likewise a hot topic on Pinterest, with thousands upon thousands of Outdoor Room-related pins posted on the platform. “More and more homeowners are seeking an outdoor living experience with an increased level of comfort, finish, performance, and connectivity,” says Mitch

Generation Outdoors Interest and adoption is only expected to increase as Millennials enter the housing market and home sizes shrink to meet their preferences and budgets. Although Millennials typically reject spending money on unused interior spaces, superfluous furnishings, and impractical “stuff,” experts say the generation, more than any other, places a premium on outdoor living.

Survey Says… While Millennials should help ensure that the concept grows for the foreseeable future, numerous studies show outdoor living is already a priority for many households, irrespective of generation, region, home size, or budget. DiClerico says Baby Boomers, looking to remain in their homes and age in place, will often add an outdoor kitchen or create an indoor-outdoor transitional room as a

Alta Vista at Orchard Hills, Savona model by Toll Brothers.

Slater, CEO and founder of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. This year, his company released the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens “Outdoor Living Report,” a comprehensive independent research study that finds the concept has advanced from an outdoor kitchen on the patio, to full-scale, multi-room, outdoor living spaces with stand-alone functionality and amenities.

16 | AUGUST 2019 |

According to DiClerico, Millennials are twice as likely as Baby Boomers or Gen Xers to build a deck or porch, spruce up the landscape, and create an outdoor living space. He points out that, for Millennials, improving the outdoors is a cost-effective way to expand a small, starter home’s usable living space. “Millennials are also much more experiential than past generations,” he says, “and outdoor living spaces are all about experiences and personal expression.”

way to make the main floor of the home more usable and accessible. Financially stable Gen Xers spend more on the latest innovations and design trends, according to DiClerico, and view outdoor living as a place to come together with family and friends. According to the latest American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey, nearly 56% of architects say requests for Outdoor Rooms


| The Outdoor Room® Trends |


of new, single-family homes now include a patio. are growing among their clients, and 19% say demand is up for roof decks. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2018 Builder Practices Survey reveals approximately 59% of new, single-family homes now include a patio, a figure that has been continually climbing since 2009, with the average patio size about 260 sq. ft. The NAHB study also finds the front porch is making a comeback; it is included in 65% of new-home builds, up from 40% two decades ago. This double-dose of outdoor environments is good news for retailers. While backyard patios are candidates for upgrades such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and beverage stations, the front porch represents an opportunity to sell a second set of patio furniture, heaters, lighting, and decorative accessories such as rugs, pillows, and throws. Not Just for the Rich and Famous – or the Sunbelt Initial adoption of the Outdoor Room might have been by owners of milliondollar, luxury homes, but now there is significant demand along a much broader income spectrum. Jim Ginocchi, president of Coyote Outdoor Living, explains that today’s first-time homebuyers are unwilling to put off the outdoor living experience until their second home or trade-up home. “They understand this concept and its true return on investment, and they want an Outdoor Room now,” he says. According to Ginocchi, the introduction of cost-effective islands, grills, and accessories, have enabled the creation of Outdoor Rooms in small spaces and at every price range. “Brands such as Coyote offer affordable luxury and have opened up the concept to a much broader base of consumers,” he adds.

18 | AUGUST 2019 |

NAHB says builders are creating outdoor living spaces on even the “smallest and narrowest of lots.” Many production homebuilders are offering Outdoor Rooms as optional upgrades, outfitting model homes with beautiful alfresco environments to inspire homebuyers to go for it and roll the cost into their mortgage. Increasingly, outdoor spaces are becoming standard features. Ginocchi says Coyote Outdoor Living is partnering with real estate developer Lennar, and commercial landscape contractor Loving, on a new development in Charlotte, North Carolina, where an Outdoor Room is included with every home. Standard in the price is a 120 sq. ft. paver patio and

it “has burst beyond initial geographical assumptions.” Case in point: Toll Brothers, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, reports buyers opted for an outdoor living feature in 20% of the homes it sold nationally in 2018. In New Jersey, 35% of Toll Brothers’ homebuyers purchased the Outdoor Room option. Slater says a large customer contingent for his outdoor kitchen products is in cold climates. “California is our top territory, but our second largest territory extends from Boston to Washington, DC,” he says. “We have actually sold more outdoor kitchens on Long Island (NY) than in Texas.” He says the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, Canada, also are growing markets.

An elegant Outdoor Room with furniture by Phoenix-based CC Patio, with DEKTON coffee and side tables.

the choice of a Coyote grilling island or fireplace, according to Ginocchi. Just as budgetary boundaries are expanding, so too are geographic ones. Builder calls the indoor-outdoor living phenomenon, “geography-agnostic,” noting

Slater has noticed some distinct trends emerging regionally. He has seen a rise in larger outdoor spaces in the Midwest, Southeast, suburban New England, and Mid-Atlantic regions, where homeowners often have more available yard space.


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| The Outdoor Room® Trends |


of homeowners undertake outdoor-improvement projects to personalize their home for their lifestyle, not for potential resale benefits.

incorporate overhead structures, heaters, fire features, fans, misters, retractable screens, and sliding glass walls to provide comfort, shade, and shelter from the elements, and extend the use of their space. “Clients look at the Outdoor Room as a part of the home and are more willing to invest in their property today,” he says.

listing descriptions from nearly four million homes nationwide, Zillow found that outdoor features and amenities had the largest impact on the final sale price. With other features comparable, homes with outdoor kitchens sold for 25% higher, pizza ovens 26% higher, and outdoor fireplaces 20% higher.

Here’s a Tuscan home nestled into the Arizona landscape; the designers were able to incorporate multiple living environments including a full outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, wood pergola, fireplace, and pool.

He says densely populated, urban areas such as Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver are trending toward more compact Outdoor Rooms, but are investing in upgrades that make an impact. According to Slater, a decade ago consumers in colder climates routinely resisted spending money on an Outdoor Room, rationalizing that they only had a few nice-weather months to use it. But, he says, many now recognize they can

20 | AUGUST 2019 |

Return on Investment Those investments yield solid returns. A survey by shows outdoor living features have “major appeal,” and buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has them. According to the report, homes with barbecues and outdoor kitchens yielded 26% higher prices over comparable homes without those features; homes with fire pits or outdoor fireplaces sold for a 25% premium. Similar findings were reported by realty company Zillow. After analyzing


According to the Wall Street Journal, retractable glass walls top the list of luxury amenities that stand out to potential homebuyers and help homes sell faster. Interestingly, however, the 2019 LightStream Home Improvement Trends Study finds that most homeowners (29%) undertake outdoor-improvement projects to personalize their home for their lifestyle, not for potential resale benefits. In other words, they’re adding outdoor living spaces in order to enjoy them right now.


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| The Outdoor Room® Trends | A World of Wellness Outdoor living not only adds enjoyment, it may also provide significant health benefits. A new study out of Denmark and published by the National Academy of Sciences, finds that children who have more access to outdoor green space have 55% less risk of mental-health disorders as adults. It is a position advocated by a growing number of health and wellness professionals, and even by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who promoted the idea in a recent BBC interview, where she said being outdoors in nature “has huge benefits on our physical and mental well-being, particularly for young children.” The concept is part of an overall wellness movement that has sparked growth in “biophilic” design. The design trend involves incorporating nature into home and workplace environments through strategies such as integrating plants, woods, and other natural elements


of Landscape Architects saw increased requests for rooftop gardens. in building interiors, blending indoor and outdoor living areas through transitional rooms or glass walls, or adding green walls or rooftop gardens. According to the documentary, “Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life,” when hospitals, schools, offices, and residential homes connect people with nature, patients heal faster, children’s test scores rise, workers’ productivity increases, people interact more with neighbors, and, in general, thrive. Garden Media Group’s 2019 Garden Trends Report indicates consumers are placing a higher value on their connection

with nature, noting, “In a desert of work, stress, and the Internet, nature – both indoors and outside – has become an oasis.” Evidence: Homeowners – led by Millennials – are spending record amounts on gardening, up nearly 20% in 2018, according to the report. More evidence: Pinterest searches for vertical gardens were up 287% last year. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) reports nearly 71% of architects had increased requests for edible gardens with fruit and vegetables, and more than 54% saw increased requests for rooftop gardens. Companies, such as Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchens, are integrating planters into their modular outdoor kitchen components. “Floor-to-ceiling glass-wall systems also tie into the wellness trend that’s permeating home design,” adds DiClerico. “They blend indoor-outdoor spaces, and because they flood interiors with natural light, they help to regulate sleep and improve moods.”

One block from the ocean in Newport Beach, California, designers created a full outdoor kitchen on a rooftop with ocean views. The cabinets are from Danver, the grill, bar and refrigerator from Lynx.

22 | AUGUST 2019 |


MO D E RN | O U TD O O R | LI VI NG Apricity’s bold, exciting, elegant collections give retailers the latest trending designs in outdoor entertaining. The Apricity brand delivers the highest quality and elevated looks to the industry. Prepare to take your product mix to the next level.

O U T D O O R |

| The Outdoor Room® Trends | What’s Going into Outdoor Rooms Whether it’s because of the wellness trend, or simply because they add “Wow Factor,” large, accordion-fold, sliding glass walls are hot. Features such as window walls that blur the lines between indoors and

price points, making them available to a wider market. According to Builder, while just a few years ago prices of glass-wall systems ranged from about $800 to $1,200 per linear foot, today there are options in the $500 to $1,000 per-linear-foot range. In addition, glass-wall sliders are being

most-requested element, completed by 36% of remodelers. According to Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ 2019 Outdoor Living Report, consumers expect outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens, to function independently from the rest of the home.

From backyard grass to backyard oasis, this Orléans, Canada, house is now equipped for parties. Concrete slabs create the base for the metal pergola; silver white polished slabs by Rinox complement the white vinyl home; wooden accents add warmth to the space.

out, offer easy access to patio and pool areas and provide expansive views; they are among the top Home Exterior Trends for 2019, according to Houzz. The design platform reports the trend is especially popular in kitchens, and predicts we can “expect to see more kitchens completely opening up to decks and patios.” Similarly, Better Homes & Gardens says adding oversized, sliding kitchen windows that open to a dining counter on the patio, much like a take-out window, are the latest kitchen renovation trend. Once a luxury niche feature, the growing popularity of long-span, slidingglass-wall systems has spawned additional brands, product innovations, and lower

24 | AUGUST 2019 |

developed with even larger panels, longer spans, and in more configurations, with up to six panels and openings spanning 30 feet. Glass-wall systems may be on the rise, but outdoor kitchens have long been considered a staple of the Outdoor Room. The AIA reports outdoor kitchens top the list of most-wanted home features, with clients looking for a full slate of built-in amenities and design continuity between indoor and outdoor kitchens. Qualified Remodeler reports 80% of remodelers had completed at least one outdoor living project in the past year; an outdoor kitchen with grill, counter top, appliances, and cabinetry was the

To that end, Slater says today’s outdoor kitchens frequently include multiple specialty grills such as kamados, pellet grills, smokers, pizza ovens, or Argentinian grills, in addition to a traditional gas grill. Alfresco kitchens also are increasingly likely to have outdoor-rated refrigerators, kegerators, wine refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, and/or even ice machines. As homeowners seek more comprehensive outdoor kitchens, they’re also demanding outdoor storage solutions for grilling tools, serving ware, and other necessities. A desire for storage is one reason behind the growth in modular outdoor kitchen cabinetry systems. Experts say, in a growing number of markets, modular


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| The Outdoor Room® Trends | cabinetry is outpacing traditional masonry outdoor kitchens with built-in doors and drawers. The Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens 2019 Outdoor Living Report finds people want outdoor cabinetry to look, feel, and function like indoor cabinetry, be durable enough to withstand the elements, and require minimal maintenance. DiClerico is seeing a trend toward sleek finishes and soft-close doors in outdoor cabinetry. Another revelation, according to Slater, is that outdoor cabinetry is moving beyond traditional outdoor kitchen usage and gaining traction in installations such as satellite bartending stations, outdoor coffee bars, garages, boat docks, horse barns, pool houses, and tennis courts. According to ASLA, fire pits and fireplaces are among the most-requested outdoor landscape elements, included

in 66% of projects, besting seating and dining areas (64%) and outdoor kitchens (59%), but, interestingly, slightly behind dog-related recreation areas (68%). The 2019 “Pinterest 100” list of top trends, gleaned from search-volume patterns on the social media platform, indicates searches for indoor and outdoor fireplaces, particularly for those with sleek, modern designs, were up 763% on the site last year. Overhead Structures Overhead structures are trending because they help increase the usability of outdoor spaces, according to homeimprovement authority Danny Lipford, host of the nationally syndicated “Today’s Homeowner” television and radio shows and podcasts. Lipford says solid-ceilinged pavilions and porches offer the most protection from the elements, but there are

creative shade and shelter options for every budget, including pergolas, stationary and retractable awnings, shade sails, and even umbrellas. The most recent Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) reveals pergolas are requested in more than 48% of outdoor living projects. Today’s pergola systems increasingly incorporate fabric or louvered panels that can be closed manually or by remote-control for added shade and shelter. ASLA reports arbors (37%), porches (33%), and pavilions (33%) are other popular requests. According to Forbes, architectural structures such as pergolas, seating walls, fireplaces, and vertical planting walls are being used to delineate distinct rooms for conversation, television viewing,

In this contemporary Outdoor Room, Ryan Hughes Design provided a nightclub atmosphere, with spaces for relaxation, entertainment, and fitness. There’s an outdoor kitchen, a spa, fire pit, pool with sun-tanning ledge, bubblers, swim jets, and a cover for safety.

26 | AUGUST 2019 |


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| The Outdoor Room® Trends |


When consumers are exposed to photos of outdoor living spaces, the desire to own one rose from 35% to 88%. dining, cooking, and recreation within the outdoor living space. A survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), whose members include landscape, lawn care, irrigation, and tree-care professionals, reveals that homeowners are interested in “functional” outdoor structures that serve a dual purpose, such as a vertical edible garden that acts as a privacy fence, or a retaining wall that doubles as extra seating when entertaining. Nearly 40% of landscape projects now require some type of ADA-accessible structure (Americans with Disabilities Act), according to the ASLA Residential Landscape Architecture study. Indoor comforts are making their way outdoors, and in the process, helping consumers get more mileage out of their outdoor spaces. Ceiling fans, eaves-mounted or portable heaters, and cooling misters extend the outdoor-living season on both ends and are increasingly being incorporated into Outdoor Rooms, according to Lipford. More than a quarter of AIA architects report requests for infrared patio heaters are up, and ASLA says 65% of Outdoor Room projects now include lighting. Tech upgrades such as high-definition televisions, sound systems, and Wi-Fi capability are becoming fixtures in the outdoor space. Manual or remote-controlled retractable screens systems from companies such as Phantom Screens, SW Sun Control, Corradi USA shading systems, and Universal Screens, are being incorporated into more Outdoor Rooms. The screens can be raised or lowered as conditions dictate to provide protection from the sun, wind, and insects. Pools are making a comeback in the outdoor space. In-ground pool construction was up over 9% in 2018, according to findings from the 2018 New Pool Index by Hanley Wood Metrostudy.

28 | AUGUST 2019 |

Outdoor Room Design The Washington Post reports designers are blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, incorporating natural stone, wood, and plant materials into home interiors, while bringing indoorlike furnishings, cabinetry, and décor into outdoor spaces. DiClerico has noticed growing use of luxury decking materials that coordinate with interior wood floors to create the appearance of seamless flow between indoors and out.

kitchens, but in the outdoors, homeowners are more inclined to opt for saturated colors,” he says. “Black is quickly becoming the new go-to neutral in 2019.” According to Zillow’s 2019 Outdoor Living Trends Report, Scandinavianinspired minimalist designs are in outdoors. It says neutral palettes such as black, white, and gray, mixed with natural materials such as teak, and a splash of vibrant color, such as orange, red, yellow, pink, or emerald green, are trending.

Toll Brothers’ Estancia at Yorba Linda, a coastal contemporary in California.

Forbes says outdoor design is gravitating toward a contemporary aesthetic, mirroring the interior of the home. This finding is echoed in the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens 2019 Outdoor Living Report, which reveals clean lines, sleek form, sophisticated designs, tailored looks, and European styling are trending in outdoor spaces, particularly in urban markets. According to Slater, more consumers are embracing color in outdoor kitchens. “White may remain popular in indoor

Zillow’s design expert Kerrie Kelly reports that materials and furnishings once reserved for indoor use – including brass fixtures, chandeliers, soft rugs, curtain panels, pillows, cozy throws, and floor cushions are increasingly popular outdoors. Even new, luxury fabrics such as outdoorsafe velvet, leather, chenille, and textured upholstery are making their way to the patio, adding a sense of indoor-style luxury and beauty. (FYI, on the way out, according to the Zillow report, are farmhouse motifs and matchy-matchy patio sets.)


timeless lifestyle furniture

VANCOUVER • ATLANTA • DALLAS • LAS VEGAS • CHICAGO residential | contract | hospitality

1 866 919 1881

| The Outdoor Room® Trends | Inspiration Everywhere Consumers are finding outdoor design inspiration everywhere. Decorating magazines, home remodeling shows, and websites such as Pinterest are predictable sources for Outdoor Room ideas. But the concept also increasingly appears in unexpected places, such as the scenic backdrop for a magazine fashion spread, the set of a cooking show, or even the background of TV commercials for products as disparate as pharmaceuticals and pet food. Shows such as HGTV’s “Yard Crashers”, “Ultimate Pools”, “The Outdoor Room

In the kitchen, a sliding window opens to an outdoor breakfast bar on the deck, sheltered by a solid-roof pavilion. Sliding walls extend the indoor living room to a rocking-chair deck with spectacular views, and even the master bedroom sports a sliding wall that opens to an outdoor living space with a hot tub. The This Old House “Idea House,” a 2,700 sq. ft. Craftsman cottage in Narragansett, Rhode Island, features a large patio with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and outdoor shower. House Beautiful magazine’s concept house, “The Whole Home Project,” melds

The designers mixed aluminum, woven wicker, and faux teak, as well as the client’s love of blue, to create a beautiful outdoor living area, with a jaw-dropping seating area within the pool.

with Jamie Durie”, and more, prominently spotlight inspirational Outdoor Rooms on a regular basis. This year, the Bravo Network launched “Backyard Envy,” a program that follows landscape designers as they transform backyard and rooftop spaces into outdoor living oases. Concept houses also help fan the flames of outdoor-living desire. The 2019 HGTV Dream Home features multiple outdoor living spaces linked to the home’s interiors by a series of sliding glass walls.

30 | AUGUST 2019 |

indoors and outdoors by incorporating a fireplace and television in the outdoor living room, and a live herb garden in the indoor kitchen. It also includes an elevated, covered outdoor space nestled within the trees, so the homeowner can practice the Japanese wellness concept of “forest bathing.” Annual idea homes from Southern Living, Coastal Living, Sunset, and other magazines also regularly feature inspirational Outdoor Rooms. The concept of outdoor living is further

on display at vacation resorts, hotels, rooftop bars, restaurants, and increasingly, multifamily residential apartment buildings. “Outdoor amenities provide a competitive edge in the multifamily housing space and have continued to grow in popularity for the past four or five years,” according to Slater. For instance, at the Boulevard, a community of 1,750 single and multifamily homes in the San Francisco area, prospective residents are being enticed with a 6,200 sq. ft. outdoor living room with casual furniture and shade structures, as well as a 10,750 sq. ft. outdoor kitchen with two grilling islands, beverage stations, and large, family-style farm tables, and a 5,000 sq. ft. outdoor co-working “office” area, among other outdoor-living amenities. You’ve Gotta be In It to Win It As the concept gains traction, more and more players – including independent, Big Box, and appliance retailers, landscape architects and designers, builders and remodelers, interior designers, kitchen designers, and other professionals – all are getting involved in creating and selling Outdoor Rooms. As each carves out its niche in the category, manufacturers are adding more and more Outdoor Room products to the pipeline, creating a snowball of consumer awareness, knowledge, and interest. According to Ginocchi, the competition is a good thing, and there’s still plenty of room for everyone to grow and be successful. “Consumers are getting all these subliminal visuals from the media and in all types of stores from Big Box to high-end,” he says. “There is very strong messaging about the outdoor space. This exposure creates more opportunities for consumers to learn about it and sparks a desire to create a similar space at home.” A research study from Napoleon, called “Hot Spots,” shows just how significant the impact these visual reminders can be on consumer behavior. The study found that when consumers were exposed to photos of outdoor living spaces with fireplaces, the desire to own one rose from 35% to 88%. As awareness of the possibilities for outdoor living grows, consumer demand for the Outdoor Room grows with it. If you show it, they will come – and buy.

| The Outdoor Room® – Survey Results |

Retail Penetration OUTDOOR ROOM



% of Retailers

Please check all of the outdoor products that you presently sell.





2019 2018

% of Change

At the beginning of June, a questionnaire was sent to 2,770 retailers of hearth, patio, and barbecue products. +11 A total of 126 were returned and usable. +2 +6


(rugs, mats, etc.)


you sell and| install Outdoor Kitchens? 32 | Do AUGUST 2019 Yes






9% 3%


here are+11 30 different products 65% 56% categories in the column55% at left. +9 61% Together they represent what 48% +5 all 50% just about the Outdoor 44% 50% specialty Room products that+5a successful retailer could (should?) But 42% let’s be 42% +4 carry. honest here. It’s only a very40% few specialty 42% +9 retailers who do a great 41% job at selling 41% Outdoor Rooms. -3 43% 41% +13 Perhaps it’s because most specialty 27% 38% retailers simply don’t and -2have the talent skills to speak about an Outdoor Room 34% 36% +10 design. Or it could be that they’re 40%intimidated 36% +6 by the effort required in assembling a heavy 29% 31% -2 with a granite top. pergola, or a stone island 23% 25%do Maybe they just+12 want to do what they 28% best – sell products, one 24%the +3 by one, and help customer to their pickup truck their 27%with 22% +7 purchase. Help me here, because I truly 27% 22% +3 so many retailers are cannot understand why 16% 19% +2 money on the willing to leave so much table. 16% 18% My email is +5 18% products The chart on the left shows 18% that gained penetration into the specialty 12% 17% retail channel, or +1 stayed even 18% with the 15% -4 23 products prior year. There were that 16% 15% gained, and only 6 that Fire +6lost penetration. 17% pits – Gas increased-2 11 percentage points, 15% while Fire Pits – Wood, has13% increased 12 14% -1 12% points.

(garden, market, cantilevered, etc.)




% of Retailers 100% % of 2019 2018 Change 29% 25%




7% 4% 1%


(rugs, mats, etc.)








Do you sell and install Outdoor Kitchens? Yes

% of Retailers % of 2019 2018 Change 29% 25%


32% 30%


17% 14%


Do you provide Design Services for customers interested in Outdoor Rooms? Yes

Do you sell and install Pergolas? Yes

Do you sell and install Gazebos?



1% +11

+6 -2

16% 18% 12% 18% 16% 17% 13%

18% 18% 17% 15% 15% 15%

14% 12% +2 9% 12% 7%of On the service side, the3% percent 4% retailers who sell and install 3% outdoor -1

kitchens increased by four points;1% the percent of retailers who provide design services for customers increased by two points. The percent of retailers who sell and install pergolas increased by 3%, and the percent that sell and install gazebos increased by 11%. Now, do yourself a favor and read the lead article in this issue; it talks about trends regarding Outdoor Rooms. You’ll find that just about every survey, and every professional in the field, points to the Outdoor Room as one of the key trends in the country today. It’s going strong, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Think about it.


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| Systematic Selling |


When It Comes to Sales Success, There’s Nothing Quite Like a Great System

By Mark Brock


iven our perspectives on healthcare today, it’s difficult to imagine a time when people feared anesthesia more than they did surgery. The terror of “going under” that was common some decades ago was in fact well founded. Studies of anesthesia mortality during the 1950s documented one death for every 10,000 anesthesia cases. The situation today has changed dramatically with anesthesia deaths falling to six per one million anesthesia cases. As a result, malpractice premiums paid by anesthesiologists are close to the range paid by family practice doctors. What happened to cause this tectonic shift? Improvements in anesthesia drugs have played a major role along with advanced technology that allows physicians and nurses to monitor a patient’s every breath as surgery proceeds, taking action at the first signs of trouble. Along with advances in drugs and technology, anesthesiologists collaborated through their professional


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and educational organizations to create a systematic approach to the practice of anesthesia. Rather than having doctors put patients under based on their own individual practices, the profession promulgated a systematic approach to anesthesia – an anesthesia cookbook of sorts – that has resulted in greatly enhanced patient safety. Systematic Approaches Applied to Specialty Retail You may be asking what anesthesia has to do with specialty retailers in patio, hearth, and barbecue markets? While some customers may give you the impression that their purchase is a life-or-death decision, we’re not aware of anyone having passed away because they selected the wrong patio chair or outdoor fireplace. The anesthesia case history is an excellent example of how systematic approaches to virtually any human activity can result in better and more predictable results. Take, for example, James Holzhauer whose winnings on

the game show Jeopardy exceeded $2 million. No doubt he’s a pretty smart guy with an amazing grasp of trivia, but Holzhauer also developed a systematic approach to the game of “Jeopardy”. He developed a practice routine for becoming lightning fast at hitting the answer buzzer, and he formulated a model for predicting where the next Daily Double will appear on the board. But, again, how does anesthesia and game shows relate to specialty retailers. The connection is related to selling, specifically systematic approaches to selling. Research studies have shown that sales professionals who follow a systematic approach close 90% of the time. Sales professionals who make it up as they go along, who approach every day as a brand new day, close only about 40% of the time. So there is a documented case for a consistent step-by-step approach for each new customer when selling outdoor living products. (Continued on page 40.)






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| Systematic Selling | (Continued from page 36.) Advocates Advance Systematic Selling One of the many advocates for a systematic approach to selling is Bill Foster, who invented his own systematic approach out of pure necessity. A former prison chaplain, Foster and his wife purchased a retractable awning franchise in New England and soon experienced dismal results. With two daughters soon headed to college, Foster knew he had to do better. Based on his early sales failures, Foster developed a seven-part system that resulted in his being named “Rookie of the Year” by his franchise company, and subsequently achieving consistently growing and profitable sales. “It was pretty obvious early on that we had to do better, and we used our failures to help us find a better way,” said Bill Foster. Foster, whose career has also included sales positions with a national distribution company and technical textiles manufacturers.” We took a hard look at what we were doing, the types of things that were working and those that didn’t. Out of this review, we identified principles that became our selling system.” Foster’s systematic approach to selling retractable awnings was as clever as it was effective. When calling on a homeowner, he would use a compass to determine the angle of the sun on an outdoor space, which gave his approach a scientific feel. He would also write up a purchase order on each sales call, assuring the potential customer that it was just a formality and not a commitment until signed. Then, he would step outside again to check his compass settings. By the time he stepped back inside, homeowners were often ready to sign the purchase order. Systematic Selling Defined Systematic selling approaches, such as the one created by Foster, are based on consistently following a step-by-step process. While the approach is systematic, there are numerous decision points along the way that require judgment and experience by sales professionals, owners, and managers. A systematic approach to selling doesn’t discount or discourage each person’s natural ability, drive, and motivation. Systematic selling is simply a

40 | AUGUST 2019 |

way to channel a person’s strengths so that The greatest hurdle for organizations in success is much more likely. adopting a systematic approach to selling is A leading proponent of a systematic resistance to accountability, Mattson said. approach to selling is Dave Mattson, “With a systematic selling approach, president and CEO of Sandler Training, sales people are accountable for the a global sales training organization. system every time they work with a Mattson’s company trains thousands of customer,” he said. “They are required sales professionals globally each year in a to follow the system, and if they don’t systematic selling approach. follow the system and don’t get the sale, “When you follow a systematic approach they’re held accountable.” to selling you always know where you are in the sales process and where Retailers May Not Call it you need to progress to next,” a System, But . . . . he said. “Without a system, Many experienced sales professionals at you are trying to listen to the specialty retail base their success on wellcustomer while also having to proven approaches even though they may think about what to do next, not call it a systematic selling system. which can be really difficult. An excellent example is Jessica Salisbury, When you’re selling a high- CEO and Creative director for Village end product, you need a Green Home & Garden of Rockford, system so you always know Illinois, who sees sales success as based on where you are in navigating a person’s ability to connect with others, through the sales process.” combined with patience and a love for While many people like to think of the rush that comes with closing a deal. selling as an art form, Mattson maintains “There are people who are great order it should also be scientific in its approach. takers and can cover the floor, but not Like other scientific endeavors, sales should everyone masters the art of selling,” she be similarly systematic. said. “The most important “I want my surgeon and part of selling is being able my accountant to follow a to engage with a customer systematic approach, and we through conversation. Once want people in manufacturing you have engaged with to be systematic,” he said. a customer, then you are “Every aspect of business is on your way to building a expected to have a systematic relationship. You can learn approach except selling.” about why they came into the One of the pitfalls of selling store and about their needs.” that a systematic approach Jessica Salisbury. With new sales associates, can help to avoid is making Salisbury focuses initially on a product sales presentation too early product education, but product knowledge in working with a customer. Through a is only the beginning. systematic approach, a sales person will learn “You can teach people about products, about the customer’s needs, the economics, but if they can’t hold a conversation with and the timing of their potential purchase a customer and if they don’t have enough before moving into presentation mode. patience then they won’t be successful,” “Doctors always begin working with she said. “Patience is definitely required a patient by asking questions – where because you’re not always going to hit a does it hurt, how long have you been like home run with a customer right away.” this, what have you done for yourself? While they may not call it systematic They don’t start by talking about all of selling, Village Green Home & Garden does the different things they can do for you. follow a well-established, consistent approach Selling is a similar situation. Don’t jump to sales. Product knowledge is first, followed into a presentation until you know about by experience with customer engagement, all the customer’s needs, economics, and the while demonstrating patience. Of course, timing. That’s a mistake that sales people there’s no substitute for a person’s innate ability not following a system can fall into.” to be empathetic and connect with others.


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| Systematic Selling | “If you have someone who is a green sales associate, once they start closing sales, their confidence builds and as their confidence builds they are energized by sales, and that’s where the magic happens,” she said.

you have a game plan and you execute on that plan,” he said. “Every time I step into a sales opportunity I know how I want to see the process run and I make it go my way.”

“A systematic approach reflects a natural progression of activities and gives sales professionals, owners, and managers a road map.” — Bill Foster

Jamie Ruscigno, Sales manager for Great Gatherings has a well-established Outside In Style of Austin and San sales itinerary that each sales professional Antonio, Texas, also follows many elements follows. of a systematic approach to selling, but “Our sales approach starts with greeting with many years of experience she’s the customer, telling them about Great not likely to use those sorts of terms in Gatherings, and then it goes into asking describing her approach to customers. how they heard about our store, whether “My number one priority is to make a through the media, a referral, or a walk-by,” connection with every customer,” she said. he said. “From there we begin the discovery “I believe that nowadays with so much process, finding out about the customer’s Internet shopping, it’s more important wants and needs, whether it’s seating or than ever to make an emotional connection dining, and from that point, we start the with your customers.” sales process until we wrap up the sale.” With Outside In Style as a destination Danforth has been a believer in using shopping location, Ruscigno considers every an established sales approach throughout person who walks in the door a qualified his career. prospect. It’s up to her to work with each “Our approach at Great Gatherings is customer on their own terms, applying her a very approachable system where we lead deep product knowledge and the customer to a solution in her insights into human nature. a nonthreatening manner,” “I am a chameleon and can he said. “We act more like be whatever a customer needs consultants than sales people me to be – a product expert, and our customers respond patio planner, engineer, friend well. Shopping on the – whatever they need to help Internet is such a cold place them make a purchase,” she that we believe it’s important said. “My goal is to find out for us to establish a human what they need and to help connection as a consultant in them appreciate the value of Shannon Danforth. the buying process.” what we sell, all without being pushy or using high pressure. I invest in my Systematic Selling – customers for the long-term. I want them An Example to come back again and again.” Bill Foster’s approach to systematic For Great Gatherings, with five locations selling reinforces the experiences and in Virginia and Maryland, the application of observations of seasoned specialty a systematic approach to sales is a standard retailers. A methodical approach for the part of how the company operates, says sales process is encompassed within seven Shannon Danforth, store director for the essential components – committing to a Gainesville, Virginia location. systematic sales approach, qualifying your “I believe going into a sales opportu- prospects, investing in qualified prospects, nity is similar to a sporting event where positioning yourself and your company,

42 | AUGUST 2019 |

selling value, adjusting your selling persona, and closing the sale naturally. Elements of the approach are adaptable to virtually any market segment. “A systematic approach reflects a natural progression of activities and gives sales professionals, owners, and managers a road map,” Foster said. “As with any activity, whether it’s sports, medicine, or game shows, people get better at what they’re doing when they consistently follow proven steps in a process. It’s essential in a systematic approach that the elements are effective, that they are executed consistently, and that there are opportunites for each individual to apply their own unique abilities and insights.”


Committing to a Systematic Sales Approach

The first step in success with a systematic approach to selling is making the commitment. The company’s sales system should be documented in writing, and owners, managers, and sales professionals should be trained on the process and committed to making it work. It’s essential that everyone commit to the approach and adopt it in their daily sales activities. The systematic sales approach should be closely integrated with marketing and merchandising programs, and monitored to assure its consistent and successful application.

Qualifying Your Prospects 2 A qualified prospect is one who has a need and desire for your products, the authority to make a purchase decision, and the financial resources to buy. Sales professionals can qualify prospects by engaging them in conversation, learning about whether they own or rent a home, the characteristics of their outdoor space, what they do for a living, and their reaction to showroom merchandising. Sales professionals should never come across as being overly intrusive by asking pointed questions. This caveat means that it takes skill and a bit of time to qualify (Continued on page 46.)

Our passion is our people. Our Our passion passion is is our our people. people. Their passion is our product. Their Their passion passion is is our our product. product.

A fire outdoors is the perfect way to catch up with friends or enjoy a special time fifire reoutdoors outdoors the perfect way catch up with friends enjoy special time AAAfire outdoorsisisisthe theperfect perfectway waytoto tocatch catchup upwith withfriends friendsoror orenjoy enjoyaaaspecial specialtime time with family. I’m excited to be part of the Outdoor Lifestyles team helping you deliver with family. I’m excited be part the Outdoor Lifestyles team helping you deliver with withfamily. family.I’m I’mexcited excitedtoto tobe bepart partofof ofthe theOutdoor OutdoorLifestyles Lifestylesteam teamhelping helpingyou youdeliver deliver that experience to homeowners. From a captivating 10′ fire feature to a 2′ coffee that experience homeowners. From captivating 10′ fifire refeature feature coff ee that thatexperience experiencetoto tohomeowners. homeowners.From Fromaaacaptivating captivating10′ 10′fire featuretoto toaaa2′2′2′coffee coffee table, our modular Plaza system is the right answer for these outdoor spaces.” table, our modular Plaza system the right answer for these outdoor spaces.” table, table,our ourmodular modularPlaza Plazasystem systemisisisthe theright rightanswer answerfor forthese theseoutdoor outdoorspaces.” spaces.”

Monica Turner Monica Turner Monica MonicaTurner Turner

Category Manager Category Manager Category CategoryManager Manager

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| Systematic Selling | (Continued on from 42.) a prospect because, with casual attire common today, clothes are no longer a reliable barometer for qualifying a prospect. It’s a fine balance in taking time to determine if a prospect is qualified, without wasting time with tire kickers. Qualifying a prospect is more of a mindset for sales professionals as they work with each new customer in the showroom.

Investing in Qualified 3 Prospects Investing in potential customers begins with marketing programs that educate, inform, and entice customers into the showroom. Marketing programs, including well-designed websites, can help educate potential customers so that when they come into the showroom they are ready for a meaningful conversation, and they appreciate the quality and price points they’ll experience. Specialty retailers have many opportunities for investing in their qualified customers, including the use of design software to illustrate how their products fit into potential outdoor living spaces along with fabric sampling. When working with a prospect who is able to make a fouror five-figure purchase, an investment by specialty retailers can prove to be time and money well spent. A detailed discovery process is essential in learning about a customer’s needs so that a tailored solution can be offered, all of which require investments in time, energy, and other resources.


Positioning Yourself and Your Company

Positioning is a step closely aligned with branding and comes across in many different ways, ranging from the storefront and showroom merchandising, to professionalism of the sales and service teams. Positioning for the sales professional reflects their personal brand based on product knowledge, design expertise, motivation, patience, and ability to exceed customer expectations.

46 | AUGUST 2019 |

For store owners and managers, brand positioning encompasses how staff members are recruited and trained, the range and quality of product offerings, store merchandising and marketing, customer service, delivery and set-up, and service after the sale. Positioning is especially important for specialty retailers in separating themselves from Big Box stores and online merchants. Bill Foster, as mentioned earlier, used an azimuth to determine the sun’s angle for retractable awnings, which helped to position him as an expert on solar protection.

Selling Value 5 In broad strokes, selling falls into two categories – commodity products and value products. Commodity products are those with undifferentiated features in which sales are based on the lowest price. Selling value, which is the focus of specialty retailers, is offering products and services that offer not only outstanding features but also a broad range of tangible and intangible benefits, including prestige brands that are the envy of the neighbors. Selling value is central to specialty retailers as they compete with mass merchants and Internet websites. Selling value means not only focusing on product features, but also a discussion of product benefits and, most importantly, the intangible – an amazing outdoor experience making memories with family and friends.

Adjusting Your Selling 6 Persona One of the most important aspects of a systematic approach to selling is the ability of sales professionals to adjust their selling personas. The goal is to work with each prospect in the manner in which they want to be served. One size absolutely does not fit all, and if a sales professional has a personality clash with a prospect, the likelihood of a sale is greatly diminished. There has been considerable research over the years concerning sales personas. By way of example, four broad categories

of prospects are described below, including their likely behaviors when it comes to making major purchase decisions, and how sales professionals can adjust with each personality type. There are certainly more than four types, and not everyone falls neatly into one category, but these examples show why sales professionals should become like chameleons, continually changing to match each individual prospect. Results focused These prospects are intense and focused on results, wanting to move through research and the decision process fairly quickly and efficiently. Small talk is not a priority for this personality type, which is best illustrated by the Steve Jobs archetype. When working with a resultsfocused prospect, the sales professional should get down to business quickly and expect a relatively fast decision when options are laid out in a factual and organized manner. Talk as a result Unlike a results-oriented prospect, some customers view conversation as an essential part of the process with no urgency to close the deal. Think Oprah Winfrey. With talkers, a sales professional will want to listen more than they talk, take notes along the way, and gently nudge the conversation to keep things on track. Patience is essential when working with a talker, along with the ability to mask any frustration on the time expended. It’s essential to support the conversation process, which for a talker is just as important as the result. Just the facts, please Another prospect type encompasses those who are methodical and focused on gathering and analyzing all the facts before making a decision. A good example would be Bill Gates. When working with an analytical type, a sales professional should provide solid technical details, serving as teacher and mentor, and not be threatened by a deep dive into analysis. This type of prospect can be ideal for a specialty retailer who is offering products with superior performance features and strong back stories.

O UT DO O R FUR NIT UR E AND K ITC HENS HEADQUARTERS – 9449 8th Street | Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Phone: 909.989.9977 | Fax: 909.989.9970 | Toll Free: 866.964.4468 CHICAGO SHOWROOM – Merchandise Mart Suite 1667 | Chicago, IL 60654 GENSU NCASUAL .COM

| Systematic Selling |

Seven Steps to Systematic Selling Success Whether a specialty retailer calls it a system or not, a consistent and well thought-out approach to selling is likely to bring better results than a situation in which sales professionals follow their own individual instincts. Here are seven steps for a systematic selling process:

Who is in control here 1 A fourth type of prospect is one who is focused on being in control of the process, from start to finish. A good example of a controller is Donald Trump. A controlling prospect will want to set the agenda for the sales process, and the sales professional is well advised to follow the leader. The biggest mistake in working with a controlling personality is to challenge their authority, creating a potential no-win confrontation. A positive for this personality is that, if they remain in charge, they can sell themselves. 1 In a systematic approach to selling, sales 3 1 professionals approach each prospect with their own personalities in neutral while they evaluate the persona of their potential customer. There are many telltale signs of personality types, ranging from dress and2 hand gestures to speech cadence. 2 It’s not an easy skill to master, but can be powerful within a systematic approach.



commit to following a consistent approach to selling. This commitment isn’t meant to suppress natural selling abilities, but to ensure that proven techniques are followed consistently.

6 6Prospects 4 4 Your 2 2 Qualifying

With a focus on high-end products, specialty retailers in patio, hearth, and barbecue markets can agree on the importance of qualifying prospects based on need/desire, authority to make a purchase decision, and financial wherewithal for a four- or five-figure purchase.





48 | AUGUST 2019 |

Investing In Qualified Prospects 5 7

an ideal world, a customer would walk into the showroom, instantly 5In 7 decide on the products they want to purchase, and hand over a gold credit card. The reality is that most customers require time and patience to learn about their needs, economics, and timing, which means investing in qualified prospects.


Closing the Sale Naturally

The ultimate goal of a systematic approach 3 1 to selling is to close the sale naturally. If you are working with a qualified prospect 5 whom you have1 invested in, if3you position yourself and your company as selling value, if you adjust your sales persona to 2 the personality of your customer, then 4 closing will be a natural consequence of the process. Closing2will just seem 4 like what should happen next. “A systematic approach to selling is really a gratifying experience,” Foster said. “Your customers are securing products or services that they really want and need, and sales professionals are not only meeting1financial goals, building 3 but also 5 relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals. It’s the ultimate win-win proposition.”

to a Systematic 3 5 5 3Committing 7 7 Sales Approach The first step is for owners, management, and sales professionals to




Positioning Yourself and Your Company 6

Positioning relates to the brand of the company and the personal brand of each sales professional. Personal brands are based on product knowledge and the ability to relate to a wide range of customers in a positive and patient manner. Company brands are based on product quality, showroom merchandising, and customer friendly service.

Selling 7 Value

Selling value is a precept that specialty retailers can relate to because of their focus on high-quality products typically priced well above cheaper options from Big Box stores and online merchants. Selling value means not only offering the best of the best in product features, but also having the ability to illustrate both tangible and intangible benefits to customers.


6 6

Adjusting Your Selling Persona


Closing the Sale Naturally

Of the seven principles of a systematic approach to selling, the ability to adjust persona is possibly the most important. Customers come with an infinite variety of personalities, each requiring a different sales approach. If sales professionals can adjust their styles to sync with each customer, success in closing a sale is greatly increased.

The elements of a systematic approach to selling – qualifying prospects, adjusting your approach for each customer, investing in customers, and selling value – all lead naturally to closing the sale.

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| Design Competition |


Excellence in


By Lisa Readie Mayer


or 10 years, Hearth & Home has devoted our August issue to the Outdoor Room. Six years ago, we launched our annual special section on Outdoor Room Design. Our goal then, as it is now, is to inspire ideas and spark creativity by showcasing the work of our talented readers, including specialty retailers, manufacturers, architects, landscape architects, designers, and builders. We aim to create a resource gallery that professionals involved in the creation of Outdoor Rooms can clip and save to help educate homeowners about the vast array of products and design possibilities for living and cooking outdoors, in style. Over the years, we have showcased outdoor living spaces in sprawling backyards, on postage-stamp-sized patios, and on ultra-chic city rooftops. Project submissions – mostly from Sunbelt states in the early years – now come in from all geographic regions of the U.S. and Canada. While the lavish projects pictured here represent the crème-dela-crème, they can be reinterpreted and adapted with elements that make this aspirational concept attainable to almost anyone. Because, as our Outdoor Room Trends story points out (see page 14), people everywhere and with every-sized budget want to live the outdoor lifestyle.

52 | AUGUST 2019 |

This year, we added a twist to our coverage, announcing the Excellence in Outdoor Room Design competition. The seasoned design team at Belknap Landscape company in Gilford, New Hampshire, had the difficult task of reviewing the many outstanding projects submitted. The judges selected eight finalists and one winner in each of three categories – under 1,000 sq. ft., 1,001 to 3,000 sq. ft, and over 3,000 sq. ft. – based on the criteria of beauty, creativity, and design solutions to landscape challenges as reported in the entrants’ submission forms. You’ll find these 27 projects featured on the following pages. We think you’ll be very impressed. If you are like us, you may also end up with a serious case of backyard envy. We invite you to submit photos and descriptions of Outdoor Room projects for possible publication in future issues of Hearth & Home magazine. Please visit to fill out the Outdoor Room Design Entry Form.

Project is by Jessica Hutchison-Rough of Urban Design Associates, Scottsdale, AZ. See page 83 for more details.


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| Design Competition |

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved in submitting 138 project entries for the Excellence in Outdoor Room Design competition. We asked, and you responded, with work that is beautiful, creative, practical, and fun.

Entries came from 28 states and 3 Canadian provinces (Alberta, Ottawa, and Ontario). The top 5 states were Florida (24), California (16), Texas (16), New Jersey (12), and Massachusetts (9).


The highest number of submissions came from Florida.

Cost of projects ranged from a low of $5,730 to a high of $1,500,000, with an average of $238,908.

To ensure competitive fairness, we divided entries into 3 categories based upon project square footage. Category 1 - Designs under 1,000 Sq. Ft. Category 2 - Designs from 1,001 – 3,000 Sq. Ft. Category 3 - Designs from 3,001 Sq. Ft.


1 2 3


Under 1,000 Sq. Ft. Under 1,000 Sq. Ft.



Between 1,001 - 3,000 Sq. Ft. Between 1,001 - 3,000 Sq. Ft.


Above 3,001 Sq. Ft. Above 3,001 Sq. Ft.






Category 1 (Under 1,000 Sq. Ft.) received the most entries.


Design/Builder Design/Builder Landscape Architect Landscape Architect Designer Designer Specialty Retailer13 Specialty Retailer13 Other 9 Other 9 Architect 8 Architect 8 Builder 5 Builder 5

54 | AUGUST 2019 |






The highest number of entries were from Design/Build type of business.

42 37


Smart Shelter


rained-out party for 80 guests was the impetus behind a request for sheltered outdoor-living space at this home on Lake Minnetonka. Designer Karie Zemlicka of Mom’s Design Build in Shakopee, MN, transformed an existing, uncovered, elevated deck into a versatile, high-tech environment that adapts to the weather. A smartphone-controlled pergola, custom-made for the trapezoidal deck, covers the entire space. Its metal louvers can be adjusted remotely for varying degrees of shade, or closed entirely for rain protection. Heavy-duty, structural-steel supports reinforce the pergola against strong shore winds. The supports are disguised inside custom architectural columns and beams that mimic those on the house, while also concealing drains, pergola motors, and retractable screen walls. The motorized screen panels can be drawn, as desired, with the touch of a button to filter the sun, mitigate the wind, and keep insects out of the dining area without impeding the spectacular lake views. A new outdoor kitchen features a stainless-steel pellet grill, flattop griddle, power burner, two-drawer refrigerator, and warming drawer, all built into weather tight, modular outdoor cabinetry. The automated pergola overhead ensures outdoor cooking rain or shine. According to the homeowner, “This area is every bit as outdoors as it ever was, but it is so much more comfortable – we live out there.”


Designer/Director of Remodeling & Construction: Karie Zemlicka Company: Mom’s Design Build, Shakopee, MN Website: Project Size: 400 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Cedar decking; Pergola – Metal louvers, custom columns with structural steel cores; Walls – Motorized retractable screens, stainless-steel cable rails Brands: Pellet Grill – Memphis Wood Fire Grills; Gas Griddle Grill and Power Burner – Blaze Outdoor Products; Island Base – NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry; Pergola – Struxure Outdoor; Screens – Phantom Screens Budget: $124,000 | AUGUST 2019 | 55

NOLA Nostalgia


he homeowners’ hometown of New Orleans inspired the lovely courtyard at this Houston residence. The transformation begins at the back door, where a patio of stained concrete and artificial grass is arranged in a diamond grid. At one end of this patio area, a fountain adorned with a Fleur de Lis, the signature crest of the Big Easy, is flanked by two planter urns. At the opposite end, a wrought-iron fence with an intricate ornamental gate screens the driveway and provides privacy. A brick walkway, set in a herringbone pattern and softened with in-ground beds of low hedges, leads from the patio to two outdoor living areas, one for seating, the other for dining. Outfitted with furniture that echoes the ornate design of the gate, the spaces feel straight from the French Quarter. These seating and dining areas are defined by separate cedar pergolas linked together by an arched, wrought-iron trellis. “Peggy Martin” roses – classic Southern climbing roses, also known as Hurricane Katrina roses after the variety survived salt-waterflooding during the New Orleans storm – trail up the posts and along the arches, adding color and charm. The walkway continues to a luxury pool and spa area that was part of the initial design, but completed by the homeowners in phase two of the project.

56 | AUGUST 2019 |

Design/Builder: Mardel Fraivillig Company: Bay Area Design & Landscape, Seabrook, TX Website: Project Size: 830 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Stamped concrete, artificial grass, travertine pavers, brick; Pergola – Treated pine, cedar Brands: Fountain – Giannini Garden Ornaments; Pots and Pedestal – Sandstone Gardens; Travertine Pavers – QDI Surfaces; Brick – Acme Brick; Furnishings – Frontgate Budget: $35,000


Outdoor Upgrade


new pool installation presented the perfect opportunity for a Texas-sized upgrade to the original, small, covered patio on this stately Houston home. Care was taken to merge old and new seamlessly by matching materials throughout the space and adding a breezeway to connect the new and existing structures. The renovation includes 900 sq. ft. of travertine patio, most of it sheltered under a new brick portico that ties into the existing patio roof. Through double sets of French doors off the interior living area, a 12-ft. outdoor kitchen island is finished in brick to match the house, and topped with a granite counter and backsplash. It is outfitted with a built-in gas grill, refrigerator, icemaker, storage, and trash drawer, and is vented with a custom, cast-stone-finished hood. Cast stone is repeated on the mantel, surround, and raised hearth of the custom, wood-burning fireplace at the far end of the space. It also tops the knee walls that extend from either side of the fireplace to provide additional bench seating in the outdoor living room. A vaulted, painted, tongue-and-groove ceiling with contrasting reclaimed beams, adds drama to this seating area, while the Versailles-patterned travertine floor, and arched openings on the perimeter of the room add even more visual interest. A pair of ceiling fans and televisions provides indoor-style perks.


Designer: Steven Schell Company: Texas Custom Patios, Houston, TX Website: Project Size: 900 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Travertine, Versailles pattern; Ceiling – Painted tongue-and-groove, reclaimed beams; Fireplace – Cast-stone mantel and surround with brick; Island Base – Brick to match home; Island Counter – Granite; Vent Hood – Cast-stone surround Brands: Cutlass Pro Gas Grill, Double Door/Drawer Storage, Trash Drawer, Refrigerator, Icemaker – Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS); Vent Hood – Vent-A-Hood Budget: $152,000 | AUGUST 2019 | 57

Outdoor Masterpiece


he backyard of this new-construction home was a blank canvas on which landscape architect Steve Chepurny created an outdoor-living masterpiece. The design features a sleek pool and spa that borders a sizeable patio with multiple areas for seating and dining. A 16-ft. wood-burning fireplace is the main attraction in the entertainment space. It is finished in warm, rustic ledgestone veneer with a tile inlay, and is topped with a distinctive, custom, copper chimney cap. Matching stone is used on the outdoor kitchen with built-in grill, sideburner, and refrigerator, positioned next to the house for easy access to the interior kitchen. The stone is repeated again on a 5.5-ft. wall that defines the Outdoor Room and provides privacy on the corner lot. Plantings throughout the space were chosen to add visual interest in spring, summer, and fall, while LED lighting and natural-gas tiki torches provide drama in the evenings. Because the design plan exceeded impervious-coverage limitations on the lot, the project required input from a civil engineer and the installation of an underground infiltration storm-water system to capture runoff from the roof and patio. The challenge, and extra permitting requirements, added four months to the construction, but was well worth it. “The client is thrilled with the final design and uses the space in all seasons,” says Chepurny.

58 | AUGUST 2019 |

Landscape Architect: Steve Chepurny, RLA Company: Beechwood Landscape Architecture and Construction, Southampton, NJ Website: Other Contributors: Engineer – Robert Stout, Stout & Caldwell Project Size: 975 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Natural cleft, full color range Pennsylvania Bluestone in a dimensional pattern; Fireplace – Natural stone veneer, tile inlay; Island Base – Natural stone veneer; Island Counter – Granite with ogee edge; Island Backsplash – 1 x 2-inch travertine pillow tile; Tiki Torches – Natural-gas fed, tulip style Brands: Grill, Side Burner, Refrigerator – Viking; Fireplace – Isokern; Accessory Doors – Summerset Professional Grills; Tile – StoneMar Natural Stone Company; Ledgestone – Hillshire Rustic Ledgestone by Natural Stone Solutions Budget: $315,000







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Family Funhouse


uilt into the Pacific Northwest hillside, and surrounded by rockeries, stone steps, tall Douglas Fir trees, and landscape plantings, this pavilion is the perfect spot for a large family – in this case, one with five daughters – to enjoy the outdoors. At the family’s request, the pavilion was positioned near the sports court, but still close enough to the house to be convenient. The structure’s architectural details, including tapered, stone, pillar bases, cedar trims, and massive, custom, arched beams, complement the newly constructed home on the property. The focal point of the sheltered outdoor entertaining center is an imposing wood-burning stone fireplace with copper chimney cap to match the fireplace in the main house. The fireplace, finished in stone veneer, also incorporates a built-in, wood-fired pizza oven, woodstorage nooks, and a flat-screen television. Behind the fireplace seating area, a large dining table is within reach of the outdoor kitchen. The stone island includes a builtin gas grill, charcoal kamado, and outdoor refrigerator, with plenty of granite counter for prep and serving. A high-tech audio system and beam-mounted lights and heaters throughout the pavilion, ensure comfort day or night, and extend the outdoor entertaining season.

Design/Builder: Dan Schaafsma Company: Concept Builders, Enumclaw, WA Website: Other Contributors: Landscape Architect – Lauchlin Bethune, Lauchlin R. Bethune Associates, Project Size: 480 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Scored concrete; Ceiling – Cedar; Fireplace – Stone veneer; Island Base – Stone veneer; Island Counter – Granite; Column Bases – Stone veneer; Chimney Cap – Copper Brands: Gas Grill – DCS by Fisher & Paykel; Kamado – Big Green Egg; Heaters – Infratech; Stone Veneer – Cultured Stone by Boral; Roofing – CertainTeed Presidential Series Budget: $135,000

60 | AUGUST 2019 |


Decked Out


his multi-level, elevated, outdoor entertaining deck makes the most of a hilly backyard. Throughout the outdoor space, contrasting dark-colored decking boards are used to delineate specific rooms and highlight transitions between deck levels for easy flow. Off the house on the uppermost deck, an outdoor living room is anchored by an attention-grabbing, see-through, linear gas fireplace, finished in natural stone veneer. Overhead, a motorized louvered pergola can be opened or closed as needed to shade and shelter the seating and dining areas. From this zone, guests step down to a circular deck with a built-in octagonal hot tub. Recessing this area not only smoothly accommodates the change in grade, it also creates a sense of place

for the hot tub entertaining area. A custom bar, finished in porcelain tiles, has built-in refrigeration, and trash and storage drawers. The bar follows the curve of this portion of the deck, cleverly offering counter-height seating on the side fronting the upper deck, while functioning at bar height from the lower, hot-tub deck. Curved steps with pathway lighting transition to a ground-level stone patio, outfitted with lounge chairs and gas-powered torch lights. Design/Builder: Sean McAleer Company: Deck Remodelers, Sparta, NJ Website: Project Size: 950 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – PVC decking by Wolf Home Products; Bar Island – Custom curved island finished in Statale Fumo porcelain tile by Walker Zanger; Fireplace – Harbor Creek ledgestone by Natural Stone Veneers International Brands: Double Drawers, Utensil Drawer and Double Trash Drawer – Twin Eagles; Refrigerator – Delta Heat; Pergola – Equinox Louvered Roof; Fireplace – Carol Rose Outdoor SeeThrough Linear Fireplace by Empire Comfort Systems; Lighting – iLighting, Tempest Torches by Travis Industries Budget: $118,000


Mad for Plaid


black-stained pergola with a unique, plaid-patterned privacy screen is the focal point of this petite outdoor oasis behind a home in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago. The structure helps conceal the neighbor’s garage and shades a bluestone dining patio outfitted in indoor fashion with a large rectangular table, French bistro-style chairs, and chandelier lighting. A stainless-steel pizza oven stands at the ready in a nook beside the pergola. Bluestone steppers lead to a sunny second patio that is home to a cozy fire-pit relaxation area with deep-seating chairs. With its cover in place, the fire bowl doubles as a coffee table when not in use. The space is lush with plant materials, including Japanese white pine, rare peonies, weeping conifers, and hosta, as well as rotating summer and fall annuals in oversized planters that have been incorporated into the landscape. According to designer John Algozzini, working in this urban setting required careful planning – not just to maximize the most efficient use of the compact space, but also regarding practical issues such as using smaller vehicles on the job, timing deliveries to avoid traffic congestion, and, the biggest challenge, parking!

Designer: John Algozzini Company: K&D Landscape Management, Rockdale, IL Website: Project Size: 810 sq. ft. Materials: Patio Floor and Steppers – Thermal bluestone; Pergola – Western red cedar, stained black; Fire Pit – Cast iron Brands: Stainless-Steel Pizza Oven – Supplied by homeowner, brand unknown; Chandelier, Furniture and Pottery – Restoration Hardware; Fire Pit – FirePitsAtlanta Budget: $68,000

62 | AUGUST 2019 |


Expansion Plan


his beautiful lakefront home already had a covered patio with a full outdoor kitchen when landscape designer Amanda Martin was tasked with creating additional areas for alfresco seating and dining. The focal point of the expanded space is an outdoor living room under a solid-roofed pavilion that offers cozy fire pit seating and coastal views. A wall of hurricane-rated aluminum shutters at the rear of the pavilion slides open to take advantage of the breezes, or can be closed, along with the custom curtain panels on the pavilion’s three other sides, for privacy. The structure’s stucco columns and clay tile roof maintain design continuity with the home’s exterior.

From the front of the pavilion, the slate patio flooring extends to a spacious, open-air, dining and entertaining terrace that sits adjacent to the existing outdoor kitchen and raised bar. A tranquil garden courtyard connects the patio kitchen and side of the house with the pavilion seating area. A fountain sits at the center of the garden, while a flagstone footpath, lined with herbs and flowers, winds through. Martin says 3-D renderings helped her clients envision the renovation plan, and now that it’s completed, are amazed at how closely the 3-D designs match the finished results. “They are beyond thrilled,” she says. Designer: Amanda Martin Company: Bay Area Design & Landscape, Seabrook, TX Website: Project Size: 750 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Slate “Lavender Harvest,” flagstone stepping stones; Pavilion – Pine ceiling, cedar beams, clay tile roof, stucco columns Brands: Pots and Fountain – Giannini Garden Ornaments; Outdoor Ceiling Fan – Emerson; Aluminum Shutters – Weatherwell; Furniture Cushions – Sunbrella; Slate Floor – Thorntree Slate & Marble Budget: $48,000


Modern Industrial Company: AquaTerra Outdoors, Carrollton, TX Website: Project Size: 900 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Smooth acid-wash concrete on pool deck, Lueders limestone on patio; Pergola – Raw steel and ipe wood; Fireplace – Pre-cast, colored concrete; Island Base – Pre-cast concrete; Island Counter – Pre-cast concrete. Brands: Kamado Grill – Big Green Egg Budget: $200,000+






64 | AUGUST 2019 |

Design/Builder: Ross Burke




oss Burke of AquaTerra Outdoors in Carrollton, TX, creatively and strategically maximized every inch of this compact backyard to achieve his clients’ vision of a modern-industrial outdoor living space with a pool, outdoor kitchen, fire feature, and seating areas. Emerging from the interior kitchen, the outdoor cooking and dining room sits on a covered patio. A charcoal kamado grill is built into a custom, L-shaped, concrete island that’s positioned in front of a decorative, ipe wood and steel backdrop. The island’s “floating” design lends airiness to the small outdoor-kitchen space, while the three concrete dining tables encourage intimate conversation. A Corten steel planter doubles as a partition, creating a transition into the outdoor living room, the architectural focal point of the backyard. A distinctive custom pergola matches the backdrop in the outdoor kitchen and distinguishes the seating area. The space is warmed by a custom, linear, concrete fire feature. On the opposite side of the pool, a pair of chaises await sunbathers on a wood deck. Two additional lounges sit partially submerged in the pool on a recessed pad. A corrugated, galvanized-metal fence outlines the perimeter of the pool area and adds to the industrial vibe. Grass borders between the patio slabs, and plantings of horsetail reed and bamboo soften the modern angles and materials throughout the outdoor space.





Narrow Escape


his long, narrow backyard was uninviting, underutilized, and when viewed from inside the home, entirely unappealing. Designer Randy Angell and builder Tal Thevenot reimagined it with sophisticated elements that add beauty and enjoyment to the property. Guests are drawn visually and physically into the space via a sweeping, curved pathway of stepper pads outlined with turf. The path leads to a custom, raised, fire-water feature that continues the lines of the curve while spilling into the new pool. Behind it, a decorative wall of horizontal ipe wood with a stucco niche adds visual interest and blurs the neighboring home. Past two poolside planters, a water-feature wall extends to a pergola-covered deck that is home to the outdoor kitchen. Both a gas grill and charcoal kamado are built into the island base, along with a sink, storage cabinet, and trash receptacle. While keeping an eye on the steaks, the grillmaster can get in some short-game practice on the adjacent putting green, or watch the pros on TV from the vantage point of the ipe bar counter. A second television is mounted above a contemporary linear fireplace in the main seating area between the pool and the house. A roof overhang outfitted with recessed lights and a ceiling fan shelters this outdoor living room. Additional seating nooks are situated throughout the outdoor space.

Builder: Tal Thevenot Company: AquaTerra Outdoors, Carrollton, TX Website: Other Contributors: Designer – Randy Angell, Randy Angell Designs, Project Size: 2,700 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Acid-washed concrete, synthetic turf, ipe wood decking; Pergola – Steel; Decorative Screen – Ipe wood, stucco; Island Base – Tile; Island Counter – Lueders limestone; Bar top – Custom, ipe-wood butcher block; Raised Fire Feature – Blue-gray glass tile; Fireplace – Gas, ceramic cannon balls, tile exterior, Lueders limestone Brands: Gas Grill, Trash Pull-Out, Sink – Bull Outdoor Products; Kamado – Kamado Joe Budget: $200,000+

66 | AUGUST 2019 |


Luxurious Landscape


he original basic builder’s patio and a pancake-flat backyard were unbefitting this grand, new-construction home. Landscape architect Brian Cossari of Hoffman Landscapes in Wilton, CT, created a stunning outdoor setting that better complements the colossal scale of the house. To elongate the sightline from the interior, the pool was placed toward the rear-yard setback. Utilizing bi-axial symmetry in the pool layout, the center line of one axis originates at the back door and spears through a pergola-covered outdoor kitchen and dining area, a lounging patio, pool, and spa, before landing at a raised landscape berm created with material from the pool excavation. On the other axis, multiple architectural structures, including a fence and arbor, a row of hedges, a pergola-topped living room, and a Rumford fireplace built into a stone wall, align perfectly to create a striking visual. At first glance, the fireplace edifice appears to be the side of a building, but is actually a façade that screens the neighboring property. The structure is designed to become part of an eventual pool house during a future project. Nighttime views from the residence are stunning, thanks to strategically placed landscape lights that can be operated by the pool’s touch-pad controls. The children love playing in the freeform sandbox; the boulders that surround it provide seating for the parents.


Landscape Architect: Brian Cossari Company: Hoffman Landscapes, Wilton, CT Website: Materials: Floor – Bluestone, quartzite; Pergolas – Cedar, stained white; Faux Wall – New England stone veneer; Fireplace – Wood-burning, Rumford style; Shutters – Recycled barn timbers, iron hinges Brands: Grill, Refrigerator, Sink, Roll-out Trash Bin, Storage – Summerset Professional Grills; Landscape Lighting – CAST Lighting Budget: $550,000 | AUGUST 2019 | 67

Modern Classic


estled at the foot of Mount Diablo in the California Bay Area hills, this picturesque outdoor-living environment was created during a remodel of the property’s transitional-farmhouse-style home. The landscape designers at J. Montgomery Designs studied historical farmhouse architecture to conceive a space that complements the existing structure and landscape, but is as much modern as it is classic. The highlight of the new outdoor-living area is a spacious pavilion extension that matches the rooflines of the house. Details such as the stonework on the pillar bases and surrounding knee wall, a weathervane, and a transom-like border of wood shutters, lend farmhouse charm; the latter also serves as a practical sun screen to cool the space in the heat. The pavilion houses a U-shaped outdoor kitchen and bar with raised-ledge seating on two sides, as well as a dining area offering views of the property. Modern comforts include a television, and wall-mounted heaters and speakers. A freestanding pergola defines a cozy fire-pit seating area overlooking the rectangular pool and spa. The stone in the pavilion is repeated on the gas fire pit surround and at the base of the pergola. Two additional natural-stone patios, stone pathways, and retaining walls, as well as abundant landscape plantings further enhance the all-season, outdoor-living space.

68 | AUGUST 2019 |

Landscape Architect: John Montgomery Company: J. Montgomery Designs, Alamo, CA Website: Project Size: 3,000 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Wood beams and slats, exterior shingle; Walls – Wood shingles and shutter screen; Floor – Bluestone pavers, concrete, slate; Fire Pit – Block, rock wall, bluestone cap; Island Base – Porcelain tile on concrete base; Island Counter – Marbled granite; Pergola – Custom woodwork Budget: $450,000


Tampa Bay Beauty


he original backyard at this Tampa Bay home was split into three hard-to-navigate levels with only 100 sq. ft. of entertaining space. Designer Larissa Hicks reconfigured the property for better natural flow and created a 1,500 sq. ft. veranda for fun and relaxation. She raised the old, ground-level pool to meet the patio off the back of the house. At one end of the pool, a curtain of water falls from a pergola in a showy display. Beneath the pergola is a fire pit, positioned on the travertine patio so it can be seen from the pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen. On the opposite end of the pool, a waterfall wall with two fire bowls, mirrors the fire and water elements. Mosaic tiles on the fire pit’s exterior are repeated in decorative bands on the waterfall wall and spa, unifying the space with iridescent color. Decking in the outdoor kitchen matches the home’s interior wood flooring to create a seamless transition, while dark-stained cypress on the ceiling adds to the indoor feel. A gas grill, refrigerator, and sink are built into an L-shaped bank of modular cabinetry topped with a granite counter and backsplash. A separate dining island with counter seating offers views of the wall-mounted television. The expansive project also includes a putting green, lighting, misting fans, a roof-sheltered boat dock, and more.

Designer: Larissa Hicks Company: S&W Kitchens, Longwood, FL Website: Project Size: 1,500 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Cypress; Floor – AZEK decking, travertine; Fire Pit – Tile; Island Base – Modular cabinetry; Island Counter and Backsplash – Granite Brands: Gas Grill – Wolf; Refrigerator – Sub-Zero; Vent Hood – Best Range Hoods; Outdoor Cabinetry – NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry; Fixtures – Kohler; Lighting – Kichler Lighting; Misters – A-Niks Cooling Systems Budget: $785,000


Timber-Frame Tree House


erched amid the treetops on an expansive hilltop in Vermont, this handsome timber-frame screened porch rises from the bedrock. Transparent on all sides, the porch offers panoramic views of the Green Mountains, spectacular at any time of year, but particularly when the colors come alive in autumn. A screened bridge links the main house to the porch. Its exposed Douglas Fir timber-frame structure conveys a sense of strength and solidity while maintaining the airiness of a tree house. The 720-sq. ft. enclosure has plenty of room for a deepseating sectional and chairs, as well as a large outdoor dining table. A gas stove with clean lines and a large opening to showcase the dancing flames, warms the space, and dormer windows add to the abundant natural light. Given the odd angles at which the porch meets the existing timber-frame house, merging the rooflines required challenging geometry for the architect, timber-frame designers, and joinery team. Planning for harsh New England weather, including heavy snow loads and high mountain winds, added another layer of complexity to the design. Custom-fabricated screens made from heavy-duty fiberglass mesh are installed throughout, and the lower panels are reinforced with copper mesh for extra durability. Ipe wood, both attractive and weather resistant, is used for the floor decking.

Timber Frame General Manager: Eric Fraser Company: New Energy Works, Farmington, NY Website: Other Contributors: Architect – Milford Cushman (founder/president) and Michael Perpall, Cushman Design Group, Stowe, VT,; Builder – Steel Construction, Stowe, VT, Project Size: 1,432 sq. ft. (720 sq. ft. enclosed) Materials: Ceiling – Douglas Fir; Walls – Screen; Floor – Ipe; Other – Douglas Fir timber frame Brands: Stove – Lopi Cypress Gas Stove

70 | AUGUST 2019 |


Nature that Nurtures


he outdoors is the largest room you have,” says Nick Williams, a landscape designer known for natureinspired projects that are rich in organic elements. He certainly maximizes the Outdoor Room on this property, turning it into a lush and lovely oasis for alfresco living and entertaining. Williams softened the straight lines of the existing rectangular pool, adding boulders at the corners and edges to introduce more natural shapes and curves. A unique, gas-powered, fire-water feature casts a shimmering light show on the pool and spa, while water splashes over free-form boulders into the pool. A second

waterfall, courtesy of a rock ledge that extends from the spa, adds to the natural background music. An open-beamed pavilion links the pool area to the back patio of the house. It is shaded and sheltered by a solid roof, and warmed by a stone-fronted gas fireplace adorned with a mirror and pair of sconces seemingly fashioned from twigs. Deep-seating fireside furnishings provide a comfortable spot for viewing the adjacent television that is hidden by a painting when not in use. The pavilion’s outdoor kitchen island, with tile counter and backsplash, features ample prep and serving space. A pergola extension defines another outdoor seating area near the poolside fire pit. Landscape Designer: Nick Williams Company: Nick Williams Designs, Woodland Hills, CA Website: Other Contributors: Interior Designer – Marilyn Perlmutter Project Size: 2,000 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Wood; Walls – Stone, plaster; Floor – Flagstone, washed concrete; Fireplace – Metal insert, gas; Fire Pit – Stainless-steel ring, gas; Island Base – Plaster; Island Counter – Tile; Pergola – Wood Brands: Grill – Turbo by Barbeques Galore; Television – Sanyo Budget: $92,000


Function & Form


unctionality is as important as form in this superb outdoorliving space. The weight of the enormous patio necessitated a major excavation and installation of concrete footers to support the block walls, concrete pad, and stone flooring. Since the entire backyard slopes toward the house, significant engineering was required to ensure proper drainage. The drainage system is disguised with custom drain covers fabricated from blue-marble pavers that blend seamlessly with the rest of the floor. Two quick-connect propane ports are pragmatically placed in the knee walls for convenient patio heater hook-ups. All appliances, lighting, and electrical wiring are integrated into a home-automation system controlled by smartphone or voicecontrolled Alexa device. Paying equal attention to aesthetics, fine materials, including hand-chiseled thin stone, and Spanish granite are used on the fire pit, wall columns, and islands. A sandblasted finish is used on the Turkish blue marble pavers in the main flooring field, while a darker antique finish creates contrast in the band that outlines the patio and in the outdoor kitchen area. The U-shaped kitchen with built-in gas grill and power burner, is one of three islands in this entertainer’s paradise. A prep and cleanup island with sink is positioned against the house, and a dining island with under-counter refrigerator sits opposite the cooking island. After dinner, it’s a short stroll to the fire-pit seating area.

72 | AUGUST 2019 |

Designer/Builder: Michael Gotowala Company: Outdoor Kitchen Design Store by Preferred Properties, Cheshire, CT Website: Project Size: 1,800 sq. ft. Materials: Walls – CMU block with Sto Granitex finish, blue marble copings and caps; Floor – Turkish blue marble, sandblasted and antiqued finish; Fire Pit – CMU block with hand-chiseled thin stone and Azul Aran Spanish granite top; Island Bases – CMU block with hand-chiseled thin stone; Island Counters – Azul Aran Spanish granite; Front Walkway – Turkish blue marble with Belgian block edging; Rear Walkway – Techo-Bloc Blue 60 pavers Brands: Grill, Power Burner, Rotisserie System, Sink, Trash Center, Access Doors, Drawers – Lynx; Refrigerator – True Manufacturing Company; Fire Pit Burner – HPC; Dining and Seating Furniture – Tropitone, Montreux Collection; Bar Stools – Tropitone, Cabana Club Collection; Lighting – ABR Lighting; Home-Automation Systems – PulseWorx, Web Mountain Technologies Budget: $215,000


Luxury Lanai


his home on the Florida Intracoastal Waterway is the epitome of indoor-outdoor living. To achieve this seamless flow, the designer, architect, builder, and pool contractor collaborated extensively on the project’s greatest challenge: unifying the different floor elevations within the house, as well as on the exterior property. The new, level, open floorplan features a series of sheltered Outdoor Rooms linked to interior living spaces by stacking glass walls. An outdoor kitchen extends from its indoor counterpart. The composite-cabinetry island includes a built-in power burner, refrigerator, sink, and gas grill vented by a range hood. A second cabinetry unit in the outdoor dining room is used for bar and buffet surface, and provides storage for the family’s pet gear. Multiple seating areas for TV viewing, relaxing, and game playing are incorporated throughout the covered lanai space. Beyond it is a large pool with a spa and a “princess ledge” for in-water lounging. To maximize natural light and not impede water views, the pool is housed in an airy enclosure designed with minimal structural bars. Integration of color and texture through natural tiles, decorative wall hangings, and artistic lighting, adds to the beauty of the indoor-outdoor living environment.


Designer: Pamela Holschuh, ASID Company: Copper Leaf Interior Design, Marietta, OH Website: Other Contributors: Architect – Jim Henley, AIA, LEED AP, Burt Hill/ Pollock Krieg Architects, Fort Myers, FL,; Builder – Superior Construction Group, Fort Myers, FL,; Pool Builder – Superior Pools of Southwest Florida, Fort Myers, FL,; Cabinetry – Cabinets Plus, Cape Coral, FL, Project Size: 1,800 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Tongue-and-groove painted AZEK; Walls – Stucco; Floor – Natural limestone; Island Base – Composite cabinetry; Island Counter – Autumn Brown polished granite Brands: Grill, Refrigerator, Power Burner – Bull Outdoor Products; Vent Hood – Zephyr; Stacking Glass Walls – NanaWall; Outdoor Cabinetry – Doormark, in Tenino Gray; Tile – Sonoma Tilemakers, Daltile | AUGUST 2019 | 73

Woodland Enclave Company: K&D Landscape Management, Rockdale, IL Website: Project Size: 1,800 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Thermal bluestone; Pergola – Western red cedar; Island Base and Counter – Wisconsin limestone; Custom Bench – Bluestone; Tables – Thermal bluestone Brands: Grill – Sizzler by Summerset Professional Grills; Refrigerator – LG; Lighting – Kichler Lighting; Furniture – Anacara Company Budget: $170,000






74 | AUGUST 2019 |

Designer: John Algozzini




estled among large hickories, maples, and oaks, this outdoor living environment is designed with areas for solitary enjoyment, everyday family use, and largescale entertaining. The separate rooms are situated at a distance from each other, an intentional workaround to preserve the mature trees. In the outdoor kitchen area, an L-shaped island finished with Wisconsin limestone has counter seating, as well as a built-in gas grill, refrigerator, and trash compactor. The adjacent dining area is set against a pergola-topped trellis wall on limestone columns that screens the neighboring property. From there, a bluestone pathway meanders through naturalized shade-tolerant plantings to a two-level pergola that spans side-byside living rooms. The spaces can be used individually for intimate gatherings, but together they provide ample room for a party. Tucked into the woodland, accessible by a flagstone path, is a custom bluestone bench that offers a serene respite for private meditation, quiet reading, or simply enjoying the beauty of the setting. “A great-looking landscape has limited value if it’s not utilized,” says project designer John Algozzini. “The real, measured success of design is whether it is used by the client. In this case, the owners cook out twice weekly, host over a dozen social events during the course of the season, and report they love to just hang out and enjoy themselves.”





BETWEEN 1,0001-3,000 SQ. FT


Elevated Amenities


esidents of this 29-story beachfront condominium building found the existing amenity areas to be lackluster and “monotone.” Landscape architect Erez Bar-Nur rejuvenated it with a series of stunning, interconnected activity spaces, and incorporated a variety of water features and horizontal and vertical hardscape elements to artfully transition visitors throughout the environment and draw eyes to the ocean. The new Outdoor Rooms span two levels. The main, sixth-floor pool deck is built atop a parking garage, and a connected, lowerlevel deck sits on the roof of an adjacent historic building. Next to the pool on the upper deck, shady cabana courts are identified by a

change in paving with artificial grass joints, and bordered by a planter wall veneered with hardwood slats. A wood pergola with stone columns, and a series of unique trellises, lead from the cabana courts to a fire-table terrace with outdoor living-room furniture, the warm fire contrasting with the cool ocean breezes. Designing the lower amenity deck was more challenging in light of restrictions at the historic building preventing any modification or abutment to its exterior walls. Here, a freestanding outdoor fireplace is situated on a covered terrace. The rich, dark wood used on the floor is also used on the ceiling. Beside this cozy living room is an expansive outdoor kitchen available to residents for grilling and dining. Landscape Architect: Erez Bar-Nur Company: Landscape Design Workshop, Boca Raton, FL Website: Other Contributors: Builder – Eddie Lopez, National Concrete, Project Size: 35,000 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Porcelain, wood; Pergola and Trellises – Western red cedar, stone columns; Wall Fountains – Stone veneer; Planter Wall – Hardwood slats Brands: Gas Grill, Access Doors – Viking; Fireplace – Napoleon Fireplaces; Fire Pit Table – Cooke Contemporary Furniture; Furniture and Cabanas – TUUCI Budget: $1.5 million

76 | AUGUST 2019 |









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Upscale Schoolyard


wo adjoining properties – one previously used as a school – are combined in this lavish outdoor living space. The project was completed in stages, the latest of which is a pool and patio with all the amenities of a private club. Reclining on a dais surrounded by fire and water features, a zaftig sunbather made of bronze presides over the pool area. Opposing the sculpture at the far end of the pool is a circular, freestanding spa, also made of bronze, with waterfall edges. Radiant heat in the limestone flooring keeps the spa area accessible throughout the winter months, while the nearby fireplace – finished in brick and limestone to match the historic home – provides warmth on chilly evenings.

Pergola extensions on either side of the fireplace, and a pair of oversized, cantilevered umbrellas shade multiple poolside seating areas. More shady seating is available under a pavilion shelter that anchors the spa and outdoor kitchen. Dancing water further cools the space and also masks street noise; it springs in arched jets from the pool coping and spills from large granite slabs by the fireplace. Linked by a gently stepped pathway, the adjacent former schoolyard is now the stuff of recess fantasies. The new “playground” includes a baseball field, batting-practice cage, tennis court, and fire pit seating terrace. The old schoolhouse building is repurposed as an indoor basketball court. Landscape Architect: Katherine Field Company: Katherine Field & Associates, Newport, RI Website: Other Contributors: Architect – Anmahian Winton Architects, Cambridge, MA, Project Size: 4,700 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Limestone; Fireplace – Brick; Pergola – Wood; Spa – Bronze and glass; Steps, Fountain Blocks, Seating and Edging – Dark granite; Pool – Glass; Sculpture – Bronze Brands: Grills and Appliances – Viking; Furnishings – Janus et Cie, Lunaform, TUUCI

78 | AUGUST 2019 |


Double-Decker Delight


alls of glass connect this stunning timber frame home to two levels of outdoor living space and the surrounding wilderness of the Cuyahoga River Valley beyond. The upper-level cabana deck features a covered outdoor kitchen and dining area that extends to an open-air lounge with deep-seating furnishings. Conveniently located off the interior kitchen, the outdoor kitchen is outfitted with a multi-fuel grill, pizza oven, and refrigerator built into weathertight modular cabinetry. This upper deck shelters the poolside party area directly below. Designed for entertaining a crowd, the space is home to a second grilling island; beverage stations with built-in refrigerator, kegtapper, icemaker, and storage, plus an L-shaped bar with seating. Here, the ipe wood decking that is used throughout the outdoor space is laid in a parquet pattern. Set into the ipe deck beside the large lap pool and spa is a 60-ft. bocce court made from oyster shells. Creating the outdoor environment at this secluded property proved challenging. Accessing the home’s ridgeline location is only via a long, narrow drive that drops steeply to ravines on either side. Some project elements, such as the spa and a 30-ft. cypress tree, needed to be craned over the house and set into place. But according to landscape architect Patrick Beam, “The allure of the deep woods, beautiful views, and local wildlife made it worth it.”

Landscape Architect: Patrick Beam Company: 9th Avenue Designs, South Euclid, OH Website: Other Contributors: Architect – Scott Dimit, Dimit Architects, Project Size: 8,000 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Ipe; Walls – Ipe and stone; Floor – Ipe; Island Counter – Granite Brands: Grills, Pizza Oven, Refrigerators, Dishwasher, Kegerator, Icemaker, and Storage Cabinetry – Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet; Furniture – Restoration Hardware; Planters – Tournesol Siteworks Budget: $500,000+


Posh Poolside


andscape designer Drew Sivgals’ clients requested a sophisticated outdoor living space for entertaining their well-heeled friends and clients. The centerpiece of this luxurious new environment is a modern pavilion supported by ipe wood columns rising from stucco bases. Its flat roof, an intentional design detail to contrast with the traditional home’s steeply pitched roof, shelters a full outdoor kitchen, bar, fireplace, and living room. The 60-inch television in the space is a conversation-starter; it lifts automatically from its stowed position within a cabinet base for movie nights or weekend game-watching. Overhead, lighting,

fans, and heaters are recessed into a tray ceiling finished with ipe. Additional seating and dining areas dot the poolside patio, including an intimate deep-seating lounge surrounding a linear gas fire pit. Sapphire-colored dimensional glass tiles are used to finish the exterior of the spa, and are repeated on a striking water-wall feature that stands directly behind it. The wall is flanked on either side by unique mirrored sculptures with ipe wood trim. They reflect the flames from the fireplace and fire pit, adding drama and light to the space at night. The flat planes and straight lines found in all these elements, as well as in the pool, spa, and turf borders that section the limestone patio, unify the entire space. Designer: Drew Sivgals Company: AMS Landscape Design Studios, Newport Beach, CA Website: Other Contributors: Builder – Altera Landscape, Dana Point, CA, Project Size: 6,595 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Ipe wood by Advantage Lumber, smooth stucco; Walls – Smooth stucco; Floor – 24 x 48-inch Limestone tile in Creme Dore by Ollin Stone; Fireplace and Fire Pit – Limestone; Island Base – Smooth stucco, ipe wood; Island Counter – Quartzite; Fountain – Elevations 1.25 x 10-inch Extrados Dimensional Tile by Oceanside Glass & Tile; Pool Interior – Pebble Sheen by Pebble Technology Brands: Grill – Lynx; TV Lift – Auton Motorized Systems Budget: $385,000

80 | AUGUST 2019 |


Level Up


harp changes in elevation inspired the three-level design of this outdoor living space behind a brick, Georgian-style home in suburban Boston. The upper terrace, directly off the house, is fashioned into three distinct Outdoor Rooms – formal and casual seating areas and a large family dining space – each furnished to reflect the elegance of the interior décor. Down a set of steps, the pool terrace is sited at the level of an existing carriage house on the property. Here, the vertical lines of a waterfall, set against a block of granite and sunk into a stone wall that spans the length of the pool area, draw the eye to the upper terrace, linking the two levels visually. A cast-concrete fireplace, flanked by two wood-storage benches, is positioned so the flames glimmer in the water of the large rectangular pool. Light from the carriage house on the opposite end echoes the reflection in the spa. The pool terrace serves as a mezzanine for viewing activities on the lawn level, 30 inches below. “By creating a procession of experiences, the design connects the interior with the exterior and creates flow between the outdoor spaces at different levels,” says landscape architect Katherine Field. “With multiple Outdoor Rooms, the new design allows the client to have large gatherings, as well as small, intimate dinner parties.”

Landscape Architect: Katherine Field Company: Katherine Field & Associates, Newport, RI Website: Other Contributors: Architect – Patrick Ahearn, Patrick Ahearn Architect, Boston, MA, Project Size: 7,500 sq. ft. Materials: Walls – Steel; Floor – Granite, bluestone, fieldstone; Fireplace – Brick, cast concrete Brands: Furnishings – Janus et Cie, Lunaform, TUUCI


Century-Old Splendor


ccording to landscape architect Susanne Fyffe, this original 1919 property in Alexandria, VA, was “topographically challenged” when she was tasked with reinventing it as an indoor-outdoor living, entertaining, and recreation space for her client’s active family. To remedy the steeply-sloped backyard, she regraded it into three level terraces, and incorporated a new drainage system with a dry stream swale to catch runoff and solve erosion issues. On the uppermost terrace, a wood-burning fireplace is built into a stone retaining wall with limestone caps for surplus seating. Down a handful of steps is the main entertaining terrace, situated between the house and the existing pool. Here, a raised pond, dotted with aquatic plants, is home to the children’s pet koi fish. It is surrounded by an outdoor kitchen and bar, a living room seating area, and a dining room shaded by an arched, wroughtiron pergola with antique beams. Subtle changes in flooring help to define individual rooms within the outdoor space. The stone patio is laid in a diamond pattern in the outdoor dining and living rooms, while grass-lined pavers distinguish the poolside lounge area. Grass steps with cobble risers descend to a vast field for playing bocce, badminton, soccer, and lacrosse, or tenting for an outdoor party. A hidden pathway in the woodland along the property line makes a great bike trail for the kids.

Landscape Architect: Susanne Fyffe Company: Fyffe Landscape Architecture, Arlington, VA Website: Project Size: 22,000+ sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Stone, limestone steps, cobblestone risers; Fireplace and Seat Walls – Stone, limestone caps; Pergola – Wrought iron, antique wood beams, sandstone columns with stone piers; Island Base – Stone Brands: Grill, Power Burner, Storage Drawers and Doors – Lynx Budget: $270,000

82 | AUGUST 2019 |


Marvelous Mediterranean


he homeowners’ travels to far-off locales inspired the design of this Mediterranean-style home, and their career in the hotel industry informed its resort-like outdoor amenities. Architect Jessica Hutchison-Rough uses natural, rustic materials throughout, starting in the front of the house with an open courtyard built around a native ironwood tree. Here, a raised, limestone koi pond is centered under an arched steel trellis that frames the steps down to a sitting area beside a rubble-rock fireplace, and an outdoor dining space that connects to the interior kitchen. Underfoot, limestone pavers are spaced for grass to grow between. Behind the home is a second outdoor living area on a travertine patio. This curved, covered space with beamed ceiling links to

the indoor family room via a folding glass wall. The space features an outdoor kitchen with a built-in gas grill, warming drawers, sink, and refrigerator, as well as luxury furnishings for relaxing around another stone fireplace. Finishing details include indoor-style light fixtures, decorative accessories, and a television housed in cabinetry. Beyond this covered terrace is the pool and sundeck. Walking through the front door of the house, the sightline extends to the pool and continues to the stunning mountain views beyond its negative edge. Off the master bedroom, a spa is connected to a private secluded patio with a water fountain and lush landscaping. Architect: Jessica Hutchison-Rough Company: Urban Design Associates, Scottsdale, AZ Website: Other Contributors: Landscape Architect – Christy Ten Eyck, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects,; Builder – Jim Manship, Manship Builders, Project Size: 6,700 sq. ft. Materials: Ceiling – Spanish clay roof tiles; Floor – Limestone, travertine; Fireplaces – Rubble rock; Island Base – Masonry with stucco; Island Counter – Concrete; Trellis – Steel; Koi Pond – Cut limestone Brands: Gas Grill, Warming Drawers, Sink, Refrigerator – Wolf Budget: $750,000


City Splendor


rren Pickell Building Group developed individual outdoor-living environments for two neighbors who share roof rights at this Chicago residential building, a former theater. A wall made of composite decking divides the roof and ensures privacy for each. At the swanky rooftop space created for one of the residents, a pergola defines the outdoor kitchen area. It shades a sleek modularcabinetry system with built-in grill, sink, and storage, and a hightop table with stools. A second table and chairs are available in the dining area, which leads to a chic living-room lounge centered around a linear fire pit. Transparent glass-railing panels in this area provide stellar views of the city. Powder-coated aluminum decking is used underfoot for durability and resiliency in temperature extremes and high winds. Creating this urban oasis presented unique challenges. In addition to the need for structural engineering to support the new load across the entire roof span, craning 5,000-lb. steel beams and decking materials to the rooftop required extensive permitting, meticulous planning, and shutting down traffic on a busy side street. The building team had one shot to get it right, or they would have had to eat the $20,000 cost of a second crane, according to project manager Rob Oldenburg. “We didn’t make any friends in the traffic that day,” he jokes, “but our clients could not be happier.”

84 | AUGUST 2019 |

Design/Builder: Rob Oldenburg Company: Orren Pickell Building Group, Wilmette, IL Website: Project Size: 3,492 sq. ft. Materials: Walls – Glass, composite decking; Floor – Powder-coated aluminum decking; Island Base – Stainless-steel modular cabinetry; Island Counter – Dekton; Pergola – Powder-coated aluminum Brands: Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry – Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens; Grill, Appliances, and Fire Pit – Provided by Owner; Floor and Pergola – Nexan Building Products Budget: $377,000








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Artful View


ith magnificent views of a bridge traversing the adjacent saltwater bay, this waterfront home is a stunning coastal resort. Landscape architect Katherine Field paid equal attention to the project’s fine details as she did to its grand elements. At the bottom of the large rectangular pool, Italian glass tiles are arranged in a radial design to mimic the bridge arches, and imbedded fiber-optic lights recreate the sky’s constellation pattern on the clients’ wedding day. Glass and metal artisans created the carved-glass panels used as the backdrop for three large waterfalls around the pool and spa area; their soothing sounds mask bridge noises. A pavilion on the pool deck shelters the outdoor living and dining room. It is anchored by a stone fireplace that rises through the roof; a television is mounted above the mantel. A full outdoor kitchen with built-in grill, warming drawers, refrigerator, and storage, sits just outside this covered space. In the sports area, a large pergola separates the bocce lawn from the tennis court. It is a shady spot to relax after a match, but given the luxury seating, dining table, fire pit and refrigerator, the space becomes another room for entertaining. The outdoor living environment includes sculpture from the art-loving homeowners’ personal collection, as well as custom-fabricated torches, handrails, gates, latches, and speaker covers. Bronze clamshell sculptures disguise lighting controls and pool equipment.

Architect: Katherine Field Company: Katherine Field & Associates, Newport, RI Website: Other Contributors: Architect – Jim Estes, Estes Twombly Architects, Newport, RI,; Architect – Gale Goff, Gale Goff Architect, Little Compton, RI, Project Size: 4,500 sq. ft. Materials: Floor – Limestone, fieldstone, granite, bluestone; Fireplace – Stone; Pergola – Wood Brands: Grill, Warming Drawers, Refrigerator, Storage Drawers, Trash Pull-out in Outdoor Kitchen – Viking; Refrigerator, Trash Pull-out by Tennis Court – Lynx; Furnishings – Dedon, Janus et Cie, Lunaform, TUUCI; Outdoor Television – Sunbrite TV





86 | AUGUST 2019 |














1 TK Classics

Kathy Ireland River Brook Collection is made of durable outdoor wicker. Washable cushions are six inches thick and frames are rust resistant and powder coated. The bottom of the collection is no-sag solid wicker with flexible strapping. Seat and plush back cushions are included. Phone: (916) 209-5500 Website:

2 IBarlow Tyrie


The Layout upholstered collection brings indoor lounging outdoors. Two seating lengths and seven tables create intimate seating environments. Upholstered backs and arms can fit on any side of the seating units to create sofas, corner sectionals, loungers, chairs, ottomans and many asymmetric configurations. The upholstered seats and teak tables are made of Marine Grade stainless steel, powder coated in a choice of two colors. Also featured, “Woodland” teak screens with built-in lighting. Phone: (800) 451-7467 Website:

3 Telescope Casual 3

The beautifully scrolled MGP arms are the highlight of the Charleston Sling Collection. The scroll is designed with a hidden connection, leaving the arm with a fresh, clean look, and is paired perfectly with the 54-inch round MGP Top Fire Table. Phone: (800) 642-4645 Website:

4 Agio

With clean lines, the Apricity Mason Deep Seating Collection has a modern edge and trendsetting color palette. No space is off limits for the versatile collection, which includes dining, deepseating and outdoor fire pit chat groups.

4 88

Phone: (800) 416-3511 Website:

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Elements of The Outdoor RoomÂŽ



5 Kannoa 5

The Intercoastal Collection is made from mild steel for a light feel that boasts a sturdy construction. The collection includes a seating set to full dining and bar options. Finishes are powder-coated and all chairs come in Sunbrella covered pads. Phone: (305) 651-9655 Website:

6 Skyline Design

Making a statement in any outdoor space, the Ruby Daybed is extremely comfortable with cushions on the seat and along the back, which can be customized in a choice of fabrics. The daybed is available in a Kubo Mushroom finish by Viro; materials are 100 percent recyclable.

6 7

Phone: (877) 595-4634 Website:

7 Harbour Outdoor

The Sun Lounge from the MLB Collection invites guests to relax in any outdoor setting. Simple in style, yet attractive, the lounge is made of plantation-grown, Grade-A teak in a frame color choice of natural or burnt charcoal. The lightweight, comfortable seat comes in white or silver Batyline. Phone: (310) 439-5972 Website:

8 Sunset West

Bohemian meets elevated comfort in the Dana Collection. Intricately woven and well balanced, the artisanal pieces create a fresh and wonderfully textured look, bound to be noticed in any setting. The collection includes club chair, dining chair, bar stool, wing chair, sofa, hanging chair and end table, coffee table and ottoman. Phone: (760) 599-1021 Website:

8 90 | AUGUST 2019 |




#casualmarket Summer Classics


Elements of The Outdoor RoomÂŽ




9 Harbour Outdoor

Avalon has a laid-back style with a light, rounded rope back on a teak frame with tapered legs. Cushions are made of durable, solution-dyed fabric. The collection includes dining and arm chairs, a daybed, a three-seater lounge and an ottoman. Phone: (310) 439-5972 Website:


10 Summer Classics

The Soho Collection captures the relaxed nature of outdoor living. A bohemian-inspired woven design crafted from N-Dura resin gives the collection an intricately twisted design outlining the frame and the open diamond weave of tailored upholstery. Phone: (205) 358-9400 Website:



The Hermosa Collection is elegant, offering chic contemporary curves and intersecting ribbons of aluminum. The arms have a dual finish and tailored seat and back cushions. The collection includes lounge and dining options with a durable powder-coat finish and optional artisan applied antiquing. Phone: (855) 612-9800 Website:

12IWatermark Living

Riverside is elegant and extremely durable, offering versatility to outdoor settings. Constructed of synthetic wicker weave over aluminum frames, the collection is durable and weatherresistant. Pieces can be configured to suit any size outdoor space for home or commercial needs. Phone: (727) 254-5536 Website:

12 92 | AUGUST 2019 |


CA R M E L Collection

Designed and crafted exclusively for specialty retailers, Agio’s new Apricity brand delivers the highest quality and most trendsetting looks in the industry. Are you prepared to take your product to the next level?


Elements of The Outdoor Room®


1 Coyote Outdoor Living

The C1PORTLP portable gas grill is made for boaters, tailgaters, and those with small outdoor spaces. Constructed of durable stainless steel, the gas grill has 200 sq. inches of cooking space and uses a 20-lb. propane tank or small disposable propane tank. It has one 20,000 Btu infinity burner.


Phone: (855) 520-1559 Website:

2 Bull Outdoor Products 1 2

3 3

The Bison Charcoal Grill head has a new vent system and gasket features allowing for greater temperature control with the ability to regulate the oxygen flow into the firebox. Outdoor chefs can enjoy slow-and-low barbecuing, or crank it up to get a steakhouse quality sear. Phone: (800) 521-2855 Website:

3 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

The WPPO5 Pro Series 32-inch Wood Fired Pizza Oven is made of stainless steel. The oven is double walled with extra thick insulation and four-piece Cordierite Cooking Stones Blanket insulation underneath. The oven has heavy-duty adjustable pedestal feet. Phone: (603) 986-6578 Website:

4 5

4 Vision Grills

The S-Series Kamado Grill has innovative features such as electricstarter ports, calibrated cooking vents, removable ash drawers, and optional Quickchange gas or pellet fuel inserts. Phone: (877) 917-4273 Website:

5 Twin Eagles

With solid performance and convenience, the Wood Fired Pellet Grill & Smoker has accurate and versatile temperatures ranging from 140°F to 725°F. The grill and smoker can bake, sear, smoke and cook rotisserie style at the push of a button. Phone: (800) 789-2206 Website:

94 | AUGUST 2019 |


1 THOR Kitchen

The Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite consists of stainless-steel outdoor kitchen appliances. The full suite includes a grill, grill cabinet, pizza oven, 24-inch indoor/outdoor refrigerator drawers, sink cabinet, side burner cabinet, appliance cabinet and corner cabinet.


Phone: (877) 288-8099 Website:

Jordan Outdoor 2 Brown Kitchens

TECNO is a Euro-inspired outdoor kitchen line crafted from stainless steel and powder coated for a maintenance-free finish. Features include a sleek frameless design, single-height façade, and softclose drawers with integrated pulls. Phone: (203) 626-5625 Website:

3 Danver

The Post and Panel System of outdoor cabinetry is made for outdoor recreational spaces, rooftop destinations and any place counterspace is needed. Made of stainless steel and powder coated, the system is strong and will support countertops and is easy to install.

2 3

Phone: (203) 269-2300 Website:

4 GrOven

The GrOven is a live-fire grill, smoker and oven made of stainless steel and fueled by wood logs. With cooking temperatures between 150°F and 800°F, the GrOven sears on the grilling grid directly over the wood fire in the firebox, or cooks low-and-slow by indirect heat inside the multi-tiered oven. The offset firebox doubles as a fire pit.


Phone: (916) 996-5887 Website: | AUGUST 2019 | 95


Elements of The Outdoor RoomÂŽ



1 Barlow Tyrie

The Woodland Screen creates greater intimacy and an enclosure for seating or lounging areas. The light random pattern of teak slats with rounded soft edges and stone-shaped feet are inspired by nature and create an atmosphere of natural, sheltered seclusion.


Phone: (800) 451-7467 Website:

2 Screen Gems

Featuring a rustic, distressed finish with corrugated metal, the Industrial Screen has three panels. The unique screen is sure to increase style in any home. Phone: (310) 545-9091 Website:

3 Serene House

The Twilight Diffuser, designed by Cozzolino Studios, is an elegant way to fill the home with scents. The diffuser runs up to four hours continuously or up to eight hours intermittently. Add water and essential oil and turn it on to let a gentle mist and seven rotating LED lights create a relaxing ambiance.


Phone: (856) 673-4117 Website:


4 CabanaCoast

Skye lanterns add a soft glow to outdoor spaces. Lanterns are designed with classic lines, easy-open magnetic doors, and folding handles for ease of movement. The powder-coated aluminum frames have inlaid glass panels on each side for elegant light distribution. Phone: (855) 502-9988 Website:

4 96 | AUGUST 2019 |

The LX1 Pier easily fi ts into any home, creating two rooms out of one or easing transition from one to another.


• Takes advantage of more room shapes and sizes than ever before, including a pony wall. • Compact yet with large viewing area. • New V-Class stainless steel burner creates a stadium effect that takes full advantage of the log display, creating depth, interest and impressive radiant heat efficiency. • New screen improves view and the fire’s radiant warmth. • New Valor 10 Cymax remote control simplifies LX1 options.


• New receiver compatible with Valor10 Remote App, available this fall. | AUGUST 2019 | 97


Elements of The Outdoor RoomÂŽ



5 Les Jardins

Skaal Solar Lanterns create a beautiful illumination when placed poolside or in any outdoor setting. The rechargeable solar LED lanterns have a Duratek-coated teak open frame that measures 28 inches high and produces up to 200 hours of LED light.


Phone: (760) 836-0800 Website:


6 Calaisio

The Decorative Serving Tray for Ottomans is handwoven for durability. The tray is made by artisans in remote South Pacific villages and woven from vines specific to the region. The 24-inch square by 2-inch tall tray comes with convenient serving handles. Phone: (262) 886-1247 Website:

7 Treasure Garden

The 11-ft. Vienna Alu Teak Umbrella has a mirrored, anodized pole and aluminum teak ribs. The sleek octagon design has a double pulley lift system with locking pin. Phone: (626) 814-0168 Website:


8 Jaipur Living

Featuring deep and moody blues and polished whites, the Aireloom Collection’s Cassatt rug has an intense, abstract pattern. The power-loomed rug is durable, easy to care for, and designed for modern spaces. Phone: (888) 676-7330 Website:

8 98 | AUGUST 2019 |

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Don’t missBennett an outstanding include: Chris Andresen Leslie Chris Andresen TyBennett Bennett JeffButler Butler program! Stephanie Skordas Highlights Leslie Su Derek Thompson Stephanie Skordas Ty Derek Thompson Jeff Chris Andresen Su Su Skordas Thompson JeffJeff Butler Chris Andresen TyTy Leslie Su Derek Stephanie Skordas Leslie Bennett Derek Thompson Butler Stephanie

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Elements of The Outdoor RoomÂŽ



1 ICC-Renaissance Fireplace


The Le BOL Table is a black, powdercoated steel table that fits well in outdoor entertaining spaces. The table has a replaceable steel liner and burns efficiently. Phone: (450) 565-6336 Website:

2 Pottery Paradise 1

The Rectangular Fire Pit Table has a hammered black coating with a full stainless-steel burner. Heat output is 50,000 Btus. With extruded aluminum construction, the fire pit has lava glass, a table lid, and protection cover and uses a 20-lb. propane tank. Phone: (510) 243-5159 Website:


3 Sunset West

The Honed Carrara Fire Table comes in a cool frost color. Combining form and function, the table delivers a fresh, contemporary design along with an eye-catching finish. A glass surround is sold separately. Phone: (760) 599-1021 Website:


4 Gensun

True to its transitional style, the Treviso Collection focuses on the delicate interplay and stylish transitions between lines and materials. An addition to the collection is an attractive 44 x 86inch fire table. Phone: (866) 964-4468 Website:

4 100 | AUGUST 2019 |


Classics by 5 Veranda Foremost

The 60-inch high Tacoma Dining Fire Pit has a frame composed of all-weather wicker and aluminum for durability and longevity. The round table top has an attractive walnut finish.


Phone: (800) 443-1410 Website:

Outdoor 6 The GreatRoom Company

The Kinney Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table has an ultracompact top and 12 x 24-inch Crystal Fire Burner. The low-profile base is made of durable black powdercoated metal. The matching burner cover transforms the unit into a coffee table or storage space for the burner when it is not in use. Phone: (866) 303-4028 Website:



7 Warming Trends

The handcrafted, one-of-a-kind steel gas log with integrated burner maximizes the unique flame pattern of the FireStorm Steel Gas Log. A specific air-to-gas ratio at the point of combustion produces a taller, brighter, fuller flame resembling a natural, wood-burning fire. Standard and custom designs are available. Phone: (877) 556-5255 Website:

8 Amantii


The SYM-42 Electric Fireplace has a black steel surround. Homeowners can choose from two flame patterns: a traditional diffused flame appearance or realistic flame style. The fireplace allows for semi-flush mount within 2 x 4-inch walls and touch pad controls. Phone: (877) 850-9458 Website: | AUGUST 2019 | 101



A P u b l i c at i o n O f T h e H e a rt h , P at i o & B a r b e c u e A s s o c i at i o n

Membership (in HPBA) has its privileges...


here is one organization that is fighting for the entire industry and that is HPBA. We work hard to represent your interests in the government and to promote your products to the consumers. We provide the best opportunity to showcase the latest

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Discounts on HPB Education Foundation and NFI certifications

Tom Pugh Government Affairs Academy

Achieve your company goals by receiving discounts on education courses and NFI certifications. An educated sales force will sell more products and those certified installers will be the best in the business.

This workshop in Washington DC is a week-long event that happens every two years. This in-depth opportunity gives members intense training to acquire the skills associated with media and government relations and become informed on important issues affecting the industry.

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102 | AUGUST 2019 |

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| Business Climate |


In early July Hearth & Home faxed a survey to 2,500 specialty retailers of hearth, patio, and barbecue products asking them to compare June 2019 sales to June 2018. The accompanying charts and selected comments are from the 204 useable returns.

RETAILER SALES - U.S. AND CANADA June 2019 vs. June 2018















32% 32%

















Retailers Up

Retailers No Change

Retailers Up

Retailers No Change

Retailers Up

Retailers No Change



Retailers Down Retailers Down Retailers Down

The percent of retailers who were UP in sales in June is less than stellar. Hearth retailers led the way with 44% telling us they were UP, however, the other three categories weren’t quite as successful – 32% of Patio retailers, 30% of Spa retailers, and only 21% of Barbecue retailers were UP.

13-MONTH YEAR-OVER-YEAR RETAIL SALES June 2019 vs. June 2018


8% 10%




19% 19% 9% 3% 3%

19% 9% 9%

4% 4% 4% 4%

-2% -2%

5% 5% 5% 5%

1% 1%

4% 4%

8% 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19 6/18 7/18 3%


4% 4%


5% 5%



4% 3% 4% 3%

1% 0% 1% -2% 1% 0% 0% 0% -4% 2% -2% 1% 0% 1% -2% 1% 0% 0% 0% -4% 2% -2%

6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19

4% 3%

1% 0% 1% -2% 1% 0% 0% 0% -4% 2% -2%

6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19

6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19

6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19

6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19




6% 3% 12% 2% 2% 2% 2% -3% -6% 0% 7% 6% 5% 5% 3% 12% 2% 2% 2% 2% -3% -6% 0% 7% 6% 5% 5% 3% 2% 2% 2% 1/19 2/19 3/19 2% 6/18 7/18 8/18 -6% 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 0% 4/19 5/19 6/19 -3% 5% 5%


13% 5% 5% 13% 5% 5% 5% 5%

21% 7%

21% 9% 9%

21% 9% 9% 7% 7%

9% 9%

12% 4% 4% 4%



-11% 12%

5% 5% 5%

1% 1%

4% 4% 4%

1% 6/19 6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 -11% 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19

8/18 11/18 2/19 3/19UP 6/19of both 6/18 7/18products 8/18 9/18 11/18 2/19 Barbecue 3/19 4/19 sales 9/18 10/18 12/18 4/19 12/18 5/19 6/19 In6/18 June,7/18 Patio retailers led the way with1/19 sales being 6%.5/19 Sales Hearth and10/18 Spas were UP 1/19 4%, and were DOWN 2%. 6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19

104 | AUGUST 2019 |

6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 1/19 2/19 3/19 4/19 5/19 6/19

RETAILER COMMENTS NORTHEAST Connecticut: (Hearth) “Slower summer sales but up 50% YTD. Expecting another strong year.”


For the following weather charts, the numbers for each state reflect the temperature ranking for the period since records began in 1895. STATEWIDE AVERAGE TEMPERATURE RANKS June 2019

Connecticut: (Hearth, BBQ) “We were

up against a strong June last year and are holding our own. It’s hard to predict what the rest of this year is going to look like. Even though the weather has drastically improved, the political climate here in Connecticut has not. Once we get into the busy fall season, we would be happy with a 5% increase overall for the year.”

New Hampshire: (Patio, BBQ) “June

patio sales picked up from April and May, but not enough to cover what we missed in special orders. The weather has been crappy for the spring and early summer in New England. Very cold and rainy here.”

“We’re finding more and more Internet sales interfering with our sales. Customers come in to learn about the products, then purchase online. We have noticed this more this year than in past years.” — New York




68 97



Connecticut: (Hearth, BBQ ) “The

weather has cleared up nicely and business is steady but not great. Waiting on our season to get closer so that we start doing some real revenue. The nature of the beast I guess.”



48 76


70 51


42 70

74 Much Below Average

Below Average

41 50 85 99




86 104 46 39 116 42 61 44 43 104 41 49 46 68 50 81 49 73 44 85 62 33 3543 99 78 80 38 86 52 84 48 1 = Coldest 125 = Warmest 58 45 104 54 43 7946 39 116 42 61 43 104 123 49 46 68 49 62 33 35 National Climatic80 Data Center/NESDIS/NOAA 84 1 = Coldest 52 58



Record Coldest




7574 68



Average 43


Above Average





Much 125 =Record Warmest Above Average Warmest


In June, Delaware and Florida both posted Much Above Average temperatures, while Washington, Oregon, California, Alabama, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode National Climatic Data Center/NESDIS/NOAA Island, and Massachusetts were at Above Average temperatures. Record Coldest

Much Below Average


Below Average

Near Average

Above Average

Much Above Average

Record 33 Warmest 46

52 37 96 69 30 113 STATEWIDE AVERAGE TEMPERATURE RANKS 105 31 84 38 103 112 38 April – June 2019 41 122 99 27 65 71 124 121 124 61 33 48 108 124 46 39 37 72 116 123 52 89 53 42 108 37 96 69 121 37 6630 113 105 61 31 53 122 84 38 86 109 103 38 112 1 = Coldest 125 = 122 Warmest 41 99 27 50 8365 71 124 121124 61 124 48 108 124 39 37 72 123 89 108 121 37 66 61 National Climatic Data Center/NESDIS/NOAA 53 122 86 109 1 = Coldest

Record Coldest


Much Below Average


Below Average


50 Average





Warmest Much 125 =Record Above Average Warmest


National Climatic Data Center/NESDIS/NOAA

Record Coldest

Much Below Average

Below Average

Near Average

Above Average

Much Above Average


108 96 50 37 For the three-month period of April, May, and June, temperatures 50 Much Above Average 101 88 53 were felt by20 those in Washington, Oregon, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, 102 35 32 102 60 Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, 64 Delaware, and New Jersey. 109 47 98 121 66 90 109 83 110 31 8896 59 71 108 82 83 85 Click123 here for a mobile 25 105 96 21 50 37 friendly reading experience 118 50 88 101 90 92 53 20 111 102 25


Record Warmest

STA 105

86 109 50

| Business Climate |


1 = Coldest 125 = Warmest

124 New Jersey: (Hearth, Patio, BBQ )


“Our company’s steady growth continues. Hearth products remain our focus, and keeping customers completely satisfied.”

National Climatic Data Center/NESDIS/NOAA

Record Much Below Near Above Much ForColdest the following weather Average chart, the numbers for Average each state reflect the Record Below Average Average Above Average Warmest precipitation ranking for the period since records began in 1895.

New York : (Hearth, Spas) “Hot tub

traffic was really slow in June perhaps because 18 out of 30 days that month had rain. On the other hand,PRECIPITATION we also noticed STATEWIDE more hearth shoppers than usual for this June 2019 time of year. The people who are buying are spending on higher-end units.”


25 20

50 32


64 59

21 40

108 96 50 88 101 CONSUMER CONFIDENCE INDEX 53 102 35 102 100 60 109 47 98 121 66 90 109 90 96 83 110 78.3 80.2 80.871 123 83 85 80 105 61.9 70 118 90 92 111 60 106 1 = Driest 94 70


82 62



97 40

New York: (Hearth) “We’re finding

125 = Wettest


30 20 Year Ago 6 Months Ago Dec ’13

National Climatic Data Center/NESDIS/NOAA

Record Driest

Much Below Average

Below Average

Near Average

Above Average

Jan ’14

1985Record = 100

Much Above Average


In June, only Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee experienced Much Above Average precipitation. It was the second wettest April - June in 125 years.

more and more Internet sales interfering with our sales. Customers come in to learn about the products then purchase 82.3 online. We have noticed this more this year than in past years. Another issue we’re finding is that when your company is set up to be exclusive on a product, other distributors find ways around you. They are selling to non-authorized dealers. This is sad when you pay for your staff Febto’14become educated on a product, and others find a way around it. We receive calls from these customers when there is no one to service and the units have been installed incorrectly.”




131.3 121.5


The Consumer Confidence Index declined

escalation in trade and tariff tensions

in June, following an increase in May. The

earlier this month appears to have shaken

Index now stands at 121.5 (1985=100),

consumers’ confidence. Although the

down from 131.3 in May.

Index remains at a high level, continued

“After two consecutive months of

uncertainty could result in further volatility

improvement, Consumer Confidence

in the Index and, at some point, could

declined in June to its lowest level since

even begin to diminish consumers’

September 2017 (Index, 120.6),” said

confidence in the expansion.”


Lynn Franco, senior director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board. “The decrease in the Present Situation Index was driven by a less favorable assessment of business and labor market conditions. Consumers’ expectations regarding the short-term outlook also retreated. The

106 | AUGUST 2019 |

A reading above 90 indicates the economy is on solid footing; above 100 signals strong growth. The Index is based on a probability-design random sample conducted for The Conference Board by The Nielsen Company.

Year 6 Mo. Apr May Jun Ago Ago 2019 2019 2019

1985 = 100

New York: (Hearth) “Many customers order in June for a later

delivery or pick-up date. So the monthly income often does not always reflect the actual yearly income.”

Pennsylvania: (Hearth) “Fiscal year ends June 30 and we are

up 25%. Best year in last five years.”

Pennsylvania: (Hearth, Patio, BBQ) “Finally getting some

sunny weather, and that has helped our outdoor product sales. Markdowns of leftover wood stoves that don’t meet 2020 have helped move some product. Gas fire pit sales have been almost non-existent, probably due to all the rain we’ve experienced over the last 13 months. Pellet pricing is really climbing, so that will probably have an affect on pellet stove sales this year.”

“Consumers are running scared and projects we get take much longer to set sail than the new norm of the past decade, which was slow.” — North Carolina

Integrated burner and steel gas log compounds the effects of the CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner, creating a beautiful flame pattern.


FireStormTM Steel Gas Log

Arkansas: (Hearth) “Horrible sales. No business.” Louisiana: (Hearth) “Our system includes service with the

merchandise. About half of our increase is due to increased service work.”

CFBL150 CROSSFIRE® Brass Burner

North Carolina: (Hearth) “Consumers are running scared and

projects we get take much longer to set sail than the new norm of the past decade, which was slow.” Oklahoma: (Hearth) “Would like to see more commitment

from manufacturers and distributors to brick-and-mortar stores and fewer Internet sales.”

38” x 10” Aluminum Plate

Texas: (Patio, BBQ) “Ceramic and propane grill sales were flat,

but pellet grills were up.”

Texas: (Hearth, Patio, BBQ) “Tracking near last year but hard

to compare what you ask for because our fiscal year ends March 31. Last year was a record year and we’re a nose ahead of same time. Nothing stands out, except fireplaces continue like it is fall. Stoves need to be doing the same!” Texas: (Hearth, BBQ) “Hearth products were exponentially up

Hand-crafted. Easy to install. Natural Gas or Liquid Propane. Manufactured by ®

last year due to post Harvey flood. This year is normal.” Virginia: (Hearth, BBQ) “Very slow month.” | AUGUST 2019 | 107



Conference on Landscape Architecture November 15–18 San Diego

We invite you to the American Society of Landscape Architects Conference on Landscape Architecture. Our conference is the only national conference dedicated to the landscape architecture profession on earth. We welcome you to explore all the new events, education sessions, “Deep Dives,” and even more of the popular “Explore the Floor” tours.

To learn more and Get inspired at our EXPO as you encounter the latest register, technologies, designs and products in our industry. visit:

MIDWEST Michigan: (Hearth) “Four very strong years in a row, 10-15% growth per year with 2018 the best in our 43-year history! Michigan’s economy started rebounding in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Let’s hope a market correction doesn’t hit with an election year coming.” Minnesota: (Hearth, BBQ ) “The

weather has hindered our new construction market. A very late winter and rainy spring means builders are behind.” Nebraska: (Hearth, Patio, BBQ )

“It was a tough season. The weather did not help.” Ohio: (Hearth, BBQ ) “Our march

toward a new sales record for our three stores continues! We’re already in uncharted territory with two months left in our fiscal year. A combination of a hot economy and a vastly improved staff has unleashed the beast!”

Wisconsin: (Hearth, BBQ ) “Great

month for us, we’re booked almost six weeks out. Makes me nervous to have adequate help for fall.” Wisconsin: (Hearth, Patio, BBQ) “June

was very strong. Lots of traffic in store. People are buying. Our economy in the Midwest is rolling right along. New construction is at an all-time high. Two or three fireplaces is now the norm. Gas is king. Wood-burning is slow because of cheap gas prices.” WEST California: (Patio, BBQ) “Oct. 1, 2017

to Sept. 30, 2018 was our best 12 months in 46 years. Oct. 1, 2018 to Feb. 28, 2019 was off 25%. March and April were up over 2018 and May and June down. Did the new downturn begin 10 months ago?” California: (Hearth, BBQ, Spas) “The

weather is cooperating and things are looking to be just as busy or busier than

last year. Brought in a new line of USA made pellet grills and they are flying out of the store.” Washington: (Hearth, BBQ, Spas)

“Busy this summer!”

Washington: (Hearth) “Sales are up

from last year but still slower than expected. Several delays on new construction projects from backlogged permits and/or contractors not meeting their own deadlines. On the plus side, we expect those to provide for a strong July.” Washington: (Hearth, BBQ ) “Our

sales have been up the last three years and we’re staying steady in the hearth market through the summer as well. We are a very small Mom-and-Pop business. We have a small retail store with two owners and one employee. We install and service what we sell (wood stoves and fireplaces, gas fireplaces and stoves, and pellet stoves). We’re in the Pacific Northwest region.” | AUGUST 2019 | 109

| Business Climate |

“Sales inquiries by phone have dropped off somewhat. Bagged pellets may be in shorter supply in BC this coming season, as at least one manufacturer is switching to bulk pellets only.”


Ontario: (Hearth, Patio, BBQ) “Economy

British Columbia: (Hearth) “Sales

dead, and rainy weather keeping people off deck and not barbecuing. Trump not inspiring middle class to spend.”

inquiries by phone have dropped off somewhat. Bagged pellets may be in shorter supply in BC this coming season, as at least one manufacturer is switching to bulk pellets only.”

Ontario: (Hearth, BBQ) “Unprecedented

wet rainy weather dampened sales and enthusiasm. Looking forward to next barbecue season already.”

British Columbia: (Hearth, BBQ )

“Weird year continues with barbecue sales virtually non-existent despite more promotions.”

Quebec: (Patio) “Really late start in the

season. Bad weather. Longer lead times from our suppliers - 4 to 6 weeks. Thirtyfive percent U.S. exchange driving price up in Canadian dollars.”

British Columbia: (Hearth, BBQ )

“Wood stoves and fireplaces are moving out quite well and we will soon see if our early-buys were estimated correctly. We had to reorder insulated chimneys several times in 2018, so we’re looking to see how accurate our early-buy estimates were.”

— British Columbia

Quebec: (Hearth, BBQ) “Quotes are

about the same for June, but confirmations and installations have a slight decrease for hearth products.”



Standard & Poor’s 500 (a) HNI Corporation (b) Pool Corporation (c) Restoration Hardware (b) Wayfair (b) NOTES:











2,954.18 45.40 193.73 162.10 173.72

2,351.10 32.79 136.83 84.11 76.60

2,752.06 33.16 179.78 85.15 144.01

2,941.76 35.38 191.00 115.60 146.00

6.9% 6.7% 6.2% 35.8% 1.4%

18.3% 0.5% 29.2% -2.8% 60.9%

8.2% -4.9% 26.1% -17.3% 22.9%


$1,500.00 $7,550.00 $2,200.00 $13,150.00

(a) = Standard & Poor’s 500 is based on the market capitalizations of 500 large companies having common stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. It is considered one of the best representations of the U.S stock market, and a bellwether for the U.S economy. (b) = New York Stock Exchange (c) = NASDAQ



$14000 $12000

40% 30%




20% 10%







-10% -20%





HNI POOL RH As of 28-Jun-2019

110 | AUGUST 2019 |




POOL 29-Jun-2018

RH 28-Jun-2019



EXTERUS Outdoor Kitchens, Firepits & Fireplaces Quality Since 1871

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3 step process to design & door kitchen.

r grill & appliances from our ic, AOG, Summerset, Primo & True

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woodburning oven and range

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Wittus Inc.

914.764.5679 | AUGUST 2019 | 111


For Sale Profitable Retail Business in beautiful Ely, Minnesota specializing in sales, installation and service of hearth products. Stone fireplace construction is their specialty. Showroom includes many burning displays. Real estate, inventory and equipment included in sale at $595,000. Contact Steve Bragg, Calhoun Companies (218) 663-7682 /

Empire Comfort Systems – manufacturer of fireplaces, heaters, and grills – is looking for an energetic/enthusiastic person to join our growing team. National Service Trainer – Develop training materials and conduct classes. Comfortable presenting in person; via web, and in hands-on demos. Up to 50% travel. Must excel at relationship building, strong oral/ written communication skills, and desire to help others learn. Troubleshoot by phone and email. Req. 5 yrs experience. NFI cert. preferred.

OEM INDIA SUPPLIER Ceramic kamados, wire forms, wire grates, metal fabrication and pressure die casting.

Hearth & Fireplace Showroom Located in the Greater Vancouver Area, 30+ years in business, looking to sell or partner with investor/collaborator.

Full benefits and relocation assistance available. EOE employer. Please send a letter of interest and resume to: or Human Resources, 918 Freeburg Ave., Belleville IL 62220

For more information/details email:

Please e-mail enquiries to

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23, 93 108 38, 39 8, 9 25 91 89 12, 13 50 17 111 34, 35 111 47 43 C3 99 97 19 44, 45 59, 77, 85 33 37 49 10, 11 29 109 C4 C2, 3 21 27 41 50, 51 97 107 111 31

(888) 997-7623 (800) 424-5249 (800) 451-7467 (866) 976-9510 (855) 612-9800 (800) 677-6278 (855) 520-1559 (800) 433-8466 (800) 422-0091 (800) 851-3153 (800) 622-1359 (800) 332-3973 (800) 367-7429 (866) 964-4468 (800) 927-6841 (703) 522-0086 (336) 881-1016 (800) 403-0403 (877) 303-3134 (800) 378-3115 (800) 461-5581 (708) 563-2890 (866) 303-4028 (800) 776-9533 (866) 606-6330 (866) 919-1881 (860) 824-0257 (450) 565-6336 (336) 227-6211 (518) 642-1100 (972) 512-3534 (800) 654-1177 (800) 789-2206 (800) 468-2567 (303) 346-2224 (914) 764-5679 (844) 636-3473

112 | AUGUST 2019 |

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Bill Vanderminden, for one! City: Queensbury

State: New York

Occupation: Executive Vice President, Telescope Casual Furniture Special Interests/Hobbies: “Most importantly, spending time with my family. Then, spending time: with our horses, on a nearby lake, and my newest interest, on or off-road adventure motorcycling.” Problems/Issues Facing the Patio Industry: “The reduction in foot traffic in retail stores compared to 20 years ago is a real concern. The average ticket price has risen accordingly, so often the store is doing just as much business or more, but it seems that more and more eggs are in fewer and fewer baskets. “Also, the jury is still out about how the import tariffs will affect our industry, but the instability and uncertainty of the trade talks and tariff levels are definitely making the lives of retailers (and some manufacturers) more challenging.” Key Trends in the Patio Industry Today: “Polymer furniture (for Telescope, our Marine Grade Polymer and our new Rustic Polymer – woodgrain) is a very strong category that continues to grow year after year, and has shown to be very profitable for retailers. Sectional deep-seating continues to be strong. “Traditional outdoor dining is giving way to more relaxed chat-height dining, and the ever-increasing variety of fire tables is making this category very exciting and successful. We are also seeing many of our retailers broadening their sales and local influence by pursuing and capturing many large and small local commercial jobs.” Forecast for Your Overall Business in 2019: “Telescope is experiencing another year of double-digit sales growth over a very strong retail year last year. We see no signs of this demand slowing down through the remainder of this season. The continued upheaval with the tariff situation could affect early-buys, but with the strength of our new 2020 offerings, we expect to be very well prepared going into the 2020 retail season.” Years Reading Hearth & Home: “Well, I’ve been at Telescope for 33 years, so I would say I’ve been reading H&H most of that time!” Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “I have always been impressed with the depth of the reporting and the usefulness of the articles and the editorials regarding our industry. As well, the quality of the magazine itself has always been First Class.”

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GREAT USE OF SPACE! The area is only 25 x 25 ft., but there is a place to cook (builtin grill, refrigerator, cabinets), a place to eat (cement table for eight, anyone?), a place to relax (deep-seating in front of a roaring fire). The flooring is Ipe wood decking; the removable fence is in compliance with city code; the plants are all drought resistant, and there is also an edible garden.

Tom Stout,,, (310) 8761018, Manhattan Beach, California.


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FOR YOUR PRODUCTS. EXHIBIT AT INDOOR-OUTDOOR LIVING’S LARGEST EVENT AND GAIN THE ATTENTION OF THOUSANDS. HPBExpo 2020. NEW ORLEANS. As demand heats up for year-round indoor-outdoor living, it’s never been more critical for brands to captivate buyers and get their innovations into an ever-evolving ecosystem of products. HPBExpo 2020 is THE event designed to garner attention, cultivate new deals, gather invaluable product feedback, set emerging trends, and foster unexpected partnerships. Whether it’s a big box, independent, or international buyer (or even a social influencer), look your next major opportunity directly in the eye and fire up sales at HPBExpo 2020 in New Orleans. Reserve your space today!


THROUGH ALL FOUR SEASONS Exhibition: March 12–14, 2020 Education: March 11–13, 2020 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA |





Visit or contact Anita Derouin at or by phone at 703.522.0086 ext. 117.


WHICH OPEL IS RIGHT FOR YOU? At 0.7g/hr the Opel Plus Series is EPA 2020 certified

TRIED, TESTED AND TRUE Standing the test of time, the RSF Opel Plus is built on more than 30 years of proven performance. At 0.7 g/hr it uses emissions technology that is 54% cleaner than EPA 2020 requirements. Available in three distinct styles to suit those with discerning tastes.

▪ Option: 635cfm Central Heating Blower ▪ Large 3.6 cubic feet firebox allowing overnight burns ▪ BTU Output range 10,000 to 70,000 ▪ Heating capacity up to 3000 ft2

(450) 565-6336

Profile for Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home Magazine - 2019 August Issue  

Hearth & Home is a trade journal serving the hearth, barbecue, and patio furnishings industries. It provides helpful and important content f...

Hearth & Home Magazine - 2019 August Issue  

Hearth & Home is a trade journal serving the hearth, barbecue, and patio furnishings industries. It provides helpful and important content f...


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