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AMforte Clarity

Antiquity Port Royal Kleio Island Mariposa Gardens Trista Ana Serenity p8ermac Rau Blackhearts Café Sweethearts Jazz

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“I was kinda terrified really, spinning all these tunes and addin commentaries here and there. It was like going on a driving tes because I had no idea what was expected.�

DJ of p8erm



the Month mac Rau

C o n te n t s

L o g I n 12 Viewer 2 16 You want to open an SL club?

C o v e r St o r y 22 AMFORTE Clarity

S i m Re v i e w s 30 32 40 48

Callum’s Contingencies Antiquity Port Royal Kleio Island Amusement Park Mariposa Gardens

D J o f t h e M o n t h 56 p8ermac Rau

D a n ce r o f t h e M o n t h 58 Trista Ana Serenity

M o v i e Re v i e w s 70 Stardust 72 Marley & Me 74 Willow

N i g h t l i f e 60 Reminiscing Sweethearts Jazz's Love Beginning 68 The Soul of Digital Nation 76 Feeling at Home in Blackhearts Café

Fa s h i o n 82 Boots Special 94 Style Builder presents: Vintage Love!





What a month. I just cannot believe that Heartbeat has existed for a full year now! I keep saying it in my head, “It is our first year anniversary!” I am just so excited and have been working on so many things. Do you want me to tell you more? Are you sure? Well here it is… First, in a matter of weeks now, we will hold our Dancer of the Year Competition. Remember all of those dancers of the month you get in every issue? Well, they are going to compete in a live event in front of judges who will choose the best dancer… I am expecting lots of fun, and the temperature to sky-rocket as our nominated dancers set the house or stage on fire!!! I better stop or I may need a cold shower soon. The other big part of my time is also dedicated to the RFL (Relay for Life). We will be planning and organising events throughout the running season of the RFL to help raise funds. You have heard it before and I will say it again, every Linden counts! Please do not hesitate to donate at the kiosks inworld at all participating locations. Other than that, well you can now find us on Avatars United and Facebook. Now last but not least, I am so delighted that from now on, we are going to be available online on This online publication would have never ever occurred without the help and dedication of the Heartbeat team! You guys are the best, and I mean it! Kisses, Angel


t r a e H AT BE

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Events Manager LuLu Coba Heartbeat Magazine is published and managed by Integrated Talents Alliance You can find us online at Please send all press releases and queries to For any advertising enquiries and kiosk requests please contact directly Mynxie Ireman

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Viewer 2 by Bert Calamari

So, what’s new in Viewer 2? In short, this is a complete overhaul of the Second Life client, with very few features that haven’t been enhanced or re-written. Before I dive in, I have to give out a warning. Although you can download the new viewer now, it is currently classed as a “beta” version. This means that there may still be bugs and rough edges, but anything you do with it is real. Please don’t use the new viewer to do anything critical. You have been warned!

A brief tour When logging in using the new viewer, the first thing you will notice is the browser-like address bar at the top of the screen. This tells you where you currently are, but there’s more: navigating Second Life is now as easy as viewing web pages in your web browser. There are back and forward buttons that step through your teleport history and you can paste SLurls into the bar to teleport to the location they point to. The other big change is a new

sliding panel on the right. This is where you can access your profile, inventory and friends, with new features for managing landmarks and your appearance. Below this bar is a new status area. This displays icons for your current IMs and notifications. Any notifications are grouped into a handy scrollable list so that you aren’t overwhelmed with windows. Any of you who are members of more than one active group will love this.

New inventory panel There are a few nice enhancements to your inventory. Most importantly, you can now create links to items in a different folder. These work in the same way as shortcuts on your computer – double-clicking a link has the same effect as double-clicking the original. So, what use is this? One good example is demonstrated


V i ewe r 2


The new status bar displays icons for your current IMs and notifications

your tattoos disappearing! Alpha masks are designed for use with non-human avatars, and make parts, or all, of your avatar invisible. Very useful if you want to be an animal or robot, or even if you just want to dress up for Halloween.

Conclusion by Viewer 2 itself – outfits. These group clothing together, without moving the items from their original folders. Viewer 2 also adds a new predefined folder for your current outfit. Links will magically appear here, assuming that you are wearing any clothing! As always, with any major update something has to go. In this case, it’s that mainstay of Second Life, the right-click pie menu, replaced by a quite ordinary rectangular pop-up menu. Although I will shed a tear for its loss, I do admit that this brings Second Life in line with other applications. But the changes to Second Life aren’t limited to the user interface – there are a few significant new

features. Examples of these are deep integration of web content and “Alpha Masks” (a replacement for invisiprims that mask out part of your avatar – good for non-human avatars). And we finally get a separate clothing layer for tattoos!

New Clothing Layers! I am sure that the addition of Tattoo and alpha layers will be the most welcome change among clothing designers. These sit alongside the existing clothing types (shirt, pants, shoes, etc.) but differ from them in that they cover the whole body. Tattoos sit underneath your other clothing. Think of them as under-underwear. Yes, with Viewer 2 you can wear underwear without

This is a major update with dozens of new features, and will completely change the way you interact with Second Life. The beta does have a few areas that feel relatively unpolished but hopefully these will be fixed before it is formally released. I, for one, cannot wait!


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You want to open an SL club?

Read this first.


by Ginger Fanshaw Photos by Alvar Inglewood

Every club owner will tell you the same things. They all have the same problems: running a club is damn expensive and it is very hard to get staff willing to work. Maybe clubs made money in the past, but I don’t know any that do now. For starters, you pay for the land. A common mistake many make is buying a huge club. You don’t need it. A little smaller and it looks more crowded and you cut down the expenses. Also, people generally come to win Lindens. You can pack the place if you want to give away a lot of money in contests or fill the sploder all the time. But, who can do that? People will go where there is at least 1,000 L to win, some places give away 2,000. You can go broke quick if you have a lot of events. Some go into this thinking they will make money. Like I said, I haven’t seen it happen yet. Another big expense is paying staff. It’s ok to have dancers work for tips but a good manager, host, or dj will cost you. A lot of owners will cut expenses by hiring a cheaper DJ. I think that’s a mistake. The really good ones often get 1,000L for a 2 hr event, but they are well worth it. A good DJ has a following and brings new people

to your club. Also, the best ones make the event fun by interacting with the crowd, going on mic and talking, taking requests, and advertising your stores or any special events you want them to. A good manager is almost priceless. If you’re lucky enough to find one that takes care of your club close to how well you would yourself, don’t lose him or her. You can’t be here all the time and you don’t want to be.

So where does the revenue come from? Tips? Don’t count on it. I used to make great money as a dancer. These days, people aren’t spending much. Most don’t tip at all. Usually, you will have a few good customers that always do. Also, there are clubs people come to for the music and the party then there are strip joints where they come to see the strippers, not to win your Lindens. Decide which you are going to be and structure your club accordingly. Escort-


Y ou want to O p en an SL C l ub ?

ing has always been good money, but that seems to have gone down too. These days, the men paying big bucks for escorts are in the adult sims looking for Web-

stores, getting a percentage commission from the sploder (if you promote it) and renting out the club for private parties will bring in money too. Still, what you take

cam and voice. And I say “men” because few women will pay for male escorts. Women do, however, tip male dancers well. Having your male strippers compliment a woman and offer her a slow dance, seems to work well. Your host and dancers should all be welcoming guests and interacting with the crowd. If no one is talking, it gets real boring, real fast. Renting out

in will vary and it usually isn’t enough to cover your expenses.

Staff who just want to party I’ve spoken with some owners who believe they will find staff who just want to party and work for the fun of it and will chip in money or help when you need

them so that you can all enjoy the club. That would be lovely, but it doesn’t happen. A close friend or two might help that way, but generally, people are in SL to have fun and want to make Lindens when they work. Real life comes first and sometimes, other things in SL come first. Not to mention, they can get burnt out. Getting enough staff every day is a challenge. As an owner, there were times I hosted and danced at events, alone, and I had as many as 40 dancers at one time! Finally, there aren’t many clubs that stand out. It seems like the same routine everywhere: strippers emoting, dressing for contests, etc. Some things we’ve tried to change it up include playing games that get people to participate, giving away gifts, having concerts, making the club look different at times. These things all help, but I think SL needs something really new and different. I have some ideas, but I won’t share them here lol. My advice to any potential club owners reading this is to go in with your eyes open. Know you will more than likely operate at a loss. If you can afford it and want to have a good time, give it a shot. It can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work, money, and time if you want a good club.



AMfo Clar

St o r y

forte rity



A M F o r te C l a r i ty

by Grascious Streeter Photos by Gnome Inkpen & Mikalis Karas

I remember the early days of Second Life live music. It was hard to be impressed because it seemed like you were listening in to everyone’s bedroom, as they practiced common covers, and hit bad notes. Every now and then, however, someone shows up on the Second Life music scene that is a pleasant surprise.

That’s how I felt when I first heard AMFORTE play. Like many Second Life musicians, she’s a voice and a guitar, but she manages to have a unique sound. I found myself wanting to buy her music, and wanting to know who she was, as a person. Are there really Second Life musicians who are good? Who don’t sound like they are streaming from their living rooms? It’s easy to compare AMFORTE (that’s a derivation of her real name) to Alanis Morrisett. They both have that smoky voice and

both have written some pretty heated, “love gone awry” lyrics that most women can relate to. Check out AMFORTE’s original tune: “Are you satisfied?”. Thus, I was delighted when AM said that she would take an interview with me. I have to say that she was very approachable, and delightfully friendly. She plays music in SL, and she’s also working on an Associate’s Degree. I’m hoping she makes it big time and maybe after reading this interview and having a listen to her music, you will to.

Gnome Inkpen’s Flickr photostream at More from Mikalis Karas at


A M F o r te


Grascious Streeter: Thanks so much for coming! AMFORTE Clarity: No problem! GS: So you know that I’m a writer for Heartbeat SL magazine. It’s a magazine in Second Life. AC: Sounds awesome! GS: I was at one of your concerts the other night and really, was so impressed. As you know, in Second Life, there’s so much karaoke and bad back tracks. AC: (laughs) Yes, there is. I agree. I have heard though, some of these singers are amazing. GS: You were one of the first musicians that seemed to sing on key to me! AC: Who me? Great! Thanks! Were you drinking? (Laughs) GS: Yes you! And I wasn’t drinking! Okay. Can I ask, AM, how did you get started? Was guitar your first instrument? AC: No, actually, the piano was. I took piano lessons when I was very young and quit after 1/2 year. I picked up the guitar after hearing Jennifer Knapp, an artist that I heard and thought to myself, wow, if she can sing, write her own music, and play guitar, then surely I can learn! So that’s what I did, and here we are.

GS: I have to ask, though, Why did you quit piano? AC: Because I’m an idiot! (Laughs) I was young and all. I didn’t think it was important at the time. I think I was ten. GS: A lot of kids get forced into it. Were you? AC: yes, I was forced. Well, wait! That’s not at all true. There was this guy that I had a crush on. He played the piano, so I begged my parents to give me lessons. Then, I got lessons and then I figured out that he liked someone else, so I quit! But I definitely regret it. (Laughs). GS: We digress. We’ll form a posse later to bring him in later (laughs). So, was the guitar next? And can I ask what kind of guitar do you play, typically? AC: Well, I did a lot of wasting life, and then I picked up the guitar. I play a Martin D-15. GS: Oh nice! AC: Thanks! It’s mahogany. GS: So you have the real deal! AC: Yes. I have a lot of junk guitars also GS: Well yeah, have to have something to sling in the back of the car, right?

AC: Yes, absolutely. One day I’ll become a wuss and pick up an electric guitar. GS: Okay, you’ve got me curious: how does that make you a wuss? AC: Well, when you play an acoustic guitar, your fingers literally fall off. Okay – not literally, but, the calluses are really bad and they continue to hurt for years. But, when you play electric guitar, it’s not as bad. So, they call people that play electric guitar wusses. I’m not a wuss! (Laughs). At least not yet. GS: Clearly you’re not. You’ll never give into pressure! AM, I’m curious. People compare you and your vocal styling to Alanis Morissette. Is this correct? AC: I have had some people compare me to her GS: How do you feel about that? AC: I really don’t like being compared. But, I mean, let’s face it. Alanis is very good, so I do take it as a compliment. And yes, people do request her songs. I just hope I don’t sound exactly like her. GS: I think you are edgier than her, actually. But I was wondering if you mind playing covers? AC: I don’t mind playing covers but what I do mind is when ev-

C l a r i ty


ery Tom, Dick and Harry plays the same covers. I guess I just feel that in SL, or RL, people don’t want to hear the same songs, so I try to switch up a bit, bring in some different covers, although it is hard to keep things fresh. That’s why I try to write more songs. No one else can sing them. GS: So, AM, where did the name AMFORTE come from? AC: AMFORTE is my real name. The AM stands for Anna Maria, and then my last name is Forte. GS: Which means loud in music terminology… AC: Loud and strong! And spicy, too! GS: So, AM, I was listening to your original, “Are You Happy Now?” and wondered if it was about anyone in particular? AC: Yes, in fact, that song is about me. My personal life. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me. I caught him in the act! GS: Oh dear! AC: how do you say...BASTARD? GS: in which language? AC: (laughs) Italian? French? German? GS:





Google Translate here. It seems you’ve had good luck with men, then? (laughs) But seriously, AM, why Second Life to perform? AC: Well, a friend of mine told me about SL and how you can have shows, so I decided to come on and make a name for myself. And yes, it was to perform. It was all about the music. I have so many originals and I wanted them to be heard. GS: They’re great, truly. AC: Oh, thank you so much! GS: AM, I read on your blog that you are in school? Is that correct? AC: Yes, actually I came back from school about 2 hours ago. I’m taking biology and geology. UGH! GS: Is science your major? AC: I’m going for my Associates in Art/Music, then transferring to a University to get my Bachelor of Arts. It’s something to fall back on if the music doesn’t work out. GS: So is there a label out there for you? AC: I hope so! I had been looking for a while, but then I stopped. It’s too hard to get signed. I’m just doing my own thing for now. If someone is interested, I would love to talk to them, but I would love to become a writer if the sing-

ing doesn’t work out. GS: Yes I read some of your blog. You’re funny! Or did you just mean writing songs? AC: I’ve tried to write a soap opera. GS: (laughs) Yeah? AC: That was about 1 1/2 years ago (laughs). GS: How did that work out? AC: Ummm, it didn’t, it’s tucked away somewhere in my laptop! I can’t find it. It was okay. It was something along the lines of “The Young and the Restless”. GS: So AM, who plays the back-up in your originals that are on your webpage? Do you have a band? AC: Well, I went to a studio in Baltimore, Maryland and they had their own band that they use, so they played back-up for me. I don’t have a band at the moment. GS: Do you prefer playing solo? AC: Actually, no. I love being in a band. It’s so much more exciting. GS: What inspires you when you write? AC: Different things, really. Emotions are the biggest part. Personal experiences. Most of my songs are very personal.

A M F o r te C l a r i ty


GS: I always think that’s a very vulnerable thing to sing songs that are so personal in front of an audience? AC: Not really, I don’t think. I know a lot of people go through the types of emotions that I had, so they and I can relate. GS: What’s the worst experience you’ve had performing in SL? AC: (laughs). Well, there are two. Yesterday I was at a show, there were over sixty people there, I couldn’t get my stream started until 20 minutes after I was supposed to go on, and by the time it started working, only twenty people were there. The second was that I was performing at a venue, having fun, thanking people that were tipping me. Next thing you know, I clicked on a teleport, left the stage, and ended up in some random club, playing my guitar! I think it was a strip joint! GS: Oh that’s priceless and so SL! AC: I was like: umm, I don’t think I’m at the venue anymore. Everyone at the venue was like where the f*ck did she go? And I was telling them in stream, that I took a random teleport. That was embarrassing! GS: Tell me about the award you

won in Second Life. AC: Wow, I’m still in shock! I have to say that I have the best fans and friends in Second Life. The best. They truly rock. If it weren’t’ for them, I wouldn’t be where I am and I am truly thankful to have each and every one of them. But as far as the award, I mean, do I feel I deserved it? I’m not sure. There were so many artists that were part of this that I feel deserved it more than me. But – I’m my own worst critic. GS: It was Ministry of Motion’s Best Artist in Second Life, right? AC: Yes. “Best in SL” was a music competition hosted by the Stream Team, Ministry of Motion, and the “Best of Second Life” magazine. AM Forte won a kind of “play-off” with fifteen of Second Life’s top musicians. For more information, have a look: /2009/11/ministry-of-motion-pres ents-best-sl.html GS: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you? AC: That I’m down to earth, commonly misunderstood GS: Misunderstood, how?

AC: I think a lot of people feel that they can’t approach me, and I don’t know why. GS: You’re so easy to talk with! AC: I guess most don’t try. Although, I try to keep myself busy so I can see why they would feel like that. I mean, I am constantly busy. I work so hard in SL, and try to get as many shows as I can. I am one of the hardest working musicians in Second Life. GS: Three shows per weekend day, right? That’s a lot. AC: Yes. My fingers hurt! (laughs) GS: AMFORTE, I am so grateful that you allowed yourself to be interviewed. I have two parting thoughts: AC: Sure, anytime! GS: “Bastard” in Estonian is “Värdjas”, and the second is: how do people buy your music? AC: Oh – they can visit AMFORTE .com. I have a link there. AM Forte’s music has been played locally on the radio. For those of you who would like to see a live SL show, AM Forte’s schedule can be found at Gwampa’s every Tuesday at noon, SLT. A complete schedule of her performances can be found at AMFORTE.COM.


SIM Re v i e w s

Callum’s Contingencies by Callum Ohmai Photos by Kala Balut

Hello there, I have a lot to cover so I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I will say this though; today I have been given the opportunity to review three Sims. When receiving this assignment, I was initially told to review the three most beautiful Sims that I could find, and although two of the following three Sims aren’t beautiful by conventional means, they each have something special within them that, to me, is beautiful. Being a guy not really in touch with his feminine side, I took along my female companion to get a feel for these Sims with me and we have put together three Sims that were enjoyable, romantic and beautiful in their own ways. So without anymore gilding the lily, enjoy!



C a l l um ’ s C ont i ngenc i e s

Antiquity Port Royal


The first place we visit in this issue is a place called Port Royal. Upon arriving here, it seemed pretty empty, no one was around, there were very few objects, to be honest, it looked like a Sim under construction, but upon further inspection, myself and my companion discovered that this Port was one of many Sims linked together to create a beautiful and welcoming community. So you may ask, this is supposed to be a Sim review, why am I talking about a bunch of Sims linked together? Well, because usually, Sims that are linked are because the owner of the original Sim ran out of prims, this isn’t the case at all with the Antinquity Sims, all the ones that we visited were extremely charming and provided a brilliant atmosphere. Whether it be open water inhabited by Merpeople (Yes, Merpeople) or looking upon the Texas Capitol building in Antiquity Texas, there is so much to discover here. If there is one thing to note also, it’s the fact that the inhabitants of all of these Sims are extremely friendly, I cannot say enough about how welcoming they were. For example, myself and my companion stumbled upon an old man building a church with his dog, at first, we tested the waters with them, to see how they would







react to us and they passed with flying colours, they were up for a laugh and joke with us which is always appreciated, they were witty and welcomed us back with open arms. To put it in it’s bluntest form,

Antiquity Port Royal and all of it’s surrounding Sims are brilliantly well made but the real, golden gem about Antiquity is it’s sense of community, probably the most welcoming group of people I have ever come across.


C a l l um ’ s C ont i ngenc i e s

Kleio Island Amusement Park


Wizelcome tizo thize cizarnival! Lizets hizave sizome fizun! (Carny speak ftw!) Now, I know what you’re thinking, an amusement park, what’s beautiful about that!? Well, it’s very simple, at least for me anyway. Growing up, every year, at least once a year, I would visit an amusement park, with all of its wacky wonders, from the Ferris wheel, to the Fun House, to the mazes that you’d go into without hesitation then regret it and get a little jolt of fear when you couldn’t find your way out. This Sim brings it all back to me and that’s the beauty of it. As we arrived at Kleio Island, a sigh fell upon me when the first thing that rezzed was a ‘Drink Me!’ sign and I thought ‘not another Alice in wonderland Sim. I get that the new movie has just came out but Jesus are builders milking it.’ But I’m happy to say, I stuck around and this place truly surprised me, I enjoyed the Alice In Wonderland attractions, including one of the best Ghost-House-Style rides I’ve ever been on, based on Alice In Wonderland. Beyond the Alice In Wonderland attractions, we came across several rides and acitivities, such as a ghost train, a Ferris wheel that goes at an extraordinarily quick speed, to a maze, to a great fun






house, to bumper cars, and the list goes on even more! What this Sim is perfect for, is for guys to take girls. This is not for the type of girls who simply just want to take a guy to a Sim, throw him on a poseball and take snappy pictures, although guys like that sometimes, I can guarantee, your guy will like this a lot more, because he gets to show you how fun he can be, so just enjoy it. & guys? This is your opportunity to show your girls that you don’t need poseballs to have a great time, make the most of it, cause if you get your girl to open her mind to this, she’ll love it, you’ll love it, and you can do more activities like this. This Sim is fun. Nothing more, nothing less, it’s not trying to be a romantic spot, it’s not trying to be anything other than fun, open your mind to it, relax and enjoy! Please & Thankyou!



C a l l um ’ s C ont i ngenc i e s

Mariposa Gardens


This one is the beautiful by conventional means Sim. Everything about this Sim is gorgeous and brilliant. As we Teleported in here, myself and my companion were greeted by several possibilities to begin exploring this Sim. One set of steps leading upwards, one leading downwards, a pathway leading straight forward or simply we had the choice to stay where we are, to be kept company by a peacock. We opted to head straight forward and were quickly met with a beautiful environment, perfect for a romantic walk. Beyond that, we came across one of the most romantic restaurants I’ve come across on Second Life, it looked so perfect for a date (and that’s a lot coming from me, Mr. I don’t do dates. :p) but yes, this is perfect to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend to gaze into each others eyes while the sun sets behind you. We continued our walk throughout this region until we came to a set of rocks that we climbed up to stumble across a lovely area with a fountain in, at this point, myself and my companion decided to use one of the many rezzable couples dance poseballs to dance around the fountain in the moonlight, it reminded me of a favourite game of mine (resists the urge






to nerd out.). But yes, it was gorgeous still. Also, for those girls who love to take pictures with their men, this place is full of possible picture opportunities for couples, as alluded to before, you can dance in the moonlight, have a romantic meal, cuddle together underneath a tree, even lay on towels and watch the peaceful fish in the water. We literally did strike gold when it came to places for picture opportunities. All in all, this Sim is wellmade, beautiful environment and feel about it and if you liked the Marmin Heights review I did in January, then you’re going to love this place. Mariposa Gardens is the perfect place for a romantic day out away from the homestead. Please experience it and enjoy.

Conclusion If you’ve stuck with me this far, I thank you, all of the Sims reviewed today were well thought about and I literally found the best of what I could find. I’d like to thank my companion for helping me out. I look forward to next months issue and as always, I have no idea what my assignment is. But I will definitely see you then!



DJ o f t h e M o n t h

c a m r e 8 p u a R


Name: p8ermac Rau Age: Forever Young Rez date: Born 4/9/2007 Location: East of England, Cambridgeshire. Why do you dj?

Well, I was hanging out with friends on SL and one of them (Poise Collins) put me in for DJing at Alt7.

OK, I have a pretty good knowledge of Alternative/ Indie/Electro, and know a good tune when I hear one, so I was pleased to be given the opportunity of DJing. Alex Warrior, who owns Alt7 put me through an audition – and for the first time in my life I had to actually talk during a DJ set! I was kinda terrified really, spinning all these tunes and adding commentaries here and there. It was like going on a driving test, because I had no idea what was expected. Anyway, the session ended on an adrenalin high and Alex sent me a typewritten report, very professional! She commented that the the tunes were okay, but I talked too much (lol) waay too much in fact. Well, I put it down to nerves. Alex said it was all good, and yaay I was in! Since then I’ve played a lot of sessions and have learned to get past the nerves, and once I get going I really love it. So, why do I DJ? Because I love the people, the music and Alt7.

What styles of music?

Very current Alternative/Indie/ Electronic with some classics thrown in. Where and when do you dj?

I DJ@ALT7 on Tuesdays 2-4 and Sundays 2-4 SLT. What is your most memorable experience dj’n?

My 1st rez day when soo many friends turned up and showed much affection... Any advice for noobs?

Well, I’d say figure out the technical side first – the DJing software and the streaming bit. Don’t be afraid to ask someone who knows. Get a good mic and headphones and SAM Broadcaster/Winamp if you can. On mac it’s Djay or iTunes and Nicecast. Work on your playlist, practice at home, listen to what other DJ’s are doing, hang out at the clubs you want to dj for and get to know and like the people. Oh, and believe you can do it! Like me, we all start by making loads of mistakes – it’s natural – but after a time people will love your sets and become regulars. Get used to making everyone feel welcome, chat with them, join in the banter. At Alt7 it’s all about the people and the music.


D a n ce r o f t h e M o n t h

a t s i r T na A nity re


Name: Trista Ana Serenity Rez date: 10/21/2009 RL Location: Glen Rock, PA (Pennsylvania , USA) Where do you work?

Right now at Pepsi’s Place. What made you become a dancer?

Fun, different, meet new people. Favorite part about dancing?

Making dreams come true. *giggles* What do you like to do when you are not dancing?

Go shopping which is all womans thing lol, Chill with my BF Jr, talk and help out my sis and bro in law with whatever zi can since I love them both. Share with us your favorite tips in sl, be it dancing or just goofing off

Dancing got to be social. If you’re not then won’t make it well as a dancer or escort. Gotta be fun and dont take things to heart to much. Its SL enjoy it since rl is hard on all of us and we come here to relax and do things we wouldn’t normally do in RL.



Reminiscing Sweethearts Jazz’s Love Beginning


by Troy Aristocarnas Photos by Kala Balut

In ancient Rome, March was the first month of the year as it marks the start of spring within the realms of the Mediterranean’s climate. The month too is the time for the vernal or spring equinox, one of the two instances in a year when days and nights are approximately equal (on equilux, to be more precise). Hence, it can be very well said that a time opportune for beginnings is heraldic of March, which to us at HeartBeatSL is too a fond remembrance being the month of our magazine’s founding. All these having been said, we found it but fitting to visit the SL hotspot Sweethearts Jazz Club, in itself iconic of the beginnings of many in-world love, friendships, and relationships not a few of which extended into RL. The dynamo which propels this dance club is, as to be expected, a perfect mirror-image of an SL bond that seamlessly fused into realworld ties. Sweethearts Jazz is a joint creation of SL/RL partners Charity Colville and Dilbert Dilweg who met in-world in 2006, dated for one year, and took their relationship for real. CC and DD were rezzed nearly within a month of each other in mid-2006. That year, the couple created Phat Cats, a black-tie dance club which quickly emerged

as a true in-world hot spot (sans campers and bots). It was during Phat Cats’ building and development that Charity and Dilbert’s love propitiously came into full bloom, an in-world relationship that made them decide to meet in person, and eventually leading to their real-life union. And quite aptly enough, they used their joint SL labor of love, selling Phat Cats, to support their bold move. Gratified by the success and celebrity of their fairy-tale-like romance, the CC–DD magic again wove itself in Sweethearts Jazz Club which the couple built in 2007. “Sweethearts is our way of giving others the chance to meet, make friends, and fall in love in a safe, elegant place,” says Charity. “It was created and implemented out of and for love. We are grateful for SL for being here, for us to meet like this,” adds Dilbert. In addition to the tried-and-tested formula that the couple expertly parlayed in Phat Cat’s, they have also




woven into the new club some new mediums for prospective partners to begin a romance in-world that will hopefully extend itself to the real world. Now integrated into Sweethearts Jazz Club are not only the de rigueur romantic jazz music, social interaction and dancing, and shopping that are core to the

activities in most dance ballroominspired sims. The passion of the dynamic duo of CC and DD in web content development saw Sweethearts Jazz having its own website, www., where the lovestruck can keep abreast on the latest club events and happenings such as the regular Sweet-

hearts King and Queen title quest. Another online component for club is a singles dating site Sweethearts Singles which an SL avatar can easily join by accessing the link, a mouse click to a portal that may just spark the beginning of another story-book romance likewise worth some retelling.




The Soul of Digital Nation by Troy Aristocarnas

To call Digital Nation as a mere club or a group would be committing a grave injustice. DN is definitely more than these. This amazing creation is after all the product of two moving spirits who have found SL as a potent communication medium. One in this dynamic tandem is Arabeyla Buscaylet who describes herself as a “chica who loves music.” An events promoter in-world, Arabeyla manages and co-owns DN. Her partner in this endeavor is Digital Francis, a virtual DJ extraordinaire whose years of SL accomplishments have extended into a whole host of RL settings enough to fill developments in at least three portals in the Internet. (, www., digitalfrancis). A stop at Digital Nation offers a full sensory experience that is at once manifested in the futuristic teleportations as one move on its various levels. Impressive

are state-of-the-art audio gadgetry and techno sounds which greet the visitors who saunter in to DN’s dancefuel Stadium. But what would artists call as the piece de resistance at this wondrous sim is the Benoit ATL Art Collection Exhibition that it houses. This exhibit is reputed to be Second Life’s biggest pop art collection from a single artist. It took all of DN’s seven floors to accommodate some 300 paintings rendered by the craft of RL French Artist Benoit ATL. Prose alone, for sure, won’t be enough to fully capture the essence of DN which Digital Francis sums up as a “witness to the common purpose of one nation, whose frontiers are the frontiers of friendship, whose ways are the ways of peace, and whose works are the works of DJs, musicians and artists.” Savor then the soul of Digital Nation in its images captured by the equally artsy lens of HeartBeat’s Kala Balut in the foregoing spread.



J e r i c o ’ s M o v i e Re v i e w s

Stardust This is a fantasy/adventure movie set in England starring Claire Daines, Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. In this movie a young man named Tristan sets out on an adventure to retrieve a fallen star, which he has promised to his rather spoiled beloved Victoria. But when he crosses the wall in to the magical world of stronghold he soon finds the star is not what he thought it would be and that there are others who are also chasing the star. Tristan comes across all sorts off dangers from witches to pirates of the sky, as he attempts to make his way home and return to his beloved. But as Tristan travels through stronghold his perspective on what is truly important comes in to debate.

Jerico’s view I watched this knowing it was a family type movie fantasy/adventure and watched thinking it would be an ok film. But how wrong I was, this movie was fantastic. I was really surprised as to just how much I loved this movie, the all star cast were all great

choices for their roles and everyone impressed in their roles especially Robert De Niro, he is so far from his comfort zone in this movie but he does it so well, and credit goes to Claire Daines as well who really did stand out in this movie and considering she hasn’t really been heard of for a while, she was brilliant. The only problem with this movie is Ricky Gervais; he is sub-par throughout the movie. The rest of the cast all live up to their roles but he just seems like the guy out of The Office again, half way through I expected him to do that stupid dance. But over all this movie did its job I got a laugh and I felt good after watching the movie and Ian McKellan’s narrating was also good. I’d say any of you reading this should give it a watch. It doesn’t matter what films you enjoy this movie can appeal to everyone and I am sure this will be one of those films where you will want to watch it again and again, I know I did. Jerico’s rating: 8.5/10 All movies I review are available to buy in Second Life.



J e r i c o ’ s M o v i e Re v i e w s



Me Two newly wed journalists start their lives together and go through their plan in life, which begins with a Labrador named Marley, and enjoy the good times and bad times of family life.

Jerico’s view OK, I watched this movie not knowing to much about it. So when I sat and watched it I was really surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. It is a really heartfelt movie with some very good scenes and if I am honest, some really good acting from Jenifer Aniston who I have always thought was a average actress at best. But she really shines in this movie. Owen Wilson also shows the performance of his career in this movie. the relationship he has with Marley is just so well done, it makes the movie and

its just a really well made movie, very fun and touching. One of the best things about this movie is the that anybody watching it, especially anyone who has ever had a puppy can relate to the film. I am a dog person myself and I was laughing at the scenes where the puppy was crying when left alone and when it’s a menace chewing the furniture, purely because that’s what happened with my dog. And it also shows just how much fun, secure and closer a family can be with a loved pet. The best thing about the movie is just how well made it is, the film is just so well put together anyone watching it will love it I certainly did. Jerico’s rating: 8.5/10 All movies I review are available in Second Life.



J e r i c o ’ s M o v i e Re v i e w s

Willow In castle of the evil queen Bavmorda. A prisoner gives birth to a baby, who according to prophecy will stop the evil queen. The midwife saves the baby but when chased down throws the cradle in to the river. The river brings the baby to a village of nelwyn’s and is found by willow a farmer and aspiring sorcerer and takes her in. when their village is attacked they realise that they are after the child and must take her to people who can protect her. On his way he meets mad martigan and together the journey to deliver the baby safely to people who can protect her but on their way. They come across lots of dangers and powerful wizards and great battles.

Jerico’s view So this month for my back In the day review I decided to review willow I love this movie. I remember watching it as a kid and just couldn’t get enough of it. It stars Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. And they set of on an awesome adventure. This movie was made in 1988 and even to watch it now it stands up with today’s films.

It was so well made and so well written, you really did feel like you were in an adventure watching this especially as a kid. When it comes to fantasy and adventure movies this has to be up their with the best of them. It has everything magic, battles strange creatures and the greatest swordsman who ever lived. They really don’t make films like this anymore. A lot of fantasy adventure films today depend on big names and visual effects. But this was good because the casting was perfect for the character’s and the story was interesting something which is lacking in films today. Also this film was written by George Lucas and everybody seems to think he cant do anything other than star wars this film is a long way from that and shows he is not a one trick pony. So if you haven’t watched this movie go get it, watch it and im sure you will love it. It really is a great fun movie to watch and bring back good memories Jerico’s rating: 8.5/10 All the movies are available in SL (this may be a exception).




Feeling at Home in

s t r a e h k c a l B ĂŠ f a C


by Rizzent Brougham Photos by Kala Balut

After walking for what seems like miles (or mere feet depending on your fitness levels), carefully following each arrow to the end of its tippy point, I’m starting to feel like I’m in a grocery store, endlessly searching for where the bread and milk have been hidden among nonstop shelves. The same could be said for finally finding the Blackhearts Café, after a long shuffle past a variety of different vendors. Don’t let this path fool you though. Every great place has to have its source of supplement. For Blackhearts Café, this quick jaunt is necessary to allow residents the opportunity to help fund this buried treasure venue. The sights, sounds, hospitality and quality environment make Blackhearts Café a prime spot in Second Life to dance the night away while reliving your memories past. Robert Giacomin had spent a significant amount of time as a resident of Second Life. He had his favorite clubs to hang out and spend time in, but times and venues were changing. He decided he wouldn’t be left in the dust of change. “I used to hang out at some of the clubs when I first logged in, but after a little while those places closed or changed, so I decided to open my own.”

(Robert) On March 2nd, 2007 the Blackhearts Café was born. Originally a three story prefab, the Café started as just Robert and a few others grouping together to spend time in a place that would soon become the home to more residents than he could imagine. In September of that same year Thalie Basevi joined the team and by March of 2008 Robert and Thalie were partnered. A wonderful (and productive) love story was born. With Thalie managing the DJs and entertainment and Robert handling other parts of the business, the Café was destined for happy good things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around to see the Café’s beginnings, but I have been able to experience the hominess and fun times the Café has become. I’ve always had a particular affinity for compact, down home venues. “It should be like this. Dirty flooring. A bar in the corner. Over 50+ people having a great time.” (Thalie) That’s


B l ackhea r t s C af é

just the feeling you get as you step through the front door of this home away from home. It has just enough room for everything you might need. There are comfy couches to your right for all of us who aren’t just about the dancing. The mid room is taken up by a dance ball stage, usually occupied by the DJ and host shaking their rumps. To the left a “bar in the corner” with an ominous dart board, towering over the Café like an ever-present eye of 80’s power. There’s a corner of love, specifically designed for those residents who only have slow dancing, touching, gooeyness in mind. The Café even sports a couple gambling machines, for any residents who feel like getting lucky. Named for a combination of the group “Joan Jett and the Blackhearts” and the Hard Rock Café this venue has a unique style and feeling that is all its own. I had the pleasure of speaking with founder/owner Robert Giacomin and DJ Manager Thalie Basevi about the all the different reasons that Blackhearts Café stands out from most other venues in Second Life. “Well, for new residents we try to help out as much as we can, staff and patrons advising them of places they can go to learn new things and find things for free. It’s the people honestly, the staff and the

patrons make the difference here.” (Robert) With a variety of 19 DJs and different 22 hosts, you’d be hard pressed to find a time when there’s an absence of good 80’s music, or helpful staff willing to answer any questions you might have. In case you’re in the mood for a particular flavor of host the Café has staff from all around the world. “(We have staff from) the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Austria, Germany and a little bit of everywhere.” (Robert and Thalie)

High standards Aside from exceptional hosts and staff, Thalie works relentlessly to bring only the best DJs to the Blackhearts Café. “We set the highest standards as per expectations here. Many of our DJs are real life DJs as well. We do audition DJs before they are allowed to play here, and we ask for a one hour private show before we decide. Just like real life, if someone does not meet our expectations and standards, we part ways.” (Thalie) The music is consistently 80’s, however there has been some discussion about possibly expanding the musical genre. “Our main emphasis is 80’s here but we also play the 70’s and some early 90’s.” (Robert) I asked both the owners if they’d ever considered drasti-


cally changing the primary music variety of the Café. “If I had to change for me, I’d do country music.” (Robert) Upon that statement Robert grinned towards Thalie as she rolled her eyes. I never was able to clarify if he was being serious or not. “For me, I’d add the older end of classic rock, maybe go down to mid to late 60s, but keep the programming the same, otherwise.” (Thalie) A re-occurring theme here at Blackhearts is a welcoming attitude for everyone. Residents need not worry about feeling put out or left out from all the fun and conversation. “It (Blackhearts Café) was built for everyone, honestly. I truly believe that.” (Thalie) “I guess you’d have to enjoy 80’s music, but we branch into 197095 as well. We’ve had folks in here as young as 18 and as old as 60. We get all kinds of residents here.” The Café is genuinely a place where you can come and be yourself. The owners have made sure their staff, as well as everyone involved with the Café understands this basic, but essential premise. With this thought process in place, residents can come and not feel nervous about letting their true colors show. As long as residents keep a respect each other in mind the possibilities for interaction are endless. “The num-

B l ackhea r t s C af é


ber one rule here is respect, for yourself and others.” (Robert) The Blackhearts Café isn’t without rules. “Watch the language, no weapons, appropriate dress, we don’t allow child avatars, and no soliciting.” (Robert and Thalie) I asked if there were any first time offenses that would get someone permanently banned from Blackhearts. “Dropping the F bomb and spamming.” (Robert) Aside from these simple rules, it really is possible to let it all hang out. The great thing about walking through those front doors is being surrounded by people that will respect and accept you regardless of all your quirks and idiosyncrasies. “The number one rule here is respect for yourself and others.” (Robert) After only a little time spent at the Café, it starts to become wonderfully evident that everyone here has their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, but Robert and Thalie have gone to great lengths to ensure a world everyone can come and not have to worry about judgment or Napoleonesque banishment. Yourself is all you need to pack for this little vacation. Little quirks and idiosyncrasies are not the only things to look forward to when you finally find your way past the floor arrows to the front door of the Café. With

each night that goes by, new and different things are almost always a certainty. “Well, there was this time a whole army of greenies came down and started shooting up the club. It was mars attacks, man. We do get griefed occasionally. I’ve seen cat heads, aliens, and toilet papering. The strangest though? Everyday it’s something unique and exciting!” (Robert and Thalie) Even if you’re someone who just likes to sit by and watch the explosions and fire, Blackhearts will let you be that fly on the wall and still be greatly entertained.

Something for everyone With all the different things going on every night at Blackhearts, they’ve still included some basic things that everyone should and can enjoy. In one corner of the Café, an entire section has been dedicated to just slow, romantic dances. “We know folks like the slow dances and even though we like to rock, we have been known to play a little Marvin Gaye from time to time. Some folks stay on them all night. They just like to be close.” (Robert) When I asked the owners of Blackhearts if there might be a personal interest in this section of the Café Thalie

just giggled. “We’ve been known spend our time over there more than once and a while.” (Robert) Besides the slow dance section, there is a central dance floor with dance balls, a bar where anyone can post up and drink, and comfortable furniture for pleasant conversations. The amazing thing about the Blackhearts Café is just how short of an amount of time it takes first time guests to figure out the excellence of environment Robert and Thalie have created here. I asked the two owners about something the Café offers that residents won’t find anywhere else. “Honestly, and not to sound conceited, quality. Quality of atmosphere, staff, DJs. You go to a lot of places and you’ll see 50 people there and only 5 are talking. Or you’ll go to places that are more concerned with what they want instead of what the people want or deserve. Some places make the claim to be the best, but have no standards or no proper positive focus to make a successful venue.” (Robert and Thalie) “The Café is a place everyone can call home. It’s common ground. The music brings back memories for everyone that comes in. We’ve had folks come here and have been here for the whole time they have been in Sec-


ond Life, even some have come to work with us.” (Robert and Thalie) Whether you’re looking for a new place to meet people or just hang out and have a good time, Black-

hearts Café is a place everyone can find what they want. A small welcoming atmosphere with an abundance of variety and unique Residents, the Café is unlike any

other place is Second Life. “We welcome everyone, and want everyone to have a great time. SL is what you make it, why not make it fun?” (Robert)

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