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Heya and welcome to the lastest issue of Heartbeat. When Creamy came to me about the loss of Dj Ceemusic, I agreed to offer him tribute in this issue. It seems that death has been around the corner quite a lot lately and it it is quite gut wrenching. For this reason, I have kept this issue quit simple to go with the overall mood that is ever present in world lately. On the bright side, I am happy to announce that next month, we will be hosting the second annual Dancer of the Year Competition!! So boys and girls get ready for the hottest event of the season. In the meantime, enjoy! Love, Angel


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Dj of the Month


SL Name(s): Big Cee / DJ Ceemuzik aka The Oracle of Soul (ceemuzik666.monday) Age: RL Age 44 ... Sunrise / Sunset: 12/23/64 - 3/4/2011 SL Age: 449 days... Yet the clock does not stop ticking in SL Rez Date: 12/11/2009 RL Location: USA - living in Chicago burbs RL Occupation: Network Admin Why Did He DJ?: To bring soulful house/garage back to its rightful place. What was His style of Music?: Big Cee's Deejay style was to take it (music) back to the roots of places like the LOFT, PARADISE GARAGE, WAREHOUSE, MUZIK BOX and ZANZIBAR without pandering to the crowd by playing classics. Where He DJ'ed? In Second Life at Serenity Groove Radio, Sound Gravis Beach, Paradise Garage, The Astoria Hotel to name a few of the distinguished places. In Real life: Big Cee aka Da Oracle was born and raised in Chicago and has a long history in the Chicago house scene of 30 years; including bouncer at Frankie Knuckles' first club " The Powerplant" in Chicago, bodyguard for Chip E, and a brief appearance in the film The UnUsual Suspects, a documentary on the Chicago house scene. He started his own record label "Consortium Muzik" with several branches overseas.


The following are just a select few of the many, many special Tributes shared by those that knew DJ Ceemuzik (Both SL and RL) found on his Facebook page:

Sip'N On Some Black Coffee, I can hear you loudly,"Oh, no she didn't"; Just because you been chosen to be free from the cares of this world, don't mean that I'll ever let it go; for the love of house Celestethedj Alexander that brought us 2gether I will 4ever With tear stained cheeks and cherish the time we shared; With a heavy heart I write again, Ive tears, I rejoice with you on your known Cee since we were children way 2 Everlasting Peace. Cee, you running up and down the streets will 4ever be the Oracle of Soul; ao 53rd in Hyde Park. a Broth- Don't stop playing the sounds that er ALWAYS intrigued with music, keep our souls dancing. has left his mark on the scene, unOriginal Drum der his terms. I miss our long conversations and side splitting laughIn keeping tradition of our anter that only Carl could inject into cient ways, I will begin a drum a conversation. A genuine, fun lov- vigil for "Cee" at 5:20pm (EST) ing, good hearted soldier who's 3/4/2011. If you have drums: conprescence will Always be with me. I ga, bongo, water, afrikan, or whatluv you Cee, may your soul be free ever... any natural instruments will and your spirit carry on and sing in do - then join me in aiding his spirthe wonderful music that you left it energy into the realm of Thee us with. GOD speed, and Condo- Ancestors. While you play, imaglences to your wife and family. ine Carl flying free without any obstacles... into a place where he is reInfiniti Cummings ceived by The Ancestors.

Dj of the Month

Miz ShiLin My heart n condolences goes to his family, friends and all who knew Carl (Big Cee). I will miss you Carlicious, my best friend who will always hold a special place in my heart. Carl you were an amazing and talented friend... here's to you Carl. Spread your wings and fly... reach for the sky. I will miss you!!! (in tears). Until we meet again.. RIP love. Carolyn Victorian My Beloved Brother Big C! Rest in Peace -- Sunrise Dec 23, 1964 Sunset March 4, 2011. CV "First Lady of Consortium Records"

Ashanti Navarita /Noreen (DJ Ceemuzik's SL Partner) My SL Memories with CEEMUZIK MONDAY/Lex Neopolitan Wow... it's so hard to believe that the man I loved and shared my SL dreams with is truly gone. It was

only about a week ago that we talked about our upcoming wedding ceremony, looking forward to sharing our SL together, not knowing how this would end. When I reflect on my experiences with him, it makes me smile through the pain of losing the man I waited so long to find on SL. He was all a woman could want, and he set the bar very high for the way a man should treat a woman, particularly on this game. They say that a woman falls for a man who makes her laugh, and that he did, on many occasions. He had a sense of humor like none other...and came up with the most outrageous anecdotes that really made you sit back and think " lawd, where did he get that from?!" LOL. CEEMUZIK Monday aka Oracle had an alter ego by the name of Lex Neopolitan. CEEMUZIk was the life of the party, the House music DJ, music producer, the dedicated businessman who was the eter-



Dj of the Month



nal professional, cracking jokes in public at club events, displaying his wit and charm, the social butterfly, if that term can be used to describe a man..because there was no doubt he was ALL man! Then there was Lex, his somewhat shy, reserved counterpart who would prefer to operate in the background..quiet and fact, he was the total opposite to CEEMUZIK who often referred to his "alterego" as if he were truly another person. He played this role to the hilt, academy award material..LOL Yet CEE/LEX was the same man in many ways, particularly when it came to the woman in his life. He did all he could to please me and strove to keep me happy. Yes, he was human and had made mistakes in his past that he desperately tried to escape, and in doing so he may have hurt others, obviously not his intention. He only wanted to move forward and start over...being careful, sometimes al-

most obssessively, not to make the same mistakes. He understood what it meant to "learn from your mistakes" so as to not repeat them. How many of us truly understand that concept? Sadly, not many, because we continue to fall into the same patterns and follow the same paths that brought/bring us pain over and over again..I learned that this man did NOT want to do that....and he fought it with every ounce of his being. A quality I so admired in him. My SL husband and I formed a bond like no other, and I grew to love him more and more each day I spent with him. He taught me so much about life on this game even though I had been here longer than he had. He had the biggest heart and he wasn't afraid show his feelings in public, PDA...something I wasn't used to, but had longed for in other relationships I'd had on SL. Mushy some may call it..for Noreen, mushy wasn't apart of my

Dj of the Month

vocabulary... but I was proud to get "mushy" with my man, my baby as we called each other. After finding out he had passed away....I'd come to understand how he touched so many lives on this game and in RL. I was blessed to have known him and been with him, not realizing that these were his last days on SL and on this earth...gone too soon. I have no regrets, because we made sure to express our love for each other daily. He once shared that he cried like a baby when MJ, King of Pop passed away. Who would have thought that we would be saying the same thing today about CEEMUZIK/ LEX..GONE TOO SOON.

You will be missed more than you could have ever imagined during your time here on this earth and on SL... In writing this unique heartwrenching article, I just wanted to respectfully display the talent, skill, allure and style that is the late Artist, Deejay, Entertainer, Music Producer and Man called DJ Ceemuzik. He and I worked together at Serenity Groove Radio {SGRadio} where I was one of his Lead Promoters. I was charged with coming up with creative (often-times kinky) mini-themed events for His shows. I like to believe that I enhanced his shows by thinking of themes that He could use during his DJ talks



Dj of the Month



on Air. He would take the theme and make it his own and run with it. He was a riot and hilarious when giving his dialogs, his shout-outs or sharing tidbits of his view on things. We all grinned big time when He referred to the Owner of SGRadio - Silas Gabardini / DJ Clyde as Obama of SGRadio and the General /Programs Manager - Fifi Burton as the First Lady. Of course the SGRadio Rooftop where he dj'ed was the Rooftop of the Oval Offices. At his last two shows, He gave me the title of Secretary of State of Kinkiness (No one seems to wonder why lol). He was a wonderful performer filled with a deep love of music and he had a rare talent in bringing the best of House music mixes in a fresh new style from around the world to all.

Thank you ~ Carl "Cmuzik" Proctor AKA Big Cee - CEO of "Consortium Muzik" ~ for enriching my SL life and so many others. It truly was this writer's pleasure to meet you, to work with you and to shake my avatar's booty to your tunes. The last song that DJ Ceemuzik played at SGRadio, he dedicated to all the females tuned in and to those there on the SGRadio's "Oval Office" rooftop. It was an original, one of a kind House Music mix that had a voice-over blend of Maya Angelou reading her famous poem "Phenomenal Woman". It was a beautiful moment in time that I will always cherish. I dedicate this special revised Poem to DJ Ceemuzik: Phenomenal Man (Inspired by Maya Angelou) Written by Smoove I.B.M.

Dj of the Month Handsome men envy me But don’t know the short length That I go to for a material or physical strength They wonder how I do it in such a simple way And back to them so simply I say It’s in the purity of my smile The pride of my walk The gleam of my eyes The cool of my talk. I am a man Phenomenally Phenomenal man That’s me. So smoothly I can recite words That of which are deeply heartfelt With such poise and ease My touch could make any heart melt. I say It’s the positivity of my intentions The clarity of my eyes The boldness of my speech The intellect of my mind. I am a man Phenomenally Phenomenal man That’s me. Women too wonder why

They desire me so much. Why they push for one kiss Or pull for one touch. It’s easy to explain The answer is that I bring joy in place of pain. I say It’s thrill of my thoughts The passion of my lips The slickness of my tongue The warmth of my finger tips. I am a man Phenomenally Phenomenal man That’s me. Now you understand That I am a rare type of man That doesn’t mind long talks Or gently holding a hand. Women often ask why those like me Are so low in supply Yet high in demand I say It’s the small size of my ego The genius of my creation The enormity of my humility The limit of my temptation I am a man Phenomenally Phenomenal man That’s me.



DJ CeeMuzik's Profile Quote: "You take the man from the club ....but never the club from the man." RIP DJ Ceemuzik... You have successfully left musical fingerprints in the minds & in the hearts of those fortunate to enjoy your house muzik and found themselves in da mix, in da mix, in da mix... of Consortium Muzik.

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you rea


of them

Dancer of the Ye

/ 2nd Ed



ady to meet

est Dancer m all? ear Competition



Groundswe Creativity B Quake–Tsun



ell of SL Boosts Japan nami Relief


Manifesting the strong base of Second Life in Japan, myriads of relief efforts in-world have been undertaken soon after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and its horrifying tsunami aftermath hit the country on March 11. It will certainly take a considerable amount of time and resources for the hard-hit areas like Miyagi prefecture to recover from the catastrophe. Nevertheless, what is heartwarming at this point is how some of the best minds within SL have exercised their creativity to contribute to Japanese relief endeavors. Among the inspiring gestures of solidarity to help not only the

quake and tsunami victims is from Linden Lab itself. Two special edition Linden Bears, garbed with the Japanese flag, were created as a fundraiser. Available in a wearable and an animated variant, these collectibles are sold at the Marketplace for L$300, L$1000, and L$3,000, with all proceeds going to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross. Relief support via the LL project is expected to be high as many SL citizens prize the Linden Bears which are usually given out exclusively by Linden Lab staffers.


Inspiring a Resiliency through a Breedable Digital Steed

proceeds of the special horse breed, costing L$1111 (which marks the March 11, 2011 quake–tsunami), The current craze on breedable goes to the nonprofit disaster relief horses has likewise been tapped on and humanitarian aid organization, a similar creative vein. Amaretto AmeriCares, heavily involved in Breedables, exponent of in-world Japanese relief efforts. horse breeding, has come up with a limited edition Sakura Blossom Helping through Fashion, Horse. This breed, which comes in Accessories, and Music Life Green and Passion Pink versions, was so named because of the symbolisms behind the Japanese Another equally inspiring and comSakura tree which is not only ele- mendable undertaking has found gant and beautiful but is also strong fruition in the Pacific Crisis Fundand enduring. raiser whose beneficiary is likewise “We have decided that it was AmeriCares. This campaign showonly fitting to combine the aspects cases the talents of various SL fashof the Sakura Tree with the mer- ion designers and creators who its of the horse, powerful, strong- magnanimously pledged 50 to 100 willed, and graceful, in an effort to percent of their profits to help not raise funds towards the relief effort only the Japanese earthquake and for the recent events in Japan,” says tsunami victims but also those in Josie Cooperstone, one of the prime other adversely affected areas in the movers of Amaretto. All the sales Pacific.






Less than a fortnight after the March disaster, more than four hundred SL brands have joined this extensive charitable event. All these splendid creations are presented in a fashion-fair like Sim that houses many of the truly outstanding works in-world. Some of the outstanding live music performers have also donated their time and talents for fundraising performances in the Pacific Fundraiser Sim and many other venues like the Two Moon center. Donation boxes have also sprouted in public Sims in-world, whether the establishments are commercial or for purely creative or educational purposes. And it can tug at anyone’s heart that the response has truly been overwhelming. At the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser donation boxes alone, close to 4 million Lindens have already been received to underscore can be just as simple as itcan be that helping those in time of need grandly creative.







ab H T



All board the Hazie Train! by Trista Potez


All aboard the Hazie Train! Wooot Woooot! Hazie Moonwall is not only a Second Life performer, he also sings in his Real Life Florida home band "Between Love and Hate". Upon first arrival at a Hazie Moonwall performance, you are greeted by not only Hazie himself, but his lovely load of followers. The kind people in the audience handed out attachable trains and propped up once Hazie started in with his Hazie theme song "Train" by Blackfoot. The crowd and myself couldn't sit still as we danced around with trains on our hips.

When it came time for the trains to be put back in our inventories, he shared his Lynard Skynard, "Sweet Home Alabama" cover. (My personal party song) After which I was hooked, and bound to be a constant rider on the Hazie train. Especially after he said these words in between songs..."The most important part of life is that we all get along out there." Emotional and near perfection Hazie made a special dedication to his mother, who passed away a few months ago from cancer. A song titled "Simple Man" originally re-


corded by Lynard Skynard. When I asked him why he chose this song to dedicate to his mother he said "The one thing my mom always told me was, just be you, just be who you are, a simple man." Along with his many great covers, his original music all topped my charts, one after another, I started to like his Originals more then his covers. Which of course makes a true artist. His original named "Just a Lie", a song about being so in love and putting up with so much, and breaking was top of the list, only second to his original "Scars Remain"

Here is what the audience at Mecca Music City had to say about the Hazie Moonwall show: Chell Westland said "Hazie is one damn fine rocker and he is one of the kindest people I know!" Another Hazie train rider, Phill66 Aelberts, owner of Coconut Beach in SL said "This cracker is the real deal, I love Hazie's shows" and Kori Namiboo added "His shows are always fantastic, full of energy and his voice is incredible! I love that he can sing a wide range of music"



When did you start playing and making music? And what instruments do youplay?

about my music to actually learn the words to my songs. My fans are so supportive of me and my music. Hazie Moonwall: Age 14. I play You should always thank your fans, drums, a little guitar and a little pi- they are the ones that can make ano. you or break you. Which is your favorite?

Who or What inspired you?

Hazie Moonwall: I would have Hazie Moonwall: I have always to say vocals is actually my favorite, had a love for music then piano, although I am not real What sets you apart from good at it. other SL Artists? How long have you been Hazie Moonwall: Nothing. We performing in SL? are all performers in this great big Hazie Moonwall: 2 years, A friend brought me into Second Life, and I later on began performing here. What is your Favorite thing about Performing in SL?

world. And I have the upmost respect for anyone who has the balls to get on stage and try. To me singing and playing is not a competition. Thats why I don't do contests. Singing is a passion and a love that should come from the heart.

Hazie Moonwall: The wonderTell me about one of your ful fans. I just love when the fans favorite Original Songs. get into my music, and when I see them singing my original songs, Hazie Moonwall: Well one of my lets me know they care enough favorites is an original song I wrote


Do you have any songs called "The Scars remain". Which about the good ones? is pretty much about being in a relationship with someone and lovHazie Moonwall: No not yet reing that person so much that you ally, lol maybe some day. would do anything in the world Do you have a favorite for them. But sometimes that isn't Venue to Perform at? enough and it really sucks when you have to see that person with someHazie Moonwall: Coconut one else. AND no matter how hard Beach, Bleu Katt and Kickin. you try to forget that person someTell me a funny story about times you just can't and sometimes something that happened the scars never go away, therefore during one of your shows. the scars remain with you always. Hazie Moonwall: Well I was on How would you describe stage once and all of a sudden this your music? fat naked guy landed on stage right Hazie Moonwall: Most of the in front of me. So there I was with stuff I do I would describe as main- a big naked butt staring me in the stream rock. Most of the lyrics are face. kinda depressing I guess. Its just What did you do when what comes to me when I write. I he showed up? write a lot about past relationships. Hazie Moonwall: I just started Do you only write about cracking up, I couldn't even sing the bad relationships? I was laughing so hard. Was defiHazie Moonwall: Yes mostly lol antly a first. Also one time I was singing with someone else at their



show and I accidentally removed my pants... so there I was on stage with no pants Lol, never been booted so fast in my life.

ans Blue. AMAZING vocalist and songwriter. He sings from where you should. The heart. My favorite vocalist of all time.

What do you like to do in SL when you aren't performing?

What would you like to say to your friends and fans?

Hazie Moonwall: Chatting and Hazie Moonwall: Just THANK hanging with friends YOU so much for all your wonderful support the last 2 years. My Where do you do most of your fans are the ones that make me and shopping for your SL Avatar? without them I wouldn't be me. AlHazie Moonwall: Quite a few ways appreciate your fans. They are places. Abrinamations, Truth hair, the ones that can make you or break and many others. you. SO that's why I always appreciate my fans. I LOVE YOU ALL. If you could collaborate with Got the best damn fans in SL! any SL or RL Artist, Who After doing my interview with would it be and why? Hazie, it was obvious why he is so Hazie Moonwall: I have already loved by his fans. Hazie is a very collaborated with a few SL art- warm and welcoming person to ists. Samm Qendra, Shaye Dez- speak with. He kept me laughing no, Gary Jonstone, and hoping to during the whole interview and left collaborate with Lighthouse Mix- me in awe of his presence on and off master real soon also. RL I would the stage. So hop aboard that Hazie have to say Kevin Matisyn, former Train and go see one of his shows! lead vocalist from a band called Ev- Tell him Trista sent you!

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Caroline Mosely

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Styles by Danielle Fashionista March Winner


Tran Harm


nscended mony

by Cynfull Silvercloud

Live music in Second Life can be hit or miss, some performers remind you of that seedy Airport bar in Las Vegas, and others could rival the most extravagant concerts from Carnegie Hall. However, on March 4th at 1pm SLT in a venue organized especially for the event, Brazilian treasures Reise and Ald Alter meshed with American rock god Steve Tweak. For those of us lucky enough to witness the event we saw music transcend the distance, across the oceans; and in this seamless mingling two styles of music and cultures came together to create a magical event.






The entire concept of having two stages, two live music streams, on the same land is as Reis’ Manager, Maris Alter puts it, "the most experimental and creative event in SL!" The idea and inspiration for this unique event is all thanks to land owner Aiden Witrial, avid live music lover, and machima producer extraordinaire. Basically, Reis and Ald performed simultaneously with Steve on two different streams, and then each performed 15 minute sets alternating for another half hour, allowing those listening to freely roam from one performance to the next and take in a uniquely wonderful listening experience. Performers Reise and Ald Alter are known throughout the grid having a new age electronic sound that is both beautiful and mesmerizing. Ald’s rhythmic and unique electric sound is uplifting and high ener-




Entertainment gy. While at the same time, Reise’s voice transcends through English and Portuguese seamlessly calming like vocals from an angel. Her costumes (of which she had 3 changes) were just as vibrant and inspiring as her voice. On the other side, home town country rocker Steve Tweak, is a 15 year rock veteran off the grid. He’s played a variety of shows over the past 5 years on the Grid, but was making his debuted return at this wonderful event. Combining the classic rock sound with bluegrass his music reminds you of old fashioned hayrides, fireworks, and rock and roll. True to his down to earth style Steve performed shoeless, adding in, “I’ve always been a bit of a hippie, so who needs shoes?” Definitely, the hybrid of synthetic produced electronic married with the down-home raw rock was not only a treat, but a once in a lifetime experience. The transition between the two epic performances mingled seamlessly into one of the most unique and pleasant Live Music performances offered in Second Life.



To find out more about performances by Reis and Ald join their group for show times. secondlife:/// app/group/9ceaf9c1-8da6-3d4d8d81-db0def8686ab/about To find out more about performances by Steve Tweak join his group for showtimes. secondlife:/// app/group/22ba31c6-3ab9-ea6a62cf-ec46180d0b64/about

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By Itschko Antiesse



Itschko Antiesse: How did you start in electronic music? Your first memories of when you started to like it, tell us about your background on electronic music Navah Constantine: I was grown up with 3 older brothers... so my first memory is Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Aphrodite's Child and so on, I was about 10 or 11 years old. I love music since all my life, music is my medicine and I always had peeps around me who like this. IA: And what about Second Life? What’s the story that ended in a club like BUNKER? NC: In SL I was running to clubs all the time. I love how SL makes the world small and creative minds can work together, so I learned by listening and talking to people. So I thought, ok… let’s try it. Flow Outlander (builder goddess and my best friend) built the club. She read my mind and then built it and we started in April 2009.




IA: When you say "she read my mind" what do you mean there? You had an idea of a club with an underground feeling as it looks right now? NC: Yes, underground. A meeting point for those who need to be inspired, for those who like to communicate far away from mainstream, a space for the open minded and also international place. IA: We will listen mostly techno music here at BUNKER, is that correct? NC: It’s not only techno you see? It’s EBM IDM industrial, techno in all his colours up to real dark; it is trance, psy, progressive, minimal. I’m sure I forgot half of them (giggles). I really like it when dj´s try to go new ways, we are working in a team, dj`s support each other and work together, that’s cool. See without the superb creative heads around me, those awesome musicians who became friends, BUNKER would be nothing so this is the right moment to say: thank you guys, thank you very much!

Underground IA: How does the club work right now? Let us know days and schedules for gigs. NC: All BUNKER staff peeps got jobs in RL, so it depends. If there is a party I make group notices, so it’s better to join the group to stay informed, but anyway, at BUNKER peeps usually meet, just sit down, smoke a bong and talk to each other. IA: Can we find gigs here on weekends as an instance? NC: Yes, on starting on Fridays when we’ve got the harder stuff as EBM and industrial dark techno. IA: Do you have something planned for the future? Any upcoming gig we should know? NC: Yes I do, a release party of a RL label cd… but can’t tell you more at this time (laughs) IA: Well Navah, we are arriving to the end of this interview, I would like you to use our space to express whatever you want to friends, or any message to those about electronic music.



NC: Oh great! At first I want to say a big big thank you and I love you to miss FlowOutlander, who build this all, never had a better friend! Thank you to all this freaky outstanding DJ`s who made the BUNKER what it is, guys you are GREAT!!! And to all you electronic music freaks outside there: Love and peace!!

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