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Enhanced External Counter-pulsation, (EECP) Therapy is a safe, simple non-invasive, affordable and effective treatment which is clinically proven to be highly successful in eliminating or reducing the symptoms of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes and obesity. EECP is an alternative to surgery and medication. It works by improving circulation throughout your body, helping your blood cleanse and grow new blood vessels naturally. EECP strengthens the cardiovascular system through increased blood flow which helps the body repair and heal itself. This treatment has been the best kept secret in medicine until now.

EECP works by using blood pressure cuffs to help push blood throughout the body. EECP promotes the development of new blood vessels to naturally by-pass coronary blockages helping restore the flow of healthy oxygenated blood back to the heart and body. As a result EECP reduces or eliminates symptoms such as high blood pressure, chest pain, fatigue, blood sugars, high cholesterol and increases your energy, stamina and returns patients to life style activities they thought they had to give up forever. A one hour treatment is equivalent to running 35km while your heart and body is at rest.

EECP patients are less likely than by-pass, angioplasty and stent patients to have a heart attack or require hospital stay.

EECP is the ideal weapon in the fight against cardiovascular disease for patients battling obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and much more.

EECP brings non of the risks of surgery or invasive procedures and is provided in an outpatient clinic.

EECP is FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration) and it is appropriate for nearly all cardiovascular disease sufferers, regardless of age, size or other medical conditions.

DID YOU KNOW? CAN EECP BENEFIT YOU? Do you suffer from? > High Blood Pressure? Yes / No > High Cholesterol? Yes / No > High Blood Sugar Yes / No > Health Problems? Yes / No > Stroke? Yes / No > Angina? Yes / No > Diabetes? Yes / No > Poor Circulation? Yes / No > Cold Hands and Feet? Yes / No > Weight Gain? Yes / No > Fatigue? Yes / No > Stress? Yes / No > Depression? Yes / No > Decreased Libido? Yes / No > Muscle Aches and Pains? Yes / No > Low Energy? Yes / No > Poor Stamina? Yes / No If you answered YES to any of these questions then EECP will benefit you.

If you were to buy a lottery ticket your chances of winning are one in a million. But if you were to bet on your chances of dying or suffering a heart attack it could be as high as one out of three.

EECP offers the jump start the body needs to get your blood flowing again and set you on the path to better health and fitness.

Which has a better chance of getting you back to work, surgery, angioplasty, or medical treatment without surgery?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in New Zealand accounting for 41% of all deaths.

No hospital stay, no anesthesia, no x-ray exposure, no distraught loved ones, no extensive period of rehabilitation.

Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies of a heart attack more than all forms of cancer.

One New Zealander dies of cardiovascular disease every hour and many of these deaths are premature and preventable.

EECP improves blood sugar control for people with diabetes by increased blood flow to the pancreas, insulin production is enhanced and the bodies ability to utilise sugar.

Obesity is a major risk factor for a number of diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, osteoarthrists and some cancers.

New Zealanders with diabetes had nearly 30 more potential years of life lost than the average of other countries. Sources: Heart Foundation Statistics of NZ. NZ Medical Association Commonwealth Fund OECD.

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