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Dance4Life by Lucy Kenin on page 39 – Photo: Opie Camino




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Music streaming


Blckchina Beck 12 Rainbow Rickena 16 SL7B 20

Huge July 4th event at Inertia 34


Help for Heroes 38


Little Africa – Ebony & Ivory 42

Male Fashionistas? 46 Sandals Special 48 Spoil yourself this summer! 56

Coupling Fashion

Dance4Life 40





I have been so caught up in the past few weeks with real life, that I was totally stunned when Troy mentioned to me it was time for SL7B! It is amazing how time flies, seven years of SL and I have been part of it for about half it’s life. I don’t even want to think of all the things I have done and people I have met in this time. Not that is has been bad! Au contraire, it is just overwhelming thinking about it all in such a short time frame. Enough reminiscing for now, so what we have in store for you this month is as usual quite exciting. We have quite few new locations for you to discover! At the same

time Bert went on to explain how to stream music, that would certainly help budding Djs out there!

As usual, I hope you guys enjoy the issue and if you want to submit locations, never hesitate to IM me. xoxo  Angel


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Music streaming Add a soundtrack to your Second Life by Bert Calamari (Text & photo)

Login So you’ve set up your own land in Second Life, put your choice of building on it, but have very likely found that it is silent. It’s time to investigate the options SL provides to bring music to your home or business.

First of all, in order to provide music to visitors you must either be the owner of the land parcel, or have been granted the ability to change the settings by the owner. If you do not have the right to change the settings then the options will appear greyed-out, and you will not be able to view or modify them. There are two options for setting the source of music on your land: either change the source manually, or place a “radio” on your land

that changes the settings for you. Settings To change the music source, simply go to About Land, then click the “Media” tab (in Viewer 2, click on the “Sound” tab instead). The music source should be entered in the box labelled “Music URL”. This should be in the form of a web address. To find the correct address to put in this box you have three options. The first two are to either find the address of an internet radio station from the station’s website, or you can try some addresses from a list such as the one at wiki.secondlife. com/wiki/Internet_Radio_ Music_ Stream_Urls. For stations not on this list, it is possible to find the address as long



If all you want is atmospheric background music, yo

as they provide an option to listen in WinAmp. If they do: · Find the link to listen to the stream. This will vary from site to site, but is normally found under “Listen Now” or “Listen Live”. · Right-click on it, and choose “Save Target As” from the menu (this may be listed as “Save Link As” in some browsers). Save the file to your computer. · Open the file in a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows. · Look for a line that starts with “File1=” (e.g. “File1=http://205.1 88.215.229:8004”) · Copy the address that follows “File1=” (e.g. “http://205.188.215 .229:8004”) · Paste or type this address into the “Music URL” box in Second Life, and press “Enter”. After a few moments, you should hear music! If all you want is atmospheric background music, you can simply use an ordinary mp3 file. The file

needs to be hosted on a web server, which can be any web space you have access to. Many home internet connections still provide a small amount of space to share files. Check your internet connection documentation for details. When your chosen mp3 file has been made available, put the full web address for it in the “Music URL” box. Second Life will then play the contents of the mp3 to everyone who enters your parcel. Always make sure that you have permission from the creator of the mp3 to share it! Radios The alternative to changing the setting yourself is to rez an object to do it for you. These are normally referred to as radios, as they mimic the real-world equivalent. The only thing to be careful about when rezzing the radio is making sure that it has permission to change your land streaming settings. In practice, this means that

ou can simply use an ordinary mp3 file


yourself, or you can pay a streaming relay provider to host it on your behalf. There are two popular applications used to send a stream from your PC: · WinAmp, with the Shoutcast Go DJ DSP plugin It is possible to create your own · SimpleCast Both are free to use, although stream for an event, although this requires more steps to set up and SimpleCast reminds you to register usually some financial investment. after 4 hours. Hosting your own stream reFurther Information quires a lot of bandwidth – most More help on setting up music home internet connections will not be able to support more than two streaming is available on the Secor three simultaneous listeners. The ond Life Wiki at wiki.secondlife. way to get around this limitation is com/wiki/Streaming_Music. to use a streaming relay server. You send one live stream from your PC to the server, and then the server distributes it to all your listeners. If you have any questions not covThe popular streaming server so- ered here, drop them on a notecard lutions at the moment are Shout- to Bert Calamari or send them by cast and Icecast, and both work email to well with Second Life. If you are All questions will be answered and lucky enough to have your own may appear in the magazine. Quesserver you can install the software tions may be edited for clarity. the radio needs to be owned by the same person or group as the land parcel. The radio will give you a list of stations to choose from, and will set the URL for you.




Age: RL Locat Why do y

Blkchina Beck by Creamy Mynx – Photos: YunMi Verwood

What sty

What is y

DJ of the Month

3 years on SL with a Rez Date of 3/9/2007 tion: USA East Coast you DJ?: I dj for stress release. I have loved music from when I was growing up in NY. I can get into my zone.. playing what I feel that will get the people partying with me. I have never dj’ed in RL, I have always been dj’ing online. I came from another Voice chat site... that is where I learned to DJ online. yle of Music? The style of music I am into is Soulful R & B, funk, Old school. I do enjoy some of the new music. It is not the same as what I grew up on but it is still good. We have lost so many artist in the past few years it is sad, but what i do is keep their music alive when I dj. your most memorable experience DJ’ing? My most memorable experience is.. when I was dj’ing with Sir Bennen & *S class* at a party that Nina Roar gave at a grand opening. I was so flattered that I was asked to dj in between the guys that are Big on SL as dj’s. I was able to keep S Class there partying with us while I was djn. I was so impressed, cause some djs leave and do not stay to hear the next dj. I had a great nite and I felt like a princess for the Nite.



DJ of the Month

Do you have any advice for SL noobs? Well, I know you will need to know someone to get you started in game. You have to be so careful regarding some people on here that will take advantage of you. I am assist Administrator here in SL to at a School called “Freels to Fashion Academy”. A special teacher there is Hiliary Grant ,she has the most knowledge of this game. She is my Godmom on game and helped me get through some crazy times. If you have a great mentor in SL... keep them close. This writer found Blkchina Beck aka China to be a de-

lightful DJ. She not only greets thoseentering but often gives frequent shout-outs to every name dancing in the club. She laughs often and whole-heartedly while keeping everyone entertained and jamming to the music. When I entered the club for the first time... I found DJ China dancing right in the center ring of the dance floor. She was dressed to impress in a chinese outfit with signature oriental fans in each hand. She also proved to be a friendly fountain of wonderful information about other musicians and DJs here in SL. She has several SL business ventures on-going including a partnership with her SL spouse – Dirty Foggarty. She and Dirty were married June 26th, 2009. I have a good feeling that this writer will be hanging out and clubbing with China and the Foggarty family & friends for a long time here in SL.



Rainbow Rickena

Dancer Extraordinaire by Creamy Mynx

Dancer of the Month

Rez Date: 12/7/2007 RL Location: Canada Where do you work?: Th  e Galaxy Dance & Strip Club – I have been there for over two years now. I began working as a dancer there after only being in SL for one month. They are great people to work for, I was lucky to find a great place from the beginning. Favorite part about dancing? I think its a good way to experience confidence in yourself, its a lot of fun and the added bonus is that there is not the dangerous aspects that sometimes occur from being a dancer in real life. The money is also a wonderful incentive, but I have to say working with such a great staff at The Galaxy and the patrons there is what has made it most enjoyable. What do you like to do when you are not dancing? Well, like most women I am a shopaholic so that occupies a lot of my time. Aside from shopping I play a hud game called Tiny Empires. I am titled Queen of Axis Mundi and it is a great way to socialize with people. ohhhhh and of course I love spending time with my wonderful SL husband – Seth McCudden, who is King of our kingdom :)



Dancer of the Month

What has been your favorite memory of SL, so far? I ’ve had so many, to choose only one is difficult. I guess my sl wedding was a highlight of mine. Seth and I got married on our one year anniversary of dating so it was a wonderful celebration to represent a lasting union that we have formed. Share with us your favorite tips in SL, be it dancing or simply goofing off:I think there are two kinds of people in sl. Those who come here to be someone they are not, and it is very much fantasy. Then there are those who come here and their avatars are an extension of who they are in real life. For me Rainbow is very much who I am

and I try to adhere to the same standards I live by in real life. My tip would be if you are here for fantasy or here for a way to be yourself and meet others you might not get a chance to otherwise, just be honest. Lets face it everyone’s profile says they hate drama and if people actually were honest it would eliminate 90 percent of it.

This writer found Rainbow Rickena to be a sweet, gracious and sincere lady of top caliber. Her SL persona radiates confidence, sophistication and true style. I did not get the pleasure of seeing her dance but definitely plan to in the near SL future. I wish Rainbow and her King nothing but happiness, harmony and continued love in Second Life.










Infamous resident crashes and lags notwithstanding, Second Life remains alive, well, and kicking.

There’s no doubt about it as SL marked its seventh anniversary June 21-27 with some pomp and pageantry perhaps hitherto unseen in this metaverse. And don’t let that birthday bash theme “Unexpected Collaborations” mislead you. The celebrations for Second Life Seventh Birthday (SL7B) are as deliberate as can be. SL7B was conceived as a paean to Second Life as “a social space and a creative space,” its Linden organizers say, wherein in-world residents who’ve never met before can interact and collaborate in ways that never would have been expected. The results of for SL citizen participation in the seventh birthday celebration indeed turned out as mindboggling.

More than three hundred showcases by more

than seven hundred of the best designers, builders, and entrepreneurs were opened in the twenty-one regions made available for free to the exhibitors at


by Troy Aristocarnas Photos: Kala, Balut, Opie Camino, Alvar Inglewood






parcels of 512 square meters and 1024 square meters. In just about two weeks,

resident creativity and entrepreneurship were put to the and showcases adaptive of the SL7B theme and at the same time reflective of the respective regions’ thematic name. As the accompanying photos of this article vividly illustrate, the exhibits are collaborative works that never fail to astonish or amaze amid the varied viewpoints of this SL7B pixel world set at the main Second Life Grid. Open up to July 3 for viewing, each of the SL7B regions offers varied delights and wonders drawn from different perspectives based on each sim’s celebratory names. Exuberance and variety, thus, were the operative words for SL7B, with regions in the birthday extravaganza named as Sideways, Visionary, Marvelous, Uncanny, and Rare. Exhibitors at other regions set their showcases in tune with such focal points as Imagination, Phenomenal, Contradiction, Extraordinary, Miraculous, Enigma, Upsidedown, Supernatural, Astounding, and Unique. Others have to be in harmony


hilt to make the exhibits




with the thematic region titles of Absurdity, Paradox, Incredible, Contrary, and Fantastic. Aside from the enterprising exhibitors, this kaleidoscope of settings too was a fertile ground for over two hundred SL musicians, singers and DJs who were given a 12-hour performance window each SL7B day starting at 12 pm SLT from June 21 to 27 at three stages (Main Stage, Stages 1 and 2). The Second Live anniversary too was a weeklong

platform for discussions and forums at the Auditorium as well as rallying medium for causes like Relay for Life and Alcoholic Anonymous. Amid this cornucopia of delights and choices, a visit to the exhibits can be a confusing maze. But heroically, the SL7B PR for residents, Harper Beresford, compiled nearly all the three hundred exhibit parcels’ SLURLs and daily event schedules. Such veritable LMs truly made a tour to the showcases and attendance to the events, parties, and concerts a breeze, some unexpected resident crashes and lags notwithstanding.




Huge July 4th


Great opportunity if you want to run a club

h event at Inertia by Ginger Fanshaw – Photo: Opie Camino


From July 2 thru July 4, The Evun Clan is having kind of a combination Woodstock – Lollapalooza type, continuous 3-day event with live musicians, DJs, street performers, and contests. Everyone is wel-

Evun Clan, vampires and lycans, but the club is open to anyone. The King and Queen are simply too busy to run a full schedule of regular events themselves. If you like to party and always wanted to run a comed to attend. The event will take place throughout their land, outside the shops, and inside their club – Inertia. Inertia has the look of an upscale, Manhattan nightclub with a NYlike skyline on the walls and a huge main room, bar area at entrance, 2nd floor, and rooftop. Just about any genre of music from formal to blues to rock would work well here. Members of the Evun Clan, a friendly and fun group of people, hang out there and occasionally have parties. There haven’t been steady events because the King and Queen are just too busy to run a club. The property is owned by the

club, but can’t afford the expenses, this is a fantastic chance to do it. Evun provides the club and pays the tier for the land. You would be in control of running club events and handling any expenses such as staff, DJs, contests. So, it’s a chance to run a club cheaply and get a nice start with tons of Clan to join your VIP list. In exchange, Evun gets some new traffic to their stores and the chance to meet some new people. Come take a look at this amazing place. IM Andreena Vlodovic if you are interested in the club. Or just hang out at what promises to be a huge event for Independence Day weekend.



ec In February this year, artists, musicians, fashion designers, and concerned in-world citizens bonded in several charities to support RL campaigns for victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This May, such RL-SL convergence manifested in “Help for Heroes,” a UKbased fundraiser for the families of soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan and for the rehabilitation of those military personnel wounded in that troubled part of the world. Propitiously, two real-life brothers made an in-world effort dovetail

with an RL charity. The springboard for the fundraiser was a 900-mile walk from London to Sroda, Poland, by Andy Seery, a UK police officer whose spinal injury was rehabilitated by military personnel. In a reciprocal gesture, Andy set his epic walk for “Help for Heroes,” traversing six European countries from April 1 to May 1. Dignitaries including London Mayor Boris Jonson and the reigning Miss England were on hand to set off Andy on his journey. This tour on foot by Andy is in any mea-

Events The kinship between RL and SL endeavors toward cause-oriented undertakings can indeed be strong as well as complementary.

RL Help for Heroes choes in Second Life by Troy Aristocarnas

sure a mean feat, roughly equivalent to a full 26-mile marathon run per day. It was even made more challenging by his attention-grabbing ostrich outfit during the monthlong walk which moved supporters to donate around 50 thousand British pounds to his cause. The values that propelled the fundraiser were echoed in Andy’s brother, Markseery Melodie, a guitarist of note in-world. He organized a homecoming party for his brother last May 16 during which a live nine-hour music marathon in-

world and in RL formed part of the highlights of the affair, featuring not only Markseery’s melodies but also those of other SL musicians as well. Among them was Anastasia Adder, another indefatigable SL citizen and singer par excellence who champions several worthy causes both in RL and SL. All of the donations during the in-world music extravaganza were turned over to the “Help for Heroes” fund drive, certainly epitomizing an RL-SL fusion that again proved its worth.



Dance 4Life by Lucy Kenin – Photo: Opie Camino


It seems that a new club springs open in the metaverse faster than a noob descends on Help Island.

So a club really needs to stand out to be a hit or at least break even! Dance4Life combines

the chic atmosphere of an upscale club w it h t he socia l awareness of a v e r y r e a l c a u s e .

Dance4Life (dance4lifenyc.word is a club affiliated with the real world organization of the same name. Although Dance4Life deals with the serious issue of AIDS/ HIV prevention, you are not bombarded with a a ton of preachy pamphlets. The club provides a wealth of information without detracting from the stylish ambiance in the air. The main flair of the club is its

music! The djs at Dance4Life always play sets that flow. This is not a surprise, since DJ Tiesto is an ambassador for Dance4Life. While other clubs may jump from genre to genre quite awkwardly, Dance4Life has the hottest dance and electronic tunes on the grid. If you want to have a great time while donating to a worthy cause, Dance4Life is the place to be.



Honeymooner’s Love Nest Spot

Little Africa Ebony & Ivory by Creamy Mynx – Photo: Opie Camino

Coupling Love and liberty, what else do you need?

Find a special romantic honeymoon spot for newlyweds to enjoy themselves. As a newbie of SL, I thought that this would be an easy task. Opening the Search feature of Second Life provides one with lots and lots of choices. I teleported to many lovely “pay by the hours or day� places; many with Honeymoon suites, themed suites (such as BDSM, Tropical) and to private luxury homes for rent. I went to beaches, rental skyboxes and even hotels. Yet one spot called me back over and over again as a wondrous place for an SL couple that wants to have a place to tour together and explore themselves in a beautiful, sensual and romantic way. This is not a bedroom / suite place nor a private island. It is free and open to the public yet I have not seen a lot traffic there and found it ultra romantic. Therefore this writers choice for a Honeymoon Get-away Spot is the place called Little Africa / *Ebony




and Ivory* found at the Autumn Dreams Sim (91, 16, 22). It has a tropical look blended with Africa decor with romantic pose balls for couples scattered here and there. The music there is divine ambient blends of songs that serenade and flow through one while being with your partner or new spouse. It actually enhances the romance while not being a distraction. The turquoise to dark blue of the waters, the flowing waterfalls, the cute little water sprouts add a special beauty for the couple as they take it all in and each other. There are areas for the couple to swim as well as just sit and be close to each other. There are so many... nooks and crannies for a couple to tryout. I enjoyed the private pole dance area near the pier and the huts scattered here and there as well as the up high in the tree areas to sit or lay and enjoy the view. The couple can decide if they want to have an intimate session in

a hut, on canopy top structure on high ground or in a tree, on a blanket at the water’s edge or one of the furnished houses. At all of them they will find scripted menus of sexual furniture such as beds, rugs, chairs etc. People always ask about where to take their special one for a memorable honeymoon... I say find a SL romantic place that is visually beautiful with enticing (nondistracting) music and well positioned places to seduce her with kisses, closeness, cuddling, dancing or strategically placed sexual furnishings – you will have her melting in all the right places, straight into your sensual arms. Happy Honeymoon to all the delightful couples in Second Life. May you both be entwined in love, lust and bliss for many a SL time to come.

R Category: (Mature content) Region: Autumn Dreams (147,18, 27) Owner: Tura Sirbu


Male Fashionistas? by Valierie Farshore – Photo: Opie Camino

Fashion Have you ever wondered what trends are in with the male community? I know you are wondering, who keeps track of all that? I have always been interested in trends. I mainly always focused on female fashion trends. But what about the ones for men? They also need to know what’s in style and what’s not. The summer season is here and both men and women need to be aware of what is in and what isn’t! Fashion is always a personal choice; the designers put it out there for us to use and abuse as we wish. For men trench Coats are in! They are very comfortable, laid back, but then not so much. I decided to interview a couple of guys (ReShad Ohmai, Trenton Ronas and Sebastion Viper) that I thought were very fashionable and seemed to me like great trendsetters on the grid. I never realized men and women had so much in common. Some mentioned they take the time to put their clothes together and were very picky about what they buy and where they buy it.

Having this chat reminded me so much of myself and a few people I know. In my opinion, I feel that men and women are equal when it comes to fashion. Come to think of it, aren’t cargo shorts so very hot on guys? Maybe it’s the material, nah! It’s just me! I was surprised how much their image mattered (laughs to self) to them; I always thought that it was more of a girlie issue! I am glad I was wrong. I went shopping with one guy; you wouldn’t even believe how long we were in the store. It took nearly 2 hours to purchase a pair of shades. Some men go for edgy, while others prefer the casual look. I am not too picky about what my man wears and I like them all. He could wear a Barney suit and I still wouldn’t mind. The male community in-world is expanding and so is the fashion. It is about time that the boys get the same advantages us girls already do!






















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